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95 Top-Grade Butterfly Thigh Tattoos For Women

A common tattoo request I’ve been receiving from my lady clients comprises the involvement of a butterfly thigh tattoo. While I do somewhat find the placement an inconvenience for most tattoo getters, I understand the whole ordeal when I take into consideration its visuals.

The components of a butterfly tattoo on the thigh are just like any other butterfly tattoo, but have the potential to be some of the best designs in this day and age as long as certain criterias are followed. Make sure to stay tuned as I unveil to you all the marvellous thigh tattoos and designs that you can create with the help of today’s topic of the day: The Butterfly Thigh Tattoo.

What Does A Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Mean? Is It Painful?

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A common question I have to clear the air on is regarding the symbolism of a butterfly tattoo on the thigh. Just like every other butterfly tattoo, a butterfly thigh tattoo is associated with rebirth, change, and freedom. In some cases, it is used as a symbol of love.

At the end of the day, a butterfly thigh tattoo has very little to do with the symbolism, as other variants carry the same energy. However, a butterfly thigh tattoo is mostly a top pick for women due to the pain level it brings to the table.

The upper thigh is the most common position for placement. Since it’s packed with layers of fat and contains a very low amount of nerve endings, it is extremely easy for a tattoo artist like myself to create the symbol of a butterfly on either side of the thigh without hurting my client. Regardless of how complex the artwork is, the thigh is very much resilient against the blows of a needle and is one of the least painful areas to get a butterfly tattoo.

In retrospect, despite conveying the same meaning as any other butterfly tattoo, the promising feature that makes a butterfly thigh tattoo is how lenient it is in terms of pain, and the reason why it remains a top choice amongst beginners/debutants.

Splendid Butterfly Thigh Tattoo Ideas To Wear This Year!

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The popularity of butterflies in the world of tattoos rarely startles my mind. It is a creature of excellence, with multiple components that could be considered must-haves for a tattoo to be one-of-a-kind. The forewings as well as the wings often shape the outcome of the tattoo, as the higher they are in terms of detail, the better the tattoo looks in the end.

Additionally, due to the endless species of a butterfly, there are limitless designs that one can incorporate into a butterfly thigh tattoo.

In my career as an artist, I’ve gotten the chance of creating a range of butterfly thigh tattoos thanks to my loyal fanbase. While bringing their visions to life was certainly something I will always remember, a couple of the designs that I’ve created so far will also remain in the corner of my heart until eternity.

From butterfly thigh tattoos that caters to everyone to variations that put other colour tattoos to shame, here’s a list of my favourite designs of the butterfly thigh tattoo that you should most definitely consider!

Traditional Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

Traditional butterfly thigh tattoo

The best option that I personally would like to recommend is a traditional pattern of the butterfly hand tattoo.

Since the thigh is well-known for its width and resilience, using larger sized magnum shaders shouldn’t be a problem. While the flabbiness of the area could make it a bit challenging to incorporate a range of colours into the tattoo, the final results will leave even your tattoo artist in awe!

As a lot of my clients prefer pairing it up with other symbols, I usually create a stencil for the artwork to ensure good results. I start off by drawing the hardest portion of the element, which is usually the wings of the butterfly.

Before adding the vibrant hues, I create all the elements of the diagram to save time and make it less painful for the wearer.

Adding the colours is perhaps the easiest part of this tattoo. However, always encourage the artist to take their time when colouring the forewings, as they’re the most complex portion of the design.

Small Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

Small butterfly thigh tattoo

A butterfly thigh tattoo can be a great way to start your tattooing journey, and if you happen to be on that page, keep the procedure as lenient as possible. Create a small symbol of a butterfly on your upper thigh!

Though it lacks size, the procedure of this tattoo is very time-consuming. Sure, it is the most compact design that you’ll find on this list, but the amount of intricate elements that this variant contains is plentiful.

The tattoo is also created with a fine-line round shader, which further adds to its time-consuming nature. However, due to how subtle it is in terms of appearance, it will forever remain one of my favourite options.

3D Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

3D butterfly thigh tattoo

Realism is always welcomed with open arms when butterfly tattoos are created, and due to the placement, it could be a promising tattoo to get!

