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123 Spider Web Tattoo Ideas To Obtain Positive Growth In 2024

Insect tattoos have been a must-have installation for every avid tattoo recipient for over a century now. While intimidating and somewhat disturbing to deal with in real life, the appearance of an insect tends to look minimalistic, simple, and sophisticated when incorporated into a tattoo.

One of the most popular variants of insect tattoos is spider tattoos. Flexible in size with limitless distinct features, the sketch of a spider has the ability to fit in with any and every design all the while making beneficial contributions to one’s appearance.

An appealing variant that also matches the likings of many tattoo fanatics is a spider web tattoo. Similar to the theme and visuals of a spider tattoo, a spider web tattoo is often added to one’s collection due to the elegance it carries.

Alongside the positive impact it has on the eyes, another reason that a spider web tattoo is adored lies behind its versatility. Indeed, a spider web tattoo can be achieved, adjusted, and showcased using multiple designs; a topic that will be covered later on in this article.

In addition to providing you with all the options of spider web tattoos with compelling illustrations, this article will comprise a deep insight into the meaning and symbolism of spider web tattoos and why they are frequently portrayed in a dark light.

A Deep Rewind On The Meaning And Symbolism Of Spider Web Tattoos

Spider web tattoo 1

Unlike most tattoos, the spider web tattoo was heavily appreciated in the 19th century, but for all the wrong reasons. However, as each year passed by, the symbolism of it aged, and it did so gracefully. Today, while it still is recalled for all the negatives it used to glorify, the spider web tattoo has a fan base that also takes pride in all the positives that it has.

Regardless, here is a summary of the initial meaning as well as a brief about the changes that the symbolism of the spider web tattoos have had ever since its debut.

The Not So Glory Days

Although spider web tattoos are extremely popular in modern times due to the graphic as well as its symbolism, things weren’t exactly the same when it was first incorporated into a tattoo. In fact, during its early years, spider web tattoos were famous amongst prisoners, who would often incorporate a spider web into a tattoo. The spider web was often associated with vile acts such as murder, physical assault, robbery, and so on.

The symbolism of a spider web took another hit in the late 19th century, when it was incorporated into tattoos worn by white supremacists and those that glorified racism. The symbol would normally encourage the wearers to partake in acts that were evil and vicious.  

The Positives

A spider web was also used as a primary symbol in the lives of Native Americans. Many believed that the symbol had positive effects on their lives, especially after child birth. They were also convinced that wearing a tattoo of it would bring their newborn nothing but good fortune.

Present Times

In contrast to the 19th century, a spider web is seen in a manner that’s extremely meaningful and lenient. Even though the criticism it always received still exists to this day, many people focus on the brighter side, which involves the symbol’s association with peace, power, strength, guidance, and beauty.

Enthusiastic Spider Web Tattoos That Will Make Your Day!

Taking into account its notoriety amongst the tattoo industry in the early 19th century, the amount of designs that one can look into before getting a spider web tattoo shouldn’t come as a surprise.

As of 2024, the number of artwork one can incorporate into a spider web tattoo is over triple digits, but not all of them are easy on the eyes and meet the compulsory benchmark.

To make things easier, however, we have come up with a list of our favorite spider web tattoos that we believe will help you ease your mind as well. The entries are placed below, and we hope it caters to all your needs!

Spider Web Elbow Tattoo

Spider web elbow tattoo

The first variant of spider web tattoos that took the town as well as the tattoo industry by storm were spider web elbow tattoos. Although the initial meaning had many ties that were cynical like racism, murder, icarceration and white supremacy, the symbol it attains today is the polar opposite.

As of 2024, a spider web tattoo on one’s elbow stands for strength, power, and also caters to creativity. The symbol is also associated with guidance and beauty.

Moving on, this tattoo was particularly liked and preferred due to the shape of one’s elbow. Many believed that tattoos, especially a spider tattoo, looked uniquely shaped and was perfectly proportionate against the area and structure of the elbow.

In conclusion, although this tattoo is incorporated into a tattoo to this day and the variant definitely carries the “It” factor, this tattoo doesn’t cater to everyone. Due to its controversial past, a spider web tattoo on the elbow will definitely be frowned upon at work.

