100 Enchanting Shoulder Tattoo Ideas for Men

Tattoos stirred up tons of controversy when they first came into existence, being frowned upon due to the complex procedure and permanent timeframe. However, in this day and age, tattoos are glorified as one of the best means of body modification, especially in the eyes of men.

While sleeve tattoos and wrist tattoos are two common options for men, a shoulder tattoo can be just as impactful if the right pattern is installed. In addition to having tons of components to display and offering tons of creative freedom to wearers, a shoulder tattoo is quite sought-after due to the sentiments that it helps display.

Moving on, if you’re currently skimming through options for a new artwork, try and skim through this article, revolving around shoulder tattoos for men, the opportunity to convince you to join the bandwagon of shoulder tattoos!


A Deep Rewind On Shoulder Tattoos: The Meaning They Carry

Shoulder Tattoos Meaning


On a surface level, shoulder tattoos are recognized for the number of materials they carry, and the capacity that the region offers to the wearer. However, the appeal of shoulder tattoos doesn’t end there, as their metaphoric value is just as compelling.

Associated with growth and development, shoulder tattoos are often used as a token of overcoming adversity and are seen as a reliable companion when entering new chapters in life. In certain cases, a shoulder tattoo is also used as a means of expressing one’s perception of life or stating opinions, catering to free-thinkers and spiritual beings.

A shoulder tattoo can be as small as a fine-line tattoo, but it can even be stretched out and join forces with other body parts. And while the size, illustration, and location are up for grabs, the credibility and appeal that shoulder tattoos have in the eyes of men remain intact.

Stress-free Shoulder Tattoos That Are Presentable And Long Lasting

Getting a shoulder tattoo is almost always a great decision. Regardless of how complicated the artwork may be, you can always expect to see admirable results when you place your trust in a shoulder tattoo.

While most shoulder tattoos tend to carry tons of size, smaller variants with easygoing procedures do exist still. However, if you’d like to skim through the most desirable entries under shoulder tattoos for men, give the following list of entries some much-needed attention!

Flower Shoulder Tattoo

Flower Shoulder Tattoo 1


Flower Shoulder Tattoo 2


Flower Shoulder Tattoo 3


When getting a shoulder tattoo, you can either go big or go home. And if you’d like to follow the former suggestion, try thinking of floral designs.

A floral shoulder tattoo might bring forward some feminine energy from the outside, but is associated with multiple symbols at the same time. While most of them are affiliated with beauty, different colors convey different messages when it comes to floral designs.

Another positive about a floral shoulder tattoo is how easy it is on the eyes. Since it contains an array of colours, finding contentment in its visuals is easy. To maintain the impression of the illustration, getting regular touch-ups is advised.

Back Shoulder Tattoo

Back Shoulder Tattoo 1


Back Shoulder Tattoo 2


As stated earlier, any region of the shoulder is quite sensitive, being prone to blows from a needle as a result. However, if you’re looking to minimize pain and maximize the enjoyment of getting a shoulder tattoo, consider the positives of a back shoulder tattoo.

In addition to offering tons of space, a back shoulder tattoo is quite easy for any tattoo artist to create. Since the surface is smooth and boney, avoiding botched results should be a walk in the park.

Creatures of nature often look at ease when obtained as a shoulder tattoo. Floral patterns are also considered to be a close second.

Shoulder Blade Tattoo

Shoulder Blade Tattoo 1


Shoulder Blade Tattoo 2


Although quite sensitive, the shoulder blade is also a great area to utilize for a shoulder tattoo. It runs quite compact in size, has a plain surface, and contains a low amount of fat, making it the perfect canvas for tattoo artists.

The designs that can be incorporated into a shoulder blade tattoo often varies. However, regardless of what one sides with, making sure the dimensions are manageable and narrow are a good approach to have when siding with this option.

Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Rose Shoulder Tattoo 1


Rose Shoulder Tattoo 2


Rose Shoulder Tattoo 3


You don’t have to do much to make a shoulder tattoo stand out, since the area itself is quite toned, defined, and appealing. In fact, if you’re hoping to keep it simple, consider obtaining a rose shoulder tattoo to meet your needs.

A traditional rose tattoo is linked with love, purity, and beauty on most occasions, but it often gravitates towards love and affection. Almost any colour scheme pairs well with the structure of a rose, and can be engaging enough to spark up one’s social life.

