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93 Splendid Berserk Tattoo Designs For 2023

Berserk is a popular anime and manga series that has been gaining a massive following thanks to its distinct art style and powerful fights. The anime shows the journey of Guts taking revenge on his former friend Griffith. The powerful story with incredible storytelling has won the hearts of many fans and thus they want to get a tattoo to show their love for the series.

In this article, we share the meaning of the berserk tattoo along with the symbolisms that they carry. We will also share with you the most popular berserk tattoo ideas that you can get for yourself or just take some inspiration for your next tattoo.

So, let’s get right into it.

Meaning And Symbolism Of Berserk Tattoo

The berserk tattoo can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different audiences. If you are a hardcore fan of the manga and anime series Berserk, then this tattoo would mean a way to show off your love and fandom for the series.

But if you are looking at the symbolic side of the tattoo, this tattoo could mean sacrifice and the different stories of struggles that take place throughout the anime and manga. You can do the tattoo as a symbol of perseverance in the face of danger and shortcomings.

Perhaps the most popular meaning of the berserk tattoo comes from the mark of sacrifice tattoo. This tattoo means a great sacrifice that Guts does to gain power and survive. This represents the sacrifices to get through hard times.

But the meaning of the tattoo is always up to you. If you want to portray a particular symbolism with the tattoo, you can get the tattoo based on that meaning. But if you want you can just do the tattoo to show off the beauty of the tattoo design.

Berserk Tattoo Ideas To Show Off Your Love For The Anime

Thanks to the huge popularity of the berserk anime and manga series, fans have been coming up with something new in terms of ideas for berserk tattoos. There are a lot of berserk tattoo ideas out there.

Some fans want a portrait of their favorite character from the Berserk series. But others want a tattoo that is symbolic and goes along with their characteristics. So they choose the Mark of sacrifice from the series, berserker armor, or the sword of Guts to show their preferred meaning.

Whatever you choose to do, there is something out there for everyone. So let’s start looking at some tattoo designs.

Berserk Curse Mark Tattoo

Berserk Curse Mark Tattoo 1


Berserk Curse Mark Tattoo 2


Berserk Curse Mark Tattoo 3


Berserk Curse Mark Tattoo 4


The berserk curse mark tattoo is probably the most popular berserk tattoo we get requested to do. This tattoo is practically a fan favorite if you are a hardcore fan of the manga or the series Berserk.

The berserk curse marks tattoo shows off the curse mark that appears when a character gets consumed by their inner demons showing the curse mark in black and white. But we have seen the tattoo made in different colors.

You can add some shading and highlights to the tattoo design if you like. But the most popular design is a black and white simple mark just as it appears in the Manga. This tattoo is popularly positioned on the neck. But you can always choose somewhere else to put the tattoo.

Berserk Brand of Sacrifice Tattoo

Berserk Brand of Sacrifice Tattoo 1


Berserk Brand of Sacrifice Tattoo 2


The brand of sacrifice tattoo is also another titular tattoo design that we have seen over the years with fans getting crazy about the design. The tattoo features the iconic brand of sacrifice from the series that is on the necks of Guts.

This tattoo represents the deal that Guts made with a demon sacrificing his soul to get revenge on his former friend Griffith. The tattoo is done following Gut’s mark as black and red on the neck.

Although the popular design with the black and red mark of sacrifice looks very cool, the design is always up for personalization. You can do a different color scheme of the tattoo along with other elements of the series added to the tattoo as well.

Berserk Guts Tattoo

Berserk Guts Tattoo 1


Berserk Guts Tattoo 2


Berserk Guts Tattoo 3


Berserk Guts Tattoo 4


This is one for the hardcore fans of the manga or anime series Berserk. This shows the protagonist Berserk the tattoo often featuring other elements like their sword and the mark of sacrifice.

This tattoo can be done in many ways. Guts can be shown off only as an additional element to the mark of sacrifice and his sword. Or Guts can be shown off by himself as a portrait tattoo. The possibilities are endless.