Spider Web Knee Tattoo

Spider web knee tattoo

Despite having a painful procedure, behind the famous variant of spider web elbow tattoos lies a spider web knee tattoo. Similar to the pros of spider web elbow tattoos, a spider web knee tattoo is desired due to the bone structure. The final artwork always contains a different shape and may also be difficult to work around at times, but definitely comes with life-changing results.

The knee tattoo is also extremely compatible and can eventually be turned into a full-on leg tattoo if the wearer feels the need to.

On the other hand, as the area contains all bones and lacks tons of layers, getting tattooed on the knee might include a painful experience. However, to keep up with the soreness, all one has to do is consume a medication that reduces pain.

Spider Web Hand Tattoo

Spider web hand tattoo

This spider web tattoo is for the rebellious ones. It’s for those that take pride in everything they do and are anything but hesitant to uncover their perception of life to the world.
A hand tattoo is also popular amongst those that seek presentability in a tattoo’s design. It is often malleable and can be showcased with vibrant colors, chalky borders, and even collaborate with the aura and artwork of other tattoos.

Furthermore, due to how spacious one’s hand is, the artwork typically looks fresh, clean, and lucid. While the pattern commonly contains a colorless palette, it is open to change and can be showcased with an array of colors.

Spider Web Shoulder Tattoo

Spider web shoulder tattoo

The symbolism of a spider tattoo usually fits like a glove with that of a shoulder, which typically stands for strength.

Moreover, due to the compact nature of the area, the tattoo that is traditionally drawn on the shoulder is somewhat basic in terms of appearance. Tattoo artists prefer drawing nothing but the spider web, but shapes such as that of a heart can also be incorporated into the spider web tattoo.

This tattoo is a great choice for those that are seeking subtle options, but is also very painful to obtain. Those that usually resort to getting a spider web shoulder tattoo typically apply a cold compress to the tattooed area 2 weeks after completion.

Spider Web Neck Tattoo

Spider web neck tattoo

The side of one’s neck can also be utilized to create a monumental image of a spider web. Taking into account its dimensions, the image can be sizable, but can also be trimmed down into a compact artwork.

The amount of designs available for this option is also close to being limitless. One can bring in the visuals of other tattoos when creating the groundwork of it without having to worry about the final procedure.

Additionally, due to the area this design is printed on, a spider web neck tattoo isn’t really for everyone but those that aren’t afraid of being themselves.

Spider Web Ear Tattoo

Spider web ear tattoo

An outline tattoo of a spider web can be placed anywhere; even on the insides of one’s ear!

Often an attention-seeker, a spider web ear tattoo is extremely painful to obtain. The area in which the artwork is usually placed may be sore weeks after completion and might require the assistance of a cold compress.

Although it definitely deserves all the praise it gets, a spider web ear tattoo is also difficult to create, so make sure to reach out to an experienced tattoo artist.

Traditional Spider Web Tattoo

Traditional Spider Web Tattoo

The old school spider web tattoo, also known as a traditional tattoo, is a great option for those seeking a design that is perfectly balanced. On top of containing a lucid color palette, this option also portrays the symbolism of a spider web in a positive light.

This option is also known for its versatility. The image can be placed anywhere, as long as it allows one to find contentment.

The design of it is also open to adjustment. Apart from adding a spider web tattoo, the wearer can add symbols of flowers, birds, and even use the assistance of symbols of insects to unlock a desirable pattern.

Half Spider Web Tattoo

Half spider web tattoo

Keeping it simple is a great advice to follow before getting a spider web tattoo. The artwork usually consists of clear visuals, enticing color schemes, and is frequently sealed off with outlines that are normally in jet black.

A half spider web tattoo meets all the above mentioned requirements. Due to how basic it is to create, compact areas are often the frontrunners for this option.

The procedure is also a positive of this design, as the needle used is lenient in terms of texture, and the artwork involved takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Spider Web Heart Tattoo

Spider web heart tattoo

A spider web tattoo is extremely malleable. Apart from displaying it through different sizes, one can create shapes with spider webs to form a tattoo with the looks and a compelling meaning; like this variant.

