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100 Compelling And Engaging Viking Tattoo Ideas For Nordic Enthusiasts!

The components of a tattoo always shape the future of the design and curate the amount of influence it has on pop culture. However, when the accessible components fail to make a mark, the sentiments beyond the graphic are the driving force of the body modification, which is where Viking tattoos come in.

Vikings are the best kind of people to look up to for strength and guidance for most. For fashion moguls and tattoo enthusiasts, their aesthetics, involving Viking tattoos, are just as important.

Although the claim remains unresolved, Vikings were known for amping up their well-built frames with tattoos that gravitated towards their heritage. From using symbols to motifs of animals, a Viking tattoo contained a range of elements. To learn all about it, be sure to stay tuned until the end of this article!

The Enticing Meaning Of Viking Tattoos

Meaning Of Viking Tattoo


Viking tattoos aren’t just curated with promising visuals that can leave plenty in awe, but they also have meanings that are deeper than the ocean itself.

From having affiliations with Nordic mythology to representing the rich history that the Vikings left behind, it is safe to say that Viking tattoos are multipurpose designs. Many wear such tattoos in honor of their ancestors from Scandinavian countries and to carry traditions that they left behind.

Since it is associated with courage and strength, a Viking tattoo is also a ray of light for those dealing with hardship. Many believe that Viking tattoos enable one to change for the better and keep their mind composed when battling adversity. Due to having ties with protection and guidance, a Viking tattoo is commonly perceived as a trustworthy companion in the world of tattoos.

Revolutionary Viking Tattoos To Conquer Your Fears With!

A Viking tattoo is a classic body modification that was discovered centuries ago to enable Scandinavians, Nordic warriors and Vikings to embrace their warrior spirit and carry good fortune on a battlefield. However, in the present day, a Viking tattoo is more renowned for the visual components they enable tattoo enthusiasts to wear.

From easygoing options to variants that may take days to complete, Viking tattoos are no short of versatility. And if you’d like to discover all the ways in which you can obtain a memorable Viking tattoo, reward yourself with the following list of entries.

Viking Sleeve Tattoo

Viking Sleeve Tattoo 1


Viking Sleeve Tattoo 2


Vikings truly left behind an astonishing legacy with their mindset and mentality. And since the Nordic warriors also curated and deserted a compilation of rich and historic events, obtaining a Viking sleeve tattoo can be one of the best notions to keep in mind.

From adding emblems to adding portraits of prominent figures, almost anything can be incorporated into a Viking sleeve tattoo. While the session could be brutal in terms of pain and won’t be too time-friendly either, the components used in the illustration will surely be met with a positive reception.

A sleeve tattoo is always a long-term commitment. However, if you’re unsure of the stencil still, stall the appointment until the concept is done to unlock positive results.

Viking Symbols Tattoo

Viking Symbols Tattoo 1


Viking Symbols Tattoo 2

Viking Symbols Tattoo 3

Symbols, also known as runes, were quite crucial back in the day in the eyes of Vikings. Not only did they use the symbols to convey hints regarding their identity, but they also relied on them due to their spiritual power.

According to many, runes were known for providing protection and good fortune when needed. When obtained as a tattoo, many Vikings were met with favorable scenarios with segments that were purely driven by luck.

Moving on, if you do obtain a Viking symbol tattoo, be sure to skim through all of the 24 symbols before finalizing your pick.

Traditional Viking Tattoo

Traditional Viking Tattoo 1


Traditional Viking Tattoo 2


Traditional Viking Tattoo 3


If all else fails, you can always place your trust in the visuals and sentimental value of a traditional Viking tattoo, which comes in various forms.

A traditional Viking tattoo is a great option if you’re indecisive still regarding the concept. From hidden treasures glorified by Vikings to promising symbols with deep-rooted messages, almost anything can be showcased using a traditional Viking tattoo.

When it comes to placement, always target the bigger and larger areas. In other words, avoid compact areas such as the wrist, ankle, and neck when replicating a traditional Viking tattoo.

