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20 RIP Brother Tattoo Ideas to Keep His Memory Alive

I lost my brother to congenital heart disease last year. He was only 23. Quite a bit of time has passed and I’m still struggling to believe that he is not with us anymore.

I have never been a tattoo person due to my irrational fear of needles but desperately had to do something to cope with the immense feeling of loss and frustration his absence left me with.

Engraving a memorial tattoo that perfectly captures the beautiful bond I shared with my little brother was indeed a good idea. It reminds me of the good times we lived together and makes me feel closer to him, wherever he is right now.

If you too are thinking about getting a tattoo in the fond memory of a brother who passed away, here are 20 tasteful design ideas to inspire a remembrance tattoo for the special one who has passed.

What Is the Significance of an RIP Tattoo?

RIP or memorial tattoos honor the memory of a loved family member, friend, or pet who has departed. When it comes to designs, there are no hard and fast rules.

It can be religious symbols, the name and date of birth and death, a quote, or an image that reflects a unique trait of the deceased one – the possibilities are endless.

If you are looking for deeply emotional, symbolic RIP tattoos to commemorate the special connection you share with your brother, jump into the following section where I share 20 creative RIP brother tattoo ideas.

20 Unique RIP Tattoo Ideas to Honor a Deceased Brother

Choosing a remembrance tattoo that effectively conveys the intended message can be tricky. People spend days learning about different symbolism and ways to incorporate that in a personalized design. In this guide, we will go over 20 popular RIP brother tattoo ideas to help you give a tangible form to your deepest emotions and unsaid words.

Never Let Go

rip tattoo for brother never let go

This emotional tattoo says “Brother Never Let Go” with a corresponding handshake. These 4 words combined with a wonderfully detailed imagery of a handshake capture the gamut of emotions you want to convey.

Both arm and chest will be a brilliant canvas for inking this elaborate design. You can add colors to the design after grey wash to make it more dramatic.

Infinite RIP TattooInfinite rip tattoo for brother

Nothing yells “I will love you and cherish our time together forever” like this infinity symbol paired with the birthdate of the one this tattoo is dedicated to. Engraving the deceased one’s birth date with the infinity symbol represents an eternal bond.

Infinity tattoos are one of the most popular memorial tattoo designs in the world; not only because of its simplicity but also because in some cultures, the infinity symbol is associated with reincarnation and eternity.

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Tattoo on Handrip tattoo for brother on hand

My Brother’s Keeper – this wonderful biblical phrase signifies that you will look out for your brother, protect and guide him through your life. This tattoo is a symbol of love, commitment, passion, courage, and strength.

Although this tattoo conveys a deep and powerful message on its own, combining it with a skull imagery makes it look more dynamic. Biblical elements like angelic figures, cross, praying hands, dove would create a nice, cohesive design.

RIP Brother Childhood Tattoorip brother childhood tattoo

Losing a brother is almost like losing part of yourself. My childhood wouldn’t have been half as amazing without my brother. Honor the man who made your childhood memorable with this elaborate and intricate tattoo is such a poignant depiction of brotherly love and bonding.

I love how this extravagant tattoo is both personal and universal. It’s something everyone can instantly connect to. It’s deeply moving and says a lot without saying much.

Tattoo on Chestrip brother love tattoo on chest

Chest provides a broad canvas for you to showcase your emotions through a tattoo. Memorialize the beloved brother who is not with you anymore with this stunning and tasteful RIP brother chest tattoo design.

The “For I am My Brother’s Keeper” phrase with angel wings and heart engraving will make a spectacular as well as emotional tribute to the angel of your life. The addition of red color adds a striking depth and contrast to the design.

Tattoo on the Backrip tattoo for brother on back

Angel wings are universally regarded as a symbol of purity. These heavenly beings are believed to protect and guide us mortal beings. No wonder this design has been an insanely popular choice for those who want to honor the memory of a deceased loved one.

Go all out with an angel wing tattoo with halo and the love one’s name, birth and death date. What better place to make a statement with a large-scale angel wing tattoo like this than your back?

Military RIP Tattoo for BrotherMilitary rip tattoo for brother

Military-inspired remembrance tattoos can be as layered and elaborate as you want them to be. Originally, soldiers used to get inked to mark the passing of a fellow soldier they cared deeply for.

The military boots, rifle and helmet upper arm tattoo with the phrase “I Am My Brother’s Keeper” is a celebration of brotherhood and solidarity.

If you are looking to get a statement-making tattoo that is also easy to hide whenever necessary, upper arm tattoos such as this would be a good option.

Tattoo on Armrip tattoo for brother on arm

Remembrance tattoos can look stunning on the arms if you do them right and they deliver a profound message. This sentimental Never Let Go hand imagery with sword and roses strikes the perfect balance between subliminal and sensational.

The sword through roses imagery often signifies the duality of life where the sword represents the dark, depressing aspects of life while the roses symbolize joy, hope, and beauty.

