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92 Breathtaking Mountain Tattoo Ideas To Watch Out In 2024

Everyday we wake up in the morning with an exhausted body and a pessimistic mind. We ponder over how monotonous and boring the next few hours would be. Stucking in a traffic jam, we contemplate life. Sometimes from modern cities, we can see mountains from a far distance. When we look at it, we consider whether we could move there and spend the rest of our lives in the flora and fauna.

Mountains are a gift from mother nature. The huge structure is ornamented with all the natural elements from head to toe. Because of its aesthetics, we want to just escape there to soothe our soul. Thats why so many people are wanting to get the mountain tattoo thinking that it will give them a sense of serenity in the hectic life.

Apart from its tremendous visuals, it also represents a myriad of meanings. Mountains are like a mystery that has several layers underneath. These layers all add up in making the mountain tattoos a force to be reckoned with.

The Silence Of The Mountain Tattoos: Enigmatic Meaning Behind Them

Mountain tattoo meaning


The meaning of mountains depends completely on your perspective. If you look at a mountain from far away then it would only resemble a general shape. But as you get close, you will start to understand the magnitude and just how extraordinary it is.

Mountains hold a lot of secrets. Beneath that surface lies so many unheard stories that people still are researching about. That’s why when you will get the tattoo it will mean that you have something to hide from the world. That thing is only yours to keep.

Apart from its secrets, mountains also symbolize strength and resilience. No matter what happens, they stand tall. So, when you get the tattoo, nothing can break you down.

Artistic Mountain Tattoo Designs To Look Aesthetic

There is just something incredibly satisfying about engraving a giant object inside our body canvas. We just feel powerful as if the entire world is in the palm of our hands.

Although it can be argued that mountains are quite bland without much variation, that’s far from the truth. Depending on the geographical location, each mountain has its own characteristics. It’s up to you to choose the style that resembles your personality the most.

Simple Mountain Tattoo

Simple Mountain Tattoo 1


Simple Mountain Tattoo 2


Simple Mountain Tattoo 3


Simple Mountain Tattoo 4


Simple Mountain Tattoo 5


Less is always better. Unless you are trying to compensate for something, there is no meaning to getting a grand tattoo that takes hours of patience and effort for both parties. The contemporary artists are slowly acknowledging this and gravitating towards minimalistic tattoo designs

A simple mountain tattoo doesn’t focus too much on the elements that exist inside it. Rather it focuses on the exterior shape and the meaning it portrays.

Therefore, you can guess that the first thing that you absolutely need to nail is the framework of the tattoo. Use a heavy dark ink to color the outline. Make some random shapes throughout the body of the mountain for the shadow effect.

Mountain Range Tattoo

Mountain Range Tattoo 1

Mountain Range Tattoo 2


A sole mountain represents solitude. But if you are someone who finds solace in others company then a mountain tattoo won’t suffice. You need a mountain range tattoo to represent your behavior.

Mountain range means there are multiple mountains connected by a slope or single line. The mountains can’t be separated from each other. Instead they blend together to form a single entity.

This kind of tattoo requires illustrating a lot of zigzag shapes and spikes. So make sure you have a steady hand. Just the outline is enough as the interior of the mountain can be depicted using the natural white color of your skin.

Feminine Mountain Tattoo

Feminine Mountain Tattoo 1


Feminine Mountain Tattoo 2


Feminine Mountain Tattoo 3


Feminine Mountain Tattoo 4

Mountains are gender neutral. Unlike the agonizing society of ours, it doesn’t look at each gender in a different eye. To mountains, we all are the beings of nature. We coexist to make the world a better place.

But still if you want to embrace that femininity deep inside you then you can go a little extra mile by incorporating some subtle elements into the mountain tattoo. Feminine tattoos are not harsh and they don’t scream at you. Instead they portray a gentle image and are soothing to the eyes.

So try to only use light colors to illustrate the tattoo. You can dilute the colors with your finger to give it a glowing effect. In any part of the tattoo, include some cursive words or somebody’s name that you have immense respect and love for. The tattoo will never let you forget about them.

