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73 Extraordinary Gaara Tattoos For Loyal Naruto Fans!

If you’ve watched and finished Naruto, Gaara’s name should definitely allow you to take a trip down memory lane. While he did start off as a villain who just wanted to defeat Naruto and showed no remorse for human lives, as Gara grew older, he opened up to more people regarding his vulnerabilities, especially after getting defeated by Naruto.

At the moment, Gara’s influence in the anime community is rather impactful. Those that love him don’t just take his backstory as a means of inspiration for achieving growth, but typically get a tattoo to pay homage to the renowned villain turned protagonist which is commonly dubbed as the Gara tattoo.

Additionally, if you happen to be a fan of his, and would love to hop on the wagon through the assistance of a Gaara tattoo, your encounter with this article was definitely written in the stars. Stay in your seat as I explain to you the backstory of Gara and unveil to you all the variations of the Gaara tattoo that you can replicate as your own!

The Backstory and Deep Meaning Of Gara Tattoos

Gaara tattoo 1

Gaara is one of the most underrated characters in Naruto. While the power he garners with sand is definitely a prominent reason behind the character’s success, his background and personality are also major contributing factors.

Although Gaara shared a strong bond with his father, he struggled to make friends and got bullied on the regular. Due to the encounters he had with all his peers and the rest of the people in his village, Gaara also struggled with loving himself and had feelings of self-doubt on the regular. To cope with it, Gaara gave back to the community with negativity, and despised human lives immensely. He also got a tattoo on his forehead which means “love” to eliminate the feelings of self doubt and express that he only cared about himself to the villagers and his relatives at the time.

As the years progressed, Gaara became more vile. He found joy in hurting people, and didn’t mind killing some if it seemed mandatory. However, his script flipped once Naruto defeated him. Not only did Gaara become more aware of his bad habits, but he also became more vulnerable and open about his emotions. While this transformation was a small segment in the anime, it was a huge step for enthusiasts of Naruto. Not only did it make fans warm up to Gaara, but also made them fans of the character over the span of one night.

In short, those that obtain Gaara tattoos often get them to cope with hardship or use it as a source of motivation when seeking spiritual growth. Many enthusiasts also get this tattoo because of how relatable the character is and wear it to pay homage to him.

Easy and Effective Ways To Wear a Gaara Tattoo

We hope the previous segment helps you understand just why Gaara is so popular amongst the Naruto community and a trending figure in the tattoo world at the moment.

When it comes to the visuals of the design, Gaara tattoos more or less look the same. Many clients of mine often obtain the same emblem that Gaara has that is associated with love, or resort to a portrait tattoo that’s either connected with realism or minimalism.

While this tattoo is very much limited in terms of design, many often stand out by changing the placement of the tattoo. From placing emblems on foreheads to wearing a fine line portrait in larger areas, here are all my favourite picks of the Gaara tattoo!

Gaara Love Tattoo

Gaara love tattoo

If you want the best of both worlds, getting a black and grey tattoo of Gaara with a cheeky heart shaped pattern could be just enough to achieve that.

Regardless of whether the tattoo artist is experienced or not, remember to ask them to start with the portrait tattoo. As the portrait tattoo is the main component of the design, it has to perfectly fit inside the frame of the heart. Doing the opposite might just make it difficult for the artist to incorporate the face of Gaara and bring to the table undesirable results.

Additionally, since the artwork might need some space, make sure to obtain it in an area that has the right amount of circumference and a plain surface. While round liners will surely be ideal to create the sketch, a magnum shader should be used for adding the colour scheme.

Gaara Face Tattoo

Gaara face tattoo

Throughout Naruto, Gaara has had some epic entrances. Watching it was surely surreal, but did you know that you could hold onto the memories forever? If not, let me present to you the Gaara face tattoo!

In addition to having a vibrant artwork, this variant is special because of how realistic it is. The sand, the hair, and even the face tattoo on Gaara’s forehead has the perfect shading technique to make it look as realistic as possible.

Obtaining this tattoo could be rather exciting, but do take a companion with you, as creating the design might take quite some time.

Gaara Forehead Tattoo

Gaara tattoo on forehead

Since it’s “Spooky Season,” cosplaying Gaara could very well be on your mind. If that’s the case, you can definitely consider the option of getting Gaara’s forehead tattoo!

In addition to looking like Gaara, you’ll also be getting a tattoo that is relatively easy to create. Although using a needle on your forehead might cause you some discomfort, the final results will surely surprise you as much as it will surprise your friends!

A good aspect about this tattoo is how flexible it is in terms of size. So, if you do feel that the photo used for reference runs a bit big, ask your tattoo artist to trim it down. To decrease the pain, suggest your artist to use what I would use; a fine line needle.

Naruto Gaara Tattoo

Naruto Gaara tattoo

Since Gaara would not have existed without Naruto, it would only be fair to include a variant that has the main character of the anime.

This variant, also known as the “Naruto Gaara tattoo” is the perfect way to introduce the main protagonists of Naruto. Although the image includes the presence of Gaara, Naruto, and Sasuke, with the right placement, the tattoo can be expanded just about enough to bring another set of characters.

