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20 Meaningful RIP Grandma Remembrance Tattoo Ideas For You

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest experiences we go through. The emotional roller coaster we ride is draining, and the grief stays for much longer than we can ever imagine. However, healing and moving on once you start to get used to their absence is harder to deal with. So in order to always have a piece of them, a mark of them with us, many of us tend to ink ourselves in their memories.

In this article, we will discuss all about Grandma rip tattoos. Losing your grandmother is difficult as she was a literal guardian angel in your life. She was your confidante and most reliable companion. She was a constant who would lookout for the best for you and helped you create some of the best days of your lives growing up. Thus, understandably losing her is more difficult than anything you could imagine.

Without further ado, let us dive right into what kind of tattoos you can get in your grandma’s memory.

20 Meaningful RIP Grandma Tattoo for You

As much as many of us want tattoos in the name of a loved one, sometimes it can be hard to decide to choose a design. Perhaps, you have too many ideas or you don’t have a single clue about the kind of design you want. Nevertheless, we are here with a list of possible tattoo design ideas for your grandma, in order to help you through this dilemma.

RIP Grandma Angel Tattoo

rip grandma angel tattoo

As mentioned above, grandmothers are equivalent to guardian angels in our lives. They are there during your worst and best days. They will give you all the love and support you need to keep going on with your life. So, it makes sense to honor their memory with an angel tattoo.

You could, perhaps, get angel wings with the “Grandma” written between the wings. You could also have a date of her lifetime, i.e., the year she was born and the year she passed away.

RIP Grandma Tattoos on Arm

rip grandma tattoos on arm

One of the best low-pain areas to get tattooed in is on your arms. Arms tattoos can be intricate and as big as you would like. And depending on the placement, the drawing will be out in the air for other people to admire.

Thus, getting your remembrance rip grandma tattoo on the arm will be like sharing a story with strangers. Those who have been through the same journey, will connect with you instantly, and send prayers for grandma to rest in peace.

RIP Grandma Heartbeat Tattoo

rip grandma tattoo heartbeat

We all know the importance of heartbeats literally and figuratively. When someone tells you that you’re their heartbeat, the depth of those words is beautiful and intimate. Oftentimes, grandmothers tend to call and treat their grandchildren as heartbeats. If you can relate, this tattoo design is perfect for you.

You will simply get a tattoo with a drawing of a heart beating at its prime, and have “Grandma” etched next to it. You could also add a quote or years of her lifetime.

RIP Grandma Tattoo on Wrist

rip grandma tattoo on wrist

Do you know what is the most vulnerable area of your body for tattoo placement? It is your wrist. Yes, it is true that due to the veins there, wrists are a direct connection to our lifeline. However, we call the wrist vulnerable not because of its delicate nature, but because of how exposed a tattoo is in that area. Exposed both to the world and to yourself. It is a beautiful kind of intimacy.

When you get a grandma tattoo on your wrist, it will always be in your eyesight, which means your grandmother will be on the back of your mind all the time. The constant reminder will be hard initially but eventually will work as a soothing balm.

RIP Grandma Tattoos with Quotes

rip grandma quotes tattoos

A beautiful way of immortalizing your grandmother via tattoos is with quotes. Quotes are simple yet powerful phrases that can make and break you. Maybe you and your grandma have a favorite quote from a book or a movie, or maybe she told you something once that you meant a lot, or a simple quote stating “I miss you” or “We only part to meet again” is enough.

RIP Grandma Tattoo on Hand

rip grandma tattoo on hand

The thing about hand tattoos is that you can’t hide them. They are for people who are strong enough to be vulnerable with themselves and others. So, if you are contemplating getting a hand tattoo for your grandmother, do not hesitate. Your love for her runs deep and you are allowed to miss and grieve her openly too.

You could get the word “Grandma” or a short quote or date. Anything at all really. This is a suitable idea for those of you who are looking for small memorial tattoos for grandma.

RIP Grandma Tattoo on Foot

rip grandma tattoo on foot

On the other side of a hand tattoo is a foot tattoo. Not the complete opposite, yet not the same. While foot tattoos are often not the first thing someone might notice, they also allow you to grieve and remember openly.

You have the flexibility to choose a big or small tattoo and get a drawing or something in written form. No matter what you pick, it will be beautiful and your grandma would love it.

RIP Grandma Tattoo on Chest

rip grandma tattoo on chest

How do you feel about chest tattoos? While it is not the most common tattoo placement area, it is gaining steady popularity. Of course, they will be painful to get, however, they look lovely and enthralling. Chest tattoos are also a great idea when you want to get inked in memory of a loved one, in this case, your grandmother. Having a loved one’s name, for instance, over or near your heart is moving and personal.

