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210 Classic Name Tattoo Designs That Will Surely Impress You

A good tattoo often comes with one of three things: exceptional visuals, deep meanings, and limitless consistency. While the tattoo industry has come up with variants and designs that met at least one of the three requirements, and even invented those that were pretty close to being the safest, and most convenient tattoos to obtain, only one variant of tattoos was favorable enough to meet all three; name tattoos.

Name tattoos have been around for quite some time now. The simplicity behind each groundwork and the versatility of it are two of the many reasons why the popularity of this option will never cease to exist.

In addition to paying tribute to a loved one or honoring the spirits of those that have passed, a name tattoo can also be used by those that are well-wishers.

Over the past few decades, even though the theme of it stayed stagnant, people discovered loads of designs to incorporate into a name tattoo. From variants with simple layouts to options with immeasurable room for creativity, there are loads of ideas one can pick from before going forward with their decision of getting a name tattoo.

So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about name tattoos and all the designs that this variation offers.

Why Are Name Tattoos So Popular?

Name tattoo 1

When all is said and done, name tattoos are popular because of how lenient they are in contrast to other available options. It has a simple groundwork which is more often than not convenient for the tattoo artist, but also is extremely time-friendly for the consumer.

The procedure of name tattoos is also extremely generous. Since the needle used for creating this tattoo is typically less sharp and the artwork doesn’t require the artist to damage deep tissues present in one’s skin, name tattoos are immensely painless to obtain.

In addition to its generosity, name tattoos are long-lasting in terms of quality. The artwork rarely requires any touch-ups after completion, which gives name tattoos the upper hand amongst its competitors.

Name Tattoo Designs to Try Out This Year

We hope the segments above allow you to understand the intricate details behind name tattoos, because now comes the easiest part. In this section, you will find a list of name tattoo variations that are open for recreation, and can even come in handy if you’re looking to create an authentic design.

From tattoos that cater to minimalists, to designs that are out of the ordinary, here are all the name tattoos that you should definitely reward your eyes with

      Rose Name Tattoo 

Rose name tattoo

A rose tattoo is perhaps the perfect match for a name tattoo. It is usually associated with feelings of romance, love, or even appreciation, which can be utilized to showcase the love one has for their significant other and family members on most occasions.

In addition to being the perfect tool to showcase affection for another, a rose name tattoo also has visuals that can please the taste of many. While the shade added to the rose is typically in accordance with the color red, one can even add different color schemes to cater to their preferences, and even go with a colorless scheme for obtaining desirable results.

Apart from the extraordinary artwork, this tattoo is extremely adjustable. It can be worn on the wrist, collarbone, and even placed on the thigh for a crystal clear aftermath.

      Infinity Name Tattoo

Infinity name tattoo

Another symbol that fits like a glove with name tattoos is the symbol of infinity. It can be the perfect tattoo for you if you truly appreciate your partner, and are seeking to display your affection as well as devotion towards them.

Additionally, while it is easy to create, an infinity tattoo contains tons of benefits if one is seeking a visually-oriented artwork. The symbol of infinity can easily be enhanced with shades of color. The name can also be provided with a subtle boost with different fonts and vibrant color schemes.

For achieving ideal results, one should always place this variant on compact areas such as the wrist and the collarbone. In addition to looking crystal clear, the tattoo will also look extremely subtle; an important requirement to meet when getting name tattoos.

      Neck Name Tattoo 

Neck name tattoo

A name written in calligraphy can also be a great way to create a name tattoo, especially if one’s aiming to get a neck tattoo. The font looks extremely clean, sophisticated and extremely subtle.

The option is also advantageous when the procedure is taken into consideration. Since the font created for calligraphy is extremely thin, the tattooing equipment used for this variant doesn’t contain sharp needles, which tends to hurt less in contrast to other tattooing machines. While the letters do look extremely complex from afar, the average time taken to complete the design for this option can usually be completed within 30 minutes.

