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44 Bewildering Galaxy Tattoo Designs To Swagger In 2023

Galaxy tattoos are some of the most popular and colorful designs we have seen. They are bright, colorful, and lively; and they give off a sense of vastness. But these tattoos not only look stunning but are also rooted in deep meaning. Depending on your perspective, a galaxy tattoo may signify a lot of things.

If you are a wanderer and love space, or just love beautiful looking tattoos, you might want to check out the galaxy tattoos. For the space lovers out there, galaxy tattoos make the perfect sense. But even for those who just want to show the bigger meaning of the cosmos through your body art, you can check out the galaxy tattoos.

In this article, we’ll share with you some of the best galaxy tattoos out there so that you can get your desired tattoo design for yourself.

Let’s start.

Significance And Symbolism: The Meaning Of Galaxy Tattoo

Meaning Of Galaxy Tattoo


Galaxy tattoos practically are exactly what their name suggests: tattoos of galaxies. But through the beautiful looking colors of a galaxy, the tattoo means different things for different people. But for most, the galaxy tattoos would represent the greatness of space and in turn life.

If you are a space lover, the galaxy tattoo would symbolize the vastness of the universe captured in your body through the tattoo. A galaxy with its different cosmic elements represents the connectedness of different elements into a singular entity.

For some, a galaxy tattoo would also mean a connection with one’s inner self. And for others, the galaxy tattoo means a connection to their body with the whole of creation as they carry a microcosm in their body through the tattoo.

Depending on what your perspective is, the Galaxy tattoo is a tattoo that is rooted deep with meaning.

Awe-inspiring Galaxy Tattoo Ideas To Rock

Either you are looking to get a stunning snapshot of the cosmos printed on your body, or you are looking to convey your beliefs through your body ink, the Galaxy tattoo is the way to go.

There are literally millions of designs to choose from if you are going for a galaxy tattoo. But as with any tattoo design, the galaxy tattoo does have some popular design choices among enthusiasts. For example, you can do a representation of the milky way, a constellation, planets, moons, or even stars and rockets in your tattoo design. It really comes down to your choice.

We have collected a bunch of tattoo designs for the galaxy tattoo that are popular. No matter what you are looking for in a galaxy tattoo design, We have something for everyone.

Galaxy Tattoo On The Sleeve

Galaxy Tattoo On The Sleeve 1


Galaxy Tattoo On The Sleeve 2


Perhaps the most popular placement for a galaxy tattoo would be on your sleeve because of the vast workspace. Additionally, there is no better way to showcase a tattoo than to do it on your sleeve. This tattoo often will cover the entire arm.

You can add many elements to the galaxy tattoo on the sleeve because of the huge space that you can work with. For example, you can add galaxies, stars, planets, moons, and even landscapes as seen in our example tattoo design here.

This is a great coverup tattoo, so you don’t need to remove your previous tattoo. But if you are doing a new tattoo, this is also a great choice as you can add a lot of colors and elements to the design.

Galaxy Tattoos In Black And White

Galaxy Tattoos In Black And White 1

Galaxy Tattoos In Black And White 2


Although galaxy tattoos are mostly done in vivid colors, some tattoo enthusiasts like simple, minimalist, monochrome galaxy tattoos to reflect their personality. If you want to keep your tattoo subtle, you can choose to do the black-and-white galaxy tattoo.

These often are done with varying shades of black, white, and grey to represent the different colors of the cosmos in the tattoo. You can always add other elements like nebulae, stars, and planets with the galaxy to make your tattoo pop.

With a black-and-white galaxy tattoo, you get two benefits. One is that your tattoo will cost less than a colored tattoo. And the other is that black and white tattoos tend to stay visible longer while colored tattoos may fade away more quickly than a black and white counterpart.

Watercolor Galaxy Tattoo

Watercolor Galaxy Tattoo


Honestly, these are some of the cutest tattoo designs we’ve seen. The watercolor galaxy tattoo looks exactly like its name suggests, it represents a galaxy in watercolor style. This style uses stunning colors to show off the galaxy as if it were painted on your skin.

If you are at the same time a space and paint lover, you may want the watercolor galaxy tattoo. But despite your preference, you can choose this tattoo due to its flexibility as you can choose many colors and composition ideas for the tattoo.