Viking Compass Tattoo

Viking Compass Tattoo 1

Viking Compass Tattoo 2


Viking Compass Tattoo 3


Since most Scandinavians started hunting for fortune almost centuries ago to improve their standard of living, most Vikings needed a compass to not lose their way.

Although the design of the compass was infused with symbols revolving around Nordic culture, the instrument served the same purpose as any other compass in this day and age.

A Viking compass tattoo doesn’t deserve to be hidden or swept under the rug. Instead, it deserves to be embraced and unveiled to the public eye. Be sure to place it on the forearm to do it justice.

Viking Warrior Tattoo

Viking Warrior Tattoo 1


Viking Warrior Tattoo 2

Viking Warrior Tattoo 3


Some of the most memorable figures in Nordic culture were Viking warriors, known for their lateral quickness, efficiency, and bravery. While many still reminisce about them and glorify them through books and novels, one can even keep their memories and contributions alive through the help of a Viking warrior tattoo, a portrait tattoo with any one of the popular figures.

A Viking warrior tattoo represents the spirit of those that shed blood, sweat, and tears to come out victorious and look out for their fellow Scandinavians. While including a portrait is compulsory, one may even add symbols to enhance the figure with more meaning.

A Viking warrior tattoo is an option that is full of pain, but has components full of realism that can be a feast for the eyes. The artwork welcomes colours as much as it welcomes neutral palettes, so be sure to side with the modification that matches your preference.

Viking Runes Tattoo

Viking Runes Tattoo 1


Viking Runes Tattoo 2


Viking Runes Tattoo 3


There were only a couple of things that allowed the Vikings to express themselves to the fullest, with the biggest ones being runes.

Runes are symbols that Vikings used to identify themselves and obtain spiritual gain. In certain cases, the symbols were also used to honor the passing of their loved ones.

At the moment, there are approximately 24 different runes that one can incorporate into their Viking tattoo. Since the symbols are quite flexible, adaptable, and easy to create, the best area for placing this tattoo remains an open book to this day.

Viking Head Tattoo

Viking Head Tattoo 1


Viking Head Tattoo 2


Viking Head Tattoo 3


If you’re bold enough, shave the sides and showcase your Viking tattoo with pride with the help of a Viking head tattoo.

Though obtaining the artwork can be painful, to say the least, a Viking head tattoo is a unique way to display such body modifications. With the help of an undercut or skin fade, the visuals should feel light and look crystal clear.

A Viking head tattoo is high-maintenance, requiring monthly haircuts and daily trims to maintain the visuals. If you’re working with a moderately low budget, prepare to spend some of your savings.

Viking Ship Tattoo

Viking Ship Tattoo 1


Viking Ship Tattoo 2


Viking Ship Tattoo 3


While they mostly travelled on foot, Vikings eventually started using ships to transport their soldiers and people. At one point, it is believed that Vikings had over 310 ships that served many purposes.

Most Viking ships didn’t look any different than that of an average ship. However, the front side of each ship had an animal head to make it easier for Vikings to recognize their peers from afar.

A Viking ship tattoo is quite complex, so be sure to clear up your schedule beforehand. To obtain good results without any struggles, use a large area as a canvas.

Viking Hand Tattoo

Viking Hand Tattoo 1


Viking Hand Tattoo 2


An unpleasant yet worthy option on this list of Viking tattoos is a Viking hand tattoo, known for its exposure to the public eye.

A Viking hand tattoo often comprises ancient Viking symbols or motifs that Vikings curated and revolutionized. Adding portraits and sketches of tools like compasses can also be two good notions to carry.

Due to containing multiple nerve endings, a Viking hand tattoo is brutal on the pain chart. To avoid the hassle, however, be sure to use numbing cream and have a fruitful meal beforehand.

Viking Axe Tattoo

Viking Axe Tattoo 1


Viking Axe Tattoo 2


Viking Axe Tattoo 3

Vikings typically prepared for war with sharp swords, a protective helmet and robust armour. However, before swords came into the mix, Vikings were known for relying on the sharpness of an axe to have the edge over their competitors.

The axes used by Vikings were rather normal, but they were also sharp enough to pierce through the soul of even the most rugged opponent.

