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26 Trending Black Rose Tattoo Designs For This Year

Black rose tattoos have been in the spotlight for tattoo enthusiasts for quite some time now. With its multiple variations and sizes, the black rose tattoo designs have been done in creative ways. Over the years we have seen multiple variations of the black rose tattoos done on various parts of the body.

In this article, we will share with you the significance the black rose tattoo holds with its meaning so that you know what you are getting on your body. We will also discuss with you 25 tattoo ideas for the black rose tattoo so that you may get some inspiration for your tat.

But don’t worry, these are just suggestive. You can customize the tattoo however you want so that it reflects your own unique taste and personality.

So let’s get started with the meaning of the Black Rose tattoo.

Meanings Associated with the Black Rose Tattoo

The black rose tattoo has been associated with different meanings. Tattoo enthusiasts primarily focus on the symbolism of the black rose while doing the tattoo.

The black rose symbolizes death and mourning. So for the wearer of a black rose tattoo, the tattoo may mean the loss or death of someone close. This makes the tattoo a perfect candidate for a memorial tattoo.

Again, with its association with loss, the black rose tattoo may also mean sadness. The tattoo may also mean rebirth and new beginnings as the black rose symbolizes death.

In many cultures, the black rose is connected to beauty and strength. So for these cultures, the black rose tattoo may signify the beauty of the wearer and a sense of strength or resilience.

If you are getting this tattoo, you can associate the tattoo with any of the meanings associated with a black rose, or you can just do the tattoo for its aesthetic value.

25 Aesthetic Black Rose Tattoo Designs For You

There are many minimalist designs for the black rose tattoo along with some really cool detailed designs out there that will blow your mind. This many option warrants some confusion if you want to get one.

But, If you are looking into doing a black rose tattoo design, you might be wondering which tattoo design would be the best for you.

Well, look no more. We have gathered some of the best black rose tattoo designs for you so that you can choose one from the list. Or you can just go ahead and mix and match some new elements into the designs to get your personalized tattoo.

Here are some black rose tattoo ideas that we think you’ll love.

The Black and White Rose Tattoo

Black and White Rose Tattoo


The black and white rose tattoo is a very popular rose tattoo design among tattoo enthusiasts due to its simplicity and classic contrast of black and white. You can do the tattoo if you love its minimalist appearance or just appreciate the beauty of the black rose. Or you can do the tattoo due to the many meanings associated with the tattoo.

The black and white rose tattoo can hold various meanings according to the wearer’s preference and interpretation. For some, it represents the duality of life showing a balance of black and white, good and evil, and light and dark through the combination of colors.

Again, you can get a tattoo to represent your love for someone. As the black and white rose tattoo consists of both black and white colors, it may represent your love towards someone through both the good and the bad times. For the same reason, this is also a perfect memorial tattoo if you want to do something other than RIP Tattoos.

You can get the tattoo anywhere on your body. But what we have seen, the most common place for doing the tattoo is on the forearms and on the back.

Traditional Black Rose Tattoo

Traditional Black Rose Tattoo 1


Traditional Black Rose Tattoo 2


Traditional Black Rose Tattoo 3


The traditional black rose tattoo is inspired by classical tattoo designs which are full of colors and steeped with symbolism. The traditional tattoo features a single rose often bundled with other classic elements like banners or skulls. The tattoo may hold bold lines and shades that make a unique contrast in the rose to show off a bold personality.

This tattoo also is a symbol of mourning and loss whereas the black color of the rose symbolizes sorrow and pain. So it can also be a perfect combination with the RIP Grandma tattoos. Similarly, it can also represent a strong love for someone or a strong passion to do something fuelled by the dark symbolism of the black rose.

Similar to many other tattoo designs, the traditional black rose tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body. But the tattoo would look best on your arms, forearms, or legs as these are often the most visible places on your body.

Black and Grey Rose Tattoo

Black and Grey Rose Tattoo 1


Black and Grey Rose Tattoo 2


This tattoo design has recently gained popularity due to the shading and depth that the grey color gives to the black rose. The grey color accompanied by the black color may symbolize many things depending on your perspective.

