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113 Anatomical Heart Tattoos That Reflect Your Emotions

Anatomical Heart tattoos usually represent the existence of emotions and the effect that they have on people.

Heart tattoos come in a wide variety and while most of them have the heart as their centerpiece, the meanings are vastly diverse.

Not only do heart tattoos depict emotions, but they also portray the thoughts of those who carry these tattoos.

Each individual is different, and so are their thoughts and feelings.

Emotions that arise from thoughts of prosperity, optimism, and positivity will entail tattoos that are reflective of these thoughts. These tattoos can have art that instantly uplifts your mood.

On the other hand, tattoos that are more reflective of deeper emotions that are complex in nature will be reflected in the art that demands greater scrutiny before the essence is grasped.

Even then, interpretations of each person may vary, giving tattoos a multidimensional attribute.

People can do anatomical heart tattoos for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes, these artwork can act as a reminder of a loved one or a memory. On other occasions, they can be indicative of a goal or a purpose that is dear to one, such as being with someone.

The world of perceptions is an intricate one. The remnants of the distant past can be mesmerizing, and can beautifully resonate with the idiosyncrasies of individuals.

They see things through the tattoos that others cannot. Maybe they cannot be explained in their entirety but their purpose is always being served.

Anatomical heart tattoos are especially useful if someone wants to illustrate the dominant side of their emotions.

All that being said, anatomical heart tattoos come with their own separate meanings.

The Versatile Meaning of The Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Anatomical heart tattoo 1

Since anatomical heart tattoos are representative of emotions, thoughts, and views on life, the depth of their meaning can be marvelously thought-provoking.

That is why there is such a wide variety of them. Some tattoos mean love, while others could mean a heart that is lost in a mechanical world.

There are tattoos that go deeper to express a range of emotions, unique to the person carrying them.

If you want to make a statement through your tattoo, consider looking at a few ideas that might help.

Anatomical Heart Tattoo Ideas That Have Inspirationally Deep Meanings

Although anatomical heart tattoos can be made unique to portray the thoughts of an individual, here are some tattoo ideas that you might find intriguing.

Starting from traditional, simple tattoos to geometric, and complex ones, we have attempted to show you a range of masterpieces that might interest you in getting one for yourself.

Traditional Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Traditional anatomical heart tattoo

This tattoo reflects a heart that has managed to blend the intricacies of nature with a metallic cover on top.

The part at the bottom portrays the depth of the heart, where lifeforms dwell and the part on top illustrates the companionship of nature with the mechanical world.

The colors that have been used on the tattoo make it even more attractive.

They indicate the fact that even if one’s heart is covered in steel, the internal portion bears a land of nature, as exemplified by the flowers, and leaves.

Small Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Small anatomical heart tattoo

This tattoo covers only a small portion of your skin, possibly around an inch. Representing a diagram, this tattoo is symbolic of the phrase, “wearing a heart on your sleeve”.

Even though there is a negative connotation to it, this could also be used to mean that your empathy is always available for those around you.

There are no colors here. It’s meant to be made in black ink only as a representation of the heart.

The heart may indeed be the crux of what keeps us alive, constantly beating, constantly working. The tattoo brings to mind upon a glance, that its existence is divine.

Floral Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Floral anatomical heart tattoo

The meaning of this tattoo can be perceived from a range of different angles.

Prima facie, the growth of roses shows the expressions of the heart that others are able to see. Roses are the strongest examples of a combination of fragrance and beauty.

The heart vessels are illustrated here, and the most pressing element that this tattoo bears is the stitch across a portion of the heart. It means that even a scarred heart can exhibit beauty.

Red Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Red anatomical heart tattoo

Tattoos can be used to mean many different things that vary from one person to another.

However, the simplicity of this tattoo lies in the fact that it presents the biological aspects of a beating heart.

The arteries, ventricles, and chambers of this essential organ are all inked in red, representing the color of blood, and of the heart itself.

This could also be used to mean intense love because of the size and color that’s embedded.

Geometric Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Geometric anatomical heart tattoo

Geometric tattoos symbolize stability, order, and harmony.

The meanings can go from general to highly personal but most geometric tattoos have a common theme centered on a concept of balance.

This acts as a sketch of the heart, meticulously designed with concrete precisions to provide life.

