85 Alluring Faith Tattoo Ideas To Show Your Devotion

Tattoos have always been a tool of self-expression. And what better way to express your faith than with a permanent ink on your body? If you are someone who wants to express their faith visually, then the Faith tattoo can be the perfect medium to do so.

The Faith tattoo can come in many shapes and sizes. In its most basic form, the faith tattoo can include just the text “Faith” written in different fonts. Or it could include spiritual or religious elements to make up the tattoo. So the tattoo could include any religious signs, symbols, bible quotes, or just the text “Faith” written.

Due to this multitude of tattoos, there are many designs for each of the different elements that can symbolize faith. You would be rightfully confused if you were to look for a tattoo for yourself. To ease your tattoo-hunting journey, we’ve collected and gathered some of the most popular Faith tattoo design ideas.

So, what’s the wait? Let’s jump in.

Faith Tattoo: Meaning And Significance

Faith tattoo Meaning


The Faith tattoo can be done in many different forms and designs. So the meaning varies from person to person, or from design to design. But the primary meaning that the Faith tattoo represents is the belief in something bigger than oneself.

The faith tattoo can simply represent the belief in a higher power that guides and governs our every move. This can be towards religion or gods depending on the tattoo wearer. This belief also covers trust in this power and its ability to protect the wearer.

But if we look at the faith tattoo outside of a religious perspective, the tattoo simply can represent the idea of trust, belief, and hope. This trust can be in a person, in the wearer’s own ability to overcome anything, or in their own personal transformation.

But the faith tattoo does not always have to be about meaning or a symbol. Rather the tattoo can just be a visually appealing piece that the wearer wants. So the tattoo can be worn simply for its aesthetics.

Extraordinary Faith Tattoo Designs

There are many ways you can do a Faith tattoo. You can just write the words “Faith” for the tattoo. Or you can get elements that represent faith. These elements can include religious symbols, spiritual signs, quotes from religious texts, or even depictions of gods.

Even from all of these choices, you can get the tattoo in simple or intricate details. The options are endless. But don’t worry. We’re here to help. We have gathered here some of the most amazing Faith Tattoo ideas for you.

Let’s take a look at them. Shall we?

Love Hope Faith tattoo

Love Hope Faith tattoo 1


Love Hope Faith tattoo 2


The Love Hope Faith tattoo is one of the simpler tattoos designs out there for the Faith tattoo. This tattoo combines three powerful concepts to make one powerful tattoo.  This tattoo features the text “Love Hope Faith” in different styles.

The tattoo represents the interconnectedness of love, hope, and faith. This tattoo implies that love and faith cannot be found alone. They always come in a package. This tattoo also holds a very symbolic importance of all of these elements in the wearer’s life.

This tattoo is often done in a beautiful cursive style featuring the three words. If you want you can also add other elements to the tattoo that relates to faith. You can add elements like features, infinity symbols, and a heartbeat to represent your love, hope, and faith.

This tattoo can be customized with different colors according to your choice. The tattoo can also be placed on any part of the body. But the most popular placement for the tattoo is on the forearm, wrist, or on shoulder so the wearer can be constantly reminded of the message this tattoo holds from their tattoo.

Faith Over Fear Tattoo

Faith Over Fear Tattoo 1


Faith Over Fear Tattoo 2


Faith Over Fear Tattoo 3


The Faith Over Fear tattoo is another tattoo that has become more and more popular over the years. With the recent surge of people coming out about their stories of trauma, survivors of trauma have started getting this tattoo as a way to express their feelings.

This tattoo represents the idea of overcoming fear and obstacles in life. This tattoo also incorporates the idea of starting to believe in themselves. The tattoo often features the word Faith in bold fonts overshadowing the word fear. This represents a symbolic win of faith over fear.

The tattoo can be customized with other elements easily. You can add extra text to the tattoo to make it more meaningful. You can play around with the colors of the tattoo. You can even add some religious elements to the tattoo to give it some flair.

Faith Cross Tattoo

Faith Cross Tattoo 1


Faith Cross Tattoo 2


Faith Cross Tattoo 3


The Faith Cross tattoo is a classic design that features the word “Faith” and a cross tattoo. The cross represents Christianity and the word faith represents the eternal belief in Christianity. The elements combined can make up a visually striking design.

This tattoo can serve as a constant reminder of the belief of the wearer. This tattoo shows that you are not afraid to show your faith to the world. Not only does this tattoo cater to the Christian faith, but it can also have a personal meaning as well.

