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31 Splendid Negative Space Tattoo Designs To Get This Year

The Negative space tattoo is a unique tattoo design that uses blank space to create an image. This design uses the skin as a background for the main design of the tattoo. Unlike traditional tattoos where you would fill up a design with ink, this tattoo instead fills up the skin and leaves the tattoo design empty to create a negative space effect.

The design is often kept partially or fully unfinished to fill up the spaces outside of the tattoo. This gives the tattoo an incredibly distinct look that you cannot get from a traditional tattoo design.

The negative space tattoo effect is becoming increasingly popular among young tattoo enthusiasts because of its cool contrast and bold design.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most trending negative space tattoos that we have seen done over the years so that you can get some idea of what designs to choose for your own tattoo.

So, let’s get started.

What Designs Can Be Turned Into A Negative Space Tattoo?

There are endless possibilities if you want to do a negative space tattoo. Many of the traditional tattoo designs can be turned into negative space tattoos.

You can do silhouettes, floral patterns, and geometric shapes and turn them into negative space tattoos to stand out from the crowd.

Some Amazing Negative Space Tattoo Ideas To Flaunt

As we have said, there are literally endless possibilities when it comes to negative tattoo ideas. If you have an idea, there is probably a negative space tattoo for that.

If you are looking into ideas to do a negative space tattoo, there are many out there. But in this article, we have gathered some of the most impressive negative tattoo ideas for you to check out.

Here we go.

Negative Space Blackout Tattoo

Negative Space Blackout Tattoo


The blackout is a very popular style if you are doing a negative space tattoo. It is bold and it is dramatic and you can make a statement with a blackout negative space tattoo. You can fill a large area with black ink and leave the design unfilled to create negative space.

This is a very good idea if you are to cover up scars. You can customize the design with elements like geometric shapes and portraits among others. You can also do this tattoo design on the sleeve or chest to make the most out of the tattoo.

Negative Space Tattoo Fillers

Negative Space Tattoo Fillers


The negative space tattoo fillers have a similar concept to the blackout tattoo. The primary idea is the same as you fill up a large area with black ink and leaving a design uncovered to create the negative space. But, this is especially done to fill up older tattoos that you may not want.

This is a very interesting way to cover up older tattoos without removing them. You can use lines and patterns to create an illusion of texture in the negative space. This gives your tattoo a unique look and adds a personalized flair to your tattoo.

Negative Space Sleeve Tattoo

Negative Space Sleeve Tattoo 1


Negative Space Sleeve Tattoo 2


If you are looking to make a statement with a bold tattoo design, then you cannot go wrong with the negative space sleeve tattoo. This tattoo is done on one of the most visible spaces on your body and can be extended to your arms, shoulders, or back depending on how long the tattoo is.

This tattoo can be customized to your unique taste with elements like abstract or floral designs that reflect your personality best. You can add some geometric shapes and patterns to give the tattoo more depth.

Negative Space Cross Tattoos

Negative Space Cross Tattoos


The negative space cross tattoo is a great way to creatively express your faith. This design involves creating a cross through a negative space inking the surrounding space of the cross with black ink.

You can customize the tattoo with other elements like flowers or patterns to make it more personal. The best place to do the tattoo is on your chest, or the visible parts of your body like the forearms.

Blackwork Negative Space Tattoo

Blackwork Negative Space Tattoo 1

Blackwork Negative Space Tattoo 2


Similar to the blackout tattoo, the blackwork negative space tattoo also uses black ink to completely bring out negative space. The use of solid black ink creates a stunning contrast with the design inside the negative space.

You can customize the tattoo in any way you like. The most interesting and unique designs we have seen so far included animals and symbols in the negative space.

The most preferable placement for the tattoo would be on your arms, sleeves, and legs. But you can do the tattoo anywhere on the body depending on your choice.

Geometric Negative Space Tattoo

Geometric Negative Space Tattoo


The geometric negative tattoo, as its name suggests, includes geometric shapes in a negative space on the body. Negative space is a great way to make geometric tattoos pop. This tattoo design looks modern and is visually very stunning.

The shapes in a geometric pattern look awesome with the negative space and you can use any shape to make the tattoo more personal. You can add mandalas, triangles, and circles to spice up the design further.

Negative Space Lettering Tattoo

Negative Space Lettering Tattoo 1


Negative Space Lettering Tattoo 2

The negative space lettering tattoos are some of the most common tattoo designs. If you would like to permanently write a name or quote on your body, you can use the negative space effect to stand out from traditional tattoos.

You can add these tattoos anywhere you like. But, the visible places on the body are more appropriate for this type of tattoo design.

Negative Space Elbow Tattoos

Negative Space Elbow Tattoos


The elbow is an eccentric place to do a negative space tattoo. Popular designs on the elbow include patterns, mandalas, and animals. But you can always customize the tattoo to your liking.

But be aware of the pain level of an elbow tattoo as doing a negative space tattoo may be painful on the elbow. Due to the unique curvature of the tattoo, this tattoo is also very challenging.

Negative Space Forest Tattoo

Negative Space Forest Tattoo


This tattoo design features a forest drawn in a negative space. If you are someone who loves nature, you can go for this design. You can add leaves, animals, and birds in creative ways with this design.

This tattoo is best shown on your shoulder, arms, and forearms depending on the size of the tattoo.

Negative Space Flower Tattoo

Negative Space Flower Tattoo


This is another tattoo for nature lovers, if you are looking to do a birth flower tattoo but want to see it in a negative space to add that personal touch to the tattoo, you can get this tattoo done. This is a very popular feminine tattoo incorporating a light design.