While heart tattoos are synonymous with emotions, and passion, the geometric depiction that this tattoo bears, indicates a more scientific aspect of the heart.

Anatomical Heart and Brain Tattoo

Anatomical heart and brain tattoo

This tattoo paves the way for a world of interpretations. The division as well as the apparent merger of the heart, and the brain tells a lot about how human beings essentially function.

Half a heart and half a brain, joined together to fulfill the discrepancies of one another.

If one is torn from the other, they will cease to function and be left stranded without the partnership that helps humans make decisions in life.

The brain is in reality the center of emotions but the heart is where people seem to feel them the most. This marvelous phenomenon can also be illustrated in the form of a friendship between the brain, and the heart.

This is another inference that could be drawn from this abstract portrayal of both worlds combined into one.

Anatomical Heart Outline Tattoo

Anatomical heart outline tattoo

An outline of the heart can act as a reminder of friendship, love, and emotions.

If someone gets this done at the back of their arm, it’s easy for someone walking behind them to see that tattoo.

They are left wondering what this could mean while deep within, they know that the other person has a heart too.

Imagine a stranger walking past you, and your eyes fall on a tattoo inked on the back of their arm. When you see the outlines of a heart, there’s an immediate connection that instills within, bringing you close to thinking that we’re all meant to be part of a large design.

Black Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Black anatomical heart tattoo

This anatomical heart floats above two prisms that point in opposite directions while their bases remain contactless. Yet they carry the heart on top of them.

The border color and the fill of one prism have been interchanged with the other. One has pink borders and a light blue fill, while the other one has light blue borders and a pink fill.

The artistry of this tattoo is showcased by the sacred geometrical designs in the prisms, and the near-accurate image of what the heart looks like, minus the color.

Simple Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Simple anatomical heart tattoo

Similar to the tattoo with the heart outlines, this has a bit more depth than the other one. It can act as a reminder of self-love, compassion, and the need for affection.

The size of the tattoo is to keep it subtle while reassuring one that as long as an individual is alive, the heart will remain thumping till the last breath.

The most important part of this tattoo is getting the shades right. They give this kind of art its identity which is why exercising caution is imperative if perfection is intended as the final goal.

Broken Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Broken anatomical heart tattoo

While a stitched heart can represent a scar, a divided one can indicate a stream of negative emotions that the tattoo bearer battles against every day. This is one depiction.

Another perspective that is difficult to identify, could lie in the way the tattoo is drawn. It represents a heart that is more separated rather than broken.

The separation could mean a longing for a loved one or a difference between two people.

Watercolor Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Watercolor anatomical heart tattoo

As you see in the picture, it’s actually interesting where the tattoo is placed. Right on the back of the lower leg. The arrow pierces through the flesh of the heart.

The watercolor gives it a more artistic appeal while the dripping blood from the arrow tip transcends into a much heavier meaning.

At a glance, it might seem like the entire tattoo is in a trance-like vibration, depicting the outcome of a severe injury while portraying the grace of the heart through watercolor strokes.

Anatomical Heart Tattoo On Arm

Anatomical heart tattoo on arm

This is actually similar to the floral anatomical heart tattoo, except that this one does not contain any color except that of shaded ink.

This heart bears a difference from the one in color, that you’ve seen previously. The scar was distinct on that one. On the contrary, the slight break you’ll notice here is meant to portray a wound.

Like the one in color, this single-color art bears the same meaning but is suited for those who prefer a more blunt approach to detailed perception.

Realistic Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Realistic anatomical heart tattoo

There’s something fiery about this one. Even though there aren’t any flames that appear at first glance, the outlines of the vessels within the heart seemingly characterize the pattern of flames.

Suppressed rage or controlled passions are both accurate expressions that this could behold.

This tattoo is more suited to those who are inclined toward all things anime since the artwork and dual meaning carry a tone that symbolizes anime.

Anatomical Heart Tattoo On Chest

Anatomical heart tattoo on chest

This tattoo is placed just where it needs to be, right on the chest. It’s a blend of sacred geometry, the beauty of nature, symmetry of life, and the heart resting right in the middle.

See this from a distance, and you just might see the shape of a butterfly!

