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90 Loser Lover Tattoo Designs for Spreading Peace and Love

Even though it received worldwide recognition through the help of the never ending engaging plot of the movie, “IT”, the Loser Lover tattoo is an artwork that carries a meaning that most fail to comprehend.

Appearance-wise, it is indeed simple. It consists of the word “Loser” with the letter “V” on top of the letter “S”. The simplicity makes the recreational process easier, but the deep meaning behind it remains the same. If you’re curious about what it means, then you’re in luck. Check out the segment below to find your answer.

The Insightful Meaning of The Loser Lover Tattoo

The loser lover tattoo’s meaning  is just as versatile as it is deep. It is for those that believe in the beauty of love while being aware of what’s at stake when partaking in the activity. It symbolizes the ones who once believed that they thought they had the world in the palm of their hands, but have since lost it, either due to reasons unknown, or reasons that were unavoidable.

Apart from the previous meaning, some people also feel as if it showcases the importance of positivity and reveals just how much bullying can affect people. While positivity can definitely help people when they’re facing the act of bullying, the activity itself promotes powerlessness and encourages disrespectfulness. That as a result might leave people with esteem issues, self-confidence issues, and make their lives harder than it should be. Therefore, to pay homage to the victims, one might also choose to get a “Loser Lover” tattoo.

Overall, while it carries two meanings at once, we believe that individuals who get this tattoo can definitely use it if they need a positive source in their lives, making it eligible for anyone and everyone.

Heart Wrenching Loser Lover Tattoo Designs to Develop Empathy

Now that you have a better understanding on what it means and who it caters to, we believe that your knowledge would increase even further if you have an idea on the visuals. So, to ensure that, listed below are some of the finest loser lover tattoos that you can either recreate or take inspiration from.

Ankle tattoo

Loser lover tattoo 17

Since a loser lover tattoo looks best when it’s small, placing it on the ankle could be a great idea for most. It will allow the wearer to keep the tattoo rather reserved, which is a trait most tattoos don’t carry. On good days, they can wear ankle socks to show the design off. On the other hand, on lazy days, you can even hide the tattoo from the public eye by wearing long socks or oversized pants.

Wrist tattoo

Loser lover tattoo 6

The wrist is an excellent place for tattoos as simple as the loser lover tattoo. Not only will the artwork look visible, but it won’t cause much of a fuss when it’s noticed by people.

In addition to the visibility, when placed on the wrist, a loser lover tattoo can be teamed up with multiple micro-sized tattoos to increase presentability.

Outer wrist tattoo

Loser lover tattoo 89

Another area of the wrist that is a great option for loser lover tattoos is the outer wrist. Despite being narrow, a loser lover tattoo will look sophisticated on one’s outer wrist. Since the design won’t be too flashy, this option will be great for those that want to keep their artwork low-key.

Bicep tattoo

Loser lover tattoo 44

If you just started working out and are in desperate need of a tattoo, you may want to look into this variation. Not only will the tattoo look neat appearance-wise, but it will also make your bicep look more defined.

Additionally, a bicep tattoo is an extremely convenient choice for those who are against tattoos that cause pain. Since the skin around the bicep is rather thick, the procedure will hardly be painful.

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Behind the ear tattoo

Loser lover tattoo 58

For a tattoo as wonderful as a loser lover tattoo, delicate areas could be the way to go. Not only will it look neat and nicely put, but the tattoo will also have an edgy touch. To amp up the edginess, you may add darker shades of the existing color schemes. You can further complete the look by getting a rebellious haircut.

Collar bone tattoo

Loser lover tattoo 9

The collar bone is a very appealing place for tattoos. It has the right amount of definition and area for bringing out the best in any tattoo.

When creating a loser lover tattoo on the collar bone, one must prioritize the size of the tattoo. It should not be too small nor big, but of an admirable size. The tattoo must look presentable as well as increase the awareness of one’s collarbone once it has been created.

Dragonfly Loser Lover Tattoo

Loser lover tattoo 71

A dragonfly tattoo symbolizes romanticism. When paired up with a loser lover tattoo, it can portray subtle signs of positivity. One can get this tattoo not only if they’re a fan of the physical appearance of the tattoo, but also resonate with the deep meaning that it contains.

When getting this tattoo, you may change the font color of the loser lover tattoo and directly connect it with the color scheme of the butterfly tattoo to make it more attractive.

Geometrical Loser Lover tattoo

Loser lover tattoo 3

Geometric tattoos as meaningful as compass tattoos can also be a good choice if you’re thinking of making a tattoo with two meanings. A compass tattoo in general symbolizes good fortune, and when paired with a loser lover tattoo, it can result in a more positive outcome. To give it your own touch, you may change the color scheme and even add a name or two to give it a powerful meaning.

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Upper thigh tattoo

Loser lover tattoo 79

If you have a long term plan for a loser lover tattoo, perhaps you should place it on the upper thigh. Since the thigh contains an ample amount of space, you can definitely add more tattoos adjacent to the loser lover tattoo to give the artwork a newer meaning with each adjustment.

Apart from allowing you to explore your creativity, a tattoo on the upper thigh is rarely time consuming and involves a painless procedure, which is a win-win situation if you ask us!

Knuckle tattoo

Loser lover tattoo 45

If you’re a rebellion by nature and don’t mind showcasing the tattoos you have to the world, you can definitely resort to a knuckle tattoo. While the procedure is rather challenging, the final results will make the wearer more intimidating. Not only will the tattoo look super edgy and presentable, but it will definitely result in some memorable conversations, especially if you’re sociable.

Evil Loser Lover tattoo

Loser lover tattoo 1

The balloon that Pennywise carries seems harmless from afar, but when the metaphor is taken into account, it is the polar opposite. The red balloon represents all the souls that Pennywise has consumed, and tends to brighten with each consumption.

Whether you’re a fan of the metaphor or the visuals, this Pennywise tattoo is definitely for you if you’re a fan of Stephen King or the IT movie franchise. You can also get this tattoo if you love the elegance that the design carries.


Where Should I Get The “Loser Lover” Tattoo?

The placement of this tattoo is eligible for any area of the body. Due to how upfront the meaning is and how easy the design is to mimic, one can get the tattoo on areas that are as exposed as the forearm, or places that are as private as the chest area. As the shape isn’t constant either, people may also incorporate it as a fine-line tattoo and place it on delicate areas such as the wrist.

Excluding the versatility of the design it consists of, the tattoo can also collaborate with any other artwork without looking out of place. While it would be ideal to pair it up with tattoos that mainly symbolize feelings of hope and encourage spirituality, one may also use a “Loser Lover” tattoo as a partner of a tattoo that is vibrant in terms of visuals as well.

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Final Verdict

All in all, while the design might vary, most tattoos are supposed to either help an individual recover from previous experiences or encourage them to lead a better life. Surprisingly, this tattoo may allow a person to do both. Whether it’s for making changes to their lifestyle for the better, or healing a scar that no one else may be able to see, the “Loser Lover” tattoo will always remain a reliable source of happiness, positivity, and spirituality.

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