You can also customize the tattoo to your liking. You can mix and match with other elements from the anime to make the tattoo pop more. This tattoo looks best on the chest, arms, and forearms to show off the details of the tattoo.

Berserk Symbol Tattoo

Berserk Symbol Tattoo 1


Berserk Symbol Tattoo 2


This tattoo is practically similar to the mark of sacrifice tattoo. This tattoo portrays the ever-so-popular mark of sacrifice on Guts’ neck after they made a deal with a demon. This tattoo can be done by default in black and white. But it is also done in a black and red color scheme to match the wearer’s preference.

You can add other elements to the tattoo if you like including the face of Guts or his sword to make the tattoo uniquely yours. But the most popular look for this tattoo is in its black and white color scheme that looks like branding is done on the neck.

Berserk Neck Tattoo

Berserk Neck Tattoo 1

Berserk Neck Tattoo 2


Thanks to the titular character Guts, the neck is the most popular position for the berserk tattoo. As the sign was branded on the neck of Guts, fans over the years have also chosen to do the same thing and have gotten a tattoo on the neck.

But as the tattoo is on the neck, be sure to discuss the pain level with your tattoo artist before jumping into doing the tattoo. After you sort that out, you can make some minor adjustments to the design including a black and red color scheme and maybe some additional elements from the anime.

Berserk Brand Tattoo

Berserk Brand Tattoo


The berserk brand tattoo shows off the popular brand of the sacrifice that was burned on the skin of Guts. This tattoo often depicts the same mark of sacrifice with realistic details. The tattoo also has a texture that seems like the tattoo is actually burned on the skin giving it a true-to-the-series feeling.

But don’t fret. You can do some customizations on the tattoo. You can add other elements along with the mark that expands to your neck or shoulder. Or you can bring some other elements from other animes to create a mashup. But the best look you’d get would be a simple brand tattoo.

Berserk Tattoo Sleeve

Berserk Tattoo Sleeve 1


Berserk Tattoo Sleeve 2


The sleeve is another great placement for the berserk tattoo thanks to its great visibility and a big workspace. If you wanted, you can also expand your berserk tattoo to your shoulder or chest depending on the size of the tattoo.

In this placement, the tattoo normally features the mark of sacrifice along with other elements from the series expanding beyond the sleeve to the wrists and shoulders. You can also add some wings to the design if you were feeling adventurous.

Skull Knight Berserk Tattoo

Skull Knight Berserk Tattoo 1


Skull Knight Berserk Tattoo 2


This tattoo is popularized after one of the most baffling characters in the anime: the skull knight. This tattoo features the skull knight in his unique armor riding his iconic horse. This tattoo features intricate details of the character.

This tattoo can be done in many colors and styles depending on the wearer’s choice. You can customize the tattoo with different color schemes with the most popular ones being black and red. The most popular placement for this tattoo is on the chest or the arm depending on your choice.

Berserk Armor Tattoo

Berserk Armor Tattoo 1


Berserk Armor Tattoo 2

This tattoo features the protagonist’s iconic armor set in its complete glory. The tattoo is often done with intricate details, vivid colors, and shading to make a really stunning design. This tattoo symbolizes the protagonist’s journey throughout the anime wearing this armor as a token of strength and willpower.

This tattoo is also customizable. You can do different color and size variations of this tattoo according to your preference. But the most popular design choice for this tattoo is with very intricate details and popular placement would be on the chest, or on the arm.

Berserker Viking Tattoo

Berserker Viking Tattoo


The berserker Viking tattoo is a deviation from the typical anime theme. This tattoo is representative of the Viking warriors who fought fearlessly in battle. Often accomplished with a wild expression of the Viking warrior depicted in the tattoo, this tattoo can get really intricate with designs.

If you want to show your appreciation for the history of the Viking warriors and show your courage, and fearlessness you can do this tattoo. You can do this tattoo anywhere on the body. But if you want to show off your fierceness, you should do the tattoo on your arms or chest.

