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30 Trendiest Heart Tattoos on Neck and Their Meanings

Neck tattoos look incredibly cool and badass when executed properly. Due to space constraints, people usually go for small, minimalistic tattoos for the neck area. The heart shape is unarguably the most popular choice for neck tattoos for the very same reason.

Heart tattoos are a craze right now and it’s not difficult to see why. It is, after all, the universal symbol of love and who doesn’t love to love?

Corny, much?

Never mind, there are many practical reasons as well behind the immense popularity of the humble heart shape. To begin with, it’s an easy shape to create and secondly, there’s no limit to the amount of creativity you can cram into a simple heart shape.

Need examples? Check out these 30 dope heart tattoos on your neck and see for yourself.

30 Coolest Heart Tattoos on Neck I Can Admire All Day

After scouring the web for hours and deeply analyzing the current trends, we have compiled a list of 30 heart tattoos on neck that are both trendy and timeless. Let’s dive in-

Red Heart Tattoo on Neck

red heart tattoo on neck

Red heart is the symbol of love and passion in almost every culture across the globe. It’s also one of the most widely recognized symbols of all time. A red heart tattoo with black border is perfect for someone who has an affinity for simple, minimalist tattoos with a deep meaning.

Delicate tattoos like these are also a good option for someone who is getting inked for the first time and is low-key afraid of the pain.

Letter Heart Tattoo on Neck

Letter heart tattoo on neck

Combining the initials of someone’s name with a heart tattoo on the neck is one of the grandest romantic gestures one can come up with.

Letter heart tattoos have gained hysterical popularity since the last decade and it’s not difficult to see why. I can’t think of a more heartfelt way to tell someone that they mean the world to you.

Even though it’s a fairly simple design, you can ask your tattoo artist to get super creative with the font and the style of incorporating the letter into the heart.

Pixel Heart Tattoo

Pixel heart tattoo on neck

This ’90s-inspired tattoo adds playfulness to a plain and simple heart tattoo. Pixelated designs remind us of the old-school video games and the beautiful memories associated with them.

Pixel heart tattoos on the neck are a quirky mix of hip and nerdy and can have a multitude of meanings which makes it a perfect design to dedicate to your romantic partner, best friend, or a beloved family member.

Three identical small heart shapes in the picture aren’t there just for the aesthetics. The three hearts represent your past, present, and future. And they fit snugly on the neck as well!

Family Heart Tattoo on Neck

Family heart tattoo on neck

Family heart tattoos are straight-up amazing and carry a rich symbolism of trust and affection. There are several ways to merge the word “Family” with the classic heart symbol.

The beauty of this design lies in its simplicity. It’s perfectly beautiful to look at as it is – ideal for someone looking for a no-frills, elegant tattoo.

Black Heart Tattoo on Neck

Black heart tattoo on neck

Black heart is a universal symbol of grief and mourning. It’s a pretty common design choice for people who want to commemorate a tragic event, particularly a death of a loved one.

Black heart also marks the end of a relationship. The addition of another symbol or a letter can be used for emphasizing the meaning of the classic symbol.

Leopard Heart Tattoo on Neck

Leopard heart tattoo on neck

The leopard print trend has made its way into modern tattoo culture as well. While it doesn’t carry any meaning as such, the exotic appeal of leopard print makes it one of the most widely chosen tattoo designs by women.

The tattoo needs a very small area to exude its magic and when executed properly, it looks sexy as hell, regardless of the outfit you are wearing.

Half Heart Tattoo on Neck

Half heart tattoo on neck

The murkier version of the universal symbol of love – a half heart or broken heart symbol typically represents loss of a loved one or unrequited love.

The inclusion of small details like a crack in the middle of the heart, blood droplets, a key piercing the heart can add even more meaning to the design.

Small Heart Tattoo on Neck

Small heart tattoo on neck

Simple, chic, and elegant – a small heart tattoo on the neck is a smart idea for someone who needs to hide the tattoo in the workplace.

If you are getting a tattoo for the first time and are secretly shit scared of the pain, a small heart shape might be the best way to ease yourself into it.

Broken Heart Tattoo on Neck

Broken heart tattoo on neck

Historically, daggers have been the weapon of choice for assassins. Therefore, the dagger through the heart often symbolizes a horrific betrayal and the terrible heartbreak followed by it.

The behind the ear placement of the tattoo sort of indicates that you should always listen to your heart.

Most individuals who get this tattoo are someone who wears their heart on the sleeve and needs a reminder of how they are much bigger than their trauma.

