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60 Eagle Tattoo Ideas That’ll Blow You Away

Eagle tattoos have been a very popular tattoo design choice for quite some time. Although perhaps better known for its association with American history, the eagle tattoo was significant in many cultures.

Eagles are majestic creatures with their unique style of hunting, keen vision, sharp sense, and long flights across the sky. And all of these qualities are translated into the eagle tattoo. In history, the eagle tattoo has been a symbol of power, freedom, and even immortality in different cultures. The eagle is also been incorporated into many countries’ military symbols and their flags.

In this article, we’ll discuss with you the meanings that the eagle tattoo may symbolize in different cultures. And if you are to get one of these tattoos, look no more. Because we will also give you a list of ideas for getting your first eagle tattoo on your body.

Why wait then? Let’s start.

What Does the Eagle Tattoo Really mean?

Eagle Tattoo meaning


Due to the long list of qualities of an eagle, the eagle tattoo over the years in history has given many different meanings and interpretations.

The eagle is thought to be a bird of the heavens in some cultures. It’s an excellent hunter and flier. And for that, the eagle tattoo has often been associated with freedom, power, and independence.

Again, for the Native American people the eagle was considered the messenger bird for the gods. So you can also interpret the eagle tattoo as a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment as the native Americans thought.

Similarly, in Christianity, the eagle is thought to be a divine bird capable of reincarnation. So the eagle tattoo in Christianity also is a symbol of divinity and Christianity.

So, depending on your culture and perspective the eagle tattoo may mean different things to you. If you are looking to get an eagle tattoo for you, you may choose to portray any of the meanings associated with the eagle tattoo.

Or, you can also just get the tattoo done for the aesthetics.

Striking Eagle Tattoo Designs That Starts Conversations

As a very popular option among both newcomers and veterans of tattoo users, we have seen many different variations of the eagle tattoo. The many variations of the tattoo have been said to represent different things depending on the design.

There are designs with all sorts of color options incorporating both vivid colors and monochrome options. There are even some abstract art designs surrounding the eagle tattoo. Also, there are options to get the tattoo on different parts of your body.

With all the designs out there, you may be wondering which design to get if you are looking for an eagle tattoo.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you. We have gathered a list of options for the eagle tattoo design for you that will satisfy your needs if you’re either a newbie or a pro.

Traditional Style Eagle Tattoo

Traditional Eagle Tattoo 1


Traditional Eagle Tattoo 2


If we are talking about the most common eagle tattoos that we are asked to do, it would be the traditional eagle tattoo. It is an iconic tattoo design that’s been loved by many. This is mainly because of its beautiful colors and its association with American history.

The traditional Eagle tattoo mostly incorporates the bald eagle in all its glory with its outstretched wings representing freedom, strength, and American patriotism. The most common designs also incorporate banners, strong bright colors, and great details.

This tattoo design stood the test of time as a very popular idea among enthusiasts, military veterans, and youngsters. The most common placement for the tattoo would be on the chest, arm, and on your shoulders. But you can always get creative and get the tattoo done on different parts of your body.

Mexican Eagle Tattoo

Mexican Eagle Tattoo 1


Mexican Eagle Tattoo 2


Mexican Eagle Tattoo 3


Like the American symbolism with the bald eagle, Mexica also associates the eagle with strength and courage and considers the eagle as a part of their heritage. This is a very popular tattoo among Mexicans as they show off their culture and identity through the tattoo. Thus the tattoo often incorporates elements like the Mexican flag and Aztec symbols.

The most common tattoo designs for the Mexican eagle tattoo would be the eagle on a cactus and a snake on the talons of the eagle. This image is significant as it is associated with the founding of Mexico city giving it a symbolic meaning of the good triumphing over the evil.

As the tattoo design associates bright colors and some great shading works, the tattoo is most often done on body parts that are more visible. So this tattoo is best done on the wrist, the forearm, or the shoulder. But if you want to rock a bigger tattoo design,  you can always go for a detailed design on your back.