Griffith Berserk Tattoo

Griffith Berserk Tattoo 1


Griffith Berserk Tattoo 2


Griffith Berserk Tattoo 3


The Griffith berserk tattoo features Griffith, who is one of the most popular and complex characters from the anime berserk. This tattoo portrays Griffith in their iconic armor that looks phenomenal in a tattoo. Often done with elaborate details, the tattoo looks very visually appealing.

This tattoo is a very customizable one. You can do the tattoo in a smaller frame for the sake of simplicity or a bigger more elaborate design to show off the entire character. But with the intricate detailing and vivid color options, this tattoo demands a place on the forearms or sleeves for a better view.

Berserk Anime Tattoo

Berserk Anime Tattoo 1


Berserk Anime Tattoo 2


This tattoo is a design inspired by especially the anime adaptation with its extravagant style and detailed colorwork. This tattoo design often features very detailed depictions of the anime characters of the series. This tattoo is popularly placed on the arm or the chest to show off the beauty of the characters in detail.

Berserk Behelit Tattoo

Berserk Behelit Tattoo 1


Berserk Behelit Tattoo 2


Berserk Behelit Tattoo 3


This tattoo is inspired by the oval-shaped being with some facial features of a human being in the anime and manga series. This character plays a very important role in the series and this tattoo shows love for this character.

This tattoo features the character in some amazing details often along with some color schemes that are present in the anime. Thanks to the mysterious nature of the character, this tattoo has become of the most beloved designs for a tattoo designs among anime fans. You can place this tattoo on the forearms for maximum visibility.

Berserk Manga Tattoo

Berserk Manga Tattoo


This tattoo is designed after the manga series Berserk. This tattoo often features characters from the manga in detailed designs in black and white. This tattoo can also be placed anywhere on the body depending on the size of the tattoo. But the most popular placement for the tattoo is the forearms and the shoulder to easily show off the tattoo.

Berserk Tattoo on Forearm

Berserk Tattoo on Forearm


The forearm is a great placement for the berserk tattoo thanks to the visibility and the potential to easily hide the tattoo. You can easily show off the tattoo or hide it with your clothing. You can also do some really detailed designs of your beloved characters in this placement.

Berserk Wolf Tattoo

Berserk Wolf Tattoo


This tattoo features the wolf from the anime or manga series with some really cool details that show off the snarling wolf figure in all its might. This tattoo is a really cool design if you want to show off your fierceness and might and is best placid on the forearms or sleeves depending on the size of the tattoo.

Berserk Tattoo on Wrist

Berserk Tattoo on Wrist


The wrist is a great placement for the berserk tattoo thanks to the quick visibility and subtlety. But the wrist calls for a smaller design choice for the tattoo and the tattoo thus mostly features the mark of sacrifice tattoo.

Neo Tribal Berserk Tattoo

Neo Tribal Berserk Tattoo


This is another interesting mash-up combining the popular series berserk with some tribal designs. These tattoos look menacing and fierce with the intricate tribal style art style for the mark of sacrifice, a symbol of the hawk or the sword used by guts. This tattoo is usually placed on the forearms, wrists, or shoulders along with other elements from similar animes.

Berserk Face Tattoo

Berserk Face Tattoo


The face is another popular place to do the berserk tattoo if you want to be bold. Although the face is a tricky place to do a tattoo, if you know what you are doing, then we’d suggest you go for it. The face typically is a place for simple tattoos like the mark of sacrifice or an outline of the dragon slayer tattoo from the anime.

Berserk Behind the Ear Tattoo

Berserk Behind the Ear Tattoo


The berserk tattoo behind the ear placement is a very subtle one often only using the outlines of the mark of sacrifice. But this tattoo can also use other elements such as the outlines of the characters in a minimal art style. You can also easily hide the tattoo with an appropriate hairstyle.

Berserk Tattoo on Arm

Berserk Tattoo on Arm


This is another great placement for the tattoo if you want to go all in. The big workspace and the potential to go beyond your chest or back give the tattoo a great scope for future auditions. This placement often features really intricate details and some great colors.