And although the weapon is quite hard to find in real life, noting down the visuals to form a Viking axe tattoo can very well be a great idea if you’d like something subtle and on point.

Viking Forearm Tattoo

Viking Forearm Tattoo 1


Viking Forearm Tattoo 2


Although it lacks evidence, Vikings were known for having tons of body modifications that had ties with their beliefs and morals; one of which was a forearm tattoo.

Moving on, if you’re planning to obtain a tattoo about Vikings that runs big in size, meet that requirement with the help of a Viking forearm tattoo.

In addition to offering tons of space for implementation, the forearm is also known for being resilient to pain, making it a compelling option for sensitive skin.

Viking Wolf Tattoo

Viking Wolf Tattoo 1


Viking Wolf Tattoo 2


Since Vikings are often admired for their bravery and strength, pairing a wolf tattoo with a Viking tattoo seems like a stellar idea, especially since the animal also has ties with bravery and courage.

In addition to having a powerful metaphoric value, a Viking wolf tattoo also has sublime visuals that can put many minds at ease.

The artwork does pack on some size and comes with a hectic process, but the tattoo is said to age like wine once obtained.

Viking Skull Tattoo

Viking Skull Tattoo 1


Viking Skull Tattoo 2


If you’re into realism, a Viking skull tattoo can be the perfect match for your preferences. The artwork is kind of intimidating since the skull is the primary component of the illustration. Still, it remains a great option for those seeking something sizable and crystal clear.

A Viking skull tattoo contains tons of complex pieces that are eventually compiled to form the final draft, involving tons of pain. Since the procedure is also time-consuming, be sure to reach out to an expert.

Viking Face Tattoo

Viking Face Tattoo


A rare find among Vikings was a Viking face tattoo, which only applied to the prominent members of the tribe.

Viking face tattoos contained deep meanings, but comprised visible components that were quite subtle, to say the least. Since making the artwork look good was very much a primary concern, most would only accept and replicate Viking symbols.

While avoiding this tattoo is advised if you have a 9 to 5, a Viking face tattoo can definitely be a great notion to carry out if you have ancestors who happened to be Vikings.

Tribal Viking Tattoo

Tribal Viking Tattoo 1


Tribal Viking Tattoo 2


In the old days, Vikings were known for being free-spirited and would join any and every clan available.

While joining a new clan didn’t necessarily require any member to obtain a tattoo, one can easily obtain a tribal Viking tattoo in the modern era to pay homage to their ancestors.

A Viking tribal tattoo comes with no guidelines, which means that you can add anything to the tattoo. However, to make the artwork relevant and relatable, try taking help from the symbols and motifs that the Vikings were known to abide by.

Viking Arm Tattoo

Viking Arm Tattoo 1


Viking Arm Tattoo 2


An arm tattoo can be beneficial in plenty of ways when you’re getting a Viking tattoo, as it has all the tools and more to make the artwork feel as comfortable as possible.

A Viking arm tattoo knows no bounds, and can be about anything as long as it matches the interest of the wearer. The procedure is also quite lenient due to the resilient surface of the arm, being music to the ears of novices and newbies in the tattoo community.

A Viking arm tattoo often involves portraits of prominent idols in Nordic mythology, but it also accommodates symbols and patterns in a way that is just as effective.

Viking Armour Tattoo

Viking Armour Tattoo 1


Viking Armour Tattoo 2

Shields and swords often paired quite well with Vikings and their mindset. However, when the weapons and defendants failed to get the job done, it was the armour that allowed the Vikings to come out victorious.

A Viking armour tattoo can be a great piece for anyone looking for a variant that puts more focus on the warrior spirits of the Vikings instead of gravitating towards prominent figures. Due to their size, Viking armour tattoos look best when placed as bicep tattoos.

Viking Chest Tattoo

Viking Chest Tattoo 1


Viking Chest Tattoo 2


Wearing all the runes affiliated with Vikings can be a primary incentive for many. And if you happen to be one of them, consider the potential of a Viking chest tattoo, an option that provides space, crystal clear visuals, and a painless procedure.

A Viking chest tattoo is typically fused with ancient emblems that were curated and celebrated heavily by Vikings. However, if you’d like an alternative that is a bit low-key, consider trimming the size down and placing the artwork on one of your pecs.