      Heart Name Tattoo

Heart name tattoo

 Many of us usually get name tattoos for our partners, which makes this variant a great candidate.

Containing nothing but one’s name in a heart shaped pattern, a heart name tattoo is a simple but effective way to keep your beau happy. Not only will it make them feel appreciated, but it may also work as a great technique to keep the spark alive at all costs.

A compelling feature of this tattoo is its flexibility. Although one only needs to create a simple heart and insert their significant other’s name to complete the tattoo, other designs can also be added to make the overall layout more meaningful.

      Name Tattoo On Arm

Name tattoo on arm

When push comes to shove, a name tattoo should always be showcased as an arm tattoo for optimal results. The narrowness of the arm isn’t just useful for a tattoo as simple as this tattoo, but it also looks rather presentable as opposed to the rest of the options available for placement.

Additionally, since the surface of the arm isn’t as uneven as many other body parts, a name tattoo can be enhanced in terms of physical appearance in the best way possible if one decides to place it on their arm.

This variant of this option is also a good candidate for those that are about to get their first ever tattoo. Since the procedure is as lenient and as generous as the groundwork of this tattoo, it could be a great tattoo for those that are sensitive to pain.

      Child Name Tattoo

Childs name tattoo

Having children is surely one of the best parts about life. Having someone who has the same mannerisms as you do, the same physical features that you possess, and someone who serves as a constant source of positivity could be an amazing feeling to have. It can also very well be an occasion to celebrate.

Though many can celebrate by throwing parties, those who want to keep their joy low-key and want to really take in the importance of having a child can also incorporate their child’s name into a tattoo.

Furthermore, this variant, while open to adjustments, looks extremely at home when placed on delicate areas. Two noteworthy examples are the neck area, and the wrist.

      Name Tattoo Cover Up 

Name tattoo cover up

Getting a bad tattoo could be a scenario many can relate to, and even though there are certain procedures that make it a priority to remove the existence of a regrettable tattoo, an easier solution that is useful to this day is a cover up name tattoo.

Appearance-wise, this tattoo typically involves a symbol or a motif in the design to replace the visuals of the previous tattoo. The icon is also accompanied by a name tattoo, which could be of the wearer themselves or of someone else.

The most popular design used for covering up the previously obtained tattoo is that of a wing. In addition to looking graceful, a wing tattoo is extremely sizable, which is completely ideal for this occasion.

      Flower Name Tattoo

Flower name tattoo

The pattern of any flower can also be of great use when getting name tattoos. The components of a flower look rather serene on the eyes, and are often dipped in vibrant colors, further adding to its blooming appearance.

When creating this tattoo, the two components can either be combined together to form a visually-oriented tattoo, or can even be created adjacent to one another. The font of the name tattoo can also be changed in accordance with the flower in order to give the overall pattern a favorable impression.

      Last Name Tattoo

Last name tattoo

One’s surname usually carries a lot of sentimental value. It isn’t just about them, but also about their ancestors as well. Regardless of how successful or eventful one’s life is, the surname of anyone should always be worn with pride.

A popular way of embracing one’s surname can be obtained through the means of getting a name tattoo. Even though the pattern is normally rather simple to look at, any surname contains an enticing backstory, which is a good feature that makes up for the visuals this pattern lacks.

Additionally, while last name tattoos can be placed anywhere and everywhere, many people prefer tattooing their surnames on the back, or the chest, due to the amount of space both locations comprise.

  Butterfly Name Tattoo

Butterfly name tattoo

One’s name can also be incorporated into a tattoo through staggering visuals by teaming it up with a butterfly tattoo.

On top of comprising an outstanding color palette, a butterfly tattoo is the perfect sidekick to a name tattoo since it symbolizes beauty in its purest form. This makes the symbol ideal at all times, but mostly when the name tattoo is of your partner and soulmate.

Just like most options on this list, a butterfly name tattoo doesn’t come with a handbook when it comes to placement. It can be obtained on compact surfaces for a minimalistic impression, but can also be printed on the back for a larger artwork.

