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68 Elegant Astronaut Tattoo Ideas To Explore The Galaxy

Ever since we were kids, there was one thing that fascinated us. That is the notion of exploring space. The celestial stars and different colored planets with their own orbitals injected a plethora of questions in our young minds. Even after so many years, we are still as interested in investigating the galaxy as the day when we were young.

The astronaut tattoo entertains our nostalgia. It takes us back to the days when we used to lie down and look at the black sky and think about what lies beyond.

Some even aspire to become an astronaut so that they themselves can decipher the secrets of the universe. The tattoo commemorates such ambition in bold and beautiful colors.

The suit of the astronaut is truly unique. You won’t find it anywhere else. It is specially crafted so that they can be used in the dire situations of outer space.

That’s why many people consider the tattoo to be an amulet of endurance and resilience. So today, we are going to know everything there is to explore about these alluring tattoos. Enjoy.

Deciphering The Secrets Of Universe: Inspiring Meaning Behind Astronaut Tattoos

Astronaut tattoo meaning

Meanings and symbolism are the most crucial aspect of every tattoo. A tattoo with mindless patterns and exuberant colors actually doesn’t do anything. It just serves as a boring artwork that can only function as a sign for showing off.

On the other hand, an astronaut tattoo with symbolism and deep meanings can motivate you in the deepest and darkest stages of your life. It will whisper to you the desire to explore opportunities and become the person that you have always wanted to be. So without further ado, let’s look at some of the glorious meanings of the astronaut tattoos.

Sowing The Seed For Knowledge

If you don’t have the desire to gain knowledge then your soul has died. This is universally said by countless scholars. To be a healthy individual, your brain must be full of exciting thoughts and you must have a desire to pursue them.

The astronaut tattoo lets you have a peek in the perspective of the divers of space. Seeing through their eyes, a tree for seeking knowledge grows in you. You start to explore and find new things in life.

An Amulet Of Serenity

Life on Earth is rapidly becoming chaotic. There is so much sound that even if you shut your ears, the cacophony will enter through your ear pores disturbing your soul.

In space, there is no disturbance. You just float around with pin-drop silence.

Because of this aspect, many people consider the tattoo to be a symbol of peace.

The Desire To Be Successful

Reaching space is the pinnacle of human achievement. When you constantly see the tattoo in your body canvas, it will compel you to reach your goals and milestones.

Human beings have progressed so much that they are now reaching the stars. So what’s stopping you from reaching your goals?

Stylish Astronaut Tattoo Designs To Take Your Breath Away

Astronaut tattoos accentuate the thinking capacity of the wearer. If you consider yourself to be interested in pursuing the unknown, there isn’t a better design than the astronaut tattoo.

Every time you look at the tattoo, a notion will hit like a breeze to explore the things that are hidden from the mortal eye.

Aside from the apparent symbolism, there are many shapes and sizes of astronaut tattoos. While flamboyant designs are still appreciated, the current trend is more gravitating towards minimalistic looking tattoos that don’t demand any attention. It just blends with the skin beautifully.

A crucial component of selecting a tattoo from you is to check if the design resonates with you or not. If the tattoo is the polar opposite of your character and ambition then there’s no reason for getting it. To help you in this process, we have a comprehensive list of tattoos that we think will connect with you on a personal level.

Small Astronaut Tattoo

Small Astronaut Tattoo


An astronaut may seem like a normal sized being to the mortal eye. However, if you compare them with the entire galaxy then they are just as tiny as a single dot.

The small astronaut tattoo is based on the fact that in the vastness of outer space, everything is incredibly small. So rather than illustrating a giant tattoo, it’s best to draw a small, minimalistic one that captures the concept of space perfectly.

The perfect place for the small tattoo is in your forearm. It has an adequate amount of space to make the tattoo noticeable while creating a feeling of voidness in you.

As for the inking, monochromatic color schemes are preferable as they blend with the creamy texture of the skin.

Astronaut Helmet Tattoo

Astronaut Helmet Tattoo


Astronaut Helmet Tattoo 2


Astronaut Helmet Tattoo 3


The outfit of an astronaut is highly sophisticated. Each of the parts has a distinct function and any issue can lead to complete disaster. However, there is one part of the outfit that is the most significant when it comes to hovering in outer space. That is the helmet.

The helmet serves as a component from which the astronauts can breathe properly. Any malfunction and the astronaut is trapped in their own suit. If you are claustrophobic then just the thought of this can creep you out.

Another function of the helmet is to see the outside. If you can’t even see the galaxy, what is the point of doing all the hard work and traveling to the galaxy? Therefore, the astronaut helmet tattoo can function as a vessel of protection that will widen your gaze.

Traditional Astronaut Tattoo

Traditional Astronaut Tattoo 1


Traditional Astronaut Tattoo 2


The traditional astronaut tattoo is a chill and colorful rendition. Traveling into outer space is no joke. The conditions are so dire that even one mistake can be quite costly. That’s why astronauts spent years perfecting their skills and gaining the expertise to maintain their body above ground.

