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112 Tummy Tuck Scar Tattoo Ideas That Deserve More Love and Appreciation

When all is said and done, while the area will stay the same, picking the right tummy tuck tattoo might be extremely difficult. Since the design for this area doesn’t come with a handbook, the experience of getting a tummy tuck tattoo can be relieving as much as it is terrifying.

Tummy tuck scars result from surgeries that involve the removal of excessive skin around the tummy area. While it is a rather taboo issue to talk about, we believe that tummy tuck scars should not be shunned out, but celebrated. Indeed, our scars make us who we are. Why not celebrate a tummy tuck scar through means of tummy tuck scar tattoos?

Join us today as we enlighten you on what, why, and how exactly you can get a tummy tuck scar tattoo and uplift your recovery process at the same time.

What Does a Tummy Tuck Scar Tattoo Mean?

While any and every design is suitable to replace the scar, the sole purpose of a tummy tuck scar tattoo is immensely important. It not only allows one to hide their gash but also enables them to see the beauty of it. It enables them to adjust with their new physical appearance by embracing their past and encourages them to come to terms with their current appearance. People believe that such tattoos allow the wearers to cherish their existence, which is something that this world sadly lacks at times.

In a world where physical appearance can either make or break a person, it is rather hard to deal with issues as painful as scars.

However, we couldn’t disagree more with that take. We believe that at the end of the day, what we have within us should matter; not how we look. Our physical features will definitely fade gradually, but our mindset will always change for the better as each day passes. There should be no room for such hypocrisy in a world where we’re seeking positivity.

Distinct Tummy Tuck Scar Tattoo Designs For Achieving Encouragement

While embracing the scar is the priority, having a concrete design will definitely make things easier if you plan on getting a tummy tuck scar tattoo. Those that have already come up with a groundwork for the tattoo may skim through this segment. The rest can definitely go through the designs mentioned below. Whether you’re seeking a minimalist tattoo or a tattoo that prioritizes the appearance, the entries below will definitely help you with being decisive about the visuals!

Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Tummy tuck scar tattoo 29

Besides the beautiful color scheme of pink and black the artwork contains, a cherry blossom tattoo symbolizes the wonderful aspects of life, which can definitely be relatable for those with tummy tuck scars. Tummy tuck scars are often dismissed for their physical appearance, but aren’t recognized enough for the relief it brings to a woman. Apart from relieving the pain, it boosts one’s confidence and encourages comfortability, which should definitely be applauded instead of being shunned out.

Lotus Tattoo

Tummy tuck scar tattoo 6

Since tummy tuck scars come with side effects that are usually unavoidable, perhaps placing a lotus tattoo will not only encourage the wearer to rise above but provide them with feelings of wisdom. A lotus tattoo celebrates growth and the beauty of life, which is often dismissed when tummy tuck scars are in the mix. Get this design today. Embrace your scar with open arms.

Butterfly With Flowers

Tummy tuck scar tattoo 3

Butterfly tattoos and flower tattoos go hand in hand. They symbolize integrity, strength, and victory. They also portray the beauty of femininity, which can definitely empower those with tummy tuck scars.

Apart from the meaning, the combination contains visuals that are wonderful to the eyes and can be readjusted whenever the wearer feels the need to.

Crescent moon tattoo with details

Tummy tuck scar tattoo 15

Moon tattoos symbolize growth and change, which is the only constant in life. When paired with a bee tattoo, it may symbolize how loyal one needs to be to themselves before preparing to offer it to someone else. While the artwork of this combo is flattering, the meaning it contains is just as powerful, which is a necessity to those that are coping with accepting their tummy tuck scars.

Aquatic Tattoo

Tummy tuck scar tattoo 11

A design that encourages healing, an aquatic tattoo is as beautiful as they come. With brilliant visuals and an empathetic meaning, an aquatic tattoo can bring those with tummy tuck scars an endless amount of serenity. Not only will it cover the scar with its vibrant artwork, but it will also remind the wearer of just how lovely it is to be alive.

Traditional Snake Tattoo

Tummy tuck scar tattoo 9

If you’re looking for a tattoo with an engaging meaning and ecstatic visuals, perhaps you should take this design into consideration. Not only do snake tattoos represent strength and fertility, but it also looks extremely intimidating when placed above a tummy tuck scar. The classic color scheme not only pairs well with the design but also fits like a glove with the occasion.

