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315 Phenomenal Underboob and Sternum Tattoos to Explore in 2023

Underboob tattoos are, without a shadow of doubt, some of the sexiest tattoos ever created for women. Having a symbol, a letter, or the name of your partner inked on such an intimate spot is both incredibly bold and sexy.

But you already know that, don’t you? What you really want to know is how much it’s going to hurt.

Well, I won’t sugarcoat it. The placement of the tattoo makes it a serious pain fest. The sternum and ribcage are some of the most sensitive areas of the female anatomy.

That said, for a lot of individuals, the pain is part of the appeal. For my part, while I can’t alleviate the pain, what I can do is introduce you to some of the most aesthetic under breast tattoos across the decades.

So here we go:

315 Underboob or Under Breast Tattoos of All Time

Here’s presenting 315 amazing underboob and sternum tattoos in various sizes, styles, and colors to help you come up with a design that reflects your amazing personality and artistic sense.

Butterfly Underboob Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos are one of the most frequently chosen tattoo subjects by women due to their colorful, delicate, feminine nature.

Butterfly tattoo designs come in various sizes, shapes, and styles and can be precisely tailored to obtain the desired look. The butterfly under breast tattoo design in question starts from the sternal line (breastbone) and extends all the way to the abdomen.

It’s a fairly elaborate artwork that uses vivid colors and extensive dotwork to create a striking visual effect. You can also get the same design in petite size right under your cleavage if you’re looking for something a bit more subtle.

Lotus Sternum Tattoo

Floral tattoos are known for their stunning colors and delicate nature. Lotus tattoos are one of a kind, not only because of their unmistakable beauty but also the deep meanings attached to the flower.

In many cultures, lotus is the symbol of spiritual awakening, rebirth, regeneration and purity. To many lotus tattoo wearers, the tattoo inspires them to rise above the ordinary and be a better human being.

Placing the tattoo so close to the heart further deepens the symbolism of the imagery.

Rose Underboob Tattoo

Rose stands for pretty much everything that alludes to love, lust, passion, and their by-products. This rose and skull under breast tattoos are anything but cliché.

The skull and rose symbolism represent two very opposite things where rose stands for life and everything rosy about it and skull stands for death.

The design is a visual representation of good vs evil and the striking contrast makes it immediately stand out. Getting a tattoo this elaborate on such a delicate area is going to be a pretty bold move. Will the outcome be totally worth the pain, though? I bet yes!

Small Sternum Tattoo

Sternum tattoos look elegant and bold when they are small in size. They can be demonstrated through various insects, or simple meaningful quote tattoos.

Perhaps the best part about this specific variant is the amount of safety that it offers. It is not only painless to obtain but also takes up a short period of time in comparison to most sternum tattoos.

When thinking of the groundwork, a person may settle for a tattoo with a color neutral palette, or make use of their creativity and resort to a colorful and vibrant tattoo. They can go for something that brings out certain aspects of their personality, or can even pick a tattoo that might help with recalling a specific special moment.

Under Breast Tattoo Quotes

Quote tattoos are a league of their own and their impact is somewhat dependent on the placement you choose. The area under the cleavage is perfect for inking a quote that is very close to your heart.

“When she stood she stood tall” is a line that will probably resonate with every single trauma survivor to have ever walked on a planet. For underboob tattoos, I’d suggest going with a one-liner for maximum visual impact.

Mandala Under Breast Tattoo

Mandala is the new black in the body art world. The seamless amalgamation of intricate shapes and motifs make mandala art one of the most sought after tattoo themes of all time.

There’s something very raw and hypnotizing about mandala tattoos, when executed correctly. If you want a bold and eccentric tattoo that starts from the breastbone and stretches all the way to the abdomen, this mandala artwork might inspire your upcoming tattoo adventure.

Bird Underboob Tattoo

Bird tattoos are generally perceived to be a symbol of freedom. Depending on the illustration, it could symbolize freedom from things that are impeding your growth, your voice, or freedom from life itself.

Bird tattoos look stunning in the form of both small and large-scale tattoos. You can tailor them with details, quotes, and other motifs like flowers, tree branches, or shackles to bring additional flair to the design.