Finally, as these tattoos are meant to look like a painting on your skin, you should only do the tattoo on a visible part of the body to show off the ink. And an added plus is that you don’t even have to strictly keep to a galaxy design. You can add whatever elements you like to add to the artistic flair.

Small Galaxy Tattoo

Small Galaxy Tattoo 1


Small Galaxy Tattoo 2


If you want a small but beautiful tattoo, the galaxy tattoo would be your best friend. The galaxy tattoo with its beautiful color options is a perfect tattoo design if you want to show off or easily conceal a tattoo.

If you want to keep things simple but still show your love for space, this is the perfect tattoo for you. These are also great options if you are a first-timer in getting a tattoo.  You can hide the tattoo with your attire and if you want you can show off the tattoo as well.

Thanks to the small size of this tattoo, you can place it practically anywhere on the body. But the best placements for the tattoo would be on your ankle, on your wrists, or on your hand depending on how you want to show the tattoo.

Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Tattoo

Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Tattoo 1


Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Tattoo 2


Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Tattoo 3


If you are a fan of the iconic sci-fi series Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, then you must love this tattoo design. These are very customizable designs. You can add elements from the books like the names of characters, the book’s title, and even the number 42.

You can add the tattoo anywhere on the body depending on the size that you want to do. But as this is often a very colorful tattoo, you can choose to do the tattoo on your arms, forearms, sleeves, and on your wrists for the best visibility.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Tattoo

Guardians Of The Galaxy Tattoo 1


Guardians Of The Galaxy Tattoo 2


Guardians Of The Galaxy Tattoo 3


Thanks to their portrayal in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Guardians of the Galaxy characters have become more popular among traditional comic book lovers and fans of Marvel. These tattoos may feature characters from the series such as Gamora, Star-lord, Groot, Rocket Racoon, or Drax.

One of the benefits of doing this tattoo design would be the flexibility you get. You can literally choose any of the characters from the movie and do a simple design. Or you could just do a really detailed design of the characters or the logo of the guardians from the movie.

Galaxy Rose Tattoo

Galaxy Rose Tattoo 1

Galaxy Rose Tattoo 2


Although this design is not seen much, the galaxy tattoo is a beautiful piece to get on your skin. These are a twist on the typical designs of a rose tattoo and add the wonderful colors of the cosmos.

Our female customers love these tattoos as it offers the femininity of roses along with the vastness of the cosmos. You can get the tattoo done on the visible parts of your body like the shoulder, arms, and hand for the best results.

Galaxy Star Tattoo

Galaxy Star Tattoo


These are stunning tattoos that are often some of the most unique from what we’ve seen. These tattoos most often feature a galaxy encased in a star shape. Or, these can simply show one single star or a series of stars surrounded by a wavy pattern of colors representing the galaxy.

Whatever the design choice may be these tattoos look phenomenal on the visible parts of the body. Of course, you could do the tattoo on your chest or back. But the most meaningful placement would be your shoulder, thigh, forearms, and neck for the best visibility.

Milky Way Galaxy Tattoo

Milky Way Galaxy Tattoo 1


Milky Way Galaxy Tattoo 2


As residents of the spiral galaxy Milky Way, tattoo enthusiasts have always tried to depict the home galaxy in their body art. Popular variations of this design include realistic depictions of the milky way galaxy.

You can add complete the design with elements like stars, planets, and moons. You can add all these elements on the sleeve, chest, or back to properly depict the beauty of the milky way galaxy.

Black Galaxy Tattoo

Black Galaxy Tattoo

If you are into negative space tattoos, then you’ll love these black galaxy tattoos. These are often depictions of a traditional galaxy in a completely blacked-out pattern. Different shades of black and gray create a unique contrast for these tattoos.

The most popular design placement choice for this would be on the sleeve spanning the shoulder. With the big workspace, you can add many details with intricate shading. But if you want, you can also go for a smaller workplace and add the tattoo on your arm, forearm, or thigh.

Galaxy Armband Tattoo

Galaxy Armband Tattoo 1


Galaxy Armband Tattoo 2


The armband is an interesting choice for a galaxy tattoo due to its small size. But we have seen some spectacular designs with the armband positioning for the galaxy tattoo. Most often the design includes some amazing colors depicted in a way to show a galaxy.