Mountain Sleeve Tattoo

Mountain Sleeve Tattoo 1


Mountain Sleeve Tattoo 2


Mountain Sleeve Tattoo 3


Mountain Sleeve Tattoo 4


Your sleeves are perhaps the best place to get a mountain tattoo. It has the perfect circumference as well as the height to draw a mountain in its entirety.

The mountains are all about theatricality. It’s one of the most grand components found in mother nature with so many decorations intertwined inside. Depicting each of them can be quite tricky. So a good rule of thumb is to plan ahead about what you are going to incorporate and what you’re going to leave behind. This makes things much easier.

Also you don’t have to cover your entire sleeve by drawing an enormous tattoo. Leave some negative spaces as it creates a sense of emptiness inside us. Inking every single part tends to make the tattoo look messy and trust us when we tell you that there is nothing worse than a messy, overdone tattoo.

Small Mountain Tattoo

Small Mountain Tattoo 1


Small Mountain Tattoo 2


A rather obtuse mindset of some artists is to illustrate the entire body canvas. But what’s the point of it? A skilled artist only uses a small portion of your skin to draw a tattoo. They know that there is just something psychedelic about miniature structures.

Mountains are supposed to be huge. The peak needs to be touching the skies and the feet of it have to be in the root of the soil. Our eyes are accustomed to seeing mountains like this.

But when we see the mountain in a small shape, our brain doesn’t comprehend it that well because we are not familiar with it. Therefore it releases a bunch of hormones that makes us feel a certain way. This is why many people are choosing this uncanny style of tattoos.

Geometric Mountain Tattoo

Geometric Mountain Tattoo 1


Geometric Mountain Tattoo 2


Geometric Mountain Tattoo 3


Geometric Mountain Tattoo 4


Geometric Mountain Tattoo 5


Still to this day, we wonder how this incredible style of tattoo was birthed in our world. Perhaps it originates in medieval culture, where people used to draw shapes and marks on the pole to symbolize their territory.

The main concept of geometric tattoo is to incorporate only shapes such as trapezoids, triangles or rectangles. You may be wondering if that is even possible. Well, tattoo artists today are immensely creative and there is no limit to what they can do.

The final outcome of the tattoo is something that feels robotic but has a certain charm to it. We can’t take our eyes from it because of the unusual yet tranquil vibe it exudes.

Mountain and Tree Tattoo

Mountain and Tree Tattoo 1


Mountain and Tree Tattoo 2


Mountain and Tree Tattoo 3


Mountain and Tree Tattoo 4


Mountain and Tree Tattoo 5


Mountain and Tree Tattoo 6


Mountains and trees have been intertwined with each other since the beginning of time. Apart from the mountains in Egypt or Antarctica, all the other mountains have trees branching out from it.

It can be said that the trees are also protecting the mountains from harsh weather. So there is a symbiosis going on between these two elements.

A cool tattoo design is to illustrate the sandy or snowy mountains which don’t have any trees naturally and fill them up with an abundance of trees throughout its body. Whoever will see the tattoo have to stop and think for a second on what is going on. That’s the suspense of it.

Mountain Lion Tattoo

Mountain Lion Tattoo 1


Mountain Lion Tattoo 2


Mountain Lion Tattoo 3


Mountain lions are quite rare to witness. They are reclusive creatures that hardly come in daylight. Instead, they lurk in the shadows and hunt alone.

They are by no means apex predators of their vicinity as they are smaller than their native brothers and they don’t even have the vocal cords to roar. Despite this disadvantage, mountain lions still wreak havoc and are considered to be one of the deadliest animals which even larger animals like bears tend to fear.

When you get this tattoo, it will teach you an important lesson. The lesson is that you will not always be at an advantage. Sometimes life will throw rocks at you. But you have to still stay strong like the mountain lions. Only then you will be successful and everyone will respect you, even our enemies.

Smoky Mountain Tattoo

Smoky Mountain Tattoo 1


Smoky Mountain Tattoo 2


Smoky Mountain Tattoo 3

Smoky Mountain is undoubtedly the most visited mountain in all of America. People every year visit this behemoth of a mountain from far away to make memories that last forever. So what makes it such an amazing mountain?