  Heartbeat Name Tattoo 

Heartbeat name tattoo

Heartbeat tattoos are often associated with life and are mostly used to pay homage to a loved one that passed away, or can even be used to celebrate one’s existence. When paired up with a name tattoo, a heartbeat tattoo rarely seems out of place.

The visuals as well as the sentimental value of this design is extremely relevant and meaningful, and cater to people of all ages. Since the artwork is also extremely adjustable, the pattern of this tattoo is always welcomed with open arms by every location available.

  Mom Name Tattoo

Mom name tattoo

Our mothers are our support systems. When we’re in despair, our mothers provide us with guidance. When we reach milestones in life, our mothers are always behind us.

While there’s plenty one can do to give back to everything that a mother sacrifices for her child, a great way to show appreciation could also be unlocked by tattooing the name of hers.

This tattoo shouldn’t be about fancy visuals or tacky designs, but should solely be about giving back the love one has for the backbone of each family. Even though the design should always be as simple as possible, the best possible location for this option is any area that the wearer is able to resonate with.

  Small Name Tattoo

Small name tattoo

Keeping it light is probably the best approach one can take up before getting a name tattoo. Since the name is all that the artwork needs to have, a small name tattoo can be great for novices.

The visuals can usually be amped up with fonts and soft pastel colors, but can also have a simpler impression with the help of an outline tattoo. The pattern is also extremely effortless to create, making the whole design time-friendly as well.

In regards to the placement, a small name tattoo looks welcome when obtained around the upper bicep. The small frame of the location pairs exceptionally well with the thin font that this variant brings to the table.

  Hand Name Tattoo

Hand name tattoo

The dimensions of a hand can very well be a good place to install a name tattoo. Each letter won’t look too massive or too small when placed on one of the sides, and can even cater to those that are minimalists because of its elegant appearance.

The font this tattoo contains could be rather darker and more prominent in contrast to that involved in the rest of the options, which is why this variant is one of the fan favorites. The visuals can also be enhanced by a tad bit with the incorporation of shapes into the final outwork for maximum benefits.

  Name Tattoo with Crown

Name tattoo with crown

A crown tattoo stands for loyalty, power, and strength. The symbolism of it in addition to its physical appearance can make a crown tattoo a great match for a name tattoo.

When obtained together, while the crown surely takes up the spotlight at first, the frames of it usually lead to the main attraction of the design; the name.

The image often consists of a monochromatic palette, but is also extremely adaptable to visually oriented patterns with loud colors.

When the placement is taken into account, this variant looks rather ideal when obtained around the wrist, forearm, or even the chest for an unparalleled outcome.

  Daughter Name Tattoo

Daughter name tattoo

Having a daughter is a blessing. Since they tend to be more family oriented as well as mature faster than any other gender, it’s always a gift to have them around.

While the love one has for their daughter can always be given back through the use of gifts, cards, and even by giving her a box of chocolate, many can take into consideration the features of this variant, which involves a name tattoo of no one but their daughters.

Similar to most name tattoos, this option is extremely versatile. It can be presented in various ways and showcased through the assistance of a nice color palette as well as by using a font that is just about as pleasant as a daughter’s presence in a family’s life.

  Ex Name Tattoo Cover Up

Ex name tattoo cover up

Dealing with a breakup could be extremely painful at times. Since tattoos of one’s beau are also extremely common in today’s world, having an ex’s tattoo is a scenario many people have been in.

Though many get them permanently removed, those that are seeking an easier solution can even consider this variant, which involves a cover up tattoo.

The name is often replaced with a sizable symbol that is usually picked by the users. However, it can also be replaced with an abstract piece of art as well, which can be great for those that are rather indecisive about the groundwork.

  Name Tattoo Style

Name tattoo style

The selling point about name tattoos isn’t the visual aspects of it. However, just like most tattoos, the way through which a name tattoo can be displayed is often open to change.

