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30 Quotes Tattoos To Inspire You Everyday

The inspirational tattoo quotes are going to accompany oneself for the rest of your life as the tattoo inks never fades. Tattoos are now considered normal in the mainstream world, despite the fact that they were once heavily despised. The use of tattoos is also increasing day by day.

It is almost as powerful as having a quote tattoo to permanently inform one’s preferred set of words since phrases have enough ability to change your outlook and frequently motivate one to achieve some incredible things. A tattoo can serve as a declaration or a symbol of identification. Moreover, inspirational tattoos can offer never-ending encouragement.

If you are unfamiliar with the obsession around tattoo designs, you may be curious to know what drives individuals to obtain tattoos and put up with the associated suffering. Before you go for something that will remain with you for the rest of your lives, you should know, understand, and feel the meaning along with the designs as well.

Here you will get different inspirational Quote tattoos that will help you motivate your life with many new ideas and astounding designs!

Meaningful Sublime Ideas Of Quote Tattoos

In my studio, I have done a hell lot of designs on the Quotes tattoos and the people are demanding everyday. The speciality of the tattoo is that the meaning is direct and easy to understand what you actually want to say, like other designs where you have to design the tattoo perfectly to understand the main theme of the design.

Given the numerous alternatives, one restriction on shape is the number of phrases in one’s quotation and also the typography you choose. Additional design components are always an option, however they may prove to be challenging and take away from phrases.

To commemorate a unique connection someone shares with a beloved person, such as your parents or your lifelong buddy, anyone could also get a phrase tattooed or  rejoice in your lifelong companion. The position of your tattoo is equally crucial, and common spots provide the thighs, shoulder, and vertebrae. To get the greatest quotation ideas including both genders, just follow the article for the best results.

Universal Ideas

Tattoo is Universal and people of all cultures all around the world are fond of getting tattoos. As the boom of social media, people are knowing more about tattoos and it is now easy to get a complete idea regarding the use of Universal ideas.

Let me introduce the best ideas that are used all around the world and also I have shared my own design so you can get a clear image of the tattoo.

Short Quote Tattoo

Short Quote tattoo


Those who are thinking of getting a quote tattoo, they usually go for Short Quote Tattoos and for the first timers it is always the first preference. These tattoos are short and easy to understand. The design is simple, all you need is to choose the fonts wisely.

In the tattoo above, the main quote is “Be Brave”, which clearly indicates the meaning, the additional design that you can see a small girl, traveling with the boat alone. So the quote is more clear with the image, that the girl is alone and moving towards her life so the quote will remind her to always be brave and confident.

Short Quote tattoos are small and easy to place, you can put anywhere in your body and it is better to keep somewhere visible. Forearms ( as in the picture), wrists, hands, necks are suitable places for such a design.

Family Quotes Tattoo

Family quotes tattoo


Family is important above all. We are civilized people because from the beginning of our journey, we have maintained our family and live with them throughout our lives. Those who abandon or don’t know the virtue of a family, eventually don’t get peace and meaning in their lives

Every family is unique and individuals want to remember their family attributes through contributing a Family quote tattoo. You can add rhymes, any song lyrics, or just someone’s wise words to commemorate your family virtues.

The size and color of the tattoo depends on which design you are choosing for a Family quote tattoo. Usually these tattoos are a little bigger than others and many try to put a long verse of phrase to represent their family culture.

Quotes Tattoo About Life

Quotes tattoo about life


Sometimes it becomes tough to stay motivated and focused. All we need is a little reminder to push through the tough times and to be confident. Quotes Tattoo about life are such kinds of tattoos that work as a reminder in our everyday life.

Usually the length of the tattoo is small and the meaning is simple to understand. The one in the above is a perfect example to understand what the tattoo is actually about. “Life Goes On” means whatever happens in your life, it never stops as you can never hold your time. You need to go on and stay focused all through your life.

If you want your Life quotes tattoo to be a reminder of your day to day life, then you can place the tattoo somewhere visible. Also if you have any special reason or connection, you can put it anywhere in the body as you like.