The most attractive thing about the smoky mountain is the wide varieties of animals and trees. If you walk through the trail, you will notice many exotic shrubs and bushes lurking beneath your feet. Another amazing feature of it is the view from its peak. Just when the sun rises, a rainbow can be seen from the peak of the mountains going in the direction of south.

This view is worth dying for. So if you want to picture the tranquility then you should get this tattoo right now. Make sure to include the rainbows and the waterfall to take the tattoo to a whole new level.

Busch Light Mountain Tattoo

Busch Light Mountain Tattoo 1


Busch Light Mountain Tattoo 2


Who doesn’t love a beer? After working all day, we just want to lay down and crack one open. When the beverage hits our lips, we feel all the exhaustion just vanishing away from our body.

Busch is the king of making delicious beverages. Perhaps the most energizing and riveting beer type in their arsenal is the light beer.

The logo of the light beer is a mountain range. When you open the can from the freezer, the dew sticks on top of the logo making it seem like there’s water dripping from the mountain. Over the years, this logo has become so popular that it has made its way into the tattoo world.

Mountain Forearm Tattoo

Mountain Forearm Tattoo 1


Mountain Forearm Tattoo 2


Mountain Forearm Tattoo 3


Magic shows are always entertaining. Do you know why? The main reason is because you don’t know what you are going to get. The jnpredicaltibiy of it makes it such an interesting thing to watch.

You may be wondering what’s the relationship of a magic show with the mountain tattoo. Well, if you get the tattoo in your forearm then you are creating a stage.

Whenever you shorten your arms, it will be as if you are putting the curtains and the tattoo disappears. Wherever you will stretch your arm, it appears right away. How mesmerizing is that!

Mountain Goat Tattoo

Mountain Goat Tattoo 1


Mountain Goat Tattoo 2


Mountain Goat Tattoo 3


Goats are incredibly peaceful creatures that just roam around on their own without a hinge of worry. Why should it? Mountains have so many paths and narrow holes that goats can easily get into them but the predators can’t.

That’s why the mountain goats have very little threat. Because of their unusual lifestyle and weather, they have become quite different from their counterparts in appearance.

The horns have become large and their skin color seems to be on the lighter side. Because of their aesthetic visuals, many people want to get the tattoo. Also they are considered to have an association with Satan therefore, many edgy kids love to illustrate it to worship the deity.

Mountain Outline Tattoo

Mountain Outline Tattoo 1


Mountain Outline Tattoo 2


For any object based tattoo, the outline is the most important aspect of it. The same goes for mountain tattoos. If you highlight the outline using a black colored ink then it will create a good base for the rest of the tattoo.

But sometimes the tattoo artists leave it right there. The outline alone is more than enough to depict the symbolism of the mountains. You may be questioning how?

Well, illustrating the surface of the mountain is perhaps one of the easiest things to do as it only comprises a couple of straightforward shapes. But the main secret in drawing an interesting outline tattoo is the proportionality of it.

Make sure the tattoo is vertical and looks as if it’s moving in your skin. This kind of motion dynamics can be created by including a couple of wind shapes in the tattoo.

Mountain Bike Tattoo

Mountain Bike Tattoo 2


Mountain Bike Tattoo 3


Mountain bikes are perhaps the most wonderful innovation of a vehicle that can withstand pretty much anything. The trails of the mountains are quite rough with sharp stones and repeated ups and downs. The gradual decline in the slope also makes it near impossible to drive.

But bikers can perform this insurmountable task riding a mountain bike. These bikes have elastics in the back wheel which can withstand any fall. The steering of the bike is quite astonishing as well as you can turn your bike in any direction at any moment.

Because of all these amazing features, mountain bikes are so sought after. If you consider yourself to be an avid bike rider as well then this tattoo is perfect for you.

Mountain Scene Tattoo

Mountain Scene Tattoo 1


Mountain Scene Tattoo 2


Mountain Scene Tattoo 3


In numerous movies, mountains are depicted as an element to contemplate. Especially in the end of the movie, the director shows a scene of the mountain telling the audience that there is still hope left.

There are some other depictions of mountains in films as well. In horror movies, mountains are seen as a spooky place where ghosts and bigfoots reside and going alone means suicide. Directors give the mountains an ominous visual by blending black and gray colors.