If the graphic seems empty, know that a rose tattoo can welcome larger symbols as well as one-word phrases with ease, as long as the component is placed around it or at the bottom.

Lion Shoulder Tattoo

Lion Shoulder Tattoo 1


Lion Shoulder Tattoo 2


The facial structure and features of a lion don’t just make a lion tattoo a fan-favorite in the world of tattoos, but also make it great for a shoulder tattoo.

A lion tattoo is linked with resilience, power, and strength. The design of it is a win-win, containing materials that are pleasing to the eyes as well as the mind.

Incorporating realism tends to be beneficial in this case, as it highlights the eyes, the fur, and the existing components of a lion’s face perfectly. The tattoo does take a while to install, however, so be sure to prepare for a lengthy session.

Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo

Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo


A butterfly tattoo can also be a great option to consider if you’d like to sign up for a small procedure with aesthetically pleasing results. It is seen as a two-for-one scenario, as the visuals are backed up elegantly by a symbolism that goes a long way.

Most butterfly tattoos are associated with beauty and prosperity, while a handful of them are connected to the circle of life. The presence of a butterfly on the shoulder is almost always beneficial, preferably for those that pick visuals over metaphoric values.

Sunflower Shoulder Tattoo

Sunflower Shoulder Tattoo


If you’d like your tattoo to represent the importance of family bonds and friendship, a sunflower shoulder tattoo should fit like a glove with that criteria.

A sunflower shoulder tattoo typically runs small, but can be stretched out to fill more space. With the help of borders and shapes, a sunflower tattoo typically looks much more appealing and intriguing to glare at.

Additionally, if you’d like your sunflower tattoo to be more impactful, consider adding more floral designs to meet that requirement. Use a vibrant colour scheme to make the artwork more lively.

Shoulder Dragon Tattoo

Shoulder Dragon Tattoo


Dragon tattoos can definitely be a smart notion to consider if you’re seeking to obtain a shoulder tattoo, as they offer more than what meets the eye.

The stride of a dragon along with the features of its appearance makes the graphic quite memorable, while its symbolism carries the show when entertaining spiritual minds. Associated with strength, freedom, and wisdom, having a dragon tattoo on the shoulder often leads to positive changes and character development.

Tribal Shoulder Tattoo

Tribal Shoulder Tattoo


A common find among shoulder tattoos involves tribal designs, which are very much up for grabs if you’d like to represent your heritage. The tattoo is a work of art that requires tons of attention to detail, bringing forward a time-consuming procedure.

While you’re open to taking inspiration from the image used for this entry, you can also incorporate the symbols of multiple tribes to carry something unique with the help of the web.

American Flag Shoulder Tattoo

American Flag Shoulder Tattoo 1


American Flag Shoulder Tattoo 2


Since the shoulder is meant for expressing pride as well, you can easily express the love you have for your country, preferably by installing the tattoo of an American flag.

Although the colour scheme is fixed, obtaining a unique design is quite possible if you pick this tattoo. You can add complimentary components, change the structure of the border, and even incorporate the layout of the continent to unlock a newer, more polished design.

Cross Shoulder Tattoo

Cross Shoulder Tattoo 1


Cross Shoulder Tattoo 2


Religion is an important aspect of living in the eyes of many. And if you’re one of the many whose intentions are to express the influence of religion, getting a cross-shoulder tattoo should be sufficient.

A cross-shoulder tattoo can either comprise a minimalist sketch of a cross itself, or be a compilation of multiple verses from the Bible in addition to the sketch of a cross. To make the pattern less overwhelming and easy to comprehend, using an ample amount of space is advised.

Small Shoulder Tattoo

Small Shoulder Tattoo


Since multiple regions on the shoulder are quite narrow, a small shoulder tattoo can prove to be a remarkable installment, especially if you’re not thinking big, to begin with.

A small shoulder tattoo mostly comprises emblems, so be sure to find something that resonates with you, your personality, and your life. Furthermore, if you’re seeking to express a principle you live by, consider pairing it up with a quote tattoo.

Chest Shoulder Tattoo

Chest Shoulder Tattoo


Converting a chest piece into a shoulder tattoo or vice versa can be an excellent way to expand the meaning and illustration of an existing art piece. Though the procedure and components involved are quite complex, the final results that a chest tattoo turned shoulder tattoo brings forward are quite delightful.

From quotes to fine-line symbols, a chest-to-shoulder tattoo can pair well with anything. The aftermath of this tattoo is quite painful, which is when numbing cream and painkillers come into the equation.