Most of the time, they are strapped with wire so that they don’t drift away. However what if they just wanted to sit back, grab a beer and watch the galaxy from their space vehicle? Even the thought of this scenario amuses us.

This is what artists have done for the case of traditional astronaut tattoos. For a moment, the artwork ignores the complex life of astronauts and makes them relax a bit and enjoy the serene view of the celestial objects.

Dog Astronaut Tattoo

Dog Astronaut Tattoo 1


Dog Astronaut Tattoo 2


In the current era when technology is booming, traveling into outer space feels like a cakewalk. Expeditions are occurring every day. However, things were not as easy as today.

With limited amounts of technology, humans had quite a lot of trouble surviving in the unknown.

So in the beginning, we decided to send a canine species and see if they survive or not. You may think that this is cruel and unethical as dogs can’t give consent but for the advancement of science, it was necessary.

To our surprise, a dog named Laika which was aboard the soviet aircraft called Sputnik 2 survived and made a space flight. To this day, the name of the dog is written in gold ink on the pages of history. The dog astronaut tattoo is an artwork to pay tribute to its heroics.

Simple Astronaut Tattoo

Simple Astronaut Tattoo


The concept of diving into outer space is quite an intricate one in which life and death revolves around. Truthfully, it’s hard to capture all of the ambience of outer space in the body canvas. You will fail if you attempt to draw it in its true magnitude.

Therefore, you should definitely opt for a design that is much less sophisticated. If you incorporate a lot of details and textures into the artwork then the tattoo will look messy and overdone at the end.

An outline of the suit or an astronaut starting with awe at the earth from a distance can look amazing. These simple tattoos are much hassle free and far more impactful.

Astronaut Sleeve Tattoo

Astronaut Sleeve Tattoo


Sleeve tattoos are for the courageous people out there who are not afraid to showcase their beliefs and views to the entire world. Aside from the mesmerizing imagery, an astronaut tattoo serves as an amulet of inspiration and passion.

When you have the tattoo on the sleeve, you come across someone who is not going to mess around. You are willing to go above and beyond to reach your goal even if it seems impossible.

Realistic Astronaut Tattoo

Realistic Astronaut Tattoo


The realistic astronaut tattoo requires a steady pair of hands that can illustrate complex designs for long hours. These tattoos also demand several touches to accurately portray the magnitude and mysticism of the perspective of astronauts.

Just the suit has countless details. Some parts require heavy shaking while in other parts you need to dilute the colors.

It’s always best to include a jarring background with colors that match the ambience of the galaxy. You should also include some celestial objects into the mix to take it to the next level.

Girl Astronaut Tattoo

Girl Astronaut Tattoo


For a long period of time, it was believed that girls cannot be astronauts. They didn’t have the physical or mental capacity to take the heavy load of the space flight.

However, things have changed. The air of patriarchy has shifted and currently females are dominating in the space industry. From engineers to operators, they are in every field that is the reason why we know so much about the galaxy.

The girl astronaut tattoo is an artwork that reminds you that girls are just as equal to boys and they are contributing to the space exploration program the same.

Astronaut Arm Tattoo

Astronaut Arm Tattoo

Arm tattoos demand colors and textures as often it is the first thing that we look at in a human being. If the tattoo is worn out with poor craftsmanship, we immediately think negatively. Our perception of the individual shifts to a negative tone.

However when you have an astronaut arm tattoo, you come across as someone that has a quenching knowledge. You seem so passionate about learning the unknown that everyone is bound to have a wonderful first impression of you.

Whale And Astronaut Tattoo

Whale And Astronaut Tattoo


In the lovecraftian horror stories, it is often depicted that the whale is not a creature that swims in the deep blue sea. It’s a celestial being that gently hovers in the vastness of the galaxy. If you are an astronaut then there is a huge chance that you will come across them while you are taking a flight.

The whale and astronaut are a beautiful combo because the enormity of the whale compliments the subtleness of the suit perfectly. It creates an uncanny feeling that compels you to see more of this iconic duo.

Astronaut Chest Tattoo

Astronaut Chest Tattoo


Chest tattoos are one of the most painful artworks that you will ever come across. As the skin in the chest is quite sensitive, even a touch of the sharp stencil can rupture the cells leading to infection.

So you should be careful while getting the astronaut chest tattoo.

However, don’t let us stop you from getting an astronaut tattoo. Aside from the pain, the astronaut chest tattoo means that you truly have a deep fascination for exploring the galaxy. Your thirst for knowledge is unparalleled. With subtle inking, you portray that the entire concept of hovering in space is something close to your heart.

Astronaut Outline Tattoo

Astronaut Outline Tattoo


This tattoo is an easy and hassle free experience that is a pleasant break from all the grandiose tattoos that require countless details and colors. You can make a jarring design with just a minimal amount of shapes.