You can go crazy with the customization options for this tattoo. For the cross, you can do different styles such as Celtic, Middle Age, wooden, or geometric. And you can combine these with different font styles such as cursive, block, or old English.

Faith tattoo on Wrist

Faith tattoo on Wrist 1


Faith tattoo on Wrist 2


The wrist is a great placement option for the Faith tattoo and recently it has become a very popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts. This tattoo is a very minimalist and simple design as the wrist is a small place for the tattoo.

If you want you can show off the Wrist faith tattoo to the world, or even hide the tattoo. This tattoo is easily hidden under a wristwatch or a shirt sleeve. The tattoo serves as a minimalist reminder of your faith in a higher power.

This tattoo is done with a simple outline of the word Faith written in cursive or simple font. The tattoo may consist of other elements. But it is mostly done in black and white. The wrist tattoo is often done with a single needle or a fine-line needle tool.

Walk by Faith tattoo

Walk by Faith tattoo 1


Walk by Faith tattoo 2


Walk by Faith tattoo 3


The Walk by Faith tattoo is inspired by a beautiful verse from the bible following “2 Corinthians 5:7”. This tattoo encourages individuals to trust in their spirituality and faith and follow God’s guidance to achieve their salvation.

The tattoo can feature different elements such as a compass, a road, or a journey with the phrase “Walk by Faith”. This tattoo represents the faith of trusting in the wearer’s belief in God’s guidance in times of turbulence.

That tattoo can simply be done in a simple black font containing the text. Or you can play around with the colors and some vines, flowers, or a cross to add to the meaning of the tattoo.

Good Faith Tattoo

Good Faith Tattoo


The good faith tattoo is another simple tattoo design that features the text good faith. But this can also incorporate other elements like a flower, some vines, a cross, praying hands, or Jesus to increase its meaning.

The tattoo symbolizes the power of faith in God’s will and guidance. This tattoo can be customized with different colors depending on the elements you are pairing the tattoo with. But you can always do a simple black-and-white tattoo to keep things simple.

Faith Symbol Tattoo

Faith Symbol Tattoo


The faith symbol tattoo features the words faith forming a symbol. The words can form symbolic elements like a cross, a praying bead, or an anchor. This tattoo symbolizes having faith in God and God’s guidance.

You can go ham on the customization of this tattoo. You can get the tattoo in color, or just in simple black and white. You can also add other symbolic elements to the tattoo to make it more meaningful.

Faith tattoo on Neck

Faith tattoo on Neck 1


Faith tattoo on Neck 2


If you want a bold and visible tattoo, you can get the faith tattoo as a neck tattoo. As neck tattoos are painful, this tattoo is often very minimal and the word “faith” is written in a simple cursive font.

Blind Faith Tattoo

Blind Faith Tattoo


The blind faith tattoo is a symbolic tattoo that features a blind person holding the words faith in their hands. This tattoo represents the power of blind faith in a higher power. This tattoo is most popularly placed on the forearms.

Cursive Faith Tattoo

Cursive Faith Tattoo 1


Cursive Faith Tattoo 2


This is a very simple tattoo that you can scale up or down depending on your needs. This tattoo features the word “faith” written in a cursive font. Depending on the size you want, you can easily get the tattoo on the forearm, wrist, or on the neck.

Small Faith Tattoo

Small Faith Tattoo


This is a very minimalist tattoo featuring a small “faith” text. This tattoo is more or less done in only black with a single needle tool. This tattoo looks best on small workspaces such as the wrist, ankle, or behind the ear.

Faith Forearm Tattoo

Faith Forearm Tattoo 1


Faith Forearm Tattoo 2


If you are looking for a simple forearm tattoo that won’t break the bank, the faith tattoo is the way to go. This tattoo is usually done with very simple fonts and minimal customization. But if you want, you can always go the extra mile on a bigger and more complex design.

Faith Tattoo on Hand

Faith Tattoo on Hand 1


Faith Tattoo on Hand 2


The hand is a great place to do the faith tattoo as it is a very visible placement. This tattoo shows that you are confident about your faith and not afraid to share it with the world. But make sure to consult with your tattoo artist because hand tattoos can be painful.

Shield of Faith Tattoo

Shield of Faith Tattoo


This tattoo is a very symbolic one featuring a shield of faith from the Roman era. This tattoo is often very ornate with details. But the tattoo is mostly done in black and white to keep the simple aesthetic.