Eagle Tattoo on the Chest

Eagle Tattoo on the Chest 1


Eagle Tattoo on the Chest 2


If you want to make a bold statement or show off your strength and courage, you should go for the eagle tattoo on the chest. You can work with a large area with bright colors and shades, and you can customize the design however you like. Most importantly you can add other elements that complement the design.

As the chest is a big canvas for doing your tattoo, you can always do some great details and colors on the tattoo. But although you are getting a bigger workspace, you should take note that chest tattoos can be really painful as the chest is a sensitive area. So, you might have to get the tattoo done in multiple sessions.

But despite this problem, the chest eagle tattoo can be a majestic piece with the proper color choice and a skilled artist.

Bald Eagle Tattoo

Bald Eagle Tattoo


If we ask you to point to one thing that is connected to American patriotism, the bald eagle would be one of the first things that will come to your mind. So if you are a military veteran or a patriot who loves their country, you can go for the bald eagle tattoo to show off your love.

The tattoo can be customized with different colors and elements like the American flag or some other symbols like 1776 elements and flowers.

For the tattoo, you can go for a realistic color scheme or even a traditional color combo.

Although the bald eagle can be placed anywhere on the body, the most popular placement for the bird would be on the chest or the upper arm to show off the design.

But whatever design you do, just make sure to keep the design respectful to the American culture.

Eagle Tattoo on the Forearm

Eagle Tattoo on the Forearm 1


Eagle Tattoo on the Forearm 2


The forearm is a great place to rock an eagle tattoo because of its visibility and versatility. If you want you can always hide the tattoo with your attire. But if you want, you can flaunt the eagle with a half-sleeved shirt or a sleeveless one.

One of the benefits of the forearm tattoo would be that it is not as painful as many other parts of the body due to a moderate amount of fat and muscle. So you can do different colors and design combos on the tattoo depending on your choice.

Although a forearm eagle tattoo would look spectacular, one of the drawbacks of getting one is that the forearm is regularly exposed to the outer world and sunlight. So there is a possibility that the tattoo will fade over time. So you should take some extra precautions and care after getting the tattoo.

Small Eagle Tattoo

Small Eagle Tattoo 1


Small Eagle Tattoo 2


The small eagle tattoo would be perfect for those who love minimalistic designs yet want to show a powerful message of strength and courage. You can do the design in a very minimalist fashion or do a colored and realistic design.

One benefit of this tattoo would be that it can be placed anywhere due to its small size and you can easily cover up the tattoo later if need be. Due to the small size, it is also quicker and less painful and normally you can get one in one sitting.

This is often a more affordable option in comparison to other eagle tattoo designs. This can be a perfect design for an underboob or behind-the-ear tattoo.

Eagle Tattoo on the Back

Eagle Tattoo on the Back 1


Eagle Tattoo on the Back 2


If you want to show off the majestic beauty of the eagle and its wings, the back is the perfect place to do so. You can do some intricate designs for the eagle tattoo on the back because of a larger work area.

You can customize the tattoo with other elements like quotes, flags, and banners. And if you want, you can also do different poses for the bird, such as in flight, sitting, or with wings stretched. In these cases, you can add some mountains, trees, and other elements with the eagle.

You can make the tattoo realistic or even do it in the traditional color scheme. You can also hide the tattoo if need be with your attire if need be.

Eagle Feather Tattoo

Eagle Feather Tattoo 1


Eagle Feather Tattoo 2


The eagle feather tattoo is often seen as very symbolic of freedom. The eagle feather is often considered to be a connection with the spiritual giving it another layer of symbolism.

You can get the tattoo in multiple variations depending on your taste. It is a beautiful design that can be customized with beautiful colors and shading options.

You can get this tattoo on various parts of your body. Due to the adaptability of the tattoo, you can either get a simpler smaller feather tattoo on places like your wrists and fingers or you can get a detailed tattoo and place it on your forearms or legs as seen in the example photos.

But as an important symbol of the Mexican culture, please make sure to be respectful while choosing to do the eagle feather tattoo.