To keep it as straightforward and as relatable as possible, using a symbol that resonates with your personality is advised.

Viking Valkyrie Tattoo

Viking Valkyrie Tattoo 1


Viking Valkyrie Tattoo 2


For those wondering, Valkyries were female figures who served as messengers of Odin. Providing guidance to the dead was one of their primary objectives, a trait that can easily be used to form a top-notch Viking tattoo.

A Viking Valkyrie tattoo can go either one of two ways; a portrait tattoo or a minimalist tattoo.

If you decide to side with the portrait tattoo, be sure to pick a spacious canvas, especially if you’d like one of the Valkyries’ facial features to get all the attention. On the other hand, to obtain a Viking Valkyrie tattoo in a subtle manner, try installing signature pieces that they were known for.

Viking Back Tattoo

Viking Back Tattoo


If your main aim is to choreograph and tell a story about Vikings and how glorious they were, the best option that will ease your mind is a Viking back tattoo, containing tons of space for creativity.

A Viking back tattoo isn’t just beneficial due to how spacious it is, but is also quite special due to its generosity. When push comes to shove, a Viking back tattoo can be about anything as long as the graphic makes sense to the wearer.

In addition to being time-consuming, a Viking back tattoo can also be quite brutal. To subside the discomfort, however, take frequent breaks during the session, get plenty of sleep beforehand, and have a healthy meal prior to visiting your artist.

Viking Raven Tattoo

Viking Raven Tattoo


Ravens were perceived as one of the most iconic and prominent symbols in Norse mythology, which explains why they were popular figures among Vikings as well.

And since ravens are also affiliated with wisdom and also known for being messengers of Odin, the God of Wisdom, it would only be appropriate to team the two up and obtain a Viking raven tattoo.

A Viking raven tattoo is a design that is quite adaptable. While many often surround a raven with prunes, one can also obtain a portrait tattoo of Odin with Huggin and Munnin, the two ravens he relied upon.

Viking Berserker Tattoo

Viking Berserker Tattoo


Similar to Valkyries were Berserkers, a group that religiously followed and obeyed the teachings curated by Odin. While obtaining portrait tattoos is surely a great way to rejuvenate their legacy, one can even add bits and pieces that they were renowned for, such as their armour.

A Viking Berserker tattoo is a great match for those that are known for being hot-headed or short-tempered, as that’s what the Berserkers were glorified for.

Viking Dragon Tattoo

Viking Dragon Tattoo


Dragons are quite significant in Nordic countries at the moment. However, its rise to stardom only happened because of Vikings, who admired dragons for their ruthless aggression, loyalty, and strength.

A Viking dragon tattoo often comprises the presence of Fanfir, the only dragon in Nordic mythology.

However, to stand out from the crowd with your Viking dragon tattoo, you may incorporate components of Japanese dragons or Chinese dragons into the illustration.

Viking Bear Tattoo

Viking Bear Tattoo


To take away some flame from the history of Viking tattoos, a great variant to try out is a Viking bear tattoo, commonly known for having engaging visuals.

A Viking bear looks like any other bear in the world when it comes to appearance. However, in contrast to most bear tattoos, a Viking bear tattoo comprises elements that have ties with and gravitate towards ancient Viking culture.

Viking Helmet Tattoo

Viking Helmet Tattoo 1


Viking Helmet Tattoo 2


After their symbols, a prized possession of the Vikings was their helmets, which can easily be utilized to form a Viking helmet tattoo.

The groundwork of the helmet was quite special. In addition to being infused with metal, each helmet also came with a metal frame around the eyes, leather coating around the rear, and housing around the back to protect one’s neck.

A Viking helmet tattoo alone can carry the visuals of the illustration if implemented correctly. However, one may even use initials or complimentary symbols to enhance the final outcome.

Viking Neck Tattoo

Viking Neck Tattoo


If you’re familiar with pain, a delicate area that you can use to showcase your Viking tattoo is the neck, a popular option among females.