One possible meaning may be the contrast between light and dark which is often typically associated with the concept that love may exist in both light and dark. Whereas others interpret the meaning to be a harmony between the good and the bad in life.

The grey color in the black rose may also represent the impermanence of things. You can interpret the grey color as a way of fading away with time, giving you the idea that nothing in life is permanent and everything must fade away. This may work as a reminder to you to enjoy and live in the moment.

You can customize the tattoo in many different ways according to your needs. You can add other elements to the tattoo. But from where we are sitting, the black and grey rose tattoo looks stunning without any other elements added to it on your chest, arms, and forearms.

Small Black Rose Tattoo

Small Black Rose Tattoo


This tattoo is for minimalism lovers who love and appreciate small and understated tattoos. The small black rose tattoo has been there for years. It has now become a timeless design with its simplicity and adaptability.

Normally the tattoo will incorporate a small black rose often with a single black outline. Most often than not, the tattoo is done with a fine-line needle to keep the theme simple. The simplicity of this small tattoo can emphasize the natural beauty of the rose while allowing for later edits and additions to the tattoo.

Depending on what you want, this tattoo may represent a variety of things including beauty, love, and elegance. And you can also get the tattoo done on various parts of your body where it can be easily concealed. But you’ll look the most elegant if you place the tattoo on places like your wrists, behind the ear, or on the ankle along with other ankle tattoo elements.

Black and Red Rose Tattoo

Black and Red Rose Tattoo 1


Black and Red Rose Tattoo 2


Another unorthodox, but common design for the black rose tattoo is the addition of red in it. This design usually covers a single rose with black and red colors. Often the rose is drawn with a black outline and red petals along with other elements like a stem or thorns.

The red color is often seen as a source of passion and this adds to the dark color scheme of the black rose. So this tattoo may symbolize intense love or the intense emotion that is associated with love. So this can be considered a permanent token of love on your body.

Due to the intense color scheme, this tattoo is a must-show. So you should do the tattoo on the most visible part of your body like your neck, arm, forearm, and ankle.

Black Rose Tattoo on the Hand

Black Rose Tattoo on Hand 1


Black Rose Tattoo on Hand 2


Another versatile design when it comes to black rose tattoos is doing the tattoo on your hand. As often the most visible part of your body, the black rose looks vibrant on your hand. It can be customized with other elements like a stem or a thorn. But often the most popular design is to do a detailed black rose with a black-and-white color scheme.

Although the ink looks fascinating on the hand, you should always be aware of your pain tolerance level while doing a tattoo on your hand. this is because hand tattoos can be painful due to all the nerve endings. So, we’d suggest you do the tattoo only if you are a veteran.

Black Rose Tattoo To Cover Up Older Tattoos

Black Rose Cover Up Tattoo


The black rose tattoo is an excellent choice if you don’t want to remove an unwanted tattoo, but rather cover it up. As we have said before the black tattoo can be done with many adornments. Typically if you want to cover up a tattoo, you can use a single detailed rose or multiple roses to cover up the previous tattoo.

The black rose tattoo is an excellent tattoo to cover up previous tattoos because of the level of detail you can do with this tattoo. This can also bear a symbolic meaning of a new beginning or a rebirth of you as well as of your tattoo.

Simple Black Rose Tattoo

Simple Black Rose Tattoo


The simple black rose tattoo is a minimalist and simple variant of the black rose tattoo. This is often done with a very fine line needle to draw only the outline of a single black rose. You can of course add other elements keeping the simplicity such as the outline of a stem or a leaf with the rose.

Thanks to its simplicity the tattoo design can be placed anywhere on the body and is often easily concealable. But the most common tattoo placements of this tattoo design are the wrist, ankle, or even behind the ear.

Blue and Black Rose Tattoo

Blue and Black Rose Tattoo 1


Blue and Black Rose Tattoo 2


This is again an unorthodox design for the black rose tattoo although a quite popular one. But the blue ink incorporated with the black complements the rose’s color very much turning it into a beautiful piece of art. It can be done with a combination of black and blue outlines or can also have blue petals with black outlines.