Anatomy Heart Tattoo on Neck

Anatomy heart tattoo on neck

Human heart is an incredibly complex organ filled with incredibly complex feelings. And what better way to give a tangible form to intangible human emotions than getting an anatomically-accurate heart tattoo?

Today’s tattoo artists have access to modern technology and techniques required to carve out a realistic miniature version of the human heart with valves and ventricles on the skin. An anatomy heart can carry an array of meanings such as love, friendship, essence and unity of life.

If you are thinking of cramming lots of details into a miniature anatomical heart on the neck, make sure to hire a tattoo artist who specializes in inking complex, hyper-realistic tattoos.

Blue Heart Tattoo on Neck

Blue heart tattoo on neck

A blue-hued heart celebrates duality. It can mean both burning passion and wistful longing for the loved one who is far away from you. It takes inspiration from the classic symbol of love and gives it a bluesy twist.

A blue heart tattoo necessarily doesn’t have to mean anything. It can be worn by anyone who wants a minimalistic tattoo that stands out easily.

Peace Heart Tattoo on Neck

Peace heart tattoo on neck

Peace heart tattoos are both inspirational and visually striking. The tattoo design became a hot trend in the ’60s, the era of counterculture and anti war protests. It was a time when political awareness was regarded as a civic duty in America.

It’s easily customizable with illustrative pieces to reflect a personality trait or emotion with a wide array of templates and colors. Some tattoos require the use of colors while some can recite a story merely with a black ink.

Empty Heart Tattoo on Neck

Empty heart tattoo on neck

Who knew a simple, two-dimensional outline of heart shape could articulate a gamut of emotions so beautifully? Empty black heart tattoos are often associated with a great loss and sadness for the bearer of the tattoo.

Although an empty heart also carries the connotation of lack of feelings or life without meaning, every human, by their very nature, strives for meaning. An empty heart tattoo on the neck may not have such a deep, convoluted meaning attached to it.

It’s one of the simplest, easiest tattoos to create and therefore, is a feasible choice for beginners.

Traditional Heart Tattoo on Neck

Traditional heart tattoo on neck

This impeccably detailed heart tattoo symbolizes a harsh truth, that is – even though love is beautiful, it can get extremely complicated. The symphony of bold colors, floral patterns, and an incredibly detailed sword piercing the heart creates an awe-inspiring body art that’s sure to turn heads.

Mind you that the tattoo wraps the area below the ear which is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. Forming up a large-scale, intricate design in this area is going to be a time-consuming affair.

If you are getting inked for the very first time, I’d suggest you stick to something more simple.

Infinity Heart Tattoo on Neck

Infinity heart tattoo on neck

In mathematics, the infinity symbol signifies a never-ending loop. In the tattoo world, it is the metaphor for eternity. The medley of infinity and heart symbol can mean a lot of things such as everlasting commitment or limitless love.

It’s one of the most romantic tattoo designs out there and therefore, is a great idea for couples thinking of getting a matching tattoo to celebrate their deep connection and undying love for each other.

Ribbon Heart Tattoo on Neck

Ribbon heart tattoo on neck

Heart with a ribbon wrapped around it often symbolizes gratitude. The inclusion of the word “grandma” and her date of birth and date circumscribing the heart signifies gratitude and appreciation for the beloved nonna who has passed away.

The design can be your inspiration for a tasteful remembrance tattoo to honor the memory of a loved one long gone.

Tiny Heart Tattoo on Neck

Tiny heart tattoo on neck

Getting a tiny red heart tattoo can be a wonderful tribute to your romantic partner. It’s also ideal for couples, siblings, or friends planning to get matching tattoos. On the flipside, a small black heart tattoo also represents loss and heartache which makes it a popular memorial tattoo design.

Sunset Heart Tattoo on Neck

Sunset heart tattoo on neck

Sunset has different connotations in different cultures but it’s most commonly associated with the end of a significant period of life which opens up the door to a new beginning. It can also symbolize the essence of life or the completion of the cycle of life.

This remarkable sunset heart tattoo could mean that the individual has finally found peace and light after a dark period of their life. The inclusion of the airplane symbol adds another layer of meaning to the design as the airplane is a well-known symbol of adventure.

The design, as a whole, is a heart-warming medley of poignance and cheerfulness. A brilliant choice of tattoo for all the adventurous, rebellious souls out there.

Tribal Heart Tattoo on Neck

Tribal heart tattoo on neck

Tribal heart tattoos are one of the oldest and most adopted tattoo designs of all time. It was at the height of popularity in the ’90s and I couldn’t be more glad that the trend is back (with a loud bang).