A Viking neck tattoo can be about a series of things. It can be about something as minimal as a pattern with ties to the age of Vikings, or a tattoo that represents the rich history of the Scandinavian warriors.

No matter how experienced you are, know that obtaining this tattoo might be painful. To cope with the pain, ask your artist to use a fine-line needle.

Viking Shield Tattoo

Viking Shield Tattoo 1


Viking Shield Tattoo 2


After bows and arrows, shields were probably the most important component of a Viking’s arsenal.

The bronze-coated defendants were almost always helpful during wars, but they can also be promising components to add to a Viking tattoo.

A Viking shield tattoo often comprises nothing but the shield itself, making it a good pick for those that prefer straightforward yet minimal visuals. However, the symbol is quite compatible with multiple motifs, making it effortless for anyone to expand the elements used in the illustration.

Small Viking Tattoo

Small Viking Tattoo


For beginners and newbies, a small Viking tattoo can be an ideal notion to entertain. While it can reprise the intensity of the symbolism behind a traditional Viking tattoo, one can also flip the script and focus more on the visuals.

Due to its dimensions, a small Viking tattoo should only be obtained in delicate to compact locations. The tattoo itself can be curated with complex elements, but it can also comprise the traits of a fine-line tattoo.

Viking Tree of Life Tattoo

Viking Tree of Life Tattoo


Vikings were big on life and believed that every second served a purpose, which is when the mix between Tree of Life tattoo and a Viking tattoo comes into the mix.

The pair, also known as a Viking Tree of Life tattoo, can be a great option for those seeking to gain spiritual growth and character development.

And though the artwork can be a bit too jarring for many minds to understand, the option can be a good way to kill two birds with one stone for many.

Norse Viking Tattoo

Norse Viking Tattoo


Norse Viking tattoos focus mostly on portrait tattoos of those that were seen as frontrunners amongst Vikings. Due to the realistic components they involve, Norse Viking tattoos can be great for wearers with a knack for a 3-dimensional structure.

A Norse Viking tattoo looks quite promising when prepared with a black and grey hue with a concentrated shading technique, but it can also be paired with neutral and vibrant colours for maximum success. The tattoo also runs quite big, so don’t forget to use spacious locations for good results.

Viking Shoulder Tattoo

Viking Shoulder Tattoo


If you’re brave enough to cope with tons of pain, a recommended placement for any Viking tattoo is the shoulder.

A shoulder tattoo might be limited in terms of size. However, since all shoulder tattoos are associated with strength and courage, they may pair well with any Viking tattoo.

In addition to being able to display a variant with promising elements, a Viking shoulder tattoo will also enable the user to keep things private whenever, being a compelling option for introverts.

Viking Wedding Ring Tattoo

Viking Wedding Ring Tattoo

If you desire a Viking tattoo, there’s no need for you to always follow the plot. In fact, if you’d like a concept that you and your significant other can wear to form an even stronger bond, try taking notes from this Viking wedding ring tattoo.

Since they are incorporated into the body as finger tattoos, getting them done might not be an easy task. Therefore, be sure to apply numbing cream 30 minutes before the session.

Viking Armband Tattoo

Viking Armband Tattoo


In ancient Viking culture, an armband tattoo was a common find. While Vikings were ruthless and showed no mercy when heading out for war, a small portion of them used to lose their lives on the battlefield. In their honor, many in the group would obtain an armband tattoo, which is something that you can replicate to pay homage to a loved one.

Viking Leg Tattoo

Viking Leg Tattoo


If you’re thinking of larger portraits or hefty illustrations, placing your Viking tattoo as a leg tattoo should be your main aim.

In addition to offering tons of space, a Viking leg tattoo has the upper hand when it comes to displaying clear pieces. The tattoo session is quite long, so make sure you don’t get this done on an empty stomach and very little rest.

Viking Arrow Tattoo

Viking Arrow Tattoo


Vikings were also good at archery and often used that skill to target and eliminate enemies from a distance. The bronze-infused arrows weren’t just highly-effective at getting the job done, but also as fast as a jackrabbit.

A Viking arrow tattoo is a simple graphic to obtain with a deep meaning beyond the artwork. For having ties with adversity and struggles, this option seems eligible for those working past hardship.