Top of Shoulder Tattoo

Top of Shoulder Tattoo


If the design you have in mind doesn’t extend vertically, but horizontally, tattooing the surface or the top of the shoulder can be a great way to bring your vision to life.

The top of the shoulder can carry intricate patterns to basic stencils comprising minimal tones, as well as vibrant colour combinations. Prepare yourself for a procedure full of discomfort, however, since this area is all bone and no meat.

Before leaving for the appointment, apply a numbing cream to the area. Take a companion with yourself as well, since the procedure runs a bit lengthy.

Wolf Shoulder Tattoo

Wolf Shoulder Tattoo


The involvement of a wolf can also benefit you if you’re getting a shoulder tattoo, especially if the design has ties with resilience and masculinity.

Often, wolves are known for being the provider of the family, which is also the case for most men. While creating the pattern can be quite difficult and take loads of time, a wolf shoulder tattoo can be a good idea for you if you happen to be the heart and soul behind your family tree.

Shoulder Armor Tattoo

Shoulder Armor Tattoo 1


Shoulder Armor Tattoo 2


Providing security and protection can be crucial for one to carry out, especially when it comes to family. Additionally, if you’re often seen as the most reliable form of defense in your household, a shoulder armor tattoo could be a badge you might want to wear.

An armour tattoo is a hallmark for those that believe in the importance of living life with honor, integrity and loyalty. The visuals are quite hollow, unless the artwork is draped in earthy tones.

Sun Shoulder Tattoo

Sun Shoulder Tattoo


Apart from being a great option for minimalists, a sun-shoulder tattoo is also quite appealing for the ties it has to optimism.

More often than not, those wearing a sun-shoulder tattoo notice positive changes in their mindset, which eventually allow them to find satisfaction and hope in their surroundings and environment. The artwork is also quite compatible, but looks best when it’s provided the chance to be a one-man army.

Mandala Shoulder Tattoo

Mandala Shoulder Tattoo 1


Mandala Shoulder Tattoo 2


Partaking in self-care is always a good idea, especially if you’re searching for a piece of mind. And if you’d like to reprise that mantra when obtaining your shoulder tattoo, take into account the materials involved in this mandala shoulder tattoo.

Though it is quite complicated, a mandala tattoo can be an encouraging companion to carry as a body modification. Prepare your savings accordingly, however, since this tattoo requires tons of maintenance visits.

Shoulder Cover-up tattoo

Shoulder Cover-up tattoo


Making mistakes is a part of life, and sometimes, a mistake tends to come in the form of tattoos.

If you have a shoulder tattoo that you once fancied, but aren’t necessarily a big fan of in this day and time, reverse the procedure with a shoulder cover-up tattoo.

Containing mostly blackwork tattoos, a shoulder cover-up tattoo may be quite difficult and time-consuming to fathom. However, with enough creativity, you can also use shapes, emblems, and quotes to shape your shoulder cover-up tattoo.

Octopus Shoulder Tattoo

Octopus Shoulder Tattoo


Being a believer in witchcraft and magic can also bring forward a great option for shoulder tattoos, like this octopus shoulder tattoo.

Apart from having a staggering structure, an octopus tattoo is probably the perfect design for one’s shoulder to adjust to, and display. Most forms of this variant usually comprise multiple tones, dark borders, and additional tattoos to ensure a positive and appealing outcome.

Snake Shoulder Tattoo

Snake Shoulder Tattoo 1


Snake Shoulder Tattoo 2


Obtaining symbols related to healing and showcasing them as shoulder tattoos can be a win-win scenario, especially if you’re thinking of getting a snake tattoo.

Contrary to popular belief, a snake tattoo is an intimidating design with a rather spiritual symbolism. It often acts as a support system for those battling hardship, and is known for being a loyal companion when dealing with growing pains.

A snake shoulder tattoo is quite complex to create but carries tons of flexibility. The artwork can be trimmed down or even scaled up to meet the preferences of the wearer.

Eagle Shoulder Tattoo

Eagle Shoulder Tattoo


Similar to a handful of entries on this list, an eagle tattoo is affiliated with freedom, power, and strength, making it a great component for a shoulder tattoo. An added bonus about this tattoo is the graphic itself, which can be jarring for the eyes to look at.

An eagle shoulder tattoo often only contains the portrait of an eagle. However, since it is a creature of nature, you may also add compatible symbols around it to enhance the final impression.

