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74 Amazing Japanese Frog Tattoos That Will Motivate You!

One of the most demanding designs in the tattoo industry is the Japanese tattoo. When it comes to tattoos, people from all over the world who are attracted by Japanese culture and customs always desire something unique.

The illustrations of a Japanese tattoo are any tattoo enthusiast’s first pick when it comes to distinctive designs with fascinating history. The Japanese frog appears frequently in Irezumi and Japanese culture. In Japan, frogs are regarded as blessed animals, and as a result, people are captivated with the symbolism and experiment with a wide variety of designs.

You may thus check out the Japanese Frog tattoo with significance and constrained designs in this article as well as with amazing concepts you have never seen if you’re seeking for something unique with an intriguing background!

Unique Japanese Frog Tattoo Meaning With Interesting Background!

Japanese frog tattoo 1

Frog, or “kaeru” in Japanese, usually indicates a return. The phrase has been used for thousands of years and has mythical significance in addition to its true definition, as it refers to an animal frog, which has symbolic value in Japanese culture. The Japanese Frog is well-known in Irezumi, or Japanese culture.

The Japanese frog has a broad number of metaphorical connotations, including plenty, prosperity, fortune, money, protection, fertility, yield, luck, purification, journey, and a heck of a lot more. Can you determine the true significance of this animal in Japan based on the meanings? Yes, it is so well-liked that tourists also carry little frog brooches to ensure their safe return home.

Frogs are so well-liked in Japan that people often refer to them as the nation’s fortunate animal. They believe that a frog possesses magical abilities and blessings. So if you want to alter your fate for the better, a Japanese frog tattoo is the style you should strive for!

Exquisite New Ideas For Japanese Frog Tattoo!

So far you have got an idea what a Japanese Frog represents, and its significance. So people who are interested in history and culture, are mostly fond of this tattoo for its alluring meaning.

If you are considering getting a new innovative meaningful tattoo with a traditional vibe, you can check out the exclusive ideas I have recollected only for you. Hopefully if you can go through the article, you will get your desired designs with an awful amount of choices!

Traditional Japanese Frog Tattoo

Traditional Japanese frog tattoo

 Frogs are the traditional animal for Japan with inspiring meaning and divine significance. Traditional Japanese Frog tattoos represent the design of the Frog itself focusing on the subject. Just like in the picture, the frog is wearing a vintage cloth which represents Japan and its culture.

Maintaining the frog design, one can add traditional Japanese dress along with the frog like the samurai dress or also can add weapons. Color brings more elegance to the design and placement is really important for a Japanese Traditional Frog tattoo.

Japanese Lucky Frog Tattoo

Japanese lucky frog tattoo

The Japanese Frog is considered to be the lucky animal for the country. People often carry a real frog or sometimes a dummy in order to travel safely and to return home safe and sound. So people from ancient times carry it and also get inked to carry the good fortune through life.

The frog in the picture is carrying a Japanese traditional dress around its belly with a leaf in its hands. This whole scenario is a Japanese set up and the main intention is to represent the luck that the Frog carries. Comparatively bigger space is suitable for this remarkable Japanese Lucky Frog tattoo.

 Japanese Samurai Frog Tattoo

Japanese samurai frog tattoo

 Japanese Samurai Frog tattoo is the most popular and most used design not only in Japan but also around the world for those who are interested in Japanese Myths and also The Samurai. The design is mainly a Frog, wearing the Samurai dress with the signature Samurai Sword. This resembles the Protector and also strength as symbol.

Unique design made this tattoo so popular that folks who consider a frog tattoo, usually go with the Japanese Samurai Frog tattoo with colorful ink and eccentric new patterns.

  Japanese Frog Tattoo On Hand

Japanese frog tattoo on hand

Hands are the folks favorite spot, as it is visibly very direct. Though many people don’t think it is a good idea as the hands are considered to be one of the painful areas among the body. But with exclusive designs, this spot is spectacular and a good spot to show-off your tattoo.

If you are thinking of getting a Japanese Frog tattoo on hand, I would suggest you go for an easier design with less complications. You can use color according to your wish. Just remember, using less shades can reduce your pain.

  Naruto Japanese Frog Tattoo

Naruto Japanese frog tattoo

 Naruto is a very popular anime in Japan. People all around the world tried the Naruto design out of love. So for a unique design, Naruto fans look for traditional Japanese trends to merge with the design.

The tattoo in the picture is a very special one, as it carries a lot of attributes. Like it is a geometric shaped pattern which includes a Japanese frog within a Naruto themed knife. So this is a perfect example of combining Japanese tradition with Myths and recent ventures.