If you want to get creative you can design a very realistic galaxy tattoo on your armband. But the best way to showcase the tattoo would be rocking a half-sleeved dress. Although you can always choose to go with a full-sleeved dress to hide the design.

Geometric Galaxy Tattoo

Geometric Galaxy Tattoo


The geometric galaxy tattoo would be a twist on the traditional galaxy tattoo. If you are looking for a modern outlook with a geometric design, you can choose to do this tattoo. This tattoo design includes geometric patterns and shapes which combine to look like a galaxy.

If you want to think about the symbolism, you can think of the geometric galaxy tattoo as a symbol of harmony and order in the chaos of the Universe. This tattoo would best fit on the forearm for the best visibility.

Galaxy Tattoo On The Hand

Galaxy Tattoo On The Hand


If you are looking for a hand tattoo that represents the vastness of the universe and your inner tranquility, you can go ahead with the galaxy tattoo on your hand. This tattoo is often placed on the back of the hand and may extend to your fingers.

But be aware of the pain levels as hand tattoos are often more painful. So, if you want to get a galaxy tattoo – which includes vivid details and colors – on your hand, we recommend that you consult your tattoo artist first.

Galaxy Tattoo In Black And Gray

Galaxy Tattoo In Black And Gray

If you are looking for a subtle and understated design then the black and grey galaxy tattoo design would be perfect for you. The black and grey tattoo features a realistic galaxy, only in black and gray details.

You can add the tattoo anywhere on the body. But as it is a subtle design, you’d want to choose a placement that works best for you. These tattoos are best placed on the back, or shoulder if you want to hide the tattoo. But if you want to boast the tattoo, you can always do the tattoo on your forearm as seen in our example image.

Spiral Galaxy Tattoo

Spiral Galaxy Tattoo


The spiral galaxy tattoos are intriguing designs that show off a spiral galaxy much like our own Milky Way. The spiral galaxy designs are very popular and may contain multiple spirals colliding together.

Galaxy Tattoo On The Arm

Galaxy Tattoo On The Arm 1


Galaxy Tattoo On The Arm 2


The arm is one of the most popular designs for a galaxy tattoo due to its visibility and big workspace. If you want an elaborate design for your galaxy tattoo, you can choose to do the tattoo on your arm to show off some wonderful colors.

Galaxy Tattoo On The Chest

Galaxy Tattoo On The Chest 1


Galaxy Tattoo On The Chest 2


The chest with its big workspace can be the house for the beautiful color schemes of a galaxy tattoo. You can do a really intricate tattoo design covering the entire chest area. And as the chest is not often exposed to the sun the tattoo has a lesser chance of fading away.

Galaxy Cat Tattoo

Galaxy Cat Tattoo 1


Galaxy Cat Tattoo 2


If you are both a space and a cat lover, then this tattoo is for you. This is a playful design and features a cat figure with a galaxy inside it. If you are looking for a cat tattoo but with the added mystery of the space, you can do this tattoo.

Galaxy Butterfly Tattoo

Galaxy Butterfly Tattoo 1


Galaxy Butterfly Tattoo 2


If you are looking for a butterfly tattoo that adds to the beauty of the butterfly with the vivid colors of space, then you cannot go wrong with the space butterfly tattoo. You can add the tattoo anywhere including your hands and shoulders.

Galaxy Tattoo on the Back

Galaxy Tattoo on the Back


If you are looking to get a big tattoo of a galaxy, after the chest, the back is your best option. You can add some intricate details of a galaxy on your back. You can go crazy with the detailing and the shading possible on the back thanks to the big workspace.

Galaxy Cover Up Tattoo

Galaxy Cover Up Tattoo


If you are wondering if tattoo removals are painful, you should know that you always have the option to cover up your previous tattoos with new ones. And the space tattoo is the perfect tattoo to do this, with the beautiful colors and the detailed design.

Galaxy Tattoo On The Thigh

Galaxy Tattoo On The Thigh


If you are looking for a tattoo that can be easily hidden or shown, the thigh tattoo should be your go-to. If you are rocking short pants or a mini skirt, then you can easily show off the thigh tattoo. Or you can just wear a pair of jeans to hide the tattoo.

