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76 Kakashi Tattoos That Will Revitalize Your Love For Naruto!

Tattoos look best when they either comprise realism or have sentimental values attached to them. While one can easily hold onto a memory with the help of a minimalist symbol tattoo or a basic quote tattoo, getting a portrait tattoo tends to stand out the most when you’re seeking a memorable piece of art.

Although the options seem relatively limitless when you’re siding with a portrait tattoo, a design that is currently catching fire in the world of tattoos is the Kakashi tattoo, which is the main agenda of this article.

As its name suggests, a Kakashi tattoo is any design that has ties with Kakashi Hatake, one of the pivotal characters in Naruto. While the trend started almost two decades ago, the movement recently caught fire. In addition to having a massive fanbase, the Kakashi tattoo also has multiple variations that can serve various occasions. Stay tuned if you’d like to learn about all the options for the Kakashi tattoo!

Why Are Kakashi Tattoos So Popular In 2023? The Reason Behind The Success Of Kakashi Tattoos

Kakashi tattoo 1

Since Kakashi is one of the significant characters in Naruto and has multiple likable traits, his fan base in the Anime Community is far from unreasonable and unexplainable. However, in the world of tattoos, Kakashi’s popularity derives from different sources, which can be broken down in two simple portions.

The first reason that makes Kakashi an iconic figure in the culture of tattoos is his personality. Despite facing many hardships, Kakashi remains an empathetic and laid-back soul throughout the show. He is also very loyal to those he admires and never shies away from protecting his loved ones when the situation arrives.

The second reason could be the aesthetics of the character itself. While many can find the mannerisms of Kakashi relatable and use that as the only motivating factor of getting a Kakashi tattoo, many visually-oriented tattoo enthusiasts can find tons of physical elements worthy enough to incorporate into a tattoo, like his platinum hair, metal-infused bandana, and the thick scar that he has under his left eye.

Kakashi Tattoos: 76 Buzzing Designs Of This Up-And-Coming Trend

A Kakashi tattoo could very well be a desirable option to look into if you resonate with the character’s mannerisms and used to watch Naruto all the time when you were a kid. However, another incentive you can consider before creating your Kakashi tattoo is the number of variants it comes with, which appears to be endless. Scroll below to take a closer look at some of the best concepts of Kakashi tattoos that are currently up for grabs!

Kakashi Anbu Tattoo

Kakashi anbu tattoo

Since Kakashi bore tons of hardship throughout his childhood, it didn’t come as a surprise when he joined The Anbu, an organization of elite ninjas that are picked based on one’s emotional intelligence. And while the activities orchestrated by the organisation throughout Naruto isn’t necessarily something that one would be able to recall without discomfort, the aesthetics of their uniforms and the silhouettes of their masks can definitely be appreciated from an artistic standpoint.

Additionally, if your favourite character is Kakashi, and you’d like to obtain a variation that will make you stand out amongst a room full of Kakashi fanboys, a tattoo of Kakashi in the Anbu gear should be sufficient to match that requirement of yours!

Kakashi Eye Tattoo

Kakashi eye tattoo

Keeping it simple can go a long way when tattoos are thrown into the mix. Likewise, if you’d like to display the admiration you have for Kakashi in a toned down and relatively easy manner, you can look into distinct physical features of the third most-favourite Naruto character for inspiration. And if all else fails, you can always find hope in this Kakashi eye tattoo.

The biggest highlight of this variant is without a doubt the dark and rich borders around each