Whale Underboob Tattoo

The whale symbol is believed to radiate positive, calming energy. Whales have been historically associated with qualities like solitude, peace, harmony, and even protection from evil, in some cultures.

An aesthetic whale tattoo below the cleavage can look phenomenal without too much work. Shading and dotwork are often used in these designs for depth and contrast.

Lace Under Breast Tattoos

Lace tattoos are lauded for their phenomenal visual appeal. It requires a serious amount of hardwork and skill to nail the detailing.

If you are a bona-fide tattoo geek who is already used to the pain and looking for a highly artistic design to ink on a very intimate, delicate area of your body, lace tattoos might be exactly what you are looking for.

Although these designs are commonly inked in black, there’s no rule book that says you can’t add colors. Lace tattoos are intricate and often use floral, mandala, and tribal motifs to bolster the visual depth and inner meaning.

Geometric Tattoo Under Breast

Geometric tattoos are simple but impactful. By combining different geometric shapes, you can create a personalized tattoo symbol that speaks to you.

Although I’m big on colorful tattoos, for geometric designs, my advice would be to stick to black ink as it will allow the edges to appear sharp and crisp.

Owl Tattoo Under Breast

These nocturnal birds have an aura of mystery around them. Owls can see at night, which is why their symbol is often associated with clarity, pragmatism, and the ability to look past the deception.

In native American culture, owls are regarded as spiritual guides and are believed to have mystical powers. If it is mystery and darkness that you want to communicate through your under bpob owl tattoo, consider getting a black and grey barn or snow owl tattoo.

These tattoos can be easily personalized to achieve the desired effect and meaning. The sternum, abdomen, and under cleavage area offer the perfect backdrop for owl tattoos with associated imagery like tree branches, stars, and moon.

Dream Catcher Tattoo Under Breast

Dream catcher symbolism has been a wildly popular tattoo subject among enthusiasts for the profound meaning attached to it as well as the stellar aesthetics.

The dream catcher symbol is essentially an amulet that is believed to ward off the negative energies and bad omens and attract only positive energies.

The common notion is that inking the dream catcher symbol will grant peace and protection to the wearer.

Even if you don’t believe the superstition, that shouldn’t deter you from getting this flamboyant underboob tattoo and upping your hotness quotient.

Snake Tattoo Under Breast

While having a snake as a pet might not be everyone’s cup of tea, having one tattooed surely is quite a craze among the mass.

Historically, serpents have been associated with sensuality, transformation, rebirth, and regeneration. Many ancient cultures also believe that the serpent symbol grants protection, patience and wisdom to the tattoo bearer.

No matter what your reasons are for getting this tattoo, I can assure you that it’s definitely a good idea. A minimalist snake tattoo can be designed with your choice of size, pigment, and details to make it highly personalized and deeply meaningful.

The only tricky bit about these tattoos is to get the detailing on the reptile skin right.

Wings Under Breast Tattoo

Wing tattoos are sort of like the potato of tattoos. It looks nice however you illustrate it and fits just about anywhere, including a non-mainstream placement like the area under the breast.

Wings are the de facto symbol of freedom and salvation. Wing tattoos are often worn for honoring the memory of a loved one who passed. In Christianity, angel wing tattoos are believed to provide protection from the evil eyes to the wearer.

The eyeball with wings tattoo you see in this picture is a well-known symbol in Egyptian and Macedonian culture. The eye in the design is believed to “see it all”.

In essence, it’s quite similar to the evil eye tattoo. The detailing work in this tattoo is nothing short of epic and only a highly skilled tattoo artist can do justice to it.

Bat Under Breast Tattoo

Being a fan of Batman is not the only reason behind the increasing popularity of bat tattoos. These creepy-looking creatures have a sort of mystical charm and a lot of people associate them with psychic abilities, dreams, and knowledge of our world and the world beyond it.

The liaison between bat tattoos with fully spread-out wings and floral imagery leads to an epic, eye-catching design that is guaranteed to make people go bananas when you wear a crop top or bikini.

The tattoo has several elements and is incredibly detailed, which means it’s going to take hours to perfect the design.