A spider web heart tattoo isn’t just about the illustration, however. The artwork is associated with love, freedom, and peace; three necessities in life. Wearing this tattoo is a good idea regardless of the scenario one is in, as it caters to everyone.

Furthermore, appearance-wise, this tattoo is something to behold. The webs are often mixed in with a soft color palette and thick borders. The fan favorite combination consists of shades blue, lavender, and dark purple, but can also be readjusted based on the wearer’s preferences.

Spider Web Nipple Tattoo

Spider web nipple tattoo

While sensitive, the nipple area can also be a good spot to showcase a spider web tattoo. One can do so by tattooing both the pecks, or obtaining an artwork on one of them.

The tattoo itself is rather minimalistic, and often comprises the artwork of a spider web. Micro tattoos are usually added around the border to enhance the physical appearance of the tattoo, but tend to be painful due to the amount of nerve endings in the nipple.

The selling point of this variant is the uniqueness of this area. It offers the wearer loads of privacy, and is a tattoo that regularly stands out due to how peculiar the area of placement is.

Spider Web Face Tattoo

Spider web face tattoo

To shed light into its positive meaning, one can always wear a spider web tattoo on their face.

Apart from being able to express the positive reception spider web tattoos receive on the regular, this option will give the wearer a chance to upgrade the facial structure that they have.

The neutral colors will give the wearer’s face more room for their cheekbones, giving the shape a flattening effect as a result.

Spider Web Chest Tattoo

Spider web chest tattoo

For an option that is relatively painless, a spider web on the chest is a contender to consider.

Taking into account the amount of room this option has, the visuals of it are rather basic. However, anyone can change that by introducing more components to the existing design.

Additionally, a reason behind the success of this variant is the resilient nature of the chest. On the regular, the area that makes up the chest and the layers around it can take up to multiple blows of a needle at a time, which is no short of impressive.

Spider Web Sternum Tattoo

Spider web sternum tattoo

Due to the delicacy of the area and the deep meaning of the symbol, a spider tattoo looks exceptional when displayed as a sternum tattoo.

Catering to females, the main attraction of this option, in addition to the area, is the lenient palette it contains. In simpler words, when wearing this tattoo, one can bring in the artwork of flower tattoos as well as cosmic tattoos to enhance the impact of the final outcome.

Spider Web Head Tattoo

Spider web head tattoo

Carving the image of a spider web onto the head also caters to the taste of many. Known for its edginess, this head tattoo comes as a source of benefit to those that struggle with feeling comfortable in their own skin.

The black and gray tattoo is also extremely flexible and can help the wearer with pulling off trendy looks such as the undercut.

Regardless of how unique the whole option is and the multiple benefits that it brings, this tattoo idea should only be picked if the wearer feels better in its presence. Since the illustration as well as the placement are too bold, it wouldn’t be too ideal on formal occasions.

Spider Web Boob Tattoo

Spider web boob tattoo

Another peculiar variant of spider web tattoos is the spider web boob tattoo. It is often another good option of standing out amongst the community, but also comes with harmful drawbacks.

A spider web boob tattoo, unlike most variants, contains nothing but a web on each peck. The tone implemented usually contains a neutral shade, preferable of dark green or charcoal black.

Moreover, due how vulnerable the spot is, getting this tattoo is anything but an easy task. It generally takes days to create the artwork and comes with a not so eventful aftermath.

Spider And Web Tattoo

Spider and web tattoo

Spider web tattoos are extremely popular not just because of how simple they are to recreate, but also because they look extremely attractive yet plain, especially when the motion is brought into the visuals.

The sketch of the spider is usually made like a stencil tattoo, mainly so that it brings out the distinct features that spiders contain. The web is usually created without a connection in the middle and replaced with a shadow.

Spider Web Armpit Tattoo

Spider web armpit tattoo

An armpit tattoo isn’t really an idea people often go forward with, which could be the reason why a spider web tattoo is often placed on the surface of one’s armpit.

Apart from the unusual area for placement, the image of this tattoo, while narrow, looks outstanding, especially due to the color combination. Vibrant tones tend to fit in perfectly with the proportions of the design this variant involves.

Additionally, since armpit tattoos often come with a lot of pain, many choose to dismiss the potential it has to showcase a work of art. However, if you are not new to withstanding pain, you might as well give this option a go.