Now it’s up to you to choose the right one. We recommend you to get the horror themed mountain scene tattoo as it strikes a fear into the heart of those who notice it.

Wave and Mountain Tattoo

Wave and Mountain Tattoo 1


Wave and Mountain Tattoo 2


Wave and Mountain Tattoo 3


Although there are waterfalls that can be found inside the mountains, they hardly have enough waves. This is mainly because there are no water reservoirs. The few reservoirs that can be found exist because of natural calamities.

Now there are some mountains that have oceans around them. The tidal waves hit the shores of the mountains. The entire visual is amazing to watch.

There is a sense of anticipation in this scene. The waves start to accumulate in the middle of the ocean and gradually they come close to the mountains and then splashes. You can depict this breathtaking picture in your body canvas as well.

Mountain Shoulder Tattoo

Mountain Shoulder Tattoo 1


Mountain Shoulder Tattoo 2


Your shoulder looks quite similar to a mountain if you look closely. The plates resemble the exact shape of the surface of the mountain. That’s why it’s the best place to get a shoulder tattoo.

Your shoulders don’t have enough space so illustrate a small tattoo in there. Try to make it sensual by including some other natural elements like a cloud or floral patterns. Make sure to color the tattoo using watercolors to portray that whimsical look.

Blue Ridge Mountain Tattoo

Blue Ridge Mountain Tattoo 1


Blue Ridge Mountain Tattoo 2


It is believed that mountains have no memories. So when you visit the mountains, all your dreadful memories will vanish away. You will be left with a completely new soul which can then experience the exciting and wondrous things in life.

For this reason, millions of people visit the Blue Ridge mountain. This mountain is known for its tranquil beauty and abundance of waterfalls. Therefore, make sure you include the waterfall while illustrating the tattoo. Give the mountain an overall natural look so that it soothes your soul.

White Mountain Tattoo

White Mountain Tattoo


White mountains are typically found in cold areas. The surface of these mountains are covered in snow with some occasional barren trees branching out from it. In theory, the white mountains should depict a picture of despair but in reality, it portrays a sense of hope and resilience.

The animals and trees of these kinds of mountains have to withstand a lot of obstacles. The harsh weather doesn’t make their life easy. But they still keep on surviving. Therefore, this tattoo will give you hope to live another day.

Mountain Arm Tattoo

Mountain Arm Tattoo


The entire concept of a tattoo is the appearance. We get a tattoo when we want to look in a certain way. So we try to make it as whimsical as possible.

Now there isn’t much theatricality in most of your body parts. But if you have a bit of muscles then it can work wonders. Whenever you force out your arms, the muscle will extend stretching the mountains. This will make the mountains in your arm look larger than they are. How magical is that!

Colorado Mountain tattoo

Colorado Mountain tattoo 1


Colorado Mountain tattoo 2


John Denver wrote an immortal song about the rocky mountains of Colorado. Whenever we listen to this song on the stereo, our heart tells us to lose ourselves in that scenic mountain.

The colorado mountain isn’t a single component. In fact, there are multiple mountains blending together to make an enormous mountain range. The outer spikes along with the natural decorations throughout the surface of the mountain are always pleasing to witness.

If you are thinking of getting the colorado mountain tattoo then make sure to incorporate as much color as possible. The abundance of color will make the mountain look like it has descended from heaven.

Mountain Wrist Tattoo

Mountain Wrist Tattoo 1


Mountain Wrist Tattoo 2


Sometimes we make the stupidest mistakes in our life by cutting our wrist. Especially many young people go through a tough stage and think of ending their life by mutilating their wrist.

While this is disturbing, the entire concept of this isn’t talked about enough. In many households, this is occurring. We should tell our younger generation that life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes there will be obstacles. It doesn’t mean that you have to cut your wrist. Instead get a mountain tattoo on your wrist which will always inspire you to move forward.

Bear Mountain Tattoo

Bear Mountain Tattoo 2

Bears are a staple of the mountains. Although there are some differences because of the geographic location, most mountain bears look exactly like their counterparts.

