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118 Insightful Raven Tattoo Ideas To Rescue Yourself From Hardship

In addition to minimalistic symbols, emblems of free-spirited creatures are becoming quite popular in the tattoo scene, which is where raven tattoos come in.

Believe it or not, raven tattoos have existed for quite some time now. While the visuals they offer certainly explain a lot, it is the rich history attached to the creature that enabled the figure to become a staple in the world of tattoos, and become the recipient of neverending success.

Raven tattoos are one of the hottest body modifications on the market right now. And while the flexibility and delicate components that make up the artwork are two reasons behind their sudden rise to stardom, the role they have in the spiritual world is also known for being a top contributor. To learn everything about raven tattoos, don’t sweep this material under the rug!

Discussing The Multipurpose Meaning Of Raven Tattoos

Meaning Of Raven Tattoo


Raven tattoos aren’t just famous for the visuals they bring to a new art piece or an existing illustration, but are also known for being quite charming figuratively.

Although raven tattoos got their first breakthrough in Nordic areas, the symbol eventually spread like wildfire in the tattoo industry when it received an upgrade in the metaphorical department. To fathom it to the fullest extent, however, remember to skim through the following sections.

Ravens in Nordic Countries and Norse Culture

Ravens are quite popular in Norse culture due to their wisdom. In the past, Vikings were known for religiously following the creature’s movements and teachings because of Odin, the God of Wisdom in Norse mythology.

Odin was renowned for his philosophy, but was also known for having a pair of ravens as his lifeguards. The two ravens, Huginn and Munnin, were known for protecting Odin until eternity and helping him with keeping tabs on everything that was happening in life back then.

Current Affiliations And Ties In The Spiritual World

The wise nature of ravens is still alive and kicking to this day, being a crucial part of the success behind raven tattoos. In addition to having affiliations with wisdom, a raven is also associated with life and death, and intelligence. Those that wear raven tattoos in this day and time often wear display them to stay humble in life and keep changing for the better.

Raven tattoos: A sign of bad luck?

Not all is sunshine and rainbows when it comes to raven tattoos, as there’s also a dark side to it.

A flock of ravens could be harmless from the outside, but carries a terrifying meaning on the inside. This is because, a flock of ravens has always been perceived as a sign of misfortune. Many to this day believe that, when one witnesses a flock of ravens, bade news is often on the way. A handful of them also sees ravens as omens of death.

Divine Raven Tattoos That Will Work Wonders Till Eternity!

Regardless of how big or small, a raven tattoo can open multiple doors in your life, and amp up your physical appearance indefinitely.

A raven tattoo’s physical components can easily bat the eyes of many, while its metaphoric value can ease the minds of fellow enthusiasts in the tattoo industry. Getting the tattoo shouldn’t be too difficult, either, as most variants are quite easy to understand and replicate at the same time.

To see just how high the ceiling is of raven tattoos, don’t forget to move on to our upcoming list of ours!

Nordic Raven Tattoo

Nordic Raven Tattoo 1


Nordic Raven Tattoo 2


Nordic Raven Tattoo 3


Raven tattoos got their initial breakthrough quite a while ago when the Nordic people embraced the creature with open arms.

Since it already had ties with memory, the inevitability of life, and secrecy, ravens not only became a crucial leader among Viking symbols, but also became a frequent tattoo option for Vikings themselves.

As opposed to most entries on this list, the visuals of a Nordic raven are extremely different. Instead of using the exoskeleton of a raven, the Nordic raven tattoo involves a graphic with the Nordic symbol, curated with dots and a wooden needle.

Small Raven Tattoo

Small Raven Tattoo


An option with exquisite elements, a pain-free procedure, and long-lasting results is a small raven tattoo. On top of having the ability to adapt to any area, this raven tattoo comprises easygoing pieces that can be replicated by beginner artists as well.

A small raven tattoo lacks size, which can be music to the ears of those seeking something minimal. However, it also lacks freedom, typically containing nothing but the artwork of a raven.

The colour scheme is a benefit, though, as it features drops of vibrant shades that match extremely well with the saturated color scheme of the raven.

Odin Raven Tattoo

Odin Raven Tattoo 1


Odin Raven Tattoo 2


Odin Raven Tattoo 3


Raven tattoos would not have been as popular as they are today if Odin, a Norse God who was known for his wisdom in Norse mythology, wouldn’t have used Huggin and Munnin, his only companions that happened to be ravens.

Odin’s ravens would often unveil everything that was happening all over the world to the Norse God himself. When they weren’t busy keeping tabs on what was happening around the globe, the loyal companions were known for providing Odin with protection and company.