Small Quotes Tattoo

Small quotes tattoo


Small Quotes tattoos are the most popular and trending among the quote tattoos. Due to its availability and simpleness, people go for this design. I have a small quote tattoo on my forearms as well. These are less painful and best for someone who is looking for the first tattoo.

Forearms, wrists, hands, ankles, arms, these places are best for Small quote tattoos. Definitely you would like to show-off your cool tattoos and place it somewhere you can always see. Usually these tattoos come in Black ink, but there are some who want to try everything in colors.

Best Friend Tattoo Quotes

Best friend tattoo quotes


Friendship is something that is more sacred than any other relationships. Sometimes Loyalty Over Love comes in terms of friendship. There are many people who want to solidify their friendship by bonding through something special like a Best Friend tattoo quote.

Generally this quote tattoos are similar on both of the subjects as they share the same thoughts and perspectives. You can see in the image there is a quote and two friends are sharing the same quote in a similar place. These are actually the main characteristics of a Best friend quote tattoos. You can design your own tattoo by discussing it with your best friends. I can suggest to you that, Black inks are best to continue and use simple quotes for better results.

Love Quotes Tattoo

Love quotes tattoo


Everyone has a special love in their life. They want to remember that love forever and always. So to remember or to show respect, people go for the Love quotes tattoo. There are innumerable amounts of love quotes on the internet and books. To find the perfect one for you is not a hard task to do. The only thing that matters is the placement and the design of the tattoo.

Though the tattoo is easy and simple, just words written, but you still want to make a good impression on your tattoo. To find a unique one is not a crime, just choose your fonts wisely as this one matters the most for a Love quote tattoo.

Bible Quotes Tattoo

Bible quotes tattoo


The holy books like the Bible is a popular choice for the tatt lovers to choose their favorite quotes. When someone Trust The God with all their lives, they try to show their respect or sometimes to remember, they go for the Bible quotes tattoos. The main theme is that you choose a suitable verse from the Bible and use it as a tattoo design adding additional ideas if needed.

When a quote or phrase is taken from the Bible, the name of the verse is included at the end or bottom of the tattoo just like in the picture. You can use color according to your wish but it is important to maintain the main theme of the Bible quotes.

Sister Quotes Tattoo

Sister quotes tattoo


Among many sacred relationships in the world, the bond between a sister is incomparable. Sister’s love is something that cannot be expressed fully but to honor these beautiful relations, sometimes they go for a quote tattoo to remember their memory for the rest of their lives. Sister quotes tattoo has a separate fan base and the tattoo designs are also different.

Sisters usually share the same thoughts of feeling towards each other, so in their quotes, similar words are used and the placements are in the same area just like in the image above. These twin tattoos look very cute and the meaning it holds is really adorable.

Harry Potter Quotes Tattoo

Harry potter quotes tattoo


Movie fans have a separate taste of tattoo designs. Either they use characters as their tattoo theme or even take famous dialogues for word tattoos. Such a memorable movie for me as well is Harry Potter. Those who watched movies in the 2000’s, surely they have seen Harry Potter and there are a number of fans like me, who go crazy hearing the name.

Harry Potter quotes tattoos are famous as the dialogues are so intriguing and engaging. You can see the image above, here is one of the famous taglines from the movie. Such as these, you can also use tag lines of your own from the movie. For more definite, the Harry potter signature sign is used with the quote to be more accurate with the design.

Disney Quotes Tattoo

Disney quotes tattoo


Disney tattoos are actually motivating tattoos as everyone’s dreamplace in their childhood is the disney world. More or less everyone has a favorite character from the disney’s. Tattoo enthusiasts sometimes use the characters or famous dialogues to quote tattoos from the Disney world.

As the Disney itself is full of colors, it is better to use varieties of  color even in a quote tattoo. This design  not only brings nostalgia but also proves how big of a fan you are of the Disney’s. I would suggest using a small design which requires a small area for a Disney Quote tattoo.