Cherry Blossom Under Breast Tattoo

Cherry blossom tattoos exude happy, cherry vibes. The soothing pink color of the flowers add a soft, delicate air to the design. Cherry blossoms represent the passing of time, love, beauty, and positivity.

The best thing about cherry blossom tattoos is that they are incredibly flexible. If you want an elaborate tattoo, you can ink the whole tree.

Conversely, if you want to take the minimalist route, you can just get the blooming branches. They hit the sweet spot between basic and moderately complex tattoo designs, making it a great choice for beginners.

Feather Tattoo Under Breast

Like cherry blossoms, feather tattoos are also highly flexible and can be upscaled or downscaled, depending on the placement.

The shape of the feather makes it a suitable design for the tight area right below the breast. Feather tattoos are typically chosen as a go-to theme for wanderlust tattoos as feathers float freely and aimlessly in the air.

Feather symbol also alludes to freedom and courage. If you are looking for a pretty tattoo with positive connotations, feather tattoo might be an excellent idea to explore.

Moon Phases Tattoo Under Breast

Moon phase tattoos offer a great backdrop for utilizing different kinds of shadow technique. The moons are almost always exclusively inked in black and grey with soft and deep shading to achieve a photorealistic depiction of the different phases of the moon.

The lone satellite of our planet are commonly linked with peace, solitude, as well as gothic and mystic themes. The size of the moons can be easily scaled down or enlarged to achieve the desired outcome.

Sunflower Tattoo Under Breast

Dainty and delicate sunflowers are another widely inked feminine tattoo. Due to its striking similarity to the sun, the tattoo stands for life, energy, longevity, happiness, and hope.

Like most flowers, the sunflower is also regarded as a classic symbol of love and passion. Sunflower tattoos have recently gained immense popularity as the flower became quite synonymous to the 21st century aesthetic movement that took the social media by storm.

That said, the obsession with this flower is not exactly a new edge phenomenon. This bright yellow flower has been painted, written about, and celebrated by artists through centuries.

Tribal Tattoo Under Breast

Tribal tattoos are worn by many individuals in an effort to honor their heritage and the sacrifice and achievements of their predecessors. It’s a fairly common theme for remembrance/memorial tattoos.

Tribal tattoos are known for their out of the world, super intricate detail work. The symbols are quite flexible in the sense that you can effortlessly combine other tattoo symbols like flower, moon, angel wings with them to create your own unique illustration.

Skull Underboob Tattoo

Skull tattoos scream boldness and are rich in symbolism. While skulls are almost always associated with the darker aspects of life such as death and destruction, many tattoo aficionados also view it as a symbol of protection and strength.

No matter your stand on skulls, the general consensus is that skull tattoos are super cool and having one inked across your ribcage, below the breasts will most certainly earn you the title of the “coolest girl in town”

Rihanna Underboob Tattoo

Rihanna underboob tattoo

Rihanna’s eye-catching tattoo that’s spanning across her ribcage is an image of Egyptian goddess Isis, according to The Hollywood Reporter. She reportedly got this tattoo to honor the memory of her belated and beloved grandmother.

Isis is the goddess of magic and healing and getting her image tattooed on the skin is believed to bring good luck to the tattoo bearer.

Rihanna is one of the greatest pop icons of all time and if you, as a fan, want to get matching tattoos, I don’t see why you should think twice about it.

Simple Underboob Tattoo

Simple Underboob Tattoo

Tattoos don’t have to be large and flamboyant to convey a message. Sometimes, a tiny illustration of a symbol or a letter can effectively communicate your message.

The area surrounding the ribcage is pretty sensitive, so if it’s your first tryst with an underboob tattoo and you aren’t super confident about your pain threshold, maybe take it easy and start with something small.

Chandelier Under Breast Tattoo

Chandelier under breast tattoo

The structure of this placement makes it ideal for a hanging chandelier tattoo. Chandeliers are generally regarded as a sign of great wealth and opulence.

The sheer elegance of these tattoos have made it an insanely popular feminine tattoo theme.

Chandeliers are also closely associated with purity and positivity, owing to their bright, dazzling light that brightens up the whole room.