Raven on Skull Tattoo

Raven on Skull Tattoo 1


Raven on Skull Tattoo 2


Raven on Skull Tattoo 3


Since ravens are associated with death, adding components that demonstrate that feeling can be possible as long as you add a skull tattoo alongside the primary component.

When getting a raven skull tattoo, one can either follow one of the two methods. The first one can be a hollow artwork of a raven, which can be a good way to give any spectator some chills and blow them away at the same time.

The second one, however, should be installed if you have time in hand and are into black and grey tattoos, since it involves a raven tattoo with realism, relaxing on top of a skull.

Raven Chest Tattoo

Raven Chest Tattoo 1


Raven Chest Tattoo 2


Delicate designs should always be placed in compact areas to bring out the beauty in a raven tattoo. When it comes to larger variants, however, none of them can showcase the artwork as well as a chest tattoo.

A raven chest tattoo is an excellent way to ease a creative mind, as the region provides tons of space that can be utilized during the procedure. Although the design will take hours and even days to complete, the final results should make up for all the time that is invested.

A raven chest tattoo is often the best area for those that believe in privacy, as the location is often easy to cover. It does require tons of touch-ups for maintenance, so be sure to prepare your wallet accordingly.

Gothic Raven Tattoo

Gothic Raven Tattoo


Most raven tattoos are often draped in black or jet-black, with components that can fascinate the minds of goths. And if you happen to be one of them, this gothic raven tattoo should definitely be added to your list of candidates.

A gothic raven tattoo is quite simple in terms of appearance. It can be replicated by professionals the best, but the components can also be curated by intermediates in the world of tattoos.

While carving another illustration inside the body of the raven can be a good way to make things a bit more exciting, using brushing techniques can easily make the visuals more edgy.

Traditional Raven Tattoo

Traditional Raven Tattoo 1


Traditional Raven Tattoo 2


Traditional Raven Tattoo 3


Traditional tattoos never fail to blend with any design, even when it’s required to pair with a raven tattoo. In fact, if you have a knack for faded shades of bright colour, know that this traditional raven tattoo should check all the boxes.

A traditional raven tattoo contains more than just a portrait of a raven, which can be an incentive for those seeking an exciting variant.

One can add branches around the bottom of the raven to highlight the distinct features of the bird, installing a sketch of the sun in the background for more colour and energy.

Black Raven Tattoo

Black Raven Tattoo


The symbol of a black raven is probably the most convenient option to contemplate if you’re a beginner or a minimalist. The graphic often contains just a portrait of a raven, but it can be enhanced with borders to form a 3-dimensional figure.

When it comes to placement, the world is your oyster. In other words, a black raven tattoo doesn’t have a fixed size, being adaptable to any and every location.

When the size is narrowed down, a black raven tattoo ages like wine. However, in certain cases, the tattoo can also be increased to be a part of sleeve tattoos.

Viking Raven Tattoo

Viking Raven Tattoo


As stated earlier, Vikings consider ravens to be popular figures in their lives.

Associated with wisdom, Vikings often believe that raven tattoos guide them towards the right direction, and motivate them to be more thoughtful on a daily basis.

Often, Vikings would obtain raven tattoos with the help of Norse symbols. While many made the symbol of the raven the only part of their Viking raven tattoo, the rest would typically pair them up with symbols on the same wavelength.

Celtic Raven Tattoo

Celtic Raven Tattoo 1


Celtic Raven Tattoo 2


Raven tattoos are often acknowledged in the tattoo industry as a positive figure. However, just like most emblems, raven tattoos comprise two-sided meanings.

While one depicts wisdom and intelligence, the other is perceived as an omen of death and bad luck. A prime example of the latter is a Celtic raven tattoo.

Often, people believe that a flock of ravens is a sign of bad luck, which is something that a Celtic raven tattoo conveys. However, if you take away all of the negatives that lie within the symbolism of this option, the tattoo itself seems quite admirable.

Ravenclaw Tattoo

Ravenclaw Tattoo 1


Ravenclaw Tattoo 2


If you’re a Potterhead and often recognized for being witty and intelligent, a Ravenclaw tattoo can accommodate that matter in the best possible way.

Ravenclaw tattoos can either be taken literally for a highly-detailed figure, or used to pay homage to Harry Potter. However, irrespective of what you choose, know that both convey the same meaning.

A Ravenclaw tattoo often runs big, so it’s always best to use a spacious area as a canvas. However, if you would like a smaller option, incorporate the sketch into a wrist tattoo.

Raven Forearm Tattoo

Raven Forearm Tattoo


The average raven tattoo charges a lot because of the delicate components involved. However, the size of the concept can also be one of the reasons behind its high pricing.