Spider Web Finger Tattoo

Spider web finger tattoo

A sophisticated option that most people often pick up before getting a spider web tattoo is the spider web finger tattoo.

Limited in size, this finger tattoo is often a great pick for first-timers as well as those that are into crisp figures with very little detail.

This option is also very effortless to recreate, and quick too! One can often mirror the exact image used for this entry in under 5 minutes at a parlor, or can even get it done at home.

Spider Hanging From Web Tattoo

Spider Hanging From Web Tattoo

The motion of a spider hanging from a web looks great in real life, but that same image can be mimicked into a tattoo with results that are just as impressive!

Usually obtained on spacious areas, this variant is often a fan favorite for those that are into stencil tattoos. The image often looks cartoonish, but the sizable nature of the tattoo surely makes up for the attention to detail it lacks.

Spider Web Sleeve Tattoo

Spider web sleeve tattoo

If you’re looking for an option that will allow you to explore your creativity and give you a big palette to do so, you should definitely consider the potential of a spider web sleeve tattoo.

Since the sleeve contains tons of space and is resilient against the blows made by a needle, a chain of tattoos interconnected with the symbolism as well as the sketch of a spider web can be incorporated into the overall groundwork without hampering the final results.

Spider Web Cover Up Tattoo

Spider web cover up tattoo

Getting a bad tattoo is extremely common in today’s world, and although a procedure to remove it completely does exist, the process of it involves a lot of soreness.

An easy way of erasing a tattoo is done by replacing it with, well, another tattoo. But since there are loads of options and we tend to be indecisive throughout that phase, a safe tattoo that contains presentable physical aspects as well as a spiritual meaning is a spider web tattoo.

Appearance-wise, this tattoo has a dark undertone as well as a deep color scheme, partially to cover up the tattoo. The web in this image tends to look extremely realistic due to the high amount of graphics that it contains.

Spider Web Butterfly Tattoo

Spider web butterfly tattoo

Due to the similarity between their symbolisms, a great way to display a spider tattoo can surely be achieved if the wearer also adds a butterfly tattoo.

On top of having a design that plenty will seek after, this combination is unbeatable due to the amount of hope and strength it brings to the life of the wearer. During tough times, many wearers of this tattoo can even find hope in the artwork of this option.

Small Spider Web Tattoo

Small spider web tattoo

A spider web tattoo doesn’t always have to be massive in size. One can even get access to everything they stand for with a small spider tattoo and place it wherever they feel the need to.

A benefit of this option is that it is as painless as a pinch. Along with the short amount of time it requires to be created, the needle used for this tattoo isn’t as thick or as sharp as most equipment.

For best results, one should always place this tattoo in compact and delicate areas. If they are seeking a spot that is open to the public eye, they can go for the wrist. On the other hand, if they want to keep things private, the collarbone can be a good option for placement.

Spider Web Eye Tattoo

Spider web eye tattoo

The eye of providence can also be a good addition to the artwork of a spider web tattoo. Since it is associated with the eye of God, it can help many that are struggling with hardship fight against their feelings of hopelessness.

When combined with a spider web tattoo, it can drastically amp up the symbolism of the artwork, as well as have a positive impact on the mind of the wearer.

With the help of this variant, a person can overcome adversity, anxiety, and improve their mental well being.

Realistic Spider Web Tattoo

Realistic spider web tattoo

Those seeking an artwork that highlights every little detail about a spider and the web it produces will definitely find comfort in the groundwork of this option.

Containing visuals that can only be compared to that of an actual spider, this realistic tattoo is often the go-to for anyone that has a knack for loud patterns with a subtle effect. The monochromatic image involved in this option is unparalleled, and can woo any enthusiast or spectator that comes across this variant.

This tattoo is also likable due to the ability it has to adapt to any scenario, which means that it can be placed in the area that the wearer resonates with.

Spider Web Leg Tattoo

Spider web leg tattoo

Installing the silky web of a spider can also look wonderful as a leg tattoo, if you’re willing to keep up with the pain level it involves as well!

The artwork that often looks plain appearance-wise can easily be implemented onto the surface of the leg. Due to the ample amount of space that the leg contains, one can even bring in intricate details or install more artwork to the existing groundwork for even better results.