A 3D tattoo of a butterfly could be a marvellous option to try out due to its final results. The sketch could take some time to complete as a combination of needles might need to be implemented. The timeframe could even increase if the pattern contains a hectic colour scheme.

A common issue I often find within the groundwork of a 3D butterfly tattoo is how empty it seems. However, I usually solve that issue by meshing it with flower tattoos, and other creatures of nature.

Geometric Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

Geometric butterfly thigh tattoo

Since a good butterfly thigh tattoo requires a sidekick that lifts the elements of the creature to another level, pairing it up with an emblem that might overshadow the butterfly could be a poor decision to make. To solve that issue, you can always take into consideration the potential of a geometric butterfly thigh tattoo.

Making the lines first is a crucial mistake that artists make and clients suggest. Doing so does seem easier and more convenient at first, but also increases the chance of receiving a tattoo that is disproportionate.

To play it safe, start with the star of the show. Create the butterfly with a round liner and add chunky borders with a curved magnum. Create the sharp lines across the butterfly afterward to get the best result possible.

Outline Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

Outline butterfly thigh tattoo

Loads of my clients often express their desires of getting a butterfly thigh tattoo, but usually back out on the last day for having a packed schedule. However, I often tell them that there’s always a way, and I do so by recommending them this tattoo.

I usually use a fine-line, 12 gauge needle to create this tattoo. While the design can surely be frowned upon due to the amount of elements it lacks, the procedure of it is what makes an outline butterfly tattoo one of the best in the game.

On average, creating this simple tattoo takes around 2 to 3 minutes. Additionally, it takes at most 10 minutes if I choose to move the needle like a snail.

333 Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

333 butterfly thigh tattoo

In a normal world, a variant that many might pass on when getting a butterfly thigh tattoo is the 333 Butterfly tattoo. However, in the spiritual world, the symbol of 333 and a butterfly is inseparable.

While both symbols do look excellent visually when paired together, the similarity of their symbolism is what really takes the cake.

As mentioned previously, a butterfly is associated with freedom, love, change, and rebirth. Likewise, the symbol of a 333 tattoo stands for balance, and positivity. While they do convey different messages, the symbolism of one requires the power of the other and vice versa in this scenario.

When creating this variant, I always make the butterfly slightly larger than the symbol of “333.” Doing so not only enables the butterfly tattoo to stand out more, but also gives the “333” tattoo a considerable amount of space to blend in with the artwork.

Floral Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

Floral butterfly thigh tattoo

If you’ve been closely reading every single word of mine, perhaps you already saw this variant coming. If you haven’t however, allow me to present to you the best way to showcase the butterfly thigh tattoo!

On top of containing the same spiritual meaning, a floral pattern when paired with a butterfly looks visually remarkable. Not only do I feel that it perfectly fills out the emptiness of just obtaining a butterfly tattoo, a concern that I previously expressed in this write-up, but it does so with elegance.

A positive of this design is that it offers flexibility. Since most flowers are associated with love, even a ___ tattoo can be incorporated without being questioned.

When creating this variant, I always start with the floral pattern. Since it contains more complex elements, I always use a stencil for my artwork so that I make room for no errors.

To create the design, I typically rely on a #12 needle. Since the artwork I often create is a black and grey tattoo, I use a curved magnum shader, especially to deal with the flabby surface of the thigh. When asked for a colored version, however, I make full use of a 8 round liner and pack the artwork with a series of hues.

More Butterfly Thigh Tattoos With Compelling Designs

As mentioned earlier, due to the amount of marvellous butterflies that currently exists in today’s world, the memorable ways in which one can obtain a butterfly thigh tattoo truly has no end as of right now. If you don’t believe my claim, head over to the following segment, which contains another array of butterfly thigh tattoos that could very well be all that you’ve been looking for!