The main highlight of this tattoo is without a doubt the cast it has, but the sketch feels rather incomplete without the rich and dark borders. To bring that component to life, I typically use a round liner or a 1RL needle, but a number 2 Flat also tends to be just as effective.

Gaara Eye Tattoo

Gaara eye tattoo

Since nailing the kanji tattoo is the main part about a Gaara tattoo, keeping it simple could be an approach that you may consider taking when creating the groundwork. If you can’t think of anything, you are free to take inspiration from this Gaara eye tattoo.

From a visual standpoint, it is rather common. It features the distinct facial components of Gaara, mainly highlighting the eyes. The Kanji is also draped in dark red to seem more visible, and surrounded with jet black borders that can’t be created without a magnum shader.

The best placement for this design doesn’t come with a handbook, which means that it is open to interpretation. However, taking into account just how plain it is, I would personally recommend getting the tattoo on your forearm or bicep.

Gaara Symbol Tattoo

Gaara symbol tattoo

If you liked the forehead tattoo but wasn’t the biggest fan of the placement, fret not! The symbol is so adaptable that it can fit anywhere!

In addition to being versatile, the Gaara symbol tattoo is also very compatible. Since the tattoo is affiliated with love, this tattoo can be paired with the names of your loved ones easily. To make things better, however, make sure to translate the name to Japanese so that it seamlessly fits with the Kanji.

More Gaara Tattoos To Check Out For Gaining Inspiration

Since Gaara is a major character in Naruto, it comes as no surprise that his fan base is enormous. The amount of fans that he has within the anime community is huge, but the popularity of Gaara tattoos is just as noteworthy! To prove that matter, here’s another series of Gaara tattoos that you should definitely look into before creating the final draft of your own Gaara tattoo!

Gaara tattoo 2

Gaara tattoo 3

Gaara tattoo 4

Gaara tattoo 5

Gaara tattoo 6

Gaara tattoo 7

Gaara tattoo 8

Gaara tattoo 9

Gaara tattoo 10

Gaara tattoo 11

Gaara tattoo 12

Gaara tattoo 13

Gaara tattoo 14

Gaara tattoo 15

Gaara tattoo 16

Gaara tattoo 17

Gaara tattoo 18

Gaara tattoo 19

Gaara tattoo 20

Gaara tattoo 21

Gaara tattoo 22

Gaara tattoo 24

Gaara tattoo 25

Gaara tattoo 26

Gaara tattoo 27

Gaara tattoo 28

Gaara tattoo 29

Gaara tattoo 30

Gaara tattoo 31

Gaara tattoo 32

Gaara tattoo 33

Gaara tattoo 34

Gaara tattoo 35

Gaara tattoo 36

Gaara tattoo 37

Gaara tattoo 38

Gaara tattoo 39

Gaara tattoo 40

Gaara tattoo 41

Gaara tattoo 42

Gaara tattoo 43

Gaara tattoo 44

Gaara tattoo 45

Gaara tattoo 46

Gaara tattoo 47

Gaara tattoo 48

Gaara tattoo 49

Gaara tattoo 50

Gaara tattoo 51

Gaara tattoo 52

Gaara tattoo 53

Gaara tattoo 54

Gaara tattoo 55

Gaara tattoo 56

Gaara tattoo 57

Gaara tattoo 58

Gaara tattoo 59

Gaara tattoo 60

Gaara tattoo 61

Gaara tattoo 62

Gaara tattoo 63

Gaara tattoo 64

Gaara tattoo 65

Gaara tattoo 66

Gaara tattoo 67

Gaara tattoo 68

Identifying The Perfect Placement For Gaara Tattoos

A Gaara tattoo either comprises a portrait tattoo or an emblem tattoo. To pull each artwork off in a desirable manner, however, different areas need to be utilised.

For pulling off the symbol tattoo of Gaara, compact areas such as the wrist, ankle, and neck could be explored. However, if you do want to pull it off the way Gaara does, wearing it on the forehead will be sufficient in my opinion.

On the other hand, if you’re obtaining the portrait tattoo of Gaara, consider looking into areas with a wide canvas. On top of being easy for the artist to work on, wider areas such as the chest can allow you to wear a highly detailed artwork of Gaara with enticing colour schemes. You may even consider the potential of the thighs, forearm, and biceps if you want a Gaara tattoo that is appealing and painless.

What Does Gaara’s Tattoo Mean?

The tattoo that Gaara has on his forehead stands for “love.” Gaara obtained this tattoo when he first garnered the ability to make use of his powers in order to increase his self-confidence and strengthen the negative feelings he has towards human beings. Since he specialises in killing people, Gaara’s tattoo can also stand for “the demon who loves himself.”

How Long Will It Take To Get A Gaara Tattoo?

Taking into account the fact that it’s either a portraiture tattoo or an emblem tattoo, if the tattoo artist is a professional, it will take around 30 minutes to create the symbol. The portrait, on the other hand, might take a little over 2 hours to mimic and an extra hour to incorporate the colours completely.


Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the show or an admirer of the character, getting a Gaara tattoo is definitely an activity that you can take into consideration. In addition to looking visually appealing, a Gaara tattoo is very much easy to obtain and to wear. Due to its affiliation with anime, one can even take the tattoo to another level by pairing it with a series of anime tattoos or make a crossover with Attack On Titan tattoos!

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