The abstract forms and solid colors used in tribal motifs add an astounding amount of  sharpness and dimension to an otherwise simple design.

Watermark Heart Tattoo on Neck

Watermark heart tattoo on neck

An elaborate abstract artwork on the neck is not for the faint of heart. The burst of bright colors and intricate patterns take hours to perfect. It’s a good option if you are looking for a design that’s fun, wild, something that’ll get you instantly noticed.

You can obtain a wide array of stunning effects with the creative placement color splatter and shading.

Sacred Heart Tattoo on Neck

Sacred heart tattoo on neck

In Roman Catholicism, the sacred heart imagery has been depicted as the symbol of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and love for humanity. The heart alludes to the divine love of Christ while the crown of thorn, sword, and blood signify Jesus’ death.

If you are looking for a stellar piece of art to engrave on your skin in an effort to celebrate your faith and devotion, the sacred heart symbol could be something to draw major inspiration from.

Heart Tattoo with Bird on Neck

heart tattoo on neck with bird

Bird symbol is often inked by people who want to express their “free as a bird” side. Birds are a strong metaphor for freedom as well as the fleeting nature of life and the connection between different worlds and realities.

Many cultures also interpret it as a symbol of spirituality and peace. Although there are several ways to merge the bird imagery with the heart symbol, these tattoos, in general, exude a sense of freedom.

Anchor Heart Tattoo on Side Neck

Anchor heart tattoo on side neck

This design is a thrilling artistic depiction of three things – love (heart), faith (cross), and hope (anchor). People frequently include the anchor symbol with other symbols like heart, cross, bird, initials or quote to create a design that reflects a personality trait, emotional state, or marks a significant event of their lives.

King of Heart Tattoo on Neck

King of heart tattoo on neck

Many couples get king and queen of heart tattoos to express mutual love and commitment. Some men get this tattoo simply to express their undying love for card games. Then there are men who are allured by the regality of the motif.

It’s one of the strongest cards in the deck and therefore, engraving the symbol could be perceived as a display of strength. Those who are familiar with the history of the king of hearts would know that the king in this symbol is Charles, aka the suicide king.

While some people might liken the king of hearts to insanity, most people who get this tattoo associate it with positive emotions like love and devotion.

Flame Heart Tattoo on Neck

Flame heart tattoo on neck

The flaming heart shape is a strong metaphor for burning passion, whether it’s for your romantic partner or a hobby. The design is sure to fetch you instant attention.

You can jazz up the design with the initials of your loved one or an inspiring quote for a prominent personal touch.

Bleeding Heart Tattoo on Neck

Bleeding heart tattoo on neck

A bleeding heart alludes to broken heart, rejected love, or a sense of betrayal. Some individuals who get this tattoo do it as a grand romantic gesture as well.

The bleeding heart image can also be an apt tattoo for individuals who want to express concern and sympathy for the less fortunate.

Wings Heart Tattoo on Neck

Wings heart tattoo on neck

A heart with angel wings wrapped around is a very common theme for RIP or memorial tattoos. The two elements combine eternal love and commitment with a deep sense of grief and loss. Wings are also symbolic of freedom or protection.

Engraving this symbol on the neck would indicate that the bearer is a free-spirited person, someone who likes to live their life on their own terms.

Heart Shape with Music Note Tattoo

Heart shape with music note

Abstract heart-shaped music note tattoos would be an awesome way to display your mad love and passion for music. It could also be done in honor of someone who believes that music is the best thing on this planet (which is a fact). There are plenty of ways to customize the template in a way that speaks to you.

Heart Lock and Key Tattoo on Neck

Heart key and lock tattoo on neck

The meaning of the lock and key symbol is very much open to interpretation. Different people choose this image to ink on their bodies for different reasons. It could represent something/someone very close to your heart, especially if the initial of a person’s name is embossed inside the heart.

Lock with the key inserted and turning could also mark change or a beginning of a new chapter of your life. The tattoo is equally popular among both men and women, especially couples who want to celebrate their newfound love.

Feminist Heart Tattoo

Feminist heart tattoo on neck

The No Means No heart tattoo is a tight slap in the face of age-old patriarchy. The famous anti-rape slogan combined with the heart tattoo can be deemed as a symbolic protest as violence against women. Black ink is usually the go-to choice of color for such fierce feminist tattoos with a strong message.


Hope this curated list of my top 30 heart tattoo designs gave you all the inspiration and ideas you needed to plan your next inking adventure.

Heart tattoos are one of the most flexible tattoo designs to ever exist which makes it a great choice for both first-time inkers as well as aficionados with multiple markings.

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