Henna Under Breast Tattoo

Henna under breast tattoo

Henna is one of the oldest forms of body arts, prevalent in the Indian subcontinent. Henna art is believed to bring good luck and therefore, no Indian wedding is complete without a henna ceremony.

Henna underboob tattoos are the glorious union of traditional henna art and modern tattoo designs. The designs are typically inspired by the ornamental style of tattooing.

Ornamental henna tattoos are almost always large-scale in order to evoke a sense of grandiosity.

Lion Under Breast Tattoo

Lion under breast tattoo

The symbolism behind lion tattoos are pretty easy to decode. Lions have been the symbol of fierceness and fearlessness across history in several cultures around the globe. The lion image merged with neat geometric outlines make for quite a rugged and rebellious underboob tattoo.

Name Under Breast Tattoo

Name under breast tattoo

Having the name of your romantic partner tattooed in an erogenous zone can be a huge turn on for your significant other.

This tattoo trend has been a craze among women for quite some time now and is definitely here to stay because who wouldn’t love to have their name inked on an intimate spot on the body of someone they love?

Octopus Sternum Tattoo

Octopus under breast tattoo

Octopus is a rather quirky subject for a tattoo but hey! If you are sick and tired of run-of-the-mill tattoo designs and want to try out something unusual (in a good way), octopus tattoos would be a great option to look into.

These artworks are generally inked in large size and involve extensive shading and dotwork.

Wave Tattoo Under Breast

Wave tattoo under breast

Wave is another fantastic wanderlust-themed tattoo that is particularly popular among thalassophiles or people who love the sea.

The symbol is also rich in symbolism as waves signify two contradicting qualities like calmness and turbulence. Wave tattoos are pretty basic, so if you’re looking for ideas for your first-ever underboob tattoo, waves could be the way to go.

Jelly Fish Underboob Tattoo

Jelly fish under boob tattoo

Jelly fish are generally calm and peaceful beings but thanks to those deadly tentacles, they can very well show their enemies the gateway to hell when they have to.

Jellyfish-themed body art has carved a niche of its own among enthusiasts who perceive the tattoo as a symbol of protection, courage, resilience in the face of danger as well as peace, wisdom, and acceptance.

Egyptian Underboob Tattoo

Egyptian under boob tattoo

Egyptian underboob tattoos involve the illustration of some of the most globally renowned symbols such as goddess Isis with spread-out wings or goddess Hathor.

The ancient symbols not only signify power but are also believed by many to shower good luck and offer protection, healing energies to the tattoo bearer.

Lavender Underboob Tattoo

Lavender under boob tattoo

These beautiful purple flowers ooze feminine charm and carry the message of love, dedication, and deep bonding. Lavender is also associated with luxury and refinement, due to their delicate nature and subtle, but very soothing aroma.

Some people just love the aesthetic aspect of it, after all, the lovely shade of purple makes the tattoo look absolutely picture perfect.

Medusa Under Breast Tattoo

Medusa under breast tattoo

Medusa is quite a controversial character in Greek mythology. The symbol of Medusa has gained a lot of traction in the recent years with the rise of the modern feminist movement.

Medusa symbolizes the powerlessness of women in the face of patriarchy, and the tattoo is often worn by women who have been a victim of gender discrimination or abuse by someone of the opposite gender.

Phoenix Under Breast Tattoo

Phoenix under breast tattoo

Phoenix bird is the globally recognized symbol of rebirth and regeneration. Pretty much everyone knows the story of the bird emerging from its own ashes.

Phoenix tattoos provide the perfect outline for a vivid display of colors. Their long tails usually extend all the way to the navel.

So, unless you want to keep your underboob tattoo discreet, this grand, multi-hued tattoo could well be an inspiration for your next body art experiment.

Sun and Moon Under Breast Tattoo

Sun and moon under breast tattoo

As quite evident from the image, sun and moon represent two opposite but inseparable qualities and emotions such as life and death, light and darkness.

The sun is regarded as the symbol of masculine energy while the moon signifies feminine energy. The main idea behind this tattoo is to highlight the duality of life. It’s often juxtaposed with tribal motifs to enhance the visual appeal.