Faith Arm Tattoo

Faith Arm Tattoo


The Arm is a good place to do the Faith tattoo. The tattoo features the text “faith” on the entire arm. This tattoo often includes other elements like a praying bead, hands, Jesus, or a cross. As the arm is a big workspace, you can go ham on the customization.

Infinity Faith Tattoo

Infinity Faith Tattoo


The infinity faith tattoo shows an infinity sign with the word “Faith”. This tattoo represents the eternal nature of one’s faith. This tattoo is very customizable with other elements such as flowers, butterflies, or a phoenix to add to the pop factor.

Faith Arabic Tattoo

Faith Arabic Tattoo


The faith Arabic tattoo features a unique look at the faith tattoo. This tattoo features the Arabic Word إِيمَان or “Imaan”. This tattoo features a culturally accurate version of the Faith tattoo. As Arabic calligraphy is one of the most prominent lettering styles in the world, this tattoo is a great way to show off a tattoo done in the calligraphy style.

Family Faith Tattoo

Family Faith Tattoo


The family faith tattoo features the text “family” and “faith”, or just the text “family” and a religious element to represent faith. This tattoo can either represent the idea of a religious family, or the power of faith protecting the family. You can customize the tattoo with some praying beads, bible quotes, or a cross to make it stand out.

Faith Face Tattoo

Faith Face Tattoo


The Faith face tattoo is a very bold tattoo that shows confidence. This tattoo features the text “faith” on the face in cursive or simple font. This tattoo shows that you are not afraid to show your faith. But make sure you know what you’re doing because the face tattoo can be a painful tattoo.

Rose Faith Tattoo

Rose Faith Tattoo 1


Rose Faith Tattoo 2


The rose faith tattoo is a very soothing and colorful tattoo. This tattoo represents the wearer’s faith in love and beauty. You can play around with the colors of this tattoo. You can get the “Faith” text with a red rose. Or if you want a black-themed tattoo, you can bundle the tattoo with a Black rose.

Faith Tattoo Behind the Ear

Faith Tattoo Behind the Ear


If you are looking for a minimal tattoo, the Faith tattoo behind the ear is a good option. As there is little space to do a tattoo behind the ear, the Faith tattoo needs to be simple and often single-lined. This tattoo can be easily hidden with some hair and is mostly done in black.

Watercolor Faith Tattoo

Watercolor Faith Tattoo


The watercolor Faith tattoo features the text “Faith” in a watercolor style. These tattoos are some of the coolest-looking tattoos for the Faith tattoo. The Text “Faith” is usually written in simple black fonts with other elements in the watercolor style. This tattoo looks best on the forearm thanks to the beautiful colors and details.

How To Do A Minimalist Faith Tattoo

This video shows the process of doing a Faith tattoo on the forearm. As the video shows, the artist first traces the tattoo on the forearm using a stencil. Then the artist moves on to doing the tattoo with a single needle tool. The tattoo is done very carefully to keep the lines of the tattoo consistent and smooth.

If you are into minimalism and want a simple Faith tattoo then this video should probably be exactly what you’re looking for. But if you’re looking for a Faith tattoo in general, this video will also give you some ideas about the process.


Faith tattoos can be done in a ton of ways and styles. It is only natural that you’ll have questions regarding the tattoo, its implications, and procedures. This tattoo guide should have given you some of the answers you were looking for. But, for your convenience, here are some frequently asked questions that you may want answers to.

Q: Are Faith tattoos only for religious people?

Answer: No. Faith tattoos are not only for religious people. Anyone can get this tattoo to show their faith in something or someone.

Q: Do Faith tattoos hurt?

Answer: No, Faith tattoos do not hurt more than other tattoos in particular. Faith tattoos, like other tattoos, will hurt depending on the placement of the tattoo and the complexity of your tattoo design.

Q: What is the best placement for Faith tattoos?

Answer: Faith tattoos are often very subtle tattoos with a minimalist design. But they can also be very detailed and intricate. But this tattoo is to show your faith in your religion or a person. So the tattoo is best placed on the forearm, or on the other visible parts of the body depending on the size of your design.


The Faith tattoo is a good way to show your faith and trust in something or someone in a visual way. By getting the faith tattoo you can get a permanent visual reminder of your belief. This tattoo can be religious, or even symbolic. But it doesn’t have to be. You can get the tattoo for purely aesthetic purposes.

Thousands of designs are available on the internet for the Faith tattoo. But we have hand-picked some of the best designs for you so that you don’t have to do the hard work.

We hope you enjoyed all the designs and are able to choose your own design from this list. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the Faith tattoo, make sure to reach out to us in the comment section below and we’ll be at your service.

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