RIP Grandma Tattoos on Ankle

rip grandma tattoos on ankle

Are ankle tattoos extremely painful? Yes. Are they totally worth it? Also, yes. Ankle tattoos have always been in trend among female tattoo wearers. The ink on your ankle will be prominent in a very subtle way and will look incredibly stunning. You could get anything from a symbol to a quote that means something to both you and your grandmother. This part of the body is also great for everybody who prefers small tattoos.

RIP Grandma Handwriting Tattoo

rip grandma tattoo handwriting

Technology has evolved to a point where you can actually get your grandmother’s handwriting inked on your skin permanently. It is a deeply intimate thing to do. It will be the best token of love that you carry everywhere you go, a part of her will always be there with you. So, if you have a note or letter that your grandmother wrote for you, pick a word or phrase you would like on you, and get it done without a second thought.

RIP Grandma Tattoo with Rose

rip grandma tattoo with rose

Universally we associate Rose with love, friendship, and admiration – all three you will experience from and with your grandma. Therefore, a thoughtful grandma remembrance tattoo would be getting a rose. You could get a rose that was her favorite or in her favorite color and adorn it with a quote. Make the design as personal as possible. This will be a good idea for an arm or chest tattoo.

RIP Grandma Tattoo with Leaf

rip grandma tattoo with leaf

Leaves have many different symbols depending on the kind of leaf and, perhaps, your culture. Some meanings of a leaf include strength, growth, fertility, etc. Let us say that you believe your grandmother was resilient and strong, two traits about her you admired dearly. So, getting a leaf inked with her name would be a kind way of remembering her.

RIP Grandma Tattoo with Bird

rip grandma tattoo with bird

One symbolic representation of birds is the transition between life and death, hence, it is a popular memorial tattoo. It is a kind way of honoring your grandmother’s next journey. You could get any bird, maybe her favorite one, and ink it on your chest or arm.

RIP Grandma Tattoo with Anatomical Heart

rip grandma tattoo with anatomical heart

The anatomical heart represents many things including strength, compassion, unity, etc. You have the freedom to choose the meaning per your personal journey with your grandmother. Engraving a meaningful anatomical heart to represent your relationship with your grandma will look stunning, especially if you get on your chest right above your heart.

RIP Grandma Tattoo with Butterfly

rip grandma tattoo with butterfly

When it comes to memorial tattoos, the butterfly symbolizes resurrection, transformation, hope, etc. Butterflies also remind us of the innocence of childhood just like preserved memories of our grandmother do. A butterfly might remind you of your grandmother’s delicate and strong nature, or perhaps, it’s something else. You can get a butterfly on any part of your body as it can be drawn impeccably in any size.

RIP Grandma Spoon Tattoo

rip grandma spoon tattoo

For generations now, we have come to associate one of the simplest and greatest joys of life with grandma’s food. The majority of us can easily claim that our grandmothers’ are the best cooks we’ve ever known and possibly will ever know. If you have learned to cook or spent many days at your grandma’s kitchen, and have heartfelt memories with her involving cooking or food, you could get a tattoo of a spoon. It is both unique and meaningful. An arm spoon tattoo would look stunning.

RIP Grandma Card Tattoo

rip grandma card tattoo

Who doesn’t love a fun game night? Especially, if it included gossiping with your grandma while playing cards. Those are some of my fondest memories. Once again, if you are looking for a tattoo idea, which is unique and not trendy, you could get inked a card tattoo for your grandma.

RIP Grandma Knitting Bowl Tattoo

rip grandma knitting bowl tattoo

Knitting is a skill we have learned and acquired from our grandmothers on quiet and relaxing evenings. It is an art skill that is not celebrated much anymore but still enjoyed on evenings we got to spend with our grandma’s. If you get a knitting bowl tattoo, it will be thoughtful and will show others an important part of who you are. You can get it anywhere you want due to the flexibility of the design’s size.

RIP Grandma Heart Touching Tattoo

heart touching rip grandma tattoo

Now, if you are looking for ideas that are more heart-touching to express your emotions and relationship with your grandma, we have a few more for you. You could get a tattoo with a child and elderly woman representing you and grandma, a hand of a child and other of an adult, a portrait of grandma, and so on. The possibilities are endless and don’t hesitate to explore.

RIP Grandma Red Heart Tattoo

red heart rip grandma tattoo

One of the earliest symbols of love we learn as a child is a red heart – not the anatomical one. A red heart represents love to its purest and fullest form. If you are looking for a tattoo, which is a super simple yet meaningful tattoo, like the love you shared with your grandma, you can get a red heart. You will never go wrong with that one.


We know how crucial it is to remember our loved ones to whom we have bid goodbye from this world. We all strive to keep them alive in our memories and lives in whatever way we can. Getting a tattoo in their name is an honorable and beautiful way of doing that. Thus, if you have been contemplating getting permanently inked for your beloved grandmother who passed away, you should go for it. Trust us, it is a decision you won’t regret.

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