As the design is very catchy, you should add the tattoo on the visible parts of your body like the wrist, hand, and arm. But you can also do detailed designs of the tattoo on your chest or on your back.

Black Rose Tattoo on the Forearm

Forearm Black Rose Tattoo


Thanks to the big canvas on your forearm, the black rose tattoo really pops on the forearm. You can add many different elements to the tattoo along with quotes or banners. Most often the tattoo is done with a good amount of detail and shading.

Some tattoo enthusiasts also have incorporated a realistic tattoo design on the forearm due to the big area of work and the easy visibility. If you want your tattoo to get noticed, we suggest you go for the tattoo on your forearm.

Skull and Black Rose Tattoo

Skull and Black Rose Tattoo


If you are into gothic tattoos, we think you’ll love the skull and black rose tattoo because it can be incredibly simple or incredibly detailed depending on your taste.  You can do variations of the design like a skull biting down on a rose with a stem or just a skull on some black roses.

The skull and black rose tattoo have a great contrast with the rose and the edginess of the skull represents a bold stance. So these tattoos would be better done on visible parts of the body like your hand, forearms, or biceps.

Black Rose Tattoo on Wrist

Black Rose Tattoo on Wrist


The wrist being one of the most visible places on the body can be a great place to do the black rose tattoo. The tattoo often features a simple design with outlines, but can also feature an intricate design.

But doing wrist tattoos has its benefits as these tattoos can be easily concealed with a wristwatch or jewelry. So if you want a discreet tattoo that you can easily flaunt if you want to, you can go with the black rose tattoo.

Black Rose Tattoo on the Shoulder

Black Rose Tattoo on Shoulder


Doing a black rose tattoo on your shoulder is a decision that you cannot go wrong with. The design can easily cover your arms from the shoulder or go toward the back depending on the level of detail you have on the design.

Another benefit of doing the black rose tattoo on the shoulder is the added versatility to show or hide the tattoo if you want. Depending on the occasion, you can either go for a longer sleeve to hide the tattoo or a sleeveless one to show off the design.

Solid Black Rose Tattoo

Solid Black Rose Tattoo 1


Solid Black Rose Tattoo 2


The solid black rose tattoo design is another versatile tattoo idea if you are looking for something bold and minimal. This tattoo design often consists of only one single rose with very minimal shading that is completely filled with black ink. It can also have other elements like a thorn or a stem also completely inked black.

As a very bold design, this solid black rose would be perfectly placed on the wrist or behind the ear as a subtle addition. But if you want to get a dramatic theme going, then you can go bigger with the design adding it to your chest, thigh, or on back.

Black Rose Tattoo on the Sleeve

Black Rose Sleeve Tattoo


Your sleeves are a perfect place to get a black rose tattoo done if you want a unified theme of black roses across your sleeve. This tattoo often has multiple black roses with additional ornamental designs added to the rose. But one downside is that these tattoos are harder to cover up. So think twice before getting one because it may have significant effects on your professional life.

Black Rose Tattoo on Neck

Black Rose Tattoo on Neck


The black rose tattoo is a popular choice for tattoos on the neck because it is bold and it makes a statement. Often the neck tattoo will incorporate other elements like a heart with the rose with a good amount of details and shading. You can also go abstract on the design and add abstract elements to the rose.

Black Rose Elbow Tattoo

Black Rose Elbow Tattoo


The elbow is a sensitive and bold place to get a tattoo. So what better way to show boldness than with a black rose? You can add minimal details on the rose while getting the tattoo on the elbow or go ham with other elements to give the tattoo your own touch.

Black Rose Finger Tattoo

Black Rose Finger Tattoo


We’d suggest that only veterans get a finger tattoo. But if you do get one, the black rose tattoo is as good as any design. These are often minimal tattoos with little details and often outlines of the rose. Although you can add details, these tattoos look best in black and white.