Praying Hand TattooPraying hand rip tattoo for brother

Wear this poignant and sentimental praying hand tattoo on your sleeve the memory of the brother who passed. Add personal touch to the design by engraving the name and date of date/birth of the one you are honoring. The tattoo looks striking when inked in a single-shade.

The imagery of love on the side is a popular motif for peace, harmony, and a sense of hope. A splash of color in the dove imagery could make the rest of the design really pop out.

Tattoo on Legrip tattoo for brother on leg

Here’s an emotional RIP brother tattoo design you can illustrate on your leg. The popular dagger through rose motif represents contrasting emotions that coexist together. Rose and dagger tattoo is also an expression of anguish stemming from the loss of a loved one.

The rendition we see in this image is a very modern, illustrative take on this traditional design. You can get super creative by adding little details, accents on the hilt of the sword.

Feather RIP Tattoo for BrotherFeather rip tattoo for brother

Feather is another very popular motif for memorial tattoos. It symbolizes hope, strength, freedom, and courage. Feather-themed tattoos can be as simplistic or illustrative as you want them to be.

It’s a flexible shape that can be inked anywhere on the body. The addition of the word “brother” adds another layer of profoundness to the design.

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Tattoo on Shoulderrip tattoo for brother on shoulder

This grand-scale, super-elaborate skin art on the shoulder is one of the better military RIP brother tattoo designs I have ever seen. The tattoo in the picture is a classic military-themed design that commemorates our fallen heroes.

It demonstrates the eternal bond of brother as well as strength and courage. You can choose to add colors, elements, and phrases to effectively convey the meaning this tattoo holds for you.

RIP Cross Tattoo for Brotherrip cross tattoo for brother

Cross tattoos not only have a profound religious meaning attached to them but they also look fantastic on any body part. Up the aesthetics by incorporating accent colors and patterns to the base design.

Adding a Bible quote or a personal message like My Fallen Brother into the mix in big, bold letters would be a great way to pay tribute to a brother who, you believe, will always be with you in spirit. Back and forearm would be the best canvas for this elaborate design for a muscular individual.

Tattoo on Feetrip tattoo for brother on feet

Foot provides a wide canvas for decorative tattoos and is a great tattoo placement option for working professionals who can’t show off the tattoo at work. Thin skin and the lack of muscle and feet could make the process extremely painful but for some, pain is a part of the appeal.

To me, this amazing guitar head tattoo with a personal message is a perfect homage to the brother who embraced music as a way of living. It’s both a representation and a celebration of an individual’s undying love for music.

Angel Wing TattooAngel wing rip brother love tattoo

Shoulders are unarguably the best placement area for angel wing tattoos for both men and women. The broader the shoulder, the more stretched-out the wings can be, creating a strikingly beautiful effect.

The detail work on this half angel wing design inked on the shoulder blade is astounding.

I love how the sharp, precise strokes bring extra depth and magnify the aesthetics. The addition of a touching quote adds even more meaning to the design.

RIP Brother Quote TattooRIP brother quote tattoo

RIP brother tattoos don’t necessarily have to be a grand, complex work of art to convey a message. Something as simple as a quote like this can express deep emotional connection and longing for the brother who is not with you anymore just as effectively.

Quote tattoos are easy to show off and hide which makes it a perfect choice for conservative environments.

Tattoo on Upper Armrip tattoo for brother on upper arm

Angel winged grenade is a popular tattoo design to honor someone who died in a war. The military hand grenade here represents the soldier.

The design can vary from ultra-realistic illustrations to abstract artwork. Muscular upper arm provides a perfect canvas for this explosive, emotional ink work.

Sailor RIP Tattoo for BrotherSailor rip tattoo for brother

Immortalize the unforgettable memories of a deceased brother with this contemporary take on the classic sailor tattoo. The anchor symbol is often associated with strength and safety.

Inner or outer forearm would be the ideal placement area for anchor tattoos. The symphony of colors in this design is visually striking and gets the message across.

Flag RIP Tattoo for BrotherFlag rip tattoo for brother

It’s a classic military tribute tattoo that would be a great way to honor a loved one who died in a war. The traditional designs often include the name, date of birth and death of the deceased one.

The large-scale ink work gives a lot of room for intricate detail work and bold colors.

Angel RIP Tattoo for BrothersAngel rip tattoo for brother

The highly detailed guardian angel is one of the most popular body art designs of all time. A design like this certainly benefits from colors but a good tattoo artist can take the design to a new height even with a single shade.

Honor the loved one who has passed by including their name or a quote in the design.

In Conclusion

For many, body art is a unique, artistic way to express their deep feelings for their beloved brother, the hero of their lives. RIP Brother tattoos are wonderfully symbolic.

They can memorialize a great memory, express a unique trait of the deceased person, and wonderfully illustrate the tattoo bearer’s special bond with the one it honors.

I sincerely hope the tattoo ideas mentioned in this roundup has provided you with the kind of inspiration you were looking for. That’s all for today. Stay strong and stay creative.

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