Elephant Tattoo Under Breast

Elephant tattoo under breast

This particular placement is rather unusual for an elephant tattoo but unusual isn’t necessarily a bad thing, case in point being the artwork in the image above. The tattoo artist has done a masterful job of evoking a very raw, rustic appeal through this design.

The giant creature is a symbol of strength, wisdom, profound knowledge, and loyalty. In Hindu mythology, the elephant god Ganesha is said to grant good luck, prosperity, and protection.

If you don’t really care about the symbolism and your only reason behind considering this tattoo is that you find elephants adorable and badass, I’d say it’s a pretty good reason to get this tattoo.

Moth Under Breast Tattoo

Moth under breast tattoo

Moth eventually transforms into a beautiful butterfly, which is why the moth symbol is frequently associated with life-changing transformation and metamorphosis.

The fascinating structure of these insects make it an amazing choice for body art. Moth underboob tattoos look incredible in all sizes and colors.

So if your goal is to have a flexible tattoo design that looks extraordinary in all sizes, both with or without color, moth tattoos would be worth looking into.

Spiderman Underboob Tattoo

Spiderman tattoo under boob

One of my college mates was famous for having a spiderman tattoo in this spot. While I wasn’t fully impressed by the idea back then, I am old now and wise enough to appreciate the beauty of an eccentric tattoo.

The deep symbolism behind spiderman tattoo is it’s freaking cool and if you have been thinking about doing something super adventurous for a while now, why not an adorable spidey tattoo nested right below the bosom?

Spider Web Underboob Tattoo

Spider web under boob tattoo

Does having a whole-ass spiderman inked below the jugs feel like taking it a bit too far? But you still low-key like the idea? Fair enough.

If not spiderman himself then his webs can be at the left, right, and center of your next tattoo. His signature webs sprawling out of the sternum along with a wicked spider hanging from it would look as impressive as it sounds.

Scorpion Underboob Tattoo

Scorpion under boob tattoo

Taking the concept of bold and eccentric tattoos to the next level, I present to you this diabolical scorpion tattoo carefully circumnavigating the areola.

If you want to take the oomph quotient further up a notch, consider combining the tattoo with a large and well-detailed floral, tribal, or/and ornamental tattoo motifs.

Angel Underboob Tattoo

Angel under boob tattoo

There could be many reasons why someone would want to ink an angel tattoo in the sternum area. Angel tattoos are a common theme for memorial tattoos and placing it so close to the heart makes it even more meaningful.

Depending on the illustration, angel tattoos can be a symbol of female sensuality as well as love, kindness, and spirituality. Or, if you are just into the aesthetics of the symbol, that would be a good enough reason too to ink an angel tattoo spread across the sternum.

Barbed Wire Underboob Tattoo

Barbed wire under boob tattoo

Barbed wires are often associated with prison, which is why people who have this tattoo are viewed as this non-conformist rebel who doesn’t play by the rules.

If you think of yourself as a maverick soul who has a hard time fitting in, having a cool, hidden barbed wire tattoo might be a good way to project your emotions on your skin.

Is Getting a Sternum Tattoo Painful?

Due to the bony structure of the sternum, getting a tattoo on it might be relatively painful as opposed to other parts of the body. The skin of the sternum is thin and the bone structure is usually more apparent, which can make it difficult for tattooists to draw a specific design on it without making any error.

Although a lot of people have had painless experiences when getting a sternum tattoo, it doesn’t take much for things to go south. This is because, regardless of the sensitivity of the body part, the design and the needle used for the tattoo plays a crucial role.

For instance, tattoos like fine line tattoos might require more needles but will be less painful due to the low-maintenance design it contains.

On the other hand, a more detailed tattoo might require sharper visuals, which will not only be time consuming but will also be more painful for the wearer.

All in all, despite the pain one has to bear for it, a sternum tattoo, also known as an underboob tattoo, is worth it because of the delicacy the area contains and the longevity of the design itself.

In Conclusion

We have finally come to the end of this epic list of the most impressive underboob tattoos of all time. One good reason to choose this placement is that you can get creative with the design without much inhibition.

Because an underboob tattoo won’t be up for display unless you want it to be. So, if you have an NSFW design in mind and you don’t want your parents, partner, or boss to get too worked up about it, now you know where to ink it.

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