Death Quotes Tattoo

Death quotes tattoo


Life is not great to everyone, also everyone doesn’t see life in a beautiful way always. There are people who always think about DEATH! This is not a crime at all, you can use it in a positive way like remembering death, you can enjoy your current life to the fullest. Sometimes people use Death Quote tattoos for religious purposes also.

Death Quote tattoos are interesting but sometimes it is also depressing, depending on how you use the meaning of Death. It’s all your decision how you will use it, but I suggest keeping it small and unique. Choose the gothic fonts for extra add up to the meanings, Black ink is preferable.

Joker Quotes Tattoo

Joker quotes tattoo


Shout out to the movie lovers out there who are looking for famous movie quotes, because this particular section is about the famous Joker of the Batman series. “Why so serious” became more famous after Heath Ledger played the Joker character. Posters, t-shirts, banners, mugs, all kinds of possible things have “Why So serious” tag lines in it.

Tattoo lovers also used this famous Joker quote for tattoo designs as well. The font has a definite form as it was shown in the movie, people tend to use that particular font as shown in the image above. You can also use fonts of your own and add colors as you like.

Ideas Based On Placement

Beautiful tattoos sometimes get useless or less attractive due to the bad placement on your body. Placements are really very important for a tattoo design, sometimes a very simple tattoo looks really overwhelming when the placement is right.

Here you will find some Ideas regarding Quotes tattoo especially arranged for placement in your body that will look stunning.

Quotes For Spine Tattoo

Quotes for spine tattoo


Backbone or spine are the main frame of our body, it’s the spine that holds the full body and its balance. Bone marrow is produced here, so the importance is inevitable. So many tattoo lovers want to use their special tattoo in this very particular spot.

Quotes are also used in the spine just like in the image. The tattoo looks really classic and it has a divine vibe. When you choose the spine area for tattoo then remember that no ordinary quote or a small one will look good. Try for a quote that holds deep meaning and goes with you perfectly.

Black inks are the best suit for the quote tattoos, so use black ink for the Spinal quote tattoos. Expert’s hands will be much helpful for a sensitive area like this.

Quotes Tattoo On Forearm

Quotes tattoo on forearm


One of the best positions for getting a tattoo is the forearms. For beginners, they try this spot and Quotes tattoos are a perfect match. I have a quote tattoo myself on my forearms and I have done it a long time ago. Quotes tattoo on forearms looks very appealing and genders of any kind can use this.

The design actually depends on the fonts you have selected. In the image you can see a design straight from my Tattoo studio, as Quote tattoos are regular here. I have numerous designs if you would like to check on forearms.

You can use any color you like, but black inks look classy, especially here. Small and simple designs are appropriate for the forearms spot. If you are thinking of a quote tattoo, you can definitely go for the forearms.

Quotes Tattoo On Thigh

Quotes tattoo on thigh


Thigh tattoos are engaging and look really sexy. Tattoo lovers love this position for a tattoo but the ladies are more engaged with this. Quote tattoos on thighs are really common and are widely used. Being a less painful area, first timers also want a piece of it.

Those who like to wear shorts or bikinis and love to show off their exquisite thighs, they go for the Quotes tattoo on thighs.  As there is a considerable amount of space here, you can choose long quotes or resize small tattoos to larger ones. My personal suggestion would be to add some additional designs with the quote to cover the area and to look more glamorous.

Quotes Tattoo On Arm

Quotes tattoo on arm


To get motivated on a daily basis, you can put an inspirational quote tattoo on your arms. People all around the world use this particular space especially for quote tattoos. I know quite a number of people who have quotes on their arms. As the tattoos are visible, it not only looks good but also helps you to get motivated every day.

If you want to use long quotes , then use your lines cautiously as not all long designs look good  here. You can discuss the design with your artist before you assure it. Plain black ink is the best option for quotes tattooed on arms.

Quotes Tattoo On Chest

Quotes tattoo on chest


Of Course you want to put something special where your heart actually belongs. For me and I think for anyone, Chest is a very special place to get your tattoo. And if you are thinking of a quote tattoo on your chest, then a very special one will be on the list. You should take your time if you have decided to go for the chest.

