Angel Vs Demon Tattoo

Angel Vs Demon Tattoo: What’s The Difference?

In our years of experience in the tattoo industry, we’ve seen a lot of designs that amazed us. But many of the designs faded away as the trend died off. But some of the tattoos stood the test of time and we still get requests to do these tattoos. Angel and Demon tattoos are some of the tattoos that we still see people choosing over and over.

The Angel vs Demon tattoo debate is one that we have seen many of our customers respond to differently. For some, the angel tattoos and the demon tattoos are representative of their beliefs. And for some, these tattoos are just a way to show off some beautiful body art. And even for some, these tattoos are just a way to represent their inner struggles and happiness.

If you are looking to get a tattoo of either an angel or a demon, you might also be confused as to what these tattoos actually signify and what tattoos to get for your own skin. To ease your confusion, we’ve gathered what angel tattoos and demon tattoos mean and perhaps guide you to choose a tattoo for yourself.

What Do The Angel and Demon Tattoos Signify?

What Do The Angel and Demon Tattoos Signify

Both Angels and demons signify different things. And when it comes to tattoo design, both symbols can have further meanings.

Angels and Angel Tattoos

Angels are considered to be messengers of God. Angels are also seen as guides in some religion who obeys God’s commands. Angels are seen as beings of light and are often depicted in white.

Angel tattoos in turn similarly represent the idea of purity and light. Angel tattoos signify a bond with God, with purity, faith, and spirituality. Angel tattoos may also signify a guide, a guardian, or someone who has passed away.

Depending on the style you are choosing for your tattoo, the angel tattoo can mean different things. You don’t necessarily need the entire angel to be tattooed on the body. For example, you can only tattoo the angel wings on your body. Or you could do a halo and a cross together to signify the protection of an angel. You can similarly use the imagery used for an angel with any other religious symbols and they would signify what an angel tattoo stands for.

Demons and Demon Tattoos

Demons, on the other hand, are considered to be evil and dangerous. They are said to be the messenger of the Devil and are here to misguide human beings. Demons are often depicted in black with black wings.

Demons represent the idea of black and evil. They signify a bond with the devil in the normal sense. But in the modern tattoo world, the demon tattoo represents a struggle against one’s own self and a tendency to go against social norms.

Contrary to angel tattoos, demon tattoos are meant for a darker and broody theme. They are associated with horns and fire. If you are into gothic-style tattoos, then the demon tattoo has several options for you. You can tattoo a demon with black and broken wings, a pitchfork, 666, or an upside-down cross to show the evil and dark.

Difference Between Angel and Demon Tattoos

Difference Between Angel and Demon Tattoos

Angel and demon tattoos are done quite differently in the tattoo industry. Both have different symbols and meanings and thus both are depicted differently in general. Again, according to the personal choice of the wearer, both these tattoos can be customized differently than their traditional look.

Angel tattoos represent purity, light, innocence, and guidance. They represent the wearer’s spirituality and a connection to a higher power. On the other hand, demon tattoos are the exact opposite and represent rebellion, temptation, and a connection to the darker side of the human psyche.

Even the design language for both tattoos is different. If you are looking to get an Angel tattoo you’d get something with a lot of white, soft lines that are soothing to look at. Angel tattoos often feature watercolor, pastel, or muted color schemes to represent the soothing nature of the tattoo. Angel tattoos are depicted with beautiful white wings and halos to show their purity and innocence.

On the other hand, demon tattoos are often done with a completely dark theme with darker colors. They consist of sharp, bold lines with black or red strokes that create a bold design. Demon tattoos are also designed with horns, broken or torn wings, or wings burning on fire to represent the hellish nature of the tattoo.

Angel vs Demon Tattoo

Here are some of the differences between Angel and Demon tattoos at a glance:

Angel Tattoos Demon tattoos
Represents:  Purity, innocence, and guidance. Represents: evil, misguidance, connection to Devil, Rebellion
Color Scheme: White and black. Color Scheme: Black and Red
Symbols: Angel wings, Halo, Cross, Rosary, Prayer hands Symbols: Horns, 666, 999, hooves, Pitchfork, Fire.

What If I Combined Both An Angel And A Demon Tattoo?

What If I Combined Both An Angel And A Demon Tattoo

You might be wondering how to show the constant struggle between your inner good and evil. Well. for that, you can choose to do both the angel and demon tattoos. The combination of the two tattoos will show the duality of the human mind and nature.

The angel and demon tattoo together represents a visual difference between light and dark. But this tattoo holds a deeper meaning. As the human psyche is in constant struggle with the good and bad in it, using the two tattoos together shows this struggle. The dark cannot exist without the light and as such, the inner good cannot exist without the inner darkness of the mind.

So, you can get an angel and demon tattoo with an angel and a demon side by side. Or you can do a half-angel and half-demon tattoo to show their interconnectedness and a show of balance.

Ending Thoughts

To finish the article, we’d like to look back at what both the angel tattoo and the demon tattoo represent. Both these tattoos are beautiful in their own regards. But if you are looking at the symbolism of both these tattoos, the angel tattoo represents a pure state of mind, a spiritual personality. On the other hand, the demon tattoo represents a broken state of mind, a person who is struggling with their inner self.

If you are having a hard time deciding which tattoo to pick for yourself, remember that your tattoo is uniquely yours. Read through the meanings and signs of angel tattoos and demon tattoos and choose a tattoo that reflects your state of mind, and your personality.

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