You may not find them while roaming in the mountains. Even with their gigantic bodies, they tend to keep themselves secluded. But sometimes they can get extremely aggressive and completely dismantle whatever comes their way.

If you are willing to get the bear tattoo make sure you portray this aggressiveness correctly. Include some other natural elements like a waterfall or a tree next to it to compliment the bear.

Traditional Mountain Tattoo

Traditional Mountain Tattoo 1


Traditional Mountain Tattoo 2


In ancient culture, people used to worship the mountains thinking that it would give them strength and prosperity. Due to this belief, they illustrated the mountains in their houses and temples for protection.

Although this belief has long been buried, some of it has been translated in the modern world by the art of tattooing. Traditional tattoo artists utilize those ancient cryptic symbols and shapes to make a modern tattoo. This mix of two different time periods creates a dichotomy which cant be found in any other type of tattoo.

Coors Light Mountain Tattoo

Coors Light Mountain Tattoo


This is yet another beverage related tattoo on our list. Coors light is an incredibly popular beer brand that started its inception back in 1978. You may be wondering what a beverage brand is doing in the list of tattoos.

Well, the logo of the Coors Light is a mountain range. The white color along with a subtle red makes it a formidable tattoo design. While keeping it simple is the way to go, we suggest going all out and putting in textures to make the tattoo look like it’s going to pop out of your skin.

Mountainside Tattoo

Mountainside Tattoo 1


Mountainside Tattoo 2


From a far distance, we only see the exterior or the surface part of the mountain. We can’t even fathom what is happening inside those walls

Because of the mystery, the mountainside tattoo has seen a recent resurgence in popularity. To depict the secrets, you must draw multiple layers inside the tattoo to make it seem like you can go inside each of them. Shading and intensity is the key as you have to gradually use more powerful ink as you go deeper. The tattoo would make an optical illusion that you will keep wondering about.

Mountain Finger Tattoo

Mountain Finger Tattoo


Fingers are quite tiny in shape to depict the vastness of the mountain. But that is what makes it so interesting. Our minds are always accustomed to seeing things in their natural state.

But when something unusual happens, there is adrenaline pumping through our veins. The same occurs in the case of mountain finger tattoos. Rather than illustrating them in a single finger, it’s best to depict five different mountain styles in five of your fingers. Then whenever you make a fist, the mountains will make a unison that is incredibly pleasing to watch.

Appalachian Mountain Tattoo

Appalachian Mountain Tattoo


Many of the music and tones that we listen to today originated from the Appalachian mountains. The tribal people used to make music utilizing primitive equipment. They gathered around at night to sing about their daily lives, sorrows and happiness.

Because of this, the Appalachian mountain has a lot of significance in music and literature. That’s why an incredible tattoo idea is to illustrate music symbols along with the mountain. Appalachian is full of green trees and suburbs so you should also use a vibrant green color to draw the tattoo.

Realistic Mountain Tattoo

Realistic Mountain Tattoo


To make a realistic mountain tattoo, you need to incorporate a lot of textures and details into the tattoo. Try to draw a framework at first using a deep black color and gradually fill it up with whatever color you want.

Now is the time for the most important expectation. Merge different shapes together to include the details of the mountains. The more elements you will draw the more realistic the tattoo will look like. So don’t miss anything. From the dews on the grass to the feathers of birds try to depict each and every element with care.

Watercolor Mountain Tattoo

Watercolor Mountain Tattoo


Watercolors are perfect to draw a mountain tattoo. The colors have no restrictions therefore it blends right into your skin.

A good rule of thumb is to dilute the colors before drying it off. This will give a glowy effect to the tattoo. Every single component of nature exudes an aura. So capturing this aura in your tattoo is essential.

Ocean and Mountain Tattoo

Ocean and Mountain Tattoo


There are a wide range of mountains that have oceans beneath their feet. Many of the water reservoirs that exist in the mountains drip down to the ocean over time.

So there is an apparent relationship between the two elements. A straightforward tattoo design can be to draw the mountain in the background and an ocean just in front. Try to use a color scheme that matches with the two elements and compliments each other. Otherwise if you use a vibrant color for the ocean and a subtle color for the mountain, it would look like an absolute mess.