Chest areas are less painful than other spots and it is also extremely visible. So the tattoo you are choosing really matters. Every person has a different shape of their chest so the design actually depends on that. Simple and meaningful quotes will be a perfect match for Quotes tattoo on the chest.

Quotes Tattoo On Ribs

Quotes tattoo on ribs


One of the most painful and vulnerable places for a tattoo is the Rib cage. Though a tattoo looks appealing and seductive, not many people actually go for the Ribs tattoo. But if you are considering it, then you should choose a very special quote for this amazing place.

Try to keep it simple and try not to use different shades as the place is more sensitive than other areas. A perfect one looks absolutely engaging just like in the picture. People of all genders can use this place for a quote tattoo, but those who can’t tolerate much pain, must avoid the area.

Quotes Tattoo On Back

Quotes tattoo on back


If you are looking for a sexy outlook with quote tattoos, then you can definitely go with the Back tattoos. I personally find it irresistible when I see a back tattoo. Even in my studio, there is a back tattoo every other day. Quote tattoos on back are a trendy one and a girl actually loves the spot to use for a tattoo.

You will feel less pain in the back and with a proper design you can get a stunner. If you want to show a small part of your personality or want to deliver a message around your people, then quotes tattooed on your back are the right spot.

Quotes Tattoo On Wrist

Quotes tattoo on wrist


When you look at your body for a new tattoo, subconsciously you will see your wrists. This place is the most visible and most used for tattoo designs. Quote tattoo matches perfectly on my wrist. But this place is more painful than other areas comparing. A small and easy design will be helpful for this particular area.

With an alluring font you can make the quote very engaging as you look at the image. I have told several times that you should focus on the fonts because the tattoo you are doing, it will remain with you forever.

Quotes Tattoo On Hand

Quotes tattoo on hand


When someone wants to say or express through their tattoos, and they want some place extremely visible, Hands is the only solution to that. Being the most painful areas, still people are crazy for a hand tattoo.

You should try to keep the tattoo simple to avoid pains, also use one ink for better results. The one in the image is complicated and done by an expert, you can try a simple one if you want to.

Quote Tattoo On Foot

Quote tattoo on foot


Quote tattoos on foot are eye-catching but it is also one of the most painful areas of the body. I would not suggest a first timer for a foot tattoo. With fine and experienced artists, you may try though. Any genders can use the foot as per their wish and the meaning they want to express.

Also try to avoid complicated designs and use only black inks for amazing designs. A quote tattoo on foot looks good on a girl rather than a boy but it actually totally depends on the meaning of the quote.

Ideas Based On Language

Respecting all mother tongues out there, this section is just a segment for favorites. The following ideas are just a sample for your ideas on Quotes tattoo. You can use your preferred language just using the ideas here. So let’s explore the ideas of Quotes tattoos depending on varieties of language with a diversity.

Arabic Quotes Tattoo

Arabic quotes tattoo


Arabic quotes are the most used in the language category for quote tattoos. Though tattooing is strictly prohibited in Islam but people still use it and mainly other religions use the Arabic quotes tattoo a lot.

The picture you can see, the meaning here is , I have suffered, I learned from the mistake. So this is actually an inspirational quote. Usually those who are looking for a quote tattoo actually go for something inspirational.

It is much better to use this particular design in the Black tattoo. As the tattoo will not look that attractive with colors. Forearms are the best place to place this wonderful tattoo. The Arabic letters are exotic and really meaningful.

Chinese Quotes Tattoo

Chinese quotes tattoo


Among the quote tattoos, Japanese and Chinese letters have been trending since the emergence of Tattoo industry. You can add your favorite quotes and can translate it into Chinese if you find the Chinese letters fascinating.

There are actually some selected quotes which have been used from the beginning of the culture. You can use it as you like and can select the ribs area just like in the picture for better visual representation.

Colorful tones are mostly used for a Chinese quote tattoo as it looks overwhelming. The fonts are used comparatively bigger for better result.

Latin Quotes Tattoo

Latin quotes tattoo


The meaning of the above phrase is I came, I saw, I won. This is one of the famous phrases in the history of human civilization used by the Great Caesar of Rome. This famous quote is used widely with the Latin words.