While one can decrease the attention to detail for reducing their spending, it is advised to place a raven tattoo as a forearm tattoo for best results.

Most forearm tattoos are quite painless, last for a long time, and can be unveiled and covered to and from the public eye on command.

Red Raven Tattoo

Red Raven Tattoo


Red is a colour that always keeps giving in the tattoo world. The colour is also quite compatible with free-spirited creatures like ravens, and often enhances each distinct feature in a sublime manner.

A red raven tattoo could be a peculiar yet compelling way to think outside the box. The visuals are quite promising in contrast to most raven tattoos, but they might require regular touch-ups if you obtain them in an active location.

Wolf and Raven Tattoo

Wolf and Raven Tattoo 1


Wolf and Raven Tattoo 2


When all is said and done, wolves and ravens share a bond that makes them inseparable and is beneficial for both parties involved.

Wolves and ravens aren’t just important in ancient Nordic culture, but are also known for having a two-way chemistry that is almost unconditional.

When wolves are lost, ravens are known to guide them until they’re grown. Wolves are just as cooperative and giving, however, as they’re known for sharing each meal with the large-bodied species with wings.

Raven Neck Tattoo

Raven Neck Tattoo


Despite being brutal, a neck tattoo pairs well with the silhouettes of a raven. The sketch is often installed on one of the two sides, often lacking in size to complement the delicacy of the neck.

A raven neck tattoo can be disadvantageous for creative minds, since it leaves very little room for readjustments. However, if you want to break out of the former issue, consider reading our guide on neck tattoos!

White Raven Tattoo

White Raven Tattoo


If you’d like your raven tattoo to contain a little bit of fiction, a white raven tattoo can be a good option. Although it contains nothing special in contrast to a normal raven tattoo, the light shade of white gives the visuals a subtle yet impressive appeal.

Since white raven tattoos aren’t based on reality, one can add anything alongside the jarring component. To enhance the outcome, adding vibrant illustrations is advised.

Flying Raven Tattoo

Flying Raven Tattoo


If the motion is readjusted by a tad bit, the visuals of a flying raven tattoo can be unlocked with ease.

This tattoo, despite being quite average, has the upper hand in contrast to most variants on this list. While the flappy wings are definitely the primary reason behind its success, the blackwork colour combination is what makes this tattoo so favourable on this list.

Raven Feather Tattoo

Raven Feather Tattoo


Feather tattoos are often symbols used for protection and good fortune, which can help those dealing with adversity and unfortunate circumstances. A raven feather tattoo, however, enhances that metaphor with tons of wisdom and purity, reminding the wearer to make better decisions.

A raven feather tattoo is often admired because of its spiritual power, but it can also be a great option for beginners seeking a simple illustration.

Raven Head Tattoo

Raven Head Tattoo 1


Raven Head Tattoo 2


The portrait of a raven is perhaps the most common aspect of a raven tattoo. However, if you’re about to add the raven tattoo to an existing illustration, adding subtle emblems of a raven should be sufficient. On the other hand, if you want the presence to be recognizable, a raven head tattoo should do the trick!

Sacred Raven Tattoo

Sacred Raven Tattoo


Due to the role it played in the eyes of Nordic people, a raven is often perceived to be a delicate creature, which can be demonstrated using a sacred raven tattoo.
On top of comprising large, crystal clear components, a sacred raven tattoo often requires vulnerable areas like the shoulder blade or ribs While the shoulder blade is the prime spot for sacred raven tattoos, one can even convert it into a chest piece for more privacy.

Raven Wing Tattoo

Raven Wing Tattoo


Wing tattoos often guide wearers to the right path during times of hardship. However, raven wing tattoos add a touch of wisdom to the existing affiliations of an average wing tattoo.

In terms of size, raven wing tattoos are quite hefty, often requiring a canvas that is as wide as the back to be displayed correctly. However, since the design is quite flexible, one can even portray a minimal variant in delicate areas.

Raven Back Tattoo

Raven Back Tattoo 1


Raven Back Tattoo 2


A raven-back tattoo can also accommodate your soul in a wonderful way, especially if the variant you have in mind contains multiple layers of sizable components. Although time-consuming, a raven back tattoo is typically favourable for its crystal clear elements and easygoing procedure.

Raven back tattoos are quite delightful, but aren’t for beginners since they’re often quite brutal to install. An average raven back tattoo is also quite expensive, making it difficult to obtain if you’re working with a moderately-low budget.