Mountain Chest Tattoo

Mountain Chest Tattoo


Your chest has enormous space where the mountain can be easily illustrated. There are also enough ups and downs in your chest to depict the spikes of the mountain.

The most wonderful thing about the mountain chest tattoo is that it will be close to your heart. Who knows, maybe every time your heart beats, the mountain will be given life.

Tiny Mountain Tattoo

Tiny Mountain Tattoo

@Mountain Tattoo

Mountains are supposed to be larger than life. That’s the concept of it. But what if you draw a tiny mountain tattoo? How would it look?

Well anything in tiny shape looks adorable. Therefore instead of giving a natural aesthetic look the tiny mountain tattoo will make you cuddle with it all day long.

But remember to not draw it too tiny otherwise you will need a magnifying glass to see the tattoo. That can be a complete nuisance.

Mountain Back Tattoo

Mountain Back Tattoo


If you look closely, the two plates close to your shoulder look exactly like two mountains standing from the barren waste land that we call the skin. So it’s only fair to get a mountain tattoo there.

There is a lot of space in your back. So you might be planning to tattoo your entire back out of enthusiasm. But that would look horrendous. Rather keep the negative spaces and draw a mountain in the center or sides of the back. Dip the tattoo in blazing colors and voila. You got a tattoo worth fighting for.

Mountain River Tattoo

Mountain River Tattoo


Most rivers meet with the mountains in some form. The currents of rivers go into the water reservoirs of the mountain replenishing its water source which the mountain’s flora and fauna survive on.

Therefore it can be said that the river provides the mountain the life force that it needs. So it’s only fitting to blend them together in the body canvas. The color of the river is quite important as it can be the hit or miss deal for the tattoo. Use sky blue or white color to depict the river.

Compass Mountain Tattoo

Compass Mountain Tattoo


While exploring the mountains, many voyagers lose their way.. They sometimes get trapped and can never get out. Everyday we see news like this occurring but it can all be stopped with just a simple compass.

A compass is like a lifesaver to explorers all around the world. It always points to the north side of the place that you are standing. Therefore no matter how deep and dangerous the mountain is , you can easily find your way using the compass. This long association is what has made this type of so.powerful.

Mountain Foot Tattoo

Mountain Foot Tattoo


Many of us have a weird obsession over our feet. Perhaps this elongated part of our body makes us remember about nature.

Your feet can’t be seen always. So make sure you illustrate the tattoo in a place where it is easily visible. The best place is near your ligaments. The fact that it is taller than the typical areas of your skin makes it exactly resemble the mountains.

Japanese Mountain Tattoo

Japanese Mountain Tattoo


Most people only think about America when they hear about mountains. But perhaps the most enigmatic mountains reside in the lands of japan. The best feature about these mountains is that each and every one of them have rivers or oceans surrounding them.

The most notable mountain in Japan is undoubtedly Mount fuji. The amazing patterns that can be seen throughout the body makes it an amazing tattoo choice.

Lonely Mountain Tattoo

Lonely Mountain Tattoo


There are some of us who don’t like to follow the rules. We stand in the back of the crowd feeling like no one really understands us. We seclude ourselves from all the social interactions thinking that people are boring.

If you have a similar mindset then the lonely mountain tattoo is just for you. The mountain also has to be alone for eternity. There may be many living beings crawling inside of it but on the outside, the mountain is all alone.

Mountain Sunset Tattoo

Mountain Sunset Tattoo


We all boast about just how magical the sunrise is. But sunset is way more fantastic. Just imagine that all the lightness in the world is slowly vanishing away into an ominous blackness. How terrifying it looks!

Mountains play a key role in making the perfect sunset. If there is a large mountain near you then you will see that the sun slowly hides itself in the mountain. You can portray this insane image into your body as a tattoo.

Triangle Mountain Tattoo

Triangle Mountain Tattoo


Usually most mountains are in a triangle shape so there isn’t much you need to do to illustrate a triangle mountain tattoo.

But the tricky part is that most of the time people can’t understand if the triangle tattoo resembles a mountain or not. So to clear the confusion, you should include a bit of details such as crumbs and rocks in the exterior of the triangle to make it look more like a mountain.