Rose Tattoo

Tummy tuck scar tattoo 53

If you’d like to reconnect with the love you once had for yourself, perhaps a rose tattoo is all that you need. Although the color totally depends on your preferences, picking a red rose will be the most helpful color for this occasion. Wearing it will not only remind you of the love you lost but also encourage you to practice self-care.

Angel Wing Tattoo

Tummy tuck scar tattoo 31

Tummy tuck scars appear when the excessive tissues are removed through a tummy tuck removal surgery. While it does leave literal evidence, the aftermath is rather freeing. It not only reduces the excessive amount of skin that you have but also improves your future significantly. Celebrate the occasion with an angel wing tattoo, which usually provides one with freedom and faith.

Rainbow Feather Tattoo

Tummy tuck scar tattoo 47

Similar to most variations on this list, a feather tattoo stands for freedom and honor. While the color of the rainbow is solely for enhancing the visuals, one may get this tattoo if they are struggling to love themselves. Indeed, we believe that before loving someone else, one needs to be comfortable in their own skin and love themselves.

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Mandala Lace Tattoo

Tummy tuck scar tattoo 1

Apart from the fancy artwork it contains, a mandala tattoo represents eternity and perfection. Even though we can only imagine how difficult it must be to deal with tummy tuck scars, it is important that we live our lives by embracing our flaws, as at the end of the day, it is our imperfections that make us who we are. Look beyond the imperfections by getting this tattoo, and you too shall know what it’s like to be perfect.

Peacock Tattoo

Tummy tuck scar tattoo 41

If you want to celebrate your newly formed tummy tuck scar, you may proceed and look into this tattoo, as a peacock tattoo is directly associated with rebirth. It not only celebrates new life, but also provides the wearer with unconditional protection and years of good luck.

Tiger Tattoo

Tummy tuck scar tattoo 61

Despite the intimidating features that a tiger has, in the tattoo world, it enhances one’s power and strength, which can definitely help those that are learning how to cherish their tummy tuck scars. When covering it with a tiger, it may remind them of how courageous they are instead of downplaying the intensity of the backstory.

Sunflower Tattoo

Tummy tuck scar tattoo 62

A sunflower tattoo is perhaps the most desirable option on this list. It contains the brightest shade of yellow and symbolizes happiness. While most will struggle to pair the tattoo up with other designs, having a sunflower tattoo will not only boost the appearance of your scar and cover it perfectly, but also remind you of how happy you should be in your own body.  

More Attractive Tummy Tuck Scar Tattoos To Enhance Your Spirituality

Although we have mentioned a list of designs that you could incorporate over your tummy tuck scar, listed below are more tummy tuck scar tattoos that we feel deserve more recognition!

How to Pick the Right Tummy Tuck Scar Tattoo

For choosing the right tummy tuck scar tattoo, you can either go for relatability or focus on the design.

If you have picked the former, do put your mind to use. Think of a design that not only covers your scar, but also allows you to express distinct characteristics that you have. This will allow you to hold the tattoo close to your heart, which will be rather therapeutic more often than not.

Moreover, since the primary source of concern will be your mental health, perhaps the final outcome of the design won’t affect you as much if it is a bit botched.

On the other hand, if you want a tattoo that reeks of style and elegance to cover up your tummy tuck scar, explore the creative thinking abilities of your brain.

Create a design through the things you envision and bring it to life by putting it down on paper. If you aren’t content with the visuals, seek the help of a friend. Come up with something that isn’t just visually wonderful, but is also supported by a meaning that is just as beautiful.  For instance, when getting the artwork done, think of creatures that are as beautiful as butterflies, or non-sentient beings as graceful as flowers.


All in all, tummy tuck tattoos should deserve all the praise the world has to offer. It empowers women by allowing them to feel comfortable in their own skin, a habit that should be preached more often. While people definitely have the choice of not installing an artwork to cover their scars, we believe that getting a tummy tuck scar tattoo is definitely for you if you’re struggling to embrace your physical appearance and need a helping hand that will make things substantially better overnight.

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