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Heart Shaped Nipple Tattoo Designs For Turning Over A New Leaf

Heart shaped nipple tattoos have been a trend for quite some time now. While the procedure is understandably complex, we believe that it’s an excellent body modification; not only because of the endless amount of designs that could be implemented, but also because of how beautiful the purpose of them are.

Today’s article will comprise everything one needs to know about heart shaped nipple tattoos. Apart from revealing the meaning they tend to carry, we will be mentioning a series of designs that could be recreated by those that are planning to get their own version of the heart shaped nipple tattoo.

The following segments will contain a deep rewind behind its meaning and purpose, while the latter will include what one should do before, during, and after getting a heart shaped nipple tattoo. TIll then, we truly hope you stick around and enjoy learning more about the tattoo that not only has exceptional visuals, but is also a source of invincible comfortability. Keep reading to find out why.

The Heartwarming Purpose of Heart Shaped Nipple Tattoos

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While the design itself can vary and presents a candidate with multiple designs, heart shaped nipple tattoos entered the tattoo industry for one thing and one thing only; helping survivors of cancer.

Battling with cancer isn’t easy. It drains one out physically just as much as it hampers them mentally, which can lead the victims to entering a dark place. The strength it requires for one to overcome the effects of cancer is immense, and their battles deserve acknowledgement and celebration. While loads of them obtain that by installing an artwork on their existing scars, a majority of them believe this method gets in the way of achieving self contentment.

Furthemore, even though the initial purpose is definitely one of the reasons why heart warming tattoos are receiving this positive reception, another reason is solely due to the edginess it adds to one’s appearance.

From showcasing artwork with a monochrome palette to a design that contains flattering silhouettes, one can implement any tattoo as a heart shaped nipple tattoo without having to worry about the visual aspect that it brings to the table.

Heart Shaped Nipple Tattoo Ideas On The Trend This Year

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Now that you have a better understanding of why people usually install such a delicate tattoo to their body, it would only be fair if we present you with a series of tattoo ideas for inspiration. Listed below are not only the best designs you can recreate, but also the most versatile artwork that will look good in any way, shape, or form.

Is it easy to get a heart shaped nipple tattoo? Things to consider before getting a heart shaped nipple tattoo

Nothing’s as easy as it seems. Similarly, if you’re planning on getting your own heart shaped nipple tattoo, there’s a list of things you should definitely do and a series of things you must avoid to achieve the best case scenario with zero consequences. From placing your trust in the right surgeon to removing every accessory around the areola, here are things you need to look out for before making your next tattoo appointment.

  • Take your time

If you’ve just gotten a mastectomy, give yourself an ample amount of time to recover. Ideally, you should only go through with the tattoo once the areola recuperates fully, which tends to take around 2-3 months at most. Remember to prioritize yourself and listen to your body before finalizing your decision of getting a heart shaped nipple tattoo.

  • Clean the area beforehand

On the day of the appointment, make sure to bathe properly and clean the area thoroughly. Buildup of dirt will not only make it difficult for the tattoo artist or the surgeon to create the tattoo, but also increase the chances of infection and cuts, which is far from pleasant.

  • Place your trust in the right people

Whether you’re getting a 3D tattoo or achieving it through nipple grafting, it is important to look into the source. The person implementing this body modification must be experienced enough to give you the best results, and aware enough to minimize the side effects of it.

In addition to the experience, make sure they have knowledge on the equipment, and the method that they implement for installing the tattoo. To play it safe, you may reach out to people who have previously gotten a heart shaped nipple tattoo. Doing so will allow you to have more specialists to seek out to as well as receive some words of motivation.

  • Consider your budget

Perhaps the most important factor before you get your heart shaped nipple tattoo is the amount you’re willing to spend.

For instance, those working around a tight budget should definitely get a 3D tattoo. While it is remarkably painful, 3D tattoos are relatively cheaper than the other two methods. In addition to the affordability, 3D tattoos contain the best visuals. The tattoo pen used for 3D tattoos is effective enough to give the artwork a realistic appearance.

On the other hand, if your budget is somewhat lenient, you may take into account nipple grafting. This process involves removing tissues from one part of the body and placing it over the areola. While it costs a whopping amount of $2000 on an average, the procedure itself is very reliable. The area tends to heal within 3 weeks, but can also last for longer if one’s skin is fragile.

Lastly, if you just want to get a nipple tattoo in the heat of the moment but also want to spare yourself from the painful procedure it includes, you can even obtain the tattoo on prosthetic nipples. The prosthetic nipple will not only relieve you from the brutal tattooing process, but is a procedure that also happens to be temporary, which can come in handy if you ever were to lose interest in the artwork.

Is a heart shaped tattoo painful? The Dealbreaker of Heart Shaped Nipple Tattoos

No one can take away the delicacy of the area or how beautiful a heart shaped tattoo looks on one’s nipples. However, due to the sensitivity of the area, many avoid carrying out such body modifications.

The areola is known to be one of the most sensitive areas of the human body. In fact, it is so fragile that small factors such as tight clothing can infect or even irritate the surface of the areola.

Additionally, once the modification has been made, the areola tends to stay sore for months due to the imbraision that the equipment tends to cause. There may also be a change in the color of one’s nipples, which might stick around for 2 weeks at most.

In order to soothe the pain and relieve oneself from it, one might need to incorporate the use of over the counter ointments as well as home remedies that are as gentle as the aloe vera. You may also take painkillers, but only if the doctor or tattoo artist recommends you to do so.

Why are my nipples still sore? When to seek a doctor after getting a heart shaped nipple tattoo

While soreness is common for those that get heart shaped nipple tattoos, one should definitely seek help from a specialist if the pain still exists after 12 weeks. While it isn’t out of the ordinary for the discomfort to last for longer periods of time, it is always better to visit a doctor and get the area checked for underlying diseases such as cancer.

In addition to the soreness, you should seek help immediately if your area is infected. Doing so will not only resolve the issue, but also enable you to get access to the safest way possible.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, keep an eye on your body temperature, endurance, and physical health. If you have symptoms such as fever, and feel worn out or extremely weak, there’s a chance that your new body modification is playing a huge role behind the issue. Get in contact with a doctor so that they can provide you with the right kind of medication to enable proper recovery.

Overall Verdict

All in all, while we wholeheartedly support the symbolism and purpose of heart shaped nipple tattoos, we also believe that it is an extremely complex form of art. If you’re kickstarting a new chapter or even supporting a friend, getting it will surely be worth the pain and price. If you’re doing it for the sake of hopping on the bandwagon, however, perhaps you should reconsider.

Heart shaped tattoos hurt. The blunt trauma of tattooing the areola can last for weeks and even months if it’s done with shoddy equipment.

Not only does it come with an unbearably painful procedure, but the artwork tends to fade over time as well as change shape as people grow older.

It is also extremely costly, which can definitely leave a dent on your savings. This is due to the fact that one needs to seek the help of a specialist as well as an experienced tattoo artist to achieve the best results. The artist might also have to use special ink pens to create the tattoo, which could add to the already expensive cost of the whole procedure.

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