Forest Mountain Tattoo

Forest Mountain Tattoo


In every mountain there is a forest lurking inside of it. The mountain is the shape that we see from the outside and the forest is what is on the inside of it.

A cool tattoo idea is to illustrate the mountain as the background on your skin and draw the forest in front. Try to blend the two elements together. Incorporating details such as trees, flowers and even animals will take the tattoo to a whole new level.

Mountain Ankle Tattoo

Mountain Ankle Tattoo


Ankle is yet another part of our body that closely resembles the mountains. If you notice our morphology, you will see that it is one of the highest points. Therefore, obviously the ankle deserves a mountain tattoo.

Try to illustrate the tattoo in vivid colors. Use a deep black color with high saturation and contrast to draw the outlines. Shades are your friend so make sure you utilize them wherever is necessary.

Moon and Mountain Tattoo

Moon and Mountain Tattoo


You might have seen in movies that a man just runs up to the top of the mountain and when he sees the moon, he turns into a werewolf. This depiction has been engraved in our brain by many movies and books.

Therefore, in our subconscious mind, there has always been a deep association with the moon and the mountain. During the night, the moon just sits on top of the mountain as if the mountain is the body and the moon is the head. If you can illustrate this exact image then people will obsess over your tattoo.

Abstract Mountain Tattoo

Abstract Mountain Tattoo


There is nothing more sad than people misinterpreting your tattoo. You spend hours after hours getting a tattoo that symbolizes something and someone just comes to you and says the complete opposite. Everyone feels terrible at that moment.

That’s why you should get the abstract mountain tattoo. An abstract tattoo can be interpreted in a myriad ways. It completely depends on the viewer’s perspective. So let them guess whatever they want.

Heartbeat Mountain Tattoo

Heartbeat Mountain Tattoo


Although this may be stretching a bit, your heart kinda resembles a mountain. If you cut the corners of a mountain, it has the exact dimension of the heart.

So you can easily make a heartbeat mountain tattoo. This may seem a bit complicated to you but hear us out. First illustrate a general framework of a mountain. Then include veins and arteries throughout the body of it. The end result would be deadly yet satisfying to see.

A Timelapse Of Illustrating A Mountain Tattoo From Scratch To End

A mountain tattoo is like a chest of treasures. It is alluring on the outside and when you investigate inside, more interesting things come out of it. With so many styles and shapes to choose from, getting a mountain tattoo can get a bit intimidating.

But don’t worry. We are here for you. Only for you, we have given a visual representation of how a professional artist handles a mountain tattoo. Give it a look. Who knows, you might get the design of your dream from the video.


Mountains have a myriad of things hidden inside them. Therefore, it’s obvious that there will be some unanswered questions lurking inside your mind. That’s why we have researched the entire internet to find out some of the most burning questions and their answers to calm you. Here they are.

Q: Are Mountain Tattoos Expensive?

Ans: The price of the tattoo depends on a couple of different factors. The first is how much detail you want to incorporate in the tattoo. Another important thing is the experience of the tattoo artist. If you consult a novice artist they will charge you way less than an artist with a lot of experience. So you have to consider these things carefully before getting the tattoo.

Q: Do Mountain Tattoos Symbolize Love?

Ans: Yes, they do. Our ancestors even proposed in the mountains. They expressed their love for each other in deep realms of the mountains and their love became eternal. In many movies and books, there are instances of this same incident. Therefore, it is safe to say that mountain tattoos symbolize love and passion.

Q: What Is The Best Place To Get A Mountain Tattoo?

Ans: It completely depends on your preference. Some people like to get it on their knees while others prefer the shoulders. But in our opinion, the mountains deserve a lot of space in your body. So you should illustrate it in either your back or your chest.


We don’t get tattoos for our appearance. Well, the visuals do play a significant role but the main reason for getting a tattoo is to get inspiration from it. The mountains are serene and tranquil natural objects that stand tall no matter what the situation is.

In our life there will always be hurdles. You will have heartbreaks, lose loved ones, and experience a lot more things in the future. But just like the mountain, you have to stay strong and keep your head high. Only then will you be able to beat all odds.

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