Eagle Tattoo on the Shoulder

Eagle Tattoo on the Shoulder 1


Eagle Tattoo on the Shoulder 2


The shoulder is a great place to do the eagle tattoo because you can easily extend the tattoo design to your sleeve and forearm or to your back. If you want a tattoo that is visible but can be easily hidden, you should look into this design.

As a big canvas, you can add different details to the eagle tattoo like other texts, quotes, or banners. You can even add symbols like the American flag, feathers, and arrows to personalize the design.

The benefit of the big workspace on the shoulder is that you will be able to incorporate the design into others if need be and you can always extend the design depending on what color and shading options you’ve chosen.

Eagle Wings Tattoo

Eagle Wings Tattoo


If you are into wings tattoos and are looking for something other than angel wings tattoos, you can check the eagle wings design as it stands out from the crowd. But if you want symbolism, the eagle wings represent freedom and rising above life’s problems and challenges.

You can do various styles and sizes and place them anywhere on the body depending on your choice. If you want you can do realistic colors, or even do an abstract design if that suits your taste better.

You can get the tattoo done anywhere on the body depending on the size you choose. You can either get the tattoo on your chest, back, or forearm if you want to show off the majestic beauty of the eagle wings.

Eagle Neck Tattoo

Eagle Neck Tattoo 1


Eagle Neck Tattoo 2


The eagle tattoo on the neck is a very bold design to show off your fierceness, strength, and courage. You can get the tattoo with various styles and detailing on the neck, but most often the designs are more detailed to go with the bold positioning.

The tattoo is very visible and so you can customize the tattoo to properly reflect your personality. But as it is very visible, it is harder to cover up for occasions where you may not want to show off your tattoo.

But before getting an eagle tattoo on the neck, do proper background research as neck tattoos are often painful. So we’d suggest this only if you are a veteran.

Eagle Tattoo on the Hand

Eagle Tattoo on the Hand 1


Eagle Tattoo on the Hand 2


As one of the most visible places on the body to do a tattoo, the hand is a great place to do an amazing eagle tattoo. The hand tattoo often consists of a simple outline in black and often some speck of colors are added to add flair to the design.

You can add other graphics on the tattoo like mountains, snakes, or text to spice up the design. You can choose to do a very detailed design on your hand to show off your taste and personality.

But as hand tattoos are painful we would suggest you keep things simple if you are a newbie to the tattoo world.

Polish Eagle Tattoo

Polish Eagle Tattoo


Another great association of the eagle as a national symbol is the polish eagle tattoo. This tattoo consists of the signature polish white eagle to show off polish pride and patriotism as the white eagle is the national symbol of Poland.

You can place the Polish eagle tattoo anywhere on your body depending on how you want to show off your polish pride. But good places to do so are your chest, back, forearm, and shoulder.

You can also customize the tattoo size depending on where you are placing the tattoo and choose different poses for the eagle.

The Polish eagle shows off the connection of the wearer to the national symbol showing a great cultural value. But it can be misinterpreted by others. So be respectful when choosing the design.

American Flag Eagle Tattoo

American Flag Eagle Tattoo 1


American Flag Eagle Tattoo 2


One of the most common interpretations of the eagle tattoo is incorporating the American flag with the eagle tattoo. If you want to showcase your patriotism and love for America, you can choose to do this tattoo.

This design features the eagle with the American flag in various ways including the flag in the eagle’s talons and just the flag with the eagle on it. You can get the tattoo with realistic colors or just simple outlines. But realistic colors with this tattoo are more common.

You can get this tattoo in various shapes and sizes and place it on different parts of the body. But the most effective place for the tattoo would be the chest, back, and forearm to show off the love for America and the cultural roots of the wearer.

Golden Eagle Tattoo

Golden Eagle Tattoo


The golden eagle is another iconic design that we have seen plenty of over the years. The golden eagle is a representative of power and freedom with its spread-up wings. The golden eagle is also often associated with determination and focus.

The golden eagle tattoo can be done in many different styles from realistic to abstract. But the most effective design choice for the golden eagle would be a realistic or a traditional color scheme.

You can get the tattoo anywhere on the body depending on your preference or the message you want to convey. But the golden eagle looks best if done on the forearms and chest due to the incredible detailing possible with the design.