Latin quotes are world famous as there are many famous people from the beginning of the human phase. They have a rich history of their own and their quotes are used by all the people around the world.

The latin quote tattoos are famous for its simplicity and the direct meaning it holds. Black ink is appropriate for this design and also you can go for other famous Latin quotes for the tattoo design.

Spanish Quotes Tattoo

Spanish quotes tattoo


A quote tattoo is used not only for inspiration but also it is used for remembering something or someone. Here in the picture the tattoo says Until we meet again. So it is clear that she is saying farewell to something or someone.

Not particularly Spanish quotes are only used for remembrance, you can use it by any means related to the language. You can also search for the most used Spanish quotes on the internet if you wish to.

Japanese Quotes Tattoo

Japanese quotes tattoo


I personally like Japanese letters very much as this is one of the most unique styles of letter and I find it really complicated. Actually what you don’t know, you always find that difficult. Here the tattoo means everything happens for a reason. This is actually a reminder to yourself, though the word is simple, but if you used the Japanese letters, the look is different then thought the meaning is the same.

Colorful shades will look better with the Japanese quotes tattoos. The letters themselves are a design and look really spectacular. Big fonts are suitable for Japanese quote tattoos.

Italian Quotes Tattoo

Italian quotes tattoo


My dear love, that’s what is written here on the forearms of the girl. This particular quote is actually addressing their respected love. This is a perfect example of Italian quotes. Usually these quotes are widely used in the Italian region but some people find these quotes interesting and use it like their own.

Small colorful Italian quotes look good on the body and of course the placement is necessary before you actually go for it.

French Quotes Tattoo

French quotes tattoo


Quotes can be of any language according to your choice. You can choose your own native language for the tattoo as you wish. But among some most used language quote tattoos, I have shown you the trending ones just like this French quotes tattoo in the picture.

You can use it as your own but remember to keep the quotes small and precise. Black ink is preferable and specially for a french quote, you can use bold fonts for better result.

 Hebrew Quotes Tattoo

Hebrew quotes tattoo


Hebrew is the long lost language and the most ancient language of the world. They were revived in the modern period and now people are using them for quote tattoos as well. Mainly Israel still uses the Hebrew language.

They have unique culture and history so their quote tattoos hold a very different perspective in terms of meaning. The Hebrew letters itself are very difficult and very alluring to see.

Check Out More Designs For Motivational Quotes Tattoo

Designs and ideas are never ending. Sometimes when you see more you get more confused and fail to decide your desired one. On the other hand many people need as many examples to get more confident about their design.

So for your help, I have decided to show you more designs of Quotes tattoos selected from the best of the best. Also I have arranged some more designs from my tattoo studio so if you got any confusion, you can contact me also.

This is a fine video of a quote tattoo with a floral flavor on the shoulder. So if you want to get more information or how it will look on you or how it is done, you can check the video where one of my artist friends has done a fine job indeed.


Why Quote tattoos ?

Ans: Tattoos actually are the permanent ink that you will carry till you die. So a quote tattoo is something that will remind you or inspire you once you go through it.

Which phrases work well for tattoos?

Ans: “Love the Life you Want”, “Life is Small, Live the Moment”, “ Fear God and Fear None”, “He said, Let’s live’, these are actually a few options, phrases similar like this are well used.

How to choose the right quotes for you?

Ans: Many people who pick a phrase from either a music, movies, or novel that they love. Some people chose a phrase that even a dear one spoke regarding them. Tattoo phrases are great even though they have such deep emotional resonance.


Given the numerous alternatives, just one restriction on scale is the number of phrases in one’s quotation itself and typeface you choose. Various implementations are always an option, however they could be a little challenging and take away from phrases.

Take your time to choose your quote tattoos wisely as it will remain with you for the rest of your lives. Quote tattoos are special tattoos as it directly shows your perspective towards the world and also a mirror of yourself.

Till now you have found all the necessary things you need before doing a quote tattoo. If you like the article you can check other articles similar to this in our very website. Thank you for your patience, Happy Reading.

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