The delicate representation of a flower along with the dark contrast of the negative space makes the flower highlights the natural beauty of the flower. You can do different types of flowers including roses, lotuses, daisies, or even violet flowers.

Forearm Negative Space Tattoo

Forearm Negative Space Tattoo


One of the best negative space tattoo placements would be the forearm due to its visibility. If you want to make a bold statement with a catchy design, you can go ahead with this idea.

With a big workspace, you can add different elements including patterns, floral designs, and mandalas in the tattoo.

Negative Space Name Tattoo

Negative Space Name Tattoo


If you are looking into doing a name tattoo, the negative space style would be a great way to highlight the name. You can always customize the design with different scripts and cursive styles to make the tattoo more unique to yourself.

Negative Space Galaxy Tattoo

Negative Space Galaxy Tattoo


Although extremely difficult to pull off, the galaxy tattoo would look phenomenal in a negative space style. The tattoo, customized with realistic or abstract elements like space rocks and planets, would be an amazing design for those who love space.

But, to pull this off, you would need a talented tattoo artist who can translate your design into reality.

Small negative space tattoo

Small negative space tattoo


The small negative space tattoo is a very cute-looking tattoo that you can do anywhere on the body. The most popular spaces for this small tattoo would be on the ankle, wrists, and underboobs.

Negative Space Armband Tattoo

Negative Space Armband Tattoo


An armband is a small place, where you can do a negative space tattoo with some contrast. But these tattoos are some of the most amazing negative space tattoos we have seen. You can get very creative with the armband design.

Negative Space Skull Tattoo

Negative Space Skull Tattoo 1


Negative Space Skull Tattoo 2

This is a fierce design incorporating a skull in a negative space. If you want to make a statement and want to portray a fierce and provoking nature, you can go for this tattoo design.

Negative Space Moon Tattoo

Negative Space Moon Tattoo


This tattoo design is very cute as it has a moon in the center of negative space. But its cuteness doesn’t undermine the effort it takes to pull this off. You can do a very realistic-looking moon with the negative space design or you can just go for something abstract.

Negative Space Butterfly Tattoo

Negative Space Butterfly Tattoo


If you want to convert a Butterfly design into a negative space tattoo, you would be amazed to see the results. The butterfly design with other optional elements can be turned into a negative space design and be placed on the thigh, arms, and shoulders.

Negative Space Number Tattoo

Negative Space Number Tattoo


You can create numbers with negative spaces tattoos too. You can add some numbers that are important to you, or add a date that you want to memorize with a negative space style.

Negative Space Dragon Tattoo

Negative Space Dragon Tattoo


You can also add a dragon tattoo and convert it to a negative space tattoo style to soothe your style. But, be aware. Although visually striking, this design is incredibly hard to pull off.

Negative Space Japanese Tattoo

Negative Space Japanese Tattoo


The negative space Japanese tattoo shows off Japanese elements done in the Japanese art style in a negative space. You can do this tattoo to show off your love for Japanese culture.

Negative Space Mandala Tattoo

Negative Space Mandala Tattoo 1


Negative Space Mandala Tattoo 2


Mandalas look awesome in the negative space style due to their unique look. If you have a thing for patterns and mandalas, then this tattoo is definitely for you.

Negative Space Rose Tattoo

Negative Space Rose Tattoo


Tired of boring old Black Rose tattoo designs? Then you can do the opposite and do a rose tattoo in a negative space to show off the beautiful contrast of a negative space with the beauty of a rose.

Negative Space Spider Web Tattoo

Negative Space Spider Web Tattoo

If you love spider web tattoo designs, you will love the negative space spiderweb tattoos. These tattoos preserve the spookiness but add to the flair of the spider web tattoos.

Negative Space Owl Tattoo

Negative Space Owl Tattoo 1


Negative Space Owl Tattoo 2


Finally, the owl tattoo in a negative space features an owl in a negative space in a spooky way. This is a perfect tattoo for Halloween as it shows the natural look of an owl in a terrifying way.

How to Create the Perfect Negative Space Tattoo

Here is a video showing you the process of doing a negative space tattoo. To create the negative space, the tattoo artist will draw the design out first with just the outlines with a fine line needle.

Then, as you can see in the video, a broader needle is used to fill up the outside of the outlines with solid black colors to create the negative space. This perfectly represents what you’ll get if you want a negative space tattoo.


Although we have discussed several aspects of negative space tattoos, you still might have some questions unanswered. Here we have some frequently asked questions that we have got over the years about negative space tattoos and have answered them for you.

Q: Can all tattoos be turned into negative space tattoos?

Answer: No. Not all designs can be turned into a negative space tattoo. Your design must have areas in between them to create the negative space effect.

Q: How long do negative space tattoos last?

Answer: The answer is pretty simple, the negative space tattoos last as long as your regular tattoo would last depending on the location, ink, and the aftercare that is taken for the tattoo.

Q: Are negative space tattoos more painful?

Answer: The answer is no. Negative space tattoos are similarly painful to regular tattoos. The pain level depends on the location of the tattoo on your body.


To finish up this article, there are a lot of tattoo ideas for negative space tattoos thanks to the stunning look it provides to the wearer. The tattoo design provides ample contrasts with a good depth of field and makes you stand out from other tattoo designs out there.

In this article, we have shown you several tattoo designs and placement ideas that you can use get for your skin. But, if you want to get creative, there’s always that option so you can go ham on the design. But, make sure to choose a talented artist for this tattoo design as negative space tattoos require immense skills and a good chunk of time.

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