Aztec Eagle Tattoo

Aztec Eagle Tattoo


The Aztec eagle tattoo is becoming more and more popular among those who value Mexican culture. It is a unique design showing off the culture and heritage of the Aztecs and represents wisdom and fierceness.

The tattoo can look completely realistic or completely abstract depending on the color choice and the size you choose. But most often than not, the Aztec eagle is abstract and done with a monochrome color scheme.

If you want you can place a smaller tattoo on the wrist, behind the ear, or on the hand. But if you want to go big and detailed, you should do the tattoo on the shoulders or on the arm to show off this beautiful style.

Eagle Tattoo on the Arm

Eagle Tattoo on the Arm 1


Eagle Tattoo on the Arm 2


The arm is another great place to do the eagle tattoo because you can easily expand the tattoo onto your shoulder or sleeve, or incorporate the eagle in another tattoo design on the sleeve. As the arm is also a big visible canvas, you can go crazy with the tattoo design.

To give the tattoo more flair you can add some other designs like the American flag, a snake, or some other symbols. You can also show the eagle in a flying state with a detailed wing design to make the tattoo pop more.

The tattoo can be personalized further with different colors to go with it. You can add realistic colors to make the eagle look more majestic. We’d suggest not using simpler colors or monochrome shades to stand out from the common designs on the arm.

Eagle Globe and Anchor Tattoo

Eagle Globe and Anchor Tattoo


This tattoo is also known as the EGA tattoo popularized within the US marine corps. Similar to the bald eagle tattoo this tattoo consists of a bald eagle, a globe, and an anchor along with optional features.

The eagle anchor tattoo represents the fierceness of the marine corps and their courage while the globe represents their global presence. You can also customize the design with features like the American flag among other graphics.

You can do the tattoo anywhere on the body according to your preference. But it is best to do the tattoo on the arm, shoulder, or chest.

Blood Eagle Tattoo

Blood Eagle Tattoo


The blood eagle tattoo is another history-inspired design. This particular design is inspired by Norse mythology. The tattoo takes its roots from the brutal execution where the victims’ ribs are pulled apart to form an eagle wing shape.

Although very graphic, this design can be interpreted as a symbol of Viking pride and strength. So depending on your needs, you can customize the design to be realistic or even abstract design.

You can do the tattoo on any part of the body. But similar to most eagle tattoo designs, this tattoo design is also best done on the chest or any other big canvas on the body. But if you want to showcase the awesome red and black color scheme of the eagle, you can do the tattoo on your arm or shoulder.

Tribal Eagle Tattoo

Tribal Eagle Tattoo


The tribal Eagle tattoo is inspired by mostly Native American culture as the eagle is a sacred animal in Native American traditions.

The eagle is a symbol of hope, and freedom showing off its majestic wings and sharp sense of hunt. So it can reflect your personality with different colors and details.

You can also place the tattoo on different parts of the body depending on the size you choose. The tattoo is most popularly done on the back, arms, or legs as a powerful expression of your identity and culture.

Eagle Head Tattoo

Eagle Head Tattoo


The eagle head tattoo is another popular iteration of the eagle tattoo showing off only the head of the eagle. This variation is often bundled with other elements like banners, names, quotes, and flags.

The tattoo is often done with a traditional or realistic color scheme. But you can go overboard with the design and include some vivid colors to make the tattoo more personalized.

This tattoo can be placed on various parts of the body. Most often this tattoo is done on a bigger scale and placed on arms and shoulders. But you can always do a smaller design to place on your ankles, wrists, and hands.

German Eagle Tattoo

German Eagle Tattoo


The eagle is also an important symbol for Germany. The German eagle tattoo features the coat of arms of Germany.

You can add different colors and elements to the tattoo such as the German flag to show off your patriotism.

You can do the tattoo with various styles including smaller designs to put on your wrists. But if you want to show off your love for your country, you can make a bigger tattoo to put on the shoulders or forearms.