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Butterfly thigh tattoo 2

Butterfly thigh tattoo 3

Butterfly thigh tattoo 5

Butterfly thigh tattoo 4

Butterfly thigh tattoo 6

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Butterfly thigh tattoo 8

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Butterfly thigh tattoo 12

Butterfly thigh tattoo 10

Butterfly thigh tattoo 13

Butterfly thigh tattoo 14

Butterfly thigh tattoo 15

Butterfly thigh tattoo 16

Butterfly thigh tattoo 17

Butterfly thigh tattoo 18

Butterfly thigh tattoo 19

Butterfly thigh tattoo 20

Butterfly thigh tattoo 21

Butterfly thigh tattoo 22

Butterfly thigh tattoo 24

Butterfly thigh tattoo 25

Butterfly thigh tattoo 26

Butterfly thigh tattoo 27

Butterfly thigh tattoo 28

Butterfly thigh tattoo 29

Butterfly thigh tattoo 30

Butterfly thigh tattoo 31

Butterfly thigh tattoo 32

Butterfly thigh tattoo 33

Butterfly thigh tattoo 34

Butterfly thigh tattoo 35

Butterfly thigh tattoo 36

Butterfly thigh tattoo 37

Butterfly thigh tattoo 38

Butterfly thigh tattoo 39

Butterfly thigh tattoo 40

Butterfly thigh tattoo 41

Butterfly thigh tattoo 42

Butterfly thigh tattoo 43

Butterfly thigh tattoo 44

Butterfly thigh tattoo 45

Butterfly thigh tattoo 46

Butterfly thigh tattoo 47

Butterfly thigh tattoo 48

Butterfly thigh tattoo 49

Butterfly thigh tattoo 50

Butterfly thigh tattoo 51

Butterfly thigh tattoo 52

Butterfly thigh tattoo 53

Butterfly thigh tattoo 54

Butterfly thigh tattoo 55

Butterfly thigh tattoo 56

Butterfly thigh tattoo 57

Butterfly thigh tattoo 58

Butterfly thigh tattoo 59

Butterfly thigh tattoo 60

Butterfly thigh tattoo 61

Butterfly thigh tattoo 62

Butterfly thigh tattoo 63

Butterfly thigh tattoo 64

Butterfly thigh tattoo 65

Butterfly thigh tattoo 66

Butterfly thigh tattoo 67

Butterfly thigh tattoo 68

Butterfly thigh tattoo 69

Butterfly thigh tattoo 70

Butterfly thigh tattoo 71

Butterfly thigh tattoo 72

Butterfly thigh tattoo 73

Butterfly thigh tattoo 74

Butterfly thigh tattoo 75

Butterfly thigh tattoo 76

Butterfly thigh tattoo 77

Butterfly thigh tattoo 78

Butterfly thigh tattoo 79

Butterfly thigh tattoo 80

Butterfly thigh tattoo 81

Butterfly thigh tattoo 82

Butterfly thigh tattoo 83

Butterfly thigh tattoo 84

Butterfly thigh tattoo 85

Butterfly thigh tattoo 86

Butterfly thigh tattoo 87

Butterfly thigh tattoo 88

How Long Will It Take For My Butterfly Thigh Tattoo To Heal?

While getting the butterfly thigh tattoo can be a fun experience, allowing it to heal can be a difficult task, especially if you’re short on composure.

On an average, a butterfly thigh tattoo will heal within 2 to 3 weeks. If your skin is sensitive, consider giving it another week to heal properly. Make sure to moisturise the area on a regular basis so that the layers underneath it can recuperate just as well.

On the contrary, if your tattoo changes in terms of appearance and you also happen to be burning up with a high fever, reach out to a doctor immediately, as they’re signs of an infected tattoo.

Can I Wear Jeans After Getting A Butterfly Thigh Tattoo?

While covering your butterfly thigh tattoo with a piece of clothing might cross your mind once it’s been obtained, the go-to material you have should not comprise any form of jeans, especially if the pair is extremely tight.

Instead, try to wear breathable clothing made of soft and friendly materials. Try to wear sweatpants and baggy chinos for a while. Since it is a thigh tattoo, the best type of pants you can wear are shorts of any kind!

Final Take On Butterfly Thigh Tattoos

A butterfly thigh tattoo is the perfect tattoo for any woman who is trying to embrace their freedom, and can even be an excellent way for them to express the feelings they have for their partner.

However, taking into account the subjective nature behind its symbolism, I’d say that a butterfly thigh tattoo is for everyone. Sure, according to the past, it does carry tons of feminine energy. Nonetheless, when you view it through a wider lens, a butterfly thigh tattoo is as free as the aura it carries, and should definitely be perceived as an open book instead of being kept in a cage.

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