Shoulder Cap Tattoo

Shoulder Cap Tattoo 1


Shoulder Cap Tattoo 2


If you don’t have an issue with how much pain is involved, a shoulder cap tattoo can be an exceptional variant to consider.

While boney, a shoulder cap tattoo is perhaps the best area for a shoulder tattoo, comprising tons of muscle tissues and definition. If you happen to hit the gym frequently, a shoulder cap tattoo should be your only pick. Sure, it may involve pain, but a little bit of numbing cream can go a long way.

Cherry Blossom Shoulder Tattoo

Cherry Blossom Shoulder Tattoo


Celebrating new beginnings can easily be carried out using a shoulder tattoo, especially if the artwork involves the graphic of a cherry blossom. Since the flower is used as a symbol of renewal, hope, and good fortune, even the smallest icon of a cherry blossom can be good enough to get rid of anxiety when entering new chapters.

On another note, if you’re searching for the best placement area, we would suggest you use the top half of the shoulder. Although the installation will cause discomfort, the tattoo will look relatively clear and enhanced, requiring minimum touchups in the long run.

Shoulder Star Tattoo

Shoulder Star Tattoo


Experimenting with shapes and sizes can be a blessing for shoulder tattoos, especially if the component you have in mind involves the presence of a star. Actually, if you’re not looking for a loud design anyway, give this shoulder star tattoo a chance!

A shoulder star tattoo looks the same as it sounds, and is quite compatible with multiple symbols. When keeping it simple, using dark borders and a sharp shading technique is typically useful.

Wing Shoulder Tattoo

Wing Shoulder Tattoo


While there are tons of designs that have ties with freedom, one of the most desired options among shoulder tattoos for men is a wing tattoo.

A shoulder wing tattoo can be expanded and contracted without a limit, which can be exploited without a limit. Since a wing doesn’t come with a handbook, you may also use this artwork to cover regretful decisions.

Spider Web Shoulder Tattoo

Spider Web Shoulder Tattoo


The sketch of a spider web can look quite meaningless at first, but it usually serves as a token of surviving adversity. Therefore, if you’ve overcome hardship multiple times, and constantly find yourself being stuck between a rock and a hard place, a spider web tattoo might be the only hope you need to pull through continuously.

Arm Shoulder Tattoo

Arm Shoulder Tattoo


The positioning of the tattoo really shapes the final results of a shoulder tattoo. Therefore, if you feel that the design you have in mind is quite substantial, try using the area of the shoulder and the arm to form an arm-shoulder tattoo.

An arm shoulder tattoo carries more area and is slightly less brutal than a normal shoulder tattoo. While bird tattoos are typically considered go-to options, the area also welcomes abstract artwork with ease.

Name on Shoulder Tattoo

Name on Shoulder Tattoo


A shoulder tattoo can be about anything. It can display glorious artwork involving intricate patterns, but it’s also quite effective in showcasing tattoos containing nothing but names.

Obtaining one’s name into a shoulder tattoo is, without a doubt, relatively easy. However,  the amount of love, respect, and admiration that a name on a shoulder tattoo carries can’t be replicated or conveyed by the rest of the options.

Additionally, if you do fancy this option, spare yourself from complex groundwork and resort to a simple graphic instead.

Phoenix Shoulder Tattoo

Phoenix Shoulder Tattoo


If your heart desires a Phoenix tattoo, don’t let the intricate details go to waste. Utilize the resilience and space located near the shoulder, and incorporate the delicate patterns into a shoulder tattoo.

A Phoenix is one of the most elegant and mind-boggling creatures among birds. They have large, flappy wings, carry an intimidating aura, and often stand out when blended with gray and white. More often than not, a Phoenix shoulder tattoo is quite hectic to create, especially if the variant involved has realism.

Shoulder Skull Tattoo

Shoulder Skull Tattoo 1


Shoulder Skull Tattoo 2


Skull tattoos are yet to become elegant pieces in the tattoo world, but that doesn’t stop the design from rising above every now and then. In fact, when push comes to shove, a skull tattoo looks exceptionally interesting when converted into a shoulder tattoo.

Unlike the average skull tattoo, a shoulder skull tattoo contains better dimensions and a colour scheme. For the formerly mentioned trait, getting a shoulder tattoo is also more time-consuming in contrast to the remaining placement areas.