Flying Eagle Tattoo

Flying Eagle Tattoo


The flying eagle tattoo shows off the sublime creature in its mid-flying state showing off its beautiful wings and talons. Most often the tattoo is done in a realistic color scheme. But you can always do a black-and-white design.

You can also place the tattoo in different places on the body. But the most common place to the put the tattoo would be on the chest or the back.

Philippine Eagle Tattoo

Philippine Eagle Tattoo


The Philippine eagle tattoo shows off the Philippine national bird Philippine eagle- one of the biggest eagle species in the world. The tattoo is often done in the traditional style but you can also do a realistic version of the tattoo.

Depending on the size, you can put the tattoo on the back of the chest to show off the bird fully.

Eagle and Snake Tattoo

Eagle and Snake Tattoo


The eagle and snake tattoo represents an eagle and either fighting or being close to each other. This design can be personalized into abstract art or done in a realistic style.

You can get the tattoo done on your forearms and shoulders. But the most popular placement for the tattoo would be on the chest.

Harpy Eagle Tattoo

Harpy Eagle Tattoo


The Harpy eagle tattoo represents one of the biggest and strongest eagle species in the world. The eagle has a distinctive feathered chest that you can incorporate into a realistic style or a traditional style.

You can also get the ink on different places on the body including the chest or the shoulders.

Eagle Tattoo for Women

Eagle Tattoo for Women


The eagle tattoo adapted for the minimal style preferred by women are some of the most beautiful designs we have seen. This design features beautiful colors and shading often with ornamental elements like flowers.

You can do this tattoo from the ankle or the wrist to the chest or back depending on the size.

Old School Eagle Tattoo

Old School Eagle Tattoo


This tattoo design is inspired by traditional tattoo designs. This tattoo will incorporate bold outlines and deep shading.

You can do the tattoo in a smaller form factor on the underboob, side boob, or wrist or a bigger design on the back.

Eagle Eyes Tattoo

Eagle Eyes Tattoo


The eagle eyes tattoo only features the intense gaze of an eagle showing off the sharp vision of the eagle. This can be accompanied by elements like feathers and other tribal elements.

This gives off a daring outlook and you can do this tattoo on visible places like forearms, shoulders, or hands.

Eagle and Wolf Tattoo

Eagle and Wolf Tattoo


This is a very powerful tattoo design that combines two fierce creatures showing off the intelligence and loyalty of the wolf and the strength and courage of the eagle.

You can do this tattoo on the chest showing off the two creatures intertwined with each other. Or you can do a simplistic version with just the outlines of an eagle and a wolf.

Japanese Eagle Tattoo

Japanese Eagle Tattoo


The Japanese eagle tattoo is another tattoo design that is becoming very popular. This design features an eagle in the Japanese art style.

Often accompanied by waves or cherry blossoms, you can do the tattoo to show off your grace and strength.

Screaming Eagle tattoo

Screaming Eagle tattoo


The screaming eagle tattoo shows off exactly what the name suggests – a powerful scream of an eagle in flight. This shows off the power and fierceness of the eagle.

You can do the tattoo with a realistic color scheme on the chest or the back if the design is big. This would be a perfect design for you if you want to show off your fierce nature.

Eagle Tattoo on the Sleeve

Eagle Tattoo on the Sleeve


The eagle tattoo is a very good design to do on the sleeves due to the possible eye-catching detailing. You can portray the eagle in various positions in the tattoo. Thanks to the versatility of the sleeve positioning, you can show or hide the tattoo easily.

Realistic Eagle Tattoo

Realistic Eagle Tattoo


The realistic eagle tattoo shows off the eagle in its natural colors and features with intricate designs. You can also customize the design with the eagle sitting on a branch or in a mid-flight.

Simple Eagle Tattoo

Simple Eagle Tattoo


This tattoo features a very minimalist design of the eagle often only in the outline with minimal details. If you want a simple design to show off your strength and courage, you can go with this design.

Eagle and Lion Tattoo

Eagle and Lion Tattoo


This tattoo shows off another design combining two other majestic beings the lion and the eagle often intertwined with each other. This tattoo shows off your strength, power, and courage and can be done in different body locations.