Berserk Falcon Tattoo

Berserk Falcon Tattoo


Thanks to the cool design and potential to expand with other non-anime tattoo designs, the berserk falcon tattoo has become one of the most beloved tattoos for lovers of the anime. The falcon is associated with Griffith and the Band of the Hawk and is placed mostly on the chest, or the back thanks to the detailed design.

Berserk Tattoo on Hand

Berserk Tattoo on Hand


Although the hand is a very bold place to do a tattoo, if you want to show off your love for the berserk series this is a great placement. You can also expand the design from your forearms to your hand and give it more visibility.

Berserk Mushroom Tattoo

Berserk Mushroom Tattoo


If you are looking into getting a mushroom tattoo and are an anime lover, then you’ll love this design. This tattoo features the corpse-eating mushrooms from the series showing off a menacing but cute style. This is often placed on the hands or the forearms.

Berserk Tattoo on Finger

Berserk Tattoo on Finger


The berserk tattoo may be your cup of tea If you are looking to get a simple small tattoo on your fingers. This tattoo usually features the mark of death on the fingers in fine simple outlines. Normally the tattoo is done in black and white. But it can also be colorful depending on your choice. But be sure to check the pain level of your finger before getting a tattoo on your fingers.

Berserk Diablo Tattoo

Berserk Diablo Tattoo


If you want a stunning piece of ink on your body to show off a bold design, then the diablo berserk tattoo would be one of the best. This is practically a mashup of two symbols from diablo and berserk. This tattoo is normally very detailed, and you can do the tattoo on your forearm, sleeve, or shoulder to show off the beautiful shades and colors of the tattoo.

Small Berserk Tattoo

Small Berserk Tattoo


The small berserk tattoo is a smaller version of the berserk mark of sacrifice symbol. This is usually done with fine details and a small outline of the tattoo. This is a great tattoo if you want to show your fandom for the anime or manga while keeping a low profile.

What To Expect When You Want to Get a Berserk Tattoo

In this video, you see a real-life example of what you can expect if you want to get a berserk tattoo. This tattoo shows the real-life experience of YouTuber xRage64x who goes on and gets a mark of sacrifice tattoo done.

The video shows the tattoo artist first making a sketch of the tattoo and cleaning the tattoo place out. Then the artist moves on to taking a fine-line needle to make an outline of the tattoo and later adds the details with another broader-sized needle.

This is a good representation of a mark of sacrifice tattoo done on the neck. But if you want to get another berserk tattoo the process is pretty similar too.


If you still have some questions after reading through all the different tattoo ideas, we’ve got you covered. Here we have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about the berserk tattoo along with their answers. We hope our article helps you find what you are looking for.

Q: What is the meaning of the Mark of Sacrifice tattoo?

Answer: Introduced in the manga and popularized by the anime Berserk, the mark of sacrifice is a symbol that marks someone as a sacrifice to god. This is also known as the berserk symbol. To simplify, this symbol is similar to a deal with the devil where one gains power by sacrificing their soul, blood, or body.

Q: What is the best placement for getting a Berserk tattoo?

Answer: Although tattoo positioning is entirely up to you, as the berserk tattoo follows the titular character Guts from the Berserk series, the most popular placement for this tattoo would be on the neck. But as always, you can choose to do the tattoo on your wrists, hands, arms, and forearms as we have discussed in the tattoo ideas section.


To conclude the article, we have discussed what the berserk tattoo is, and how it is done. We have also shared some of the most popular berserk tattoo ideas that we have seen over the years to help you choose your next tattoo design.

If you want to show your love for the titular anime series Berserk, you can surely go for this tattoo. You can either choose to do the portrait of your favorite character, or a favorite quote, or you can do the symbols from the series to show your fandom and love for the series.

You can always customize the tattoo design to your liking with colors and fonts. Or you can just do the exact tattoo design we have shown you in this article. But whatever you do, make sure you take proper aftercare and listen to your tattoo artist for a long-lasting tattoo.

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