Birds on Shoulder Tattoo

Birds on Shoulder Tattoo 1


Birds on Shoulder Tattoo 2


Apart from being delightful creatures to look at, birds can easily be the frontrunners when incorporated into a shoulder tattoo. A bird shoulder tattoo won’t just look comfortable and soothing, but will also offer a convenient creation process that beginners can bear with.

Unlike other options on this list, a bird tattoo is extremely flexible, and quite compatible as well. While the latter makes it the perfect teammate, the former enables it to display large and compact illustrations.

Angel Shoulder Tattoo

Angel Shoulder Tattoo


Having a companion that constantly preaches positivity at all times is a necessity if you want your shoulder tattoo to help you out during tough times. And if that scenario is all too relatable in your eyes, an angel tattoo could work wonders!

The positioning of this tattoo is subjective, as the image goes above and beyond to meet the needs of the wearer. However, if you want the procedure to be pain-free and the final image to be massive, placing it on the delts could be a good option.

Tiger Shoulder Tattoo

Tiger Shoulder Tattoo


If you’d like your shoulder tattoo to enable spectators to reflect on the importance of having strength on a daily basis, encouraging quotes might help. However, if you want the visuals to be just as engaging, a tiger drawn with fine lines and pastel tones should be sufficient.

The graphic of this variant is quite complex to replicate, so be sure to reach out to a professional artist and spend a little extra if necessary. Get daily touch-ups to maintain the gloomy visuals at all times.

Shoulder Roman Numeral Tattoo

Shoulder Roman Numeral Tattoo


Replacing regular numbers with Roman numerals can be a great strategy to incorporate into a shoulder tattoo.

Roman numerals can be a great way to honor the presence of a loved one, offering subtle visuals that are easy to comprehend. Getting Roman numeral tattoos is also quite painless as opposed to most options on this list, rendering it a compelling pick for those with susceptible skin.

Neck to Shoulder Tattoo

Neck to Shoulder Tattoo


Despite being painful, another variation of shoulder tattoos that is quite popular among men is a neck-to-shoulder tattoo, which looks exactly what it sounds like.

A neck-to-shoulder tattoo requires a highly-detailed illustration to look good, but it doesn’t have many restrictions in terms of the design that can be implemented. For that reason alone, a neck-to-shoulder tattoo typically caters to those with creative minds and resilience to pain.

Tree Shoulder Tattoo

Tree Shoulder Tattoo


Siding with the stencil of a tree can also be a great component to obtain on the shoulder. Since trees are often associated with life, adding designs around them can transform this plain tattoo into a graphic that is full of meaning.

A tree shoulder tattoo looks great when combined with the right shading technique and runs low on size. Following the opposite set of instructions can make the artwork overbearing.

Clock Shoulder Tattoo

Clock Shoulder Tattoo


Clock tattoos are often a reminder of how limited life is, but they can also be used to pay homage to a deceased member when formed a certain way. Additionally, since they’re typically large and sizable, the best area for placement is the shoulder.

A clock tattoo can be orchestrated in multiple ways on one’s shoulder. While hefty illustrations can be placed anywhere, the smaller ones often look best when placed at the center.

Shoulder Heart Tattoo

Shoulder Heart Tattoo


A shoulder tattoo that is perfect for beginners to consider is a shoulder heart tattoo, coming in various shapes and sizes.

Apart from being easy to create, a shoulder heart tattoo is quite easy to maintain. It often requires a few touch-ups on a bi-monthly basis, but can also be left alone for a faded effect.

A shoulder heart tattoo mostly gravitates towards love, and can be the perfect way for couples to get closer. However, it can also be paired with additional tattoos to change the narrative.

Lily Shoulder Tattoo

Lily Shoulder Tattoo


Floral patterns can be a loud way of displaying affection for a loved one or even a group of people. However, if all you desire is a tattoo that represents your faith and love for religion, a lily shoulder tattoo should be sufficient.

While it is far from a tattoo that reeks of masculine qualities, a lily shoulder tattoo still qualifies as a compelling option due to how enchanting it looks. When fused with a classic hue and a meaningful quote, a lily shoulder tattoo tends to be in its prime.

Aztec Shoulder Tattoo

Aztec Shoulder Tattoo


Aztec tattoos are quite popular in Latin America, mainly due to the ties they have with Mexican heritage. Aztecs were known for being straightforward, innovative, and ruthless. More often than not, Aztecs also wore tattoos involving crosses, skulls, and eagles, three remarkable sketches that can be added to a shoulder tattoo.