Galaxy Tattoo On The Forearm

Galaxy Tattoo On The Forearm


The forearm is a great place for the galaxy tattoo due to its workspace and visibility. You can add many details to your forearm tattoo with some good color options. You also have the added benefit of being able to hide the tattoo anytime you like with your clothing.

Galaxy Moon Tattoo

Galaxy Moon Tattoo


This tattoo shows off a contrast between the macrocosm and the microcosm with the vastness of a galaxy and the small size of the moon. Often containing a moon with a galaxy wave inside it, the galaxy moon tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body.

Galaxy Flowers Tattoo

Galaxy Flowers Tattoo


If you are a lover of nature and space, you can show your love by adding flowers to a galaxy tattoo. These tattoos are very beautiful with vivid colors and great details. You can add the tattoos anywhere including the hands, legs and forearms.

Andromeda Galaxy Tattoo

Andromeda Galaxy Tattoo


If you want to showcase the neighbor galaxy on your skin, then you can do this tattoo. The most popular design includes a highly detailed depiction of the Andromeda galaxy. You can add colors or keep the tattoo black and white as seen in the image.

Astronaut Galaxy Tattoo

Astronaut Galaxy Tattoo


This is a futuristic tattoo design. If you want to add to the mystery of space, the figure of an astronaut will do the job just fine. The most popular design for this is an astronaut with spiraling space surrounding them. Again, the most meaningful placement would be on the arm.

Galaxy Tattoo On The Leg

Galaxy Tattoo On The Leg


As the leg is a big workspace, you can do some great detailed designs for the space tattoo. You can do a detailed depiction of a galaxy covering the entire leg area. You can add some shading and colors to make the tattoo pop more.

Traditional Galaxy Tattoo

Traditional Galaxy Tattoo


The traditional galaxy tattoo is a perfect tattoo if you are into traditional colorful tattoos. This tattoo includes bold lines and vivid colors that pop. These tattoos are best seen on the shoulders or the arms.

How A Perfect Milky Way Galaxy Tattoo Is Inked

This video shows you exactly how a milky way galaxy tattoo is done on the forearm. The tattoo artist first traces the tattoo design and the exact outlines for the tattoo on the forearm. Then they go on to add some colors to the design with finer nibs.

As you can see the artist constantly cleans the forearm after each stroke of the needle. This is to remove any extra ink that might be on the skin. Then they go on to add details of other colors on the tattoo before finishing it up.


You may have looked through our guide for design inspirations but still have some questions regarding the galaxy tattoo. We have gathered for you some of the most frequently asked questions that we’ve been asked over the years.

Q: Are galaxy tattoos painful?

Answer: Galaxy tattoos are not more painful than any other tattoos. It really depends on the placement of your tattoo and how big the tattoo is. If you are doing a smaller-sized tattoo of a galaxy, you will face less pain. But if you are looking into doing a bigger-sized galaxy tattoo, you should brace yourself for some pain. But as with any tattoo, the placement on the body holds a big role here.

Q: How do I take care of a galaxy tattoo?

Answer: Although there are monochrome galaxy tattoos, they tend to be done with multiple bright colors. So taking care of your galaxy tattoos would require you to expose them to as little UV light/ sunlight as possible. Always follow your tattoo artist’s instructions and apply creams, and mild soap to your tattoo as per their instruction.

Q: How much will a galaxy tattoo cost?

Answer: The cost of the galaxy tattoo will depend on your location, and the size and detail you want in your tattoo. A typical black and white galaxy tattoo would set you back somewhere around $50-100. But if you are looking into doing a really detailed tattoo design of a galaxy, then it would cost you up to $1000 in the US.


To sum up this article, if you are looking to get a stunning tattoo design, but you want many options for your tattoo inspiration, then the galaxy tattoo has got you covered. You can practically get unlimited design options for the galaxy tattoo.

With this tattoo, you can show off your love for the cosmos. Or you can just show off your love for the microcosm in you through the tattoo on your skin. These tattoos also work for you if you are simply a lover of beautiful tattoo designs.

But with any tattoo designs like these colorful galaxy tattoos, you will need proper aftercare. So if you just maintain the good practices recommended by your tattoo artist, you should be good for years.

We hope you liked our collection of tattoo designs for the galaxy tattoo. If you have further questions or suggestions, please let us know in the comments below.

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