Featuring a word with a rather fancy font, this stylish variant is for those that prioritize the design just as much as the symbolism. The variant is extremely flexible and can be incorporated through the means of various types of fonts. However, for best results, perhaps keeping the image monochromatic will be a good idea.

  Chest Name Tattoo

Chest name tattoo

Even though less is more in the tattoo industry, a name tattoo is often subjective and can be worn as a sizable piece as well. Amongst all the options open for placement, the chest area is probably the most convenient one.

Containing loads of size as well as resilience, a name tattoo when placed on the chest won’t just look crystal clear, but will also give the wearer tons of room to explore their creativity.

The pattern of this entry can be given a pleasant effect through the incorporation of colors, but can also be displayed with neutral colors if bringing out the intricate details is a priority.

  Cross Name Tattoo

Cross name tattoo

A cross name tattoo is often associated with faith, and religion. However, many people also see it as a symbol of unconditional love, making it a perfect fit for a name tattoo.

Appearance-wise, this tattoo contains two components; the name itself, and the sketch of a cross. The cross is usually used as a frame for the name tattoo, and can also be adjusted and expanded as much as the wearer pleases.

This too has a color palette that is similar to classic tattoos, but that factor can usually be changed to meet the preference of the wearer.

  Boyfriend Name Tattoo

Boyfriend name tattoo

Name tattoos aren’t just about embracing the presence of your own existence, but can also be a good way to spice things up with your boyfriend.

Boyfriend name tattoos have been rather popular. Minimalistic in terms of details, partners believe that it’s the value of the relationship that tends to be the incentive for this variant.

While many obtain this tattoo in delicate areas such as the rib cage and above the ankle, plenty of them also pick the wrist as a convenient candidate due to the damage that location is able to withstand.

  Shoulder Name Tattoo 

Shoulder Name tattoo

The best part about name tattoos is how low maintenance it is and how effortless it is to install on the body. Moreover, due to how narrow they are in terms of appearance on most occasions, the rear deltoids can be an excellent choice for placement.

Compact in size, this shoulder tattoo is extremely tough due to the muscle tissues that are present, which can be a positive for beginners. The thick skin that makes up the area is also one of the most resilient parts of the human body, making it one of the least painful areas for obtaining a tattoo.

  Bracelet Name Tattoo

Bracelet name tattoo

The appearance of a bracelet can also come in handy when creating a name tattoo. The pattern of the accessory pairs rather well with any word, regardless of how lengthy the word might seem.

Additionally, while the drawing of the bracelet is meant for narrow yet lengthy parts of the body, one often seems to find contentment in this option when the artwork is placed on the wrist.

Furthermore, since this tattoo is relatively more complex and more adaptable, it brings to the table the option of adding multiple names at a time.

  Wife Name Tattoo

Wife name tattoo

Behind every successful man lies the guidance and support of a woman. Taking care of the family, preparing the food, looking out for their children on the regular, working a 9 to 5 are some of the various things that wives specialize in; which deserves to be celebrated.

Therefore, get a name tattoo, but of your partner. Add a frame around the name to make the layout more presentable. Add a series of vibrant colors too if required, and take pride in everything that she’s ever done for you by obtaining this tattoo.

  Son Name Tattoo

Sons name tattoo

A son is also the backbone of the family. He looks up to his parents for guidance, and mimics the mannerisms of both of them.

Having a son at the end of the day is nothing but a blessing, and even though words of encouragement, occasional gifts, and even hosting extravagant events will surely be enough for your son to feel appreciated, a more meaningful way to give back could be achieved through the use of this tattoo.

When getting this tattoo, on top of creating the name, you can add the symbol of his zodiac sign, or can even add a symbol that reveals one of his favorite activities in life.

  Husband Name Tattoo

Husband name tattoo

Surprising your husband can be a very easy task. However, to give him as well as yourself a gift that will last a lifetime, incorporate the name of your husband into a tattoo.