Black Rose Tattoo on the Knees

Black Rose Knee Tattoo


The knee is another sensitive area to getting a tattoo. So, if you do wish to get a black rose tattoo on your knee, can go crazy with the design. You can get multiple colors and different shading with the knee tattoo to get the best look on the knee.

Black Rose Tattoo on the Thigh

Black Rose Thigh Tattoo


The thigh is another big canvas for getting a tattoo done. So if you are looking to get a thigh tattoo, you can knock yourself out while choosing the black rose tattoo. You can add good details along with other graphical elements. You can even add your name or a quote vertically on your thigh to make the tattoo pop.

Black Bleeding Rose Tattoo

Black Bleeding Rose Tattoo


This is among the most dramatic designs we’ve seen. The tattoo symbolizes pain, loss, and suffering. Typically drawn with a single rose with dripping blood often with very intricate details. If you have suffered a great loss or are in great pain, this tattoo can be a perfect representation of the pain and suffering.

Goku Black Rose Tattoo

Goku Black Rose Tattoo


If you are a Dragon Ball Super nerd, then you’ll love this tattoo. This features Zamasu in his black rose form in Goku’s body showing off a really unique dragon ball moment. So, if you love Akira Toriama’s work, you can go with different details on the tattoo.

Realistic Black Rose Tattoo

Realistic Black Rose Tattoo


The realistic black rose tattoo is another great choice for tattoo enthusiasts as it represents a rose with a very realistic style of art. These tattoos have an insane level of highlights and details to give the tattoo a realistic look.

Black Rose Arm Tattoo

Black Rose Arm Tattoo


If you are looking to get an arm tattoo, you can get the black rose tattoo because it allows you to add good details to the rose. You can also add other elements like thorns, quotes, and names to the black rose to add to the depth of the tattoo.

Black Rose Chest Tattoo

Black Rose Chest Tattoo


As the chest is practically the biggest canvas on your body to have a tattoo, you can get some great detailing with shades and colors to the black rose. You can add some thorns, stems, or even angel wings with the black rose design.

Black Rose Tattoo on the Face

Black Rose Face Tattoo


One of the most daring tattoo designs would be the black rose tattoo on the face. Because the tattoo would be very painful, we only recommend this for tattoo pros who have experience with face tattoos. But like most other face tattoos, the black rose tattoos on the face are very simple and elegant.

Black Rose Tattoo Behind the Ear

Black Rose Tattoo Behind the Ear

Black Rose Name Tattoo

Black Rose Name Tattoo


How to Get a Perfect Black And Grey Rose Tattoo

Here we’ve got a video for you showing how to get a black and grey rose tattoo design on the thigh. If you are willing to get this specific tattoo design and placement, then this is a good example. Otherwise, this is a perfect representation of the entire process of getting a black rose tattoo.

As you can see, the tattoo is first traced on the thigh. And then in different sections, the artist carries out the tattooing process. The video also shows how the tattoo artist adds highlights to the design with a broader needle.


Still have some questions lurking in your mind? Well, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here we have gathered some of the most asked questions on the internet about the black rose tattoo.

Q: Does a black rose tattoo represent love?

Answer: Well, the black rose is often seen associated with obsession or a dark passion for love. So, yes, in a way, the black rose tattoo does represent love. But it is most often associated with sorrow and death.

Q: Is the black rose tattoo only for representing mourning?

Answer: This sorta ties in with the previous question. No the black rose tattoo is not associated only with mourning, it is just commonly done so. It can also be associated with rare beauty, love, passion, desire, and new beginnings.

Q: Is getting the black rose tattoo painful?

Answer: It really depends on the professional you are getting your tattoos done from. But as the black rose tattoo can be very detailed, it can get painful for certain body parts, like the wrist, face, or knee. Still, it depends on your pain tolerance as well.


To conclude, the black rose tattoo has become a very popular tattoo design that both first-timers and pros love. The tattoo symbolizes love, loss, and pain and also may mean a transformation for the wearer.

In this article, we have shown you 25 of the best black rose tattoo designs that you can rock if you are in the market for one. But you always can go with your own design or a mix between our suggested design and your own to better show your creativity.

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