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65 Stunning Fear God Tattoo Ideas: Symbol of Faith on Your Skin

There are many ways to express, honor, and celebrate your faith. As a body art connoisseur, religion-themed tattoos speak the most to me.

Fear God tattoos paired with other religious symbols have a widely adopted tattoo theme for decades, not just among the ardent believers.

These aesthetically superlative tattoos have been worn by many individuals who don’t harbor conventional religious beliefs. In today’s article, I have grouped together 65 sublime Fear God tattoos to inspire your next (or first) inking adventure.

What Does Fear God Tattoos Symbolize?

Proverbs 1:7 – “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction”. To A believer, the fear of God is fundamental to attaining true wisdom.

For those who choose to get the “Fear of God” tattoo, the “fear” is a sign of reverence and submission to the highest power and not the fear of God’s wrath and eternal damnation.

The fear, to a believer, is an incentive to avoid the temptation to sin and follow the path of righteousness. The belief that fear is fundamental to faith isn’t constricted to Christianity.

Fearing God out of reverence comes naturally to many individuals, irrespective of their religious affiliation.

You can honor your faith and at the same time, make a bold statement with a “Fear God” tattoo by combining the ancient symbol with other pertinent symbols like angel wings, cross, fire, or a Bible verse.

These tattoos are often bold and flamboyant. Chest, shoulders, and arms are the most common choices of canvas for such elaborate body art.

Line work, whip shading, and a melange of bold pigments are used to add oomph and drama to the design.

65 Finest Fear God Tattoos Through the Years

“Fear God” is a phrase that signifies reverence to the almighty. It’s a fear fuelled by respect and love for the lord. This powerful phrase can be customized precisely to your liking using a host of inking techniques.

Below are 65 creative Fear God tattoo design ideas to help you come up with a design statement of your own –

Fear God Tattoo on Forearm

Wide, muscular forearms are arguably one of the best placements for tattoo lettering. Fear God tattoo on the forearm is a bold design statement that reflects the core religious beliefs and stellar aesthetic sense of the wearer.

These tattoos almost always use pitch black pigment with crisp lines, stylish fonts, and extensive shading to make the design stand out.

If you are going for an elaborate design, consider elevating the design with a cross, gates of heaven, floral motifs, birds, heart shape or an ecstatic combination of them all. Come on, the world is your oyster!

Fear God Tattoo on Bicep

If you are thinking of tattooing this powerful phrase on your bicep, I would say go for it as long as you have gained enough muscle. A lot of people are worried about the tattoo getting distorted as you gain or lose muscle over the years.

The thing is, no one will notice the difference unless you put on or lose tons of muscles. With progressive overload and a balanced diet, you don’t have to worry about losing muscle mass anytime soon.

Another benefit to getting a Fear God tattoo on your arm is that you can easily cover it up or display it by dressing up accordingly.

On the downside, bicep tattoos hurt, like, A LOT. If you think you can push through the pain, don’t let anything else stop you.

The characteristic red and black theme of bicep Fear God tattoos creates a bold and defined look and at the same time, enhances the overall appearance of sculpted biceps.

Only Fear God Tattoo

Manifest the reverential fear of lord and your deep personal relationship with Him on your skin. It’s the simplest form of lettering tattoo on this list, making it a terrific choice for beginners.

Bold pigments can be added to create a strikingly contrasting appearance.

Only Fear God tattoo Sharp edge fonts are a go-to choice to evoke a sense of awe and reverence.

Fear God Tattoo on Chest

A lot of people (especially women, if that’s important) find men with chest tattoos hot, dominant and aggressive, in a good way, of course.

It’s one of the most attractive locations for large-scale Fear God tattoos due the wide canvas and taut surface, which makes the job a bit easier for the tattoo artist.

With a chest tattoo design, you can be as creative as you want without having to worry about distortion anytime soon, unlike arm tattoos.

Also, the only time your tattoo will be on display is when you are shirtless. If conspicuous religious tattoos are not your thing, you can definitely consider this placement for your Fear God tattoo.

In such instances, the Fear God phrase is just a part of an elaborate biblical tattoo with Bible quotes and correlated symbols like the cross.

Cross necklace tattoo around the neck, extending all the way to the chest is one of the most popular pairings with OFG lettering. Dove, which is a symbol of God’s will, harmony, and peace are also frequently added in such designs to strengthen the message.

Fear No Man but God Tattoo

Fear No Man but God tattoo is inspired by the verse Matthew 10:28 in the New Testament.

“Fear God” tattoos across the chest reflects the core beliefs of Christianity. It simply means you don’t have to fear temporal punishments as it can only destroy your body but not your soul. But God can destroy both with eternal fire, if he wills.