Commonly referred to as a husband name tattoo, the visuals of this variant are rather basic and easy to obtain. The artwork consists of only the name, but can also be changed in a visually favorable manner through the introduction of sharp edges and frames.

The placement of this tattoo is also fixed. Wearers of this tattoo usually find comfort within the dimensions of the forearm due to the length and girth it contains. However, many users also see the wrist and neck as enticing candidates.

  Name Tattoo Behind the Ear

Name tattoo behind ear

Those seeking a name tattoo that lacks volume can surely find contentment in this variation, which involves tattooing on the area behind the ear.

While the variant is extremely challenging to recreate, the simplicity of a name tattoo looks astonishing behind the ear. Any shade, particularly with dark undertones, can look amazing as a behind the ear name tattoo.

Additionally, if this variant seems too simple, one can always add micro tattoos of symbols associated with the name to increase the visuals as well as the sentimental value.

  Jesus Name Tattoo

Jesus name tattoo

A name tattoo can also allow a person to connect with their religion on another level. This variant in particular serves those that are followers and avid enthusiasts of Christianity.

On top of containing a favorable sketch, this tattoo contains multiple characteristics that can help the wearers in various ways.

For instance, due to the fact that it’s connected with Christianity, followers and believers of Jesus Christ can find peace, and serenity within the groundwork of this tattoo. The option can also work wonders during times of hardship and can act as a ray of light during the darkest hours.

  Finger Name Tattoo

Finger name tattoo

Unlike most entries on this list, this variant comes with multiple restrictions, but can be remarkable for plenty if taken into consideration.

A finger name tattoo can be obtained in one of two ways. It can be obtained on either one of the fingers, or can even be split into multiple sections and tattooed on all five of them.

The first option lacks visuals, but can be a painless way to unlock the benefits of a name tattoo. The font is also quite narrow, but has the elegance that plenty entries on this list lack.

Additionally, the second option involves printing each letter onto each finger. It can be good for those that want the name tattoo to look more noticeable from afar, as the final artwork is relatively larger than that involved in the former option.

  Angel Wings Name Tattoo

Angel wings name tattoo

Grieving with one’s loss can be very difficult. It often takes years to get a grip and recuperate from their absence, and although one can never truly replace the presence of another, a good way of holding up can be achieved if their name is tattooed alongside the pattern of angel wings.

While this option too is for the figurative value that it triggers, an angel wing name tattoo also attains brilliant visuals. Any kind of wing, no matter how big or small, looks quite elegant due to its structure. The color scheme of this artwork is often paired with a black and gray sketch, but can also be represented with neutral colors for a positive outcome.

  Feather Name Tattoo

Feather name tattoo

A feather tattoo represents feelings of trust, honor, and strength. The silhouettes of it aren’t just compatible with name tattoos, but the symbolism of it can be used to take an average name tattoo to another level.

Consisting of a pattern of a feather, this tattoo is extremely soothing in terms of appearance. The feather normally comprises a color that matches the aura of the name, but can also be showcased using dark, and deep neutral colors.

  Back Name Tattoo 

Back name tattoo

The circumference of a back can be rather beneficial if the name tattoo one is seeking contains a rather vivid artwork.

Since the back is plentiful and also just as tough when it comes to taking blows from a needle, this option is great for those that are artists as well as a compelling option for those that are seeking lenient procedures.

A benefit of this tattoo that separates it from the rest is how open minded it is. The name tattoo can be transformed with more micro tattoos if needed, which don’t necessarily need to be in sync with the name tattoo itself.

The font of the name can also be adjusted and displayed on a much larger scale, which is a requirement that a handful of locations can mimic.

  Girlfriend Name Tattoo 

Girlfriend name tattoo

While showering your girlfriend with compliments, going out on regular dates, and being affectionate will be more than enough to keep the spark of the relationship alive, you can even give back for all that your partner has done for you by creating this tattoo.

A girlfriend’s name tattoo is exactly what it sounds like. In addition to the title, this tattoo comes with a rather basic pattern. However, the pattern is anything but fixed, and can be transformed into something that looks just as good as it feels.