Raven Shoulder Tattoo

Raven Shoulder Tattoo


A raven tattoo is often worn with tons of privacy, making areas like the chest, back, and upper arm compelling candidates for placement. However, if the concept you have in mind runs big, stretch it out in the perfect way with the help of a raven shoulder tattoo.

A raven shoulder tattoo has attachments with wisdom, but also shares a special bond with courage due to the positioning of the illustration. Although the power it carries is remarkable nonetheless, the graphic typically takes a while to implement.

Raven Hand Tattoo

Raven Hand Tattoo


If you’re resistant to pain, an area that can give your raven tattoo tons of exposure is the hand. While the blows from a needle could prove to be brutal and even unbearable at times, the final results should make you the recipient of an admirable variant.

This tattoo isn’t necessarily the best option for beginners, as the procedure is time consuming and involves a lot of pain. However, if you still want to obtain this design, use a numbing cream 30 minutes before you let your tattoo artist work their magic.

Simple Raven Tattoo

Simple Raven Tattoo


While generating intricate pieces is possible with the help of a raven tattoo, keeping it light with the help of a simple raven tattoo is even easier.

Not much needs to be done for this variant, as it doesn’t come with a handbook. However, if you want the tattoo to tell a story, try adding complimentary layers to the final concept. For more engagement, place it in a visible location as well.

Raven Sleeve Tattoo

Raven Sleeve Tattoo


The metaphorical value of a raven tattoo allows it to blend in with any pre-existing or new design of any tattoo without an issue. However, with enough effort, a raven tattoo can even be demonstrated through a sleeve tattoo.

Since a sleeve tattoo is basically a compilation of both random and relatable emblems, the groundwork of it can be a bit complex to comprehend. However, if you’d like to take notes on the basics of this design, consider looking into the picture used for this entry.

Tribal Raven Tattoo

Tribal Raven Tattoo


Among tribes in the middle ages, the symbol of a raven played a huge role. They were often found in the form of tattoos, with a symbolism associated with growth, development and balance. In certain scenarios, a tribal raven tattoo was also used to portray one’s positive and negative sides.

While tribal raven tattoos don’t carry much influence as a trendsetter in the present day, they can still be used to pay homage to one’s ancestors by placing them into an arm tattoo.

Geometric Raven Tattoo

Geometric Raven Tattoo


Geometric raven tattoos typically cater to those desiring a graphic with an array of vibrant components.

In addition to having the symbol of a raven draped in a soft hue of black, a geometric raven tattoo typically comprises lighter shades in the background to bring more attention to the highlight of the show, the raven.

The illustration also has tons of flexibility, but looks best when positioned on the forearm.

Raven Arm Tattoo

Raven Arm Tattoo


With tons of space and resilience, the dimensions of the arm can prove to be a promising placement area for raven tattoos. The illustration should comprise tons of volume with intricate details if you’d like something memorable.

However, if you want something that is plain and simple, your raven arm tattoo can also be formed using dark borders, a colourless palette, and a subtle shading technique. You may even replace the shading technique with bright colours if you want an option that is more compelling to glare at.

Watercolor Raven Tattoo

Watercolor Raven Tattoo


Another compelling option among the list of raven tattoos is a watercolour raven tattoo, which involves curating the creature with a soft yet aesthetic colour palette. It’s a great way to move past the original neutral colour scheme that is typically added, with a brighter and much better appeal.

Similar to the appeal is this artwork’s size, which can blend in anywhere. However, if you’re open to taking suggestions, place the artwork into a bicep tattoo.

Raven and Rose Tattoo

Raven and Rose Tattoo


Raven tattoos often reflect on the importance of life and the inevitability of death, which is an energy that many symbols in the tattoo world can match. A rose tattoo, however, is one of the handfuls of options that fits like a glove with that meaning.

In addition to being on the same page with its symbolism, a rose tattoo’s physical appearance also brightens up the aura of the illustration. When surrounded by dark borders, each colour seems to shine in its own way.

Raven Eye Tattoo

Raven Eye Tattoo


Eye tattoos usually provide wearers with protection, which is often crucial when dealing with hardship or new challenges. When paired with a raven tattoo, the duo not only generate a great illustration, but also carry a deeper meaning regarding life.

A raven eye tattoo is quite easy on the eyes, but is equally effortless to obtain. A fine-line needle is often used to bring the graphic to life, while a brushing method is implemented to add faded shades of colour.

Abstract Raven Tattoo

Abstract Raven Tattoo


By incorporating a brush shading technique, you can also unlock this abstract raven tattoo, commonly recognized for the hints of realism it carries.

The graphic lacks size, but contains tons of intricate elements that make it an unbeatable entry on this list. The visuals are typically curated with a jet black hue, but they can also be added with vibrant colours if your tattoo artist is experienced enough.