Red Spider Web Tattoo

Red spider web tattoo

People often believe that adding a new color to the spider might be a good way for a spider web tattoo to stand out. However, sometimes, changing the shade of the web allows the artwork to be just as presentable.

The red spider web tattoo is just like any other variant that one installs as a spider web tattoo, but the selling point of this option is the bright color scheme of the web. The shade of red doesn’t just carry a high-spirited energy, but also creates a good way for the jet black tone of the spider to steal the show. In short, this pattern of a spider web is the best sidekick that a spider tattoo will ever have.

Skull Spider Web Tattoo

Skull spider web tattoo

Taking into account how good a spider is to one’s spiritual health, an option that might help an individual with discovering their innermost desires and begin their spiritual awakening is the skull spider web tattoo.

In addition to its captivating symbolism, a notable feature of this option is the psychedelic artwork involved. The color palette containing purple, bronze, charcoal black and neon green not only looks easy on the eyes, but also pairs well with the meaning it carries.

Spider Web Throat Tattoo

Spider web throat tattoo

If you consider yourself to be an adventurous individual, and want to increase awareness of all the positive things a spider tattoo is associated with, consider getting a throat tattoo.

A throat tattoo is almost always painful to obtain, but is the best option for those that are bold and unafraid of expressing their emotions. It also allows the wearer to be in touch with their masculine traits.

In addition to the previously mentioned features, a spider web tattoo on the throat could be the perfect way to start a new chapter. Since it symbolizes positivity, growth, and courage, wearing this tattoo, particularly on the dimensions of your throat, will surely allow you to be more optimistic.

Rose And Spider Web Tattoo

Rose and spider web tattoo

A 3D sketch of a spider web looks extremely attractive, especially when it’s combined with flowers as soothing as a rose.

The artwork can always be installed separately to make each figure stand out, but can also be paired with one another to form a staggering design.

Just like most entries on this list, the combination of a rose and spider web is very flexible and can be obtained anywhere if you’re seeking good results. Whether you place it on your forearm or choose an area that is more reserved, a rose and spider web tattoo will always lift you up.

Simple Spider Web Tattoo

Simple spider web tattoo

Keeping it simple could be another way to go about getting a spider web tattoo. Since the design of the web is often the highlight of the tattoo, installing a sketch will be more than sufficient if you’re not too worried about the image.

To boostle the design in a subtle manner, one can bring in delicate shapes and pair them up with vibrant colors. For instance, adding the shape of a heart and blending the figure with a bright shade of red will surely make the basic option more energetic and likable too.

Behind The Ear Spider Web Tattoo

Spider web tattoo behind ear

The shape of a spider web can easily be placed behind the ear to unlock a good design. The frame of the web lacks size due to the compact nature of the area behind the ear, but surprisingly looks rather delicate, comfortable, and appealing.

Another feature of this that can raise the eye of many could be the amount of color it lacks. However, the dark borders often make up for the loss of color in a substantial way.

Gothic Spider Web Tattoo

Gothic spider web tattoo

Since Halloween is around the corner, we believe that this option, which contains a spider web tattoo under a gothic theme, deserves recognition. However, while the visuals are surely compelling and fascinating to look at, the symbolism of this variant might just catch you off guard.

According to various sources on the web, the symbol of a spider is associated with spirits that might bring in good fortune as well as bad luck on Halloween.

In simpler words, if the spider is white, you’re in the presence of an angel. On the other hand, if the spider is black, perhaps you might have to be the bearer of bad news in the future.

When incorporated into a tattoo, a gothic spider web tattoo looks exceptional on most surfaces, but tends to look sublime around the center of the bicep.

Spider Web Wrist Tattoo

Spider web wrist tattoo

If you’re a first timer and would like to kick things off with the help of a spider tattoo, a spider web tattoo on the wrist would be the best possible option to resort to. Furthermore, if you happen to be a fan of Spiderman, the aura, and theme of this option was made for you!

Usually painless in nature, this option contains a graphic that is made of a spider shooting a web. The color scheme is similar to that of a monochromatic image, which can be a plus if you’re a minimalist.