Moreover, since this tattoo is quite elaborate, clearing up the schedule for at least 3 to 4 days is advised.

Compass Shoulder Tattoo

Compass Shoulder Tattoo


Having a positive approach can work wonders in life, especially when dealing with low moments or grief. However, when the struggles feel too severe to eliminate, lean back on a compass shoulder tattoo, associated with positivity and good fortune.

A compass tattoo is a lone soldier but also adapts well with other tattoos, making it a universal tattoo among this list of shoulder tattoos.

Raven Shoulder Tattoo

Raven Shoulder Tattoo


The image of a raven can easily result in a successful shoulder tattoo, especially if the neutral palette comprises a shade of jet black.

While it fits like a glove with the components of a blackwork tattoo, a raven shoulder tattoo can also be converted into a fine-line tattoo, making it perfect for those desiring a stress-free tattooing experience. The size is also quite flexible, so don’t hesitate to trim the dimensions of the tattoo in order to meet your demands.

Owl Shoulder Tattoo

Owl Shoulder Tattoo


Reeking of wisdom and kindness, the symbol of an owl can be a great idea for a shoulder tattoo, especially if you’re hoping to obtain maturity. Additionally, if paired with sharp colours, the artwork can truly be something to behold.

An owl shoulder tattoo often looks best when positioned around the delts, but it can also be cropped and placed at the back for displaying a simpler version.

Feather Shoulder Tattoo

Feather Shoulder Tattoo


Feeling free is truly a privilege that many work towards in life. And if you happen to be one of them, consider getting a feather tattoo on your shoulder.

Associated with freedom, strength, and honor, a feather shoulder tattoo is a common go-to option for those dealing with hardship or entering a new chapter in life. Due to offering a simple procedure, it is also a good entry for newbies.

Japanese Shoulder Tattoo

Japanese Shoulder Tattoo


Taking notes from Japanese tattoos can be rewarding when you’re getting a shoulder tattoo, mainly because it can bring desirable body modifications. If you don’t believe us, humble yourself with the visuals of this entry.

Containing faded tones of colour and impressive shading techniques, a Japanese shoulder tattoo is all that you need to amp up your appearance. Although the design does require regular touch-ups, it tends to age like wine more often than not.

Celtic Shoulder Tattoo

Celtic Shoulder Tattoo


Since the shoulder offers tons of space, going forward with a tattoo design that expresses one’s approach towards life can be a great move to make. And if you don’t have enough time to come up with an authentic piece that represents the cycle of life, try giving this Celtic shoulder tattoo a chance.

This enormous piece can be a great option to select if you want a tattoo that will keep any spectator engaged. However, since it takes a while to replicate and involves tons of discomfort, it can be a hassle for first-timers.

Vine Shoulder Tattoo

Vine Shoulder Tattoo


Having the right people around you is crucial to get by in life. It won’t just ensure a life with positive memories and tons of encouragement, but can also make for a good tattoo.

The symbol of a vine tattoo is associated with family bonds, friendship, and connection. Displaying it as a shoulder tattoo isn’t just for minimalists, but also for those that believe in the power of bonds and have tons of admiration for their loved ones.

Traditional Shoulder Tattoo

Traditional Shoulder Tattoo


Any illustration comprising colours tends to look soothing and sophisticated when obtained as a shoulder tattoo. And if that’s your cup of tea, a traditional shoulder tattoo should be the perfect match.

This option is open to interpretation and welcomes any kind of artwork. In fact, as long as the graphic features concentrated shades of bright colours, it will get a green signal as a traditional tattoo.

Polynesian Shoulder Tattoo

Polynesian Shoulder Tattoo


Polynesians are known for carrying shoulder tattoos that reprise cultural traditions, and teachings left by their ancestors. And although this variant only applies to Polynesian people, anyone with an appreciation towards art can replicate the visuals of this tattoo.

Additionally, if you do go forward with this tattoo, be sure to clear up your schedule, since the stencil of this design takes a while to create.

Geometric Shoulder Tattoo

Geometric Shoulder Tattoo


Shapes and symbols also look quite elegant when added to shoulder tattoos. The sharp edges when meshed with an alluring shading technique not only form a desirable shoulder tattoo, but also a long-lasting art piece. While the variant often runs large in size, one can also trim the volume of the visuals to make the final impression subtle, and the tattooing experience more enjoyable.