This tattoo is meant to instill positivity and optimism in anyone who sees it. Blue is supposed to be the most relaxing color, and this probably illustrates peace within a world of art and nature.

Few More Anatomical Heart Tattoo Designs That Express Your Emotions

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Well, we have 85 more examples that might be in tune with your preferences.

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Anatomical heart tattoo 3

Anatomical heart tattoo 4

Anatomical heart tattoo 5

Anatomical heart tattoo 6

Anatomical heart tattoo 8

Anatomical heart tattoo 7

Anatomical heart tattoo 9

Anatomical heart tattoo 10

Anatomical heart tattoo 12

Anatomical heart tattoo 11

Anatomical heart tattoo 13

Anatomical heart tattoo 15

Anatomical heart tattoo 14

Anatomical heart tattoo 16

Anatomical heart tattoo 17

Anatomical heart tattoo 18

Anatomical heart tattoo 20

Anatomical heart tattoo 19

Anatomical heart tattoo 21

Anatomical heart tattoo 22

Anatomical heart tattoo 23

Anatomical heart tattoo 24

Anatomical heart tattoo 25

Anatomical heart tattoo 26

Anatomical heart tattoo 27

Anatomical heart tattoo 28

Anatomical heart tattoo 29

Anatomical heart tattoo 30

Anatomical heart tattoo 31

Anatomical heart tattoo 32

Anatomical heart tattoo 33

Anatomical heart tattoo 34

Anatomical heart tattoo 36

Anatomical heart tattoo 35

Anatomical heart tattoo 37

Anatomical heart tattoo 38

Anatomical heart tattoo 39

Anatomical heart tattoo 40

Anatomical heart tattoo 41

Anatomical heart tattoo 42

Anatomical heart tattoo 43

Anatomical heart tattoo 44

Anatomical heart tattoo 46

Anatomical heart tattoo 47

Anatomical heart tattoo 48

Anatomical heart tattoo 49

Anatomical heart tattoo 50

Anatomical heart tattoo 51

Anatomical heart tattoo 52

Anatomical heart tattoo 54

Anatomical heart tattoo 53

Anatomical heart tattoo 55

Anatomical heart tattoo 56

Anatomical heart tattoo 57

Anatomical heart tattoo 58

Anatomical heart tattoo 59

Anatomical heart tattoo 61

Anatomical heart tattoo 60

Anatomical heart tattoo 62

Anatomical heart tattoo 63

Anatomical heart tattoo 64

Anatomical heart tattoo 65

Anatomical heart tattoo 66

Anatomical heart tattoo 67

Anatomical heart tattoo 68

Anatomical heart tattoo 69

Anatomical heart tattoo 70

Anatomical heart tattoo 71

Anatomical heart tattoo 72

Anatomical heart tattoo 73

Anatomical heart tattoo 74

Anatomical heart tattoo 76

Anatomical heart tattoo 75

Anatomical heart tattoo 77

Anatomical heart tattoo 78

Anatomical heart tattoo 79

Anatomical heart tattoo 80

Anatomical heart tattoo 82

Anatomical heart tattoo 81

Anatomical heart tattoo 83

Anatomical heart tattoo 84

Anatomical heart tattoo 85

Anatomical heart tattoo 86

Anatomical heart tattoo 87

Anatomical heart tattoo 89

Anatomical heart tattoo 88

Anatomical heart tattoo 90

Anatomical heart tattoo 91

Anatomical heart tattoo 92

Anatomical heart tattoo 93

Anatomical heart tattoo 94

Anatomical heart tattoo 96

Anatomical heart tattoo 95

Anatomical heart tattoo 97

Anatomical heart tattoo 98

Anatomical heart tattoo 99

Anatomical heart tattoo 100

Final Thoughts

Anatomical Heart Tattoos have the ability to convey your emotions through art. As you carry them wherever you go, they gradually become a part of your identity with time. It bears a strong resemblance to what you may feel within you or be indicative of hopes, dreams, and ambitions.

They have the potential to be shallow, and of great depth at the same time. When things are going rough, they can remind one of better times in the past or the future. And, when one needs to remember a philosophy that they’ve centered their motto around, the tattoo works wonders.

Anatomical heart tattoos are more than just artwork. To each, their own. As timeless jewels upon the skin, they become a constant companion that never leaves one side.

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