One of the major benefits of this variant is how flexible it is. Although many people typically resort to narrow areas, this variant can also be incorporated into a back tattoo.

  Arrow Name Tattoo 

Arrow name tattoo

A name tattoo can also be showcased through the means of delicate tools such as an arrow. The fine lined accessory can very well act as a supporting artwork to the name tattoo, and can be used to highlight the name if the title is placed in the center.

This tattoo is also extremely easy to create and involves the design of the sharp, pointy object in addition to one’s name. Even though the design comprises a colorless scheme, one can definitely introduce a different palette with a softer theme to upgrade the layout of the final draft.

  Name Tattoo On Thigh 

Name tattoo on thigh

Taking into consideration the amount of space it offers, one’s thigh can very well be used to pull off a name tattoo, especially if the illustration is complex to say the least.

Due to the size of the thigh, an artist can surely use it as a generous canvas. The artwork can involve just a print of the name, but can also be used to install various types of tattoos at one go.

In addition to the generous amount of area it attains, one’s thighs are perfect for placing a tattoo, especially if the user is vulnerable and not the biggest fanatic of pain.

  Dreamcatcher Name Tattoo 

Dreamcatcher name tattoo

The symbolism of a dreamcatcher is related to driving away bad luck and bringing in good fortune. Even though most people hang them on walls to keep evil spirits as well as unfortunate scenarios away, a dreamcatcher can also be incorporated into a name tattoo if one wants to look out for another.

In addition to bringing loads of fortune to one’s table, a dreamcatcher name tattoo also has the visuals that most variants don’t possess, and an aura that can attract the eyes of many. While a stencil tattoo is surely the best way to display this variant, light colors as well as loud ones can also be installed into the image for a more impactful impression.

  Collarbone Name Tattoo 

Collarbone name tattoo

Since the collarbone is very delicate to begin with, the decision of placing a name tattoo on the surface of that body part can very well be an excellent idea to go forward with.

In addition to looking neat and very much in place, the name tattoo will lack plenty of size, which could meet the cravings of those that are seeking subtle options.

The tattoo itself can also be adjusted and amplified through the means of more tattoos, which could be advantageous for those with unparalleled creative thinking abilities.

  Name Tattoo on Wrist 

Name tattoo on wrist

One of the reasons behind a name tattoo and its ever growing popularity lies behind its adaptability. Regardless of where it’s placed, a name tattoo will never lose its value nor the pleasant impression it carries; even if it’s incorporated into a wrist tattoo.

A drawback of this variant could be the lack of adjustments one can make to the final draft. Since the wrist itself comprises very little space, making changes to a name tattoo on the wrist could be hectic to carry out and might even result in a botched outcome.

  Leg Name Tattoo 

Leg name tattoo

A name tattoo can often be displayed in various ways, and can even be paired up with a portrait tattoo, especially if it’s installed as a leg tattoo.

Since the leg contains a massive canvas for the artwork, a portrait tattoo of the individual can also be sketched in addition to the name tattoo. The artwork can also be teamed up with frames for a neater and more presentable finish.

Additionally, just like most sizable parts of the body, the leg is extremely resilient to pain, which can be beneficial for those that are seeking a lenient procedure.

  Ankle Name Tattoo

Ankle name tattoo

There’s no place like the ankle if one is looking for sophistication, appeal, and elegance in their name tattoo. Any font as well as word can be transformed into an artwork with tons of sentimental value when installed as an ankle tattoo.

The design can also be paired with shapes for a more dramatic effect. One of the most popular shapes that often accompanies this variant is the shape of a heart. Since most name tattoos are obtained to display feelings of affection towards a loved one, the shape of a heart seems more than suitable for the occasion.

  Foot Name Tattoo

Foot name tattoo

While painful, a name tattoo can also be exceptionally presented through the means of a foot tattoo. The font can also be slightly bigger as opposed to most options, which is a feature that should definitely be taken into consideration.