Viking Shoulder Tattoo

Viking Shoulder Tattoo


In addition to having brute strength and the minds of warriors, Vikings were also known for having tons of body modifications, preferably shoulder tattoos.

While the designs varied, most were known for having a compilation of their armor, helmet, and Nordic symbols, all of which can still be replicated in this day and age.

Mountain Shoulder Tattoo

Mountain Shoulder Tattoo


Images of landscapes also adjust quite well when placed on the dimensions of a shoulder, which is where this mountain shoulder tattoo comes in. The graphic attracts tons of attention with its soft, pastel colour scheme, making it a must-have for visually-oriented minds. Around the edges of the graphic are dark borders that further enhance the sharpness of the colours.

Jesus Shoulder Tattoo

Jesus Shoulder Tattoo


A shoulder tattoo can also allow one to bond with their religion. For instance, if you’re a follower of Christianity, a portrait tattoo of Jesus can be a great alternative to side with if you’re not too fond of cross tattoos. The artwork won’t just be better for the features included in the image, but it can also provide emotional support during dark times.

Bear Shoulder Tattoo

Bear Shoulder Tattoo


If you’re working towards increasing strength and resilience, the shoulder tattoo of a bear can greatly benefit your life. Bears are typically associated with resilience, and courage, and often rise above, even when dealing with adversity. The visuals they provide are also quite intimidating, especially when showcased as a black and grey tattoo.

Shoulder Quote Tattoo

Shoulder Quote Tattoo


To prevent the shoulder tattoo from becoming redundant, try incorporating words that resonate with you into the graphic. It is typically presented with bold fonts for presentability, but it can also be paired with other components or tattoos for a strong and intriguing impression.

The layout of quote tattoos is also quite compact, making it suitable for minimalists and beginners.

Koi Fish Shoulder Tattoo

Koi Fish Shoulder Tattoo


People residing in South Asia are big on shoulder tattoos and always like moving forward with good luck and prosperity. When it comes to the artwork itself, most wearers typically obtain a shoulder tattoo of a koi fish, a symbol affiliated with serenity, good fortune, and power.

There are typically two ways to replicate this tattoo, both of which offer different vibes. Smaller pieces typically look better at the front, while larger variants look better when placed on the rear of the shoulder.

Shoulder Tattoos For Men: Setting Realistic Expectations With A Visual Demonstration

Getting a tattoo is always nerve-wracking and exciting. While deciding on a design that pairs well with your likes and interests is mandatory, setting rational goals and expecting realistic results can also work in your favour, especially if this is your first time getting inked.

Additionally, if a shoulder tattoo will indeed be your first ever body modification, consider giving the following clip a much-needed watch to ensure successful results and a positive tattooing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve made it this far, we hope you’ve already decided on a shoulder tattoo that meets the benchmark in your eyes.

Additionally, if you’re still suffering from feelings of doubt and uncertainty, consider tackling the pending conflicts with the help of the following questionnaire!

Q: Does a shoulder tattoo hurt?

Ans: The pain level of a shoulder tattoo depends on the area that you obtain the ink on. For instance, if your use the delts or rotator cuff of the shoulder as the canvas, the amount of discomfort might be higher than usual.

On the other hand, if you place the artwork on the backside of your shoulder, the limited amount of nerve endings and high amount of muscle tissues will offer a lenient and painless procedure.

Q: How much does a shoulder tattoo cost?

Ans: This, too, depends on the size of the stencil, and the components involved in the procedure of the tattoo.

Color tattoos on the shoulder can cost you around $400, which might decrease if the size of the image is compact.

Blackwork tattoos and cover-up tattoos might cost slightly higher, ranging between $450 to 500.

Last but not least are fine-line tattoos, requiring the user to spend around $250 due to having a lenient stencil and time-friendly procedure.

Final Takeaway

We hope this article allows you to learn about the most desirable designs for shoulder tattoos, and also enables you to learn about how metaphorically moving it is when the designs are subtracted from the mix.

A shoulder tattoo is mostly suitable for veterans who are already aware of how brutally challenging the procedure is, but it can also be a great way for first-timers to introduce themselves to the world of body modifications.

While the shoulder is quite sensitive to contact, a shoulder tattoo is, without a doubt, one of the most attractive areas to obtain tattoos for men. From elaborate pieces to delicate, minimalist designs, a shoulder tattoo tends to go above and beyond to meet the needs of the wearer.

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