The suit of an astronaut doesn’t actually have any sort of color. The entirety of it is covered in white color while the helmet has a glass surface from which astronauts can look outside. So, you should have no problem drawing a beautiful outline tattoo of the astronaut.

Skull Astronaut Tattoo

Skull Astronaut Tattoo


We all fantasize about gearing up for the space expedition. The thought of swimming gently into the air of outer space. We wonder how amazing it would feel when we look at the celestial stars and planets in space.

However we often disregard the fact that space can be a scary place. The media glorifies only those astronauts who have returned but countless others are trapped in the empty void.

The skull astronaut tattoo is a pictorial representation of that scary side that no one talks about.

Astronaut Thigh Tattoo

Astronaut Thigh Tattoo


Your thigh has an adequate amount of space to illustrate a jarring astronaut tattoo. As the space is enormous, it’s obvious that only a vast place like the thigh can hold its magnificence.

The best thing about the thigh astronaut tattoo is that whenever you will move, it will feel like the tattoo is also moving. This mainly occurs because your thigh has quite some meat in it. Therefore, whenever you walk or run, it bounces. This leads to the imagination that the inner artworks of the tattoo are also moving. How mesmerizing is that!

Watercolor Astronaut Tattoo

Watercolor Astronaut Tattoo


The vividness of the space needs a color that can accurately portray the elegance of it. There are a lot of contemporary tattoo styles that are way too sharp and give off an artificial feeling.

However, watercolor is something that has no restrictions or jurisdictions. The moment the color drips from the stencil, it moves creating a glowy trace behind. The astronaut tattoo feels magical because of it. It looks like an energy radiating from it that will compel you to be the best version of yourselves.

Geometric Astronaut Tattoo

Geometric Astronaut Tattoo


This is currently one of the popular designs on the internet and for good reasons. Gone are the times when highly detailed tattoo designs were praised. Now is the era of minimalistic tattoos with simple colors and geometric shapes.

If you closely inspect the astronaut suit, you will notice that the outer surface doesn’t have too many intricacies. It can be easily depicted using circles and straight lines. So why convoluted the artwork? You should keep it simple so that the tattoo touches your soul.

Astronaut Shoulder Tattoo

Astronaut Shoulder Tattoo


Your shoulder is quite unique from the other parts of your body. It has a unique dimension almost as if there is a peak in the region. If you draw the tattoo in the shoulder blades and extend the artwork to the lower area, it will create an artwork that will look different depending on the perspective.

The astronaut shoulder tattoo completely changes your persona and style. It makes you look confident in your body. When you have such breathtaking artwork on your shoulder, you are bound to be much more energetic and youthful. You will feel like you can do anything.

Diving Into The Depths Of The Galaxy: A Visual Guide Of Astronaut Tattoos

The most confusing thing about the astronaut tattoo has got to be the celestial background. Most artists complain that no matter what they try, they cannot capture the same ambiance of the void full space.

However, there is an easy way to solve this problem. After you have inked the background of the astronaut tattoo, all you need to do is stick your finger and dilute the colors to create a velvety texture that resembles the space. For a better idea, you should check out our beautiful timelapse on astronaut tattoos.


There is a wide range of information circulating in the internet regarding astronaut tattoos. However, very few of them actually provide concise and accurate data. Most of the sources beat around the bush instead of talking about the main topics wasting people’s time.

That’s why we have taken the liberty to answer some of the most burning questions regarding astronaut tattoos to clear your doubts.

Q: Which Is The Best Place For Getting An Astronaut Tattoo?

Ans: The best place for getting an astronaut tattoo is a place where there is ample amount of space. When there is space, you have the opportunity to pour out your imagination.

It also depicts the vastness of the galaxy. So your thigh or the back is the perfect place for an astronaut tattoo.

Q: Can You Become An Astronaut If You Have A Tattoo?

Ans: According to NASA guidelines, there are no literal restrictions or jurisdictions that mention anything about a tattoo. However, it is recommended that you conceal the tattoo when you are in the office as showcasing the tattoo is viewed as a sign of disrespect.

Q: Are Astronaut Tattoos Lucky?

Ans: Many tattooists consider the astronaut tattoo to be extremely lucky. They believe that when something as mesmerizing as outer space is inked into the body canvas, you start to feel a sense of confidence.

You start to believe that you can do whatever you want. With the tapestry of colors and jarring patterns, you can achieve all your success.


No matter how old you are, you should always have a passion for seeking new and exciting knowledge. The moment you stop having the urge, your soul will have died. You will become a monotonous being with nothing that drives you forward.

To keep your fire for knowledge igniting, you should get a beautiful astronaut tattoo. The elegant imagery and amazing patterns will have adrenaline rushing through your veins everytime you see the tattoo. You will feel as if you are in the middle of the galaxy in an astronaut suit discovering the enigmas of space.

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