In terms of appearance, the tattoo looks sublime. The letters look extremely clear, and can even be collaborated with shades of color to enhance the final outcome.

As mentioned earlier, this tattoo can be brutal to obtain due to how fragile one’s foot is on the regular. In fact, a foot tattoo is by far one of the least pleasant areas for a tattoo. However, the staggering results this variant comes with often makes up for the amount of pain it involves.

  Face Name Tattoo

Face name tattoo

Since creating a name tattoo is as easy as squeezing a lemon, an option that many often side with is a face name tattoo, which surprisingly brings loads of surprising advantages to the table.

One of the most intriguing features of a name tattoo on the face is the design’s ability to narrow down the shape of the wearer’s face. This characteristic often allows one’s jawline to look more prominent and their cheekbones more toned, and caters to those that have a round shaped face.

  Name Tattoo on Ribs

Name tattoo on ribs

In contrast to most tattoos, rib tattoos might rank a bit higher on the pain scale, but the outcome one receives is spectacular when a name tattoo is added into the mix.

Usually consisting of thin and small fonts, a name tattoo on the ribs can be a great option for minimalists. The color scheme typically comprises solid shades of neutral tones, but can also be replaced with a high-spirited hue for maximum benefits.

Since these tattoos are usually not open to the public eye, a rib tattoo tends to age rather well as opposed to most entries, which could be a good sign for those searching for an option that is low maintenance.

  Star Name Tattoo

Star name tattoo

The symbol of a star is associated with ambition, happiness, guidance, and hope. However, although many users obtain it for spiritual purposes, the symbol of a star can also be a compelling sidekick to a name tattoo.

Consisting of sharp ends and a pointy structure, a star tattoo is often used as a frame of the name tattoo. The shape not only attracts loads of attention from spectators, but also highlights the name tattoo in a rare way.

A great feature of this variant is the limitless amount of symbols it offers. Depending on the area of placement, one can add as many star name tattoos as they please.

  Roman Numerals Name Tattoo

Roman numerals name tattoo

Standing out with a name tattoo is usually extremely difficult due to how similar each pattern is to one another. However, tattoo enthusiasts can easily be the black sheep on purpose through this name tattoo, which contains roman numerals.

The numerals are typically the date of birth of the person involved in the name tattoo, but can also comprise the date of their passing. It’s a good tattoo for those that are trying to shower their soulmates with love, and for those that are grieving the loss of a loved one.

Furthermore, due to the lengthy nature of this option, a Roman numeral name tattoo should always be placed on the forearms or be minimized and placed around delicate areas for best results.

  Name Tattoo Under Breast

Name tattoo under breast

If getting a reserved tattoo is the main criteria, a name tattoo under one’s breast will surely meet one’s match.

Typically compact in terms of appearance, while this tattoo looks extremely easy on the eyes, it could be extremely difficult to create due to the narrowness of the area.

Additionally, the nerves around this option of placement are extremely vulnerable. Users might have to bear loads of pain when obtaining a name tattoo under the breast due to the amount of fat it lacks.

On the contrary, this tattoo blooms magnificently and rarely fades over time due to how reserved and covered it is on the regular.

  Name Tattoo Lower Back

Name tattoo lower back

Another convenient option for small name tattoos is the lower back tattoo, which is often staggering in terms of appearance.

The tattoo itself normally contains just the title, but can definitely be upgraded through the incorporation of multiple supporting micro tattoos around the main design. While floral patterns are usually picked to act as the sidekick, one can also pair it up with symbols of insects like butterflies to obtain desirable results.

  Watercolor Name Tattoo

Watercolor name tattoo

While color tattoos are often unnecessary when showcasing a name tattoo, a watercolor name tattoo can be perfect to cater to the preferences of those seeking a pattern similar to color tattoos.

The font is usually created by using darker shades of neutral colors, and then collaborated with a light sketch of high-spirited, solid colors of pastel to highlight the name and increase the appeal of the overall tattoo.