Unlike most variants, this spider web tattoo is enormous in size, which could be tough to create in under one session. Therefore, make sure to free up your schedule indefinitely, especially if you’re seeking optimal results.

Spider Web Foot Tattoo

Spider web foot tattoo

A good spot for carving a spider web tattoo is the foot. The area contains a ton of space, which can come in handy when carving a sizable design. The spaciousness of one’s foot can also satisfy those that are seeking a tattoo with crystal clear visuals.

Despite being spacious and extremely easy to tattoo on, the sensitivity level of one’s feet is no joke. More often than not, the procedure, while being short in duration, is unbearable to deal with due to the amount of veins the area consists of.

Spider Web Prison Tattoo

Spider web prison tattoo

Similar to the first entry, this spider web tattoo is also another go-to variation for prisoners, partially due to its frightening demeanor. Tattooing it on the face is usually associated with vile acts such as murder.

Furthermore, while we do appreciate the attention to detail this artwork consists of as well as the benefit this option has to one’s facial structure, we wouldn’t recommend anyone to get this tattoo; especially if they’re working a nine to five. It doesn’t just carry an intimidating demeanor, but can also seem disturbing to look at in formal settings.

More Spider Web Tattoos With Staggering Designs

While we do believe that the previous segment will surely allow you to come up with an authentic design, we’re also aware of the potential a spider web tattoo has and how the options are indeed anything but limited. Don’t believe us? Be our guest! Here’s another series of illustrations that one can recreate and wear as a spider web tattoo!

Spider web tattoo 2

Spider web tattoo 3

Spider web tattoo 4

Spider web tattoo 5

Spider web tattoo 7

Spider web tattoo 6

Spider web tattoo 8

Spider web tattoo 9

Spider web tattoo 10

Spider web tattoo 12

Spider web tattoo 11

Spider web tattoo 13

Spider web tattoo 14

Spider web tattoo 15

Spider web tattoo 17

Spider web tattoo 16

Spider web tattoo 18

Spider web tattoo 20

Spider web tattoo 19

Spider web tattoo 21

Spider web tattoo 22

Spider web tattoo 23

Spider web tattoo 24

Spider web tattoo 25

Spider web tattoo 26

Spider web tattoo 27

Spider web tattoo 29

Spider web tattoo 28

Spider web tattoo 31

Spider web tattoo 30

Spider web tattoo 33

Spider web tattoo 32

Spider web tattoo 34

Spider web tattoo 35

Spider web tattoo 36

Spider web tattoo 37

Spider web tattoo 38

Spider web tattoo 39

Spider web tattoo 40

Spider web tattoo 41

Spider web tattoo 42

Spider web tattoo 44

Spider web tattoo 43

Spider web tattoo 46

Spider web tattoo 45

Spider web tattoo 47

Spider web tattoo 49

Spider web tattoo 48

Spider web tattoo 51

Spider web tattoo 50

Spider web tattoo 52

Spider web tattoo 54

Spider web tattoo 53

Spider web tattoo 55

Spider web tattoo 56

Spider web tattoo 57

Spider web tattoo 58

Spider web tattoo 59

Spider web tattoo 61

Spider web tattoo 60

Spider web tattoo 63

Spider web tattoo 62

Spider web tattoo 64

Spider web tattoo 66

Spider web tattoo 65

Spider web tattoo 67

Spider web tattoo 69

Spider web tattoo 68

Spider web tattoo 70

Spider web tattoo 71

Spider web tattoo 72

Spider web tattoo 73

Spider web tattoo 75

Spider web tattoo 74

Spider web tattoo 76

Spider web tattoo 78

Spider web tattoo 77

Spider web tattoo 79

Spider web tattoo 80

Spider web tattoo 81

Spider web tattoo 82

Spider web tattoo 83

Spider web tattoo 84

Spider web tattoo 85

Spider web tattoo 86

Spider web tattoo 87

Final Verdict

Overall, we hope this write-up allows you to break free from your creator’s block and rewards you with your own creation of the spider web tattoo.

For best results, make sure to pick the correct area of placement. Although the elbow and even the area above the knee are often on the trend when it comes to spider web tattoos, selecting an area that is a little more reserved won’t just save you from frowns, but also allow you to form a special bond with your tattoo and grow accordingly.

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