 Small Japanese Frog Tattoo

Small Japanese frog tattoo

 The title itself holds the attributes of the tattoo, “Small Japanese Frog tattoo”. This particular design is my personal favorite as it is easy to get through the design is not so easy. Though the tattoo looks small and compact, it is the small details that matter the most.

You should be careful about placement before you go for a Small Japanese frog tattoo. As people want to carry their fortune frog with them , you can put your small frog anywhere in your body just keeping the depth of the idea.

 Japanese Frog Tattoo On Forearm

Japanese frog tattoo on forearm

Design depends on placement of the body. If you want to look beautiful and attractive, you have to keep in mind the position of the body. As a tattoo lover, forearms are my favorite spot, and most people try their best at this place.

Considerably a bigger design is required for a Japanese Frog tattoo on forearms. As it needs to cover the arms and the design should be pin-point to cover the meanings as well as its beauty.

Japanese Frog Tattoo On Thigh

Japanese frog tattoo on thigh

Thigh tattoos are mostly preferred by womens as they like to show their legs while wearing a short dress or a bikini. Being a large space, a large design is required and without any doubt, Japanese frog tattoos are the perfect design if you are looking for Luck!

The Japanese Frog tattoo on the thigh looks irresistible but the most important thing is that the design can be perfectly brought up particularly in this area and of course, for a thigh tattoo, you should consult an expert before you choose for your own ideas regarding this.

More Exclusive And Uncommon Japanese Frog Tattoo Designs!

So far you have got a vivid idea on Japanese Frog tattoos about its meaning and overwhelming background. Also I have shared some of the appealing ideas on this tattoo that will surely make things easier for you.

If you are not convinced yet that the designs, not a problem at all, you can check the vast amount of  designs I have shared below only for you to make things easier to choose. Check out and leave your suggestions as well!

Japanese frog tattoo 2

Japanese frog tattoo 3

Japanese frog tattoo 4

Japanese frog tattoo 6

Japanese frog tattoo 5

Japanese frog tattoo 7

Japanese frog tattoo 9

Japanese frog tattoo 8

Japanese frog tattoo 11

Japanese frog tattoo 10

Japanese frog tattoo 12

Japanese frog tattoo 13

Japanese frog tattoo 15

Japanese frog tattoo 14

Japanese frog tattoo 16

Japanese frog tattoo 17

Japanese frog tattoo 18

Japanese frog tattoo 19

Japanese frog tattoo 20

Japanese frog tattoo 21

Japanese frog tattoo 22

Japanese frog tattoo 23

Japanese frog tattoo 24

Japanese frog tattoo 25

Japanese frog tattoo 26

Japanese frog tattoo 27

Japanese frog tattoo 28

Japanese frog tattoo 29

Japanese frog tattoo 30

Japanese frog tattoo 31

Japanese frog tattoo 32

Japanese frog tattoo 33

Japanese frog tattoo 35

Japanese frog tattoo 36

Japanese frog tattoo 37

Japanese frog tattoo 39

Japanese frog tattoo 38

Japanese frog tattoo 40

Japanese frog tattoo 41

Japanese frog tattoo 43

Japanese frog tattoo 42

Japanese frog tattoo 45

Japanese frog tattoo 44

Japanese frog tattoo 46

Japanese frog tattoo 47

Japanese frog tattoo 48

Japanese frog tattoo 49

Japanese frog tattoo 50

Japanese frog tattoo 51

Japanese frog tattoo 52

Japanese frog tattoo 53

Japanese frog tattoo 54

Japanese frog tattoo 55

Japanese frog tattoo 56

Japanese frog tattoo 57

Japanese frog tattoo 58

Japanese frog tattoo 59

Japanese frog tattoo 60

Japanese frog tattoo 61

Japanese frog tattoo 62

Japanese frog tattoo 63

Japanese frog tattoo 64

Japanese frog tattoo 65

Japanese frog tattoo 66

As the design is quite different so many get confused ultimately how it’s gonna be. So for further inspection, I have also shared a youtube video above, where you will find a Japanese Samurai Frog tattoo on thigh. It will be easier for you to understand the design as well as the placement!


Tattoos are always special and a traditional tattoo holds much significance as it holds up your spirits throughout your journey. So, a special tattoo should be chosen diligently.

Hopefully you have found your own set of Japanese Frog tattoo designs. If you have gone through the article, you will surely find your desired idea on the tattoo. Also, if you want to blend in with new ideas and designs, check out our other articles on traditional Japanese tattoos!

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