Viking Hammer Tattoo

Viking Hammer Tattoo


Vikings were also renowned for using hammers that were as big as life itself. The hammer not only allowed warriors to defend themselves, but it can also be used as the primary component of a Viking tattoo if you’re seeking something unique.

A Viking hammer tattoo often comprises nothing but the weapon. However, for a dramatic effect, you can also add extra symbols with finely-tuned borders.

Viking Knot Tattoo

Viking Knot Tattoo


A budget-friendly variant among the list of Viking tattoos is the Viking knot tattoo, which features the brilliant visual presence of a Viking knot, also known as The Valknut.

The pattern is quite objective, meaning that you can’t make any adjustments to the design. However, if you obtain a motif or a small illustration, perhaps you can use that area to form a patchwork tattoo.

Viking Dagger Tattoo

Viking Dagger Tattoo


Vikings were known for their strength, but also carried weapons like one-blade instruments, otherwise known as daggers, to come out victorious during each battle.

A Viking dagger tattoo can be a great pick for those seeking a quick procedure with compatible artwork. The dimensions of this artwork are also quite flexible, so be sure to not stress yourself out when picking the right location.

Odin Viking Tattoo

Odin Viking Tattoo


If you want your Viking tattoo to reek of culture, a portrait of Odin, the one-eyed God associated with life and death, can be sufficient.

Since it is a portrait tattoo, using a wider canvas is recommended. In other words, be sure to use the upper thigh, back, or chest as the designated placement for best results.

Viking Tattoos For Women

Viking Tattoos For Women


Believe it or not, there were tons of female figures who contributed heavily to the Viking era. For that reason alone, a Viking tattoo can also be a marvellous way for women to commemorate and honor female Viking warriors from Norse mythology.

If the former doesn’t float one’s boat, they can even obtain delicate pieces involving runes and symbols affiliated with Scandinavians for making the experience enjoyable and unforgettable.

Viking Tattoos: Things To Expect When Obtaining The Illustration!

Getting a Viking tattoo might be quite challenging unless you pick a variant as simple as a minimalist or fine-line tattoo. Most Viking tattoos are quite complex and take hours to reach completion, so be prepared for a lengthy commitment.

Furthermore, if this tattoo will be your first ever tattoo, watching a video on a Viking tattoo’s procedure might just help you for the better. And if you don’t have time for all that research, try giving the following clip a watch!

Frequently Asked Question

Now that you’re wary of what you can and can’t add to a Viking tattoo, here are some relevant questions with solutions that will definitely elevate your knowledge regarding the Scandinavian body modification with tons of metaphoric value!

Q: What are Viking tattoos famous for?

Ans: Due to correlating with principles followed and glorified by Vikings in addition to having promising visuals, Viking tattoos are considered to be some of the best first and most promising body modifications among trending movements of 2024.

Q: How much does it cost to get a Viking tattoo?

Ans: The cost of your Viking tattoo will mainly depend on the size of the tattoo. The components used in the illustration will also shape the amount one will be required to spend, as complex designs typically cost more than a simple stick-and-poke variant.

On average, a Viking tattoo might cost you a minimum sum of $100 to $250

Q: Do Viking tattoos age well?

Ans: Most Viking tattoos age like wine if they’re installed using wooden traditional instruments that were initially discovered and utilized by Polynesians. However, on a larger scale, Viking tattoos involving elements of blackwork designs might require more touch-ups than colour tattoos.


When all is said and done, the potential of a Viking tattoo is limitless. Each variant, despite being different from one another, runs heavy on presentable components and sentimental value, two characteristics that make any tattoo appealing and relevant in the modern era.

From basic concepts to intricate pieces, a Viking tattoo welcomes any design with open arms. While the pieces on the outside will shape the impression of the tattoos, it is also important to find a variant that resonates with your interests, especially if you want the illustration to age gracefully.

The average Viking tattoo is quite hefty in size, so it’s always advised to use larger canvases. Conversely, if you want to add your Viking tattoo to a pre-existing tattoo, don’t forget to look into the list again to find Viking tattoo designs that are narrow and compatible.

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