Iron Eagle Tattoo

Iron Eagle Tattoo


The iron eagle gives a modern mechanical look to the eagle tattoo with other elements often added. You can do the tattoo on the arms or on the forearms to show off the futuristic look.

White Eagle Tattoo

White Eagle Tattoo


The white eagle tattoo shows off the eagle in a white or even a black and white color scheme to give it more contrast and to show off purity.

Eagle and Skull Tattoo

Eagle and Skull Tattoo


The eagle and skull tattoo captures the eagle’s fierceness with a skull showing off the eagle’s domination over death. If you want to symbolize dominion over all obstacles, you can go with this design.

Black Eagle Tattoo

Black Eagle Tattoo 1


Black Eagle Tattoo 2


This design shows off the eagle in a black color. This gives the eagle a bolder more ominous look. If you want to show a striking personality, you can do the tattoo on visible parts of the body to show the ink off.

Geometric Eagle Tattoo

Geometric Eagle Tattoo


The geometric eaglet tattoo gives an abstract look to the eagle with different geometric shapes. These look unique and will make you stand out among other eagle tattoo users.

Eagle Claw Tattoo

Eagle Claw Tattoo


The eagle claw tattoo shows off the majestic talons of the eagles with a very detailed design. You can also add tribal patterns and feathers to the design to give it a more pop factor. The most impactful placement would be the arm or the forearm for this tattoo.

Eagle Face Tattoo

Eagle Face Tattoo


The eagle face tattoo shows off the eagle’s face. This design often consists of intricate details and shading. This design is most popularly placed on the upper arm or the back to showcase the details.

Eagle Tattoo on the Leg

Eagle Tattoo on the Leg


As a big workspace, legs are a good choice for the eagle tattoo design. You can do different variations of the eagle tattoo that we discussed above. But the most effective design on the legs would be the traditional style on the calf or the thigh.

Eagle River Tattoo

Eagle River Tattoo


The eagle river tattoo is another interesting tattoo design that shows off the eagle in accompaniment of a river and other elements like rocks and trees. If you are someone who wants to showcase your love for nature go for this design.

How to Do Realistic Eagle Tattoos Efficiently

The video shows how an eagle tattoo is done on the arms. First, like every other tattoo design, the artist draws the outline and traces it to the place where you want the tattoo done. Then the artist will draw the outline of the eagle with fine-line needles.

Later they will add details and highlights depending on the design. In this case, the artist is doing a realistic tattoo design with white highlights to show off a realistic eagle captured in time.

If you are looking into how the tattooing process is done for the eagle tattoo, this is a good representative video.


Done looking at all the tattoo design ideas, but still have some questions? Well. Here we have some of the most common questions you asked and answered for you.

Q: What is the best place to get an eagle tattoo?

Answer: This is one of the most popular questions regarding eagle tattoos that we are frequently asked. The simplest answer would be on the chest. Because the eagle tattoo can be ornamented with very intricate details, the best place to show it off would be a big canvas like your chest.

Q: Is an eagle tattoo good?

Answer: Well, depends on what you mean. The eagle tattoo has a deep symbolic meaning with each of the meanings associated with some good qualities like freedom, courage, and strength. So, if you are thinking about meaning or symbolism, the eagle tattoo has only good connotations.

Q: What does the eagle tattoo have to do with the military?

Answer: Well, the eagle is associated with freedom, courage, and patriotism in the military, especially for the American military. So for many military personnel, the eagle tattoo is a symbol of patriotism, protection, and pride that they can wear to show off their love for the country.


To finish up, the eagle tattoo is a very popular design among both newcomers to the tattoo passion and veterans. No other tattoo will show your fierceness, courage, and love for your country at the same time as this tattoo.

The eagle tattoo comes in different designs and holds different meanings depending on your personality and choice. You can get the tattoo done in different places on your body depending on what size you want your tattoo to be. But the most popular tattoo placement for this eagle tattoo would be your chest or back if you want to really make the tattoo pop.

This tattoo shows off your fierce power, courage, and strength. So, be mindful of the design you choose, so that it reflects your personality accurately.

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