In regards to the area for placement, this tattoo looks great on wider areas that are usually exposed, like the hand or the back of the neck.

  Sunflower Name Tattoo

Sunflower name tattoo

 Although flower tattoos are potential partners to name tattoos on the regular, the only option that rises above on most occasions is a sunflower tattoo.

Due to its bright and pleasant color combination, a sunflower tattoo is a fan favorite. Users usually place the symbol adjacent to the name, mainly to allow each component to stand out in their own way.

Additionally, this tattoo is extremely malleable with the dimensions of any body part. Though most people prefer locations that are as exposed as the wrist, one can also obtain it as a back tattoo, leg tattoo, and a chest tattoo.

  Forearm Name Tattoo 

Forearm name tattoo

Seeking a tattoo that offers space for readjustments could be extremely important to some, and that requirement is exactly what the forearm name tattoo caters to!

Containing plenty of room and resilience in general, the forearm can’t just be used to install a name tattoo, but can also be utilized to create a name tattoo with multiple illustrations. The illustrations can consist of bits and pieces of the personality traits of the individual, or can even be of one solid color that you believe defines them.

Just like most bony areas of the body, the forearm is rather sensitive. To achieve the best possible results with zero drawbacks, users may take pain medication before getting a tattoo on their forearm.

More Name Tattoo Designs That Deserve Some Love!

Taking into account all the convincing features a name tattoo brings to the table, we would feel that it’d be wrong of us to enlist just 50 of the many options that one can look into. Therefore, to deal with that issue in a sensible manner, here is another list of name tattoos that you must skim through before visiting your tattoo artist!

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Name tattoo 144

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Name tattoo 155

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Name tattoo 157

Name tattoo 158

Name tattoo 159

Name tattoo 160

Frequently Asked Questions

Regardless of how easy a tattoo is to obtain; one should always carry out an adequate amount of research before going forward with their decision.

Moreover, while getting a name tattoo is extremely easy to implement, the procedure this variant involves is easier said than done. Those that have it figured out, kudos to you. However, if you’ve carried out zero research after making your decision and are too lazy to look it up now, we’ve got you covered!

Listed below are some of the most popular questions regarding name tattoos that are asked on the web. Make sure to read each section thoroughly to relieve all your worries!

Question: Where can I get a name tattoo?

Answer: As stated earlier, the ideal placement option for name tattoos doesn’t come with a handbook. While many prefer to install the design as a forearm tattoo or a wrist tattoo, those seeking a pattern with a sizable appearance can surely obtain the artwork as a chest tattoo.

Question: Are name tattoos a curse?

Answer: Not so long ago, a claim was made about name tattoos and how it acts as a curse for anyone that incorporates it. However, that statement is the farthest thing from reality. Name tattoos are solely used to spread love; and the remarks about it being a curse is a myth.

Additionally, this claim was also made on Valentine’s day, which further proves that the revelation was nothing but a harmless prank.

Question: Are name tattoos tacky?

Answer: Tattoos are used for self-expression, for boosting one’s confidence, and most importantly, for embracing individuality. Even though we live in a world where being judgemental is a constant, the tattoos that one modifies their body with should only matter to them.

In conclusion, just like any other tattoo, name tattoos too can come off as tacky to many individuals. However, how a spectator feels about an artwork shouldn’t matter to the wearer at the end of the day, since they’re just seeing the artwork; not the story.


Even though name tattoos often contain visuals that are usually unable to keep up with the groundwork of portrait, landscape, and color tattoos, this variant is unbeatable when the time-friendly nature of it is taken into account. Since the pattern is also extremely accessible, a name tattoo is a very safe way to kick start one’s tattoo journey and pay homage to someone.

Furthermore, before getting a name tattoo, make sure to provide the tattoo artist with a sufficient amount of instructions. Doing so will not just prevent you from receiving a botched procedure, but will also save you from a bad name tattoo; a scenario that is more common than it seems.

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