Raven Skeleton Tattoo

Raven Skeleton Tattoo


While unveiling the exoskeleton of a raven in a tattoo won’t always cater to everyone, a raven skeleton tattoo can be a great way to stand out in a room full of people. On top of being easy to create, a raven tattoo is also a safe bargain for the accessible components it carries.

Due to its manageable size, a raven skeleton tattoo can basically be placed anywhere and everywhere.

Japanese Raven Tattoo

Japanese Raven Tattoo


Incorporating signature components and elements from Japanese artwork can be a great idea when working with raven tattoos, since doing so can bring this Japanese raven tattoo into existence.

Featuring solid colours with concentrated borders, a Japanese raven tattoo feels like the perfect mix for enthusiasts that prefer sublime visuals with a vintage aura. Maintaining it might be a bit challenging, since the paint job of this design requires bi-monthly touch-ups.

Raven Cover-up Tattoo

Raven Cover-up Tattoo


Making bad decisions is inevitable when you live life. While some leave permanent repercussions, some scenarios can still be solved, like regrettable tattoos.

While removing the design using laser therapy is one of the two promising options, installing a cover-up tattoo can also be equally compelling. And if you’re in favor of the latter, try obtaining this raven cover-up tattoo!

Raven Moon Tattoo

Raven Moon Tattoo


Pairing an average raven tattoo with a moon tattoo can be a great notion for spiritual minds, preferably for those with a knack for feminine energy.

The moon and ravens often depict life itself, making this pair an ideal option for those with an interest in metaphors. The visuals are quite compelling as well, especially when the frame of the moon is wrapped around the graphic of the raven tattoo.

Raven Outline Tattoo

Raven Outline Tattoo


Raven tattoos are often sealed with neutral colours like jet black, with more tones in the background to make the final visuals more engaging. However, siding with just a colourless sketch shouldn’t be too bad, either, as it will bring this outline tattoo into existence.

This tattoo is typically easy to replicate as long as the stencil is curated correctly. For best results, using wider areas is advised.

Raven Wrist Tattoo

Raven Wrist Tattoo


If obtaining a faint design is all that you desire, a raven wrist tattoo can be a compelling and pain-free option to look into. The graphic contains a monochromatic image of a raven, with compact dimensions that can easily blend with the space provided by the wrist. It’s a good option for beginners, but even better if they’re into minimalism.

Raven Tattoos: A Preview Before You Get Your Own Tattoo!

Reviewing the previous segment can be helpful if you’ve recently hit a creator’s block, especially when generating your own concept of a raven tattoo. The list contains variants that focus more on the visuals, with multiple options that address just how metaphorically powerful raven tattoos are.

Additionally, if you feel that pictures alone aren’t enough, give the following clip a watch and convince yourself to move forward!

Frequently Asked Question

Regardless of which design you resort to, clearing the air on all the minimal as well as severe doubts regarding raven tattoos can further increase your chances of seeing successful results. And if you are reading this area with multiple questions in mind, give the following questionnaire a chance to resolve your queries!

Q: What can you add to a raven tattoo?

Ans: A raven tattoo is quite flexible and open-minded, making it compatible with a range of components. One can add sketches of other creatures, floral patterns, hints of landscape tattoos and even intricate emblems to a raven tattoo for maximum success.

Q: Are raven tattoos painful to obtain?

Ans: The silhouettes of a raven shouldn’t be too difficult to print on delicate as well as durable areas. However, if you want to add attention to detail, prepare yourself for a long-lasting and potentially brutal procedure with some numbing cream and a trustworthy companion.

Q: How well do raven tattoos age?

Ans: Raven tattoos often involve elements of black and grey or blackwork tattoos, two genres that rarely age. However, if you place your tattoo in an area coping with tons of friction like the arm, your raven tattoo might fade sooner than expected.

Final Takeaway

If you believe in humility and are often called an old soul among your crew of youthful people, a great tattoo that will allow you to save that take forever is a raven tattoo.

Although it was initially a prominent figure in Norse mythology, the presence of a raven became renowned in the tattoo world not just because of the former ties it had, but also because of its affiliations with integrity, life, and intelligence. The visuals of it definitely helped with creating a stronger impression, while its compatibility made it a fan favourite among those with a knack for patchwork tattoos.

So far, it’s safe to say that raven tattoos are booming in the tattoo industry. The symbol can be demonstrated using multiple designs, all of which are present in this article.

While replicating one of the designs from this material can be a good way to play it safe, we would suggest adding a unique component to make your raven tattoo a part of your identity.

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