The tattoo is worn as a sign of awe and submission to the almighty. It acts as an edgy, distinct style statement for those who are not afraid to be themselves and take risks in life. Enlarged and extremely detailed cross symbols can often paired with this lettering to amplify the impact of the artwork.

Lil Wayne Fear God Tattoo

Lil Wayne fear god tattoo

Rap star Lil Wayne stirred a wave with Fear God eyelid tattoo. Eyelids, apart from being the warehouse of 9 major cranial nerves, have an incredibly delicate skin. Tattooing on an area so fragile requires an incredibly light touch and control over pressure and movement.

Lil Wayne is admittedly an ardent believer and his newest bodywork is a testament to his faith. If his tattoo is inspiring to get one on your eyelids too, I’d suggest thinking long and hard about it instead of jumping the gun.

Get in touch with a tattoo artist who specializes in working over such ultra-fragile areas and don’t overestimate your pain threshold.

When executed to perfection, the eyelid Fear God tattoo can make you the center of attraction wherever you go, as it’s one of the most easily visible areas of the body and it takes some nerve (get the pun?) to pull off something like this.

Fear None but God Tattoo

Bible verses about fear are one of the most commonly chosen themes of religious tattoos. “Fear None but God” delivers the most profound message about courage and faith.

The lettering work is mostly done on the chest using black ink. Meticulous shading effects like stipple shading and whip shading are commonly used for a dramatic effect.

If you wish to keep your tattoo simple but impactful, minus all the frills, this is something you might want to consider. Alternatively, you can pair up the phrase with heaven gate or dove imagery to craft an elaborate statement tattoo.

Fear God Tattoo on Wrist

Some ancient cultures used to believe that the wrist exudes strong, spiritual energy. Therefore, it is the ultimate spot to ink a quote or symbol that is of immense significance to the wearer.

Any art work on the wrist will naturally get easy visibility, making it an excellent placement for such meaningful inkings.

Even though getting a tattoo on the wrist is probably going to hurt a shitton, it shouldn’t deter you from taking the plunge, if you really think you are ready for it.

Fear God Tattoo on Back

Fear God Tattoos on the back are irresistibly masculine and a great choice for someone who would like to keep the tattoo discreet. Back is another brilliant canvas for displaying large, painstakingly detailed art works.

Sharp fonts are the usual choice of font for the lettering to elicit a sense of fear. It also helps to greatly draw attention to the curvature of the back, bringing a sharp, symmetrical balance to the design.

Fear God Tattoo on Neck

Neck is one of the most fragile spots to ink a tattoo. Therefore, only a symbol or line that is the closest to your heart should be engraved on this spot. If you are thinking of utilizing a space that will offer prime visibility to your tattoo, the neck might be an excellent option.

Neck Fear God tattoo can be easily extended to the spot behind the ear to create a super attractive, mean-looking design.

Fear God Tattoo on Hand

Hands are easily the most easily visible area on the body, making it an obvious choice of canvas for displaying meaningful tattoos. Fear and God are individually inked on both hands with black ink.

Although you can take the experimental route and build layer upon layer of meanings with a slew of symbols, I personally prefer the minimalist, delicate approach when it comes to hand tattoos.

If you are on the lookout for a small tattoo with big meaning, this is probably what you’re after.

Fear God Tattoo on Shoulder

Shoulder tattoos are a breeze to keep a secret, making them a great placement for many working professionals. If you workout on a regular basis and have unlocked some solid gains, getting inked on the shoulder might just be one of the best decisions in your life.

Fear God lettering combined with various religious symbols often act as a beacon of emotional strength and support to the tattoo bearer.

Fear God Tattoo on Finger

I’m not gonna lie – finger tattoos hurt. But you already know that. What you are really asking is whether they are worth enduring all that pain. In my experience, yes, they are absolutely worth it.

Getting the Fear God inked on a spot this delicate is a sign of love and commitment to God. Not to mention finger tattoos are cool, interesting, quirky. It’s the ultimate statement-making tattoo that suits everyone.

Fear God Tattoo on Forehead

Now, this is a tattoo for the real fearless ones out there (except maybe for the ones about to ink their eyelids). Should you choose to get this phrase tattooed on your forehead, it will be the first thing people notice about you.

Forehead tattoos are often viewed as an act of rebellion, while to many, it’s a mark of unequivocal submission to God.

In Conclusion

Fear God tattoos are a symbol of unmistakable faith and absolute submission to the lord almighty. Wear it in style, wear it however you want it, and feel the power of this phrase coursing through your veins.

Fear God tattoos offer plenty of opportunity for customization. So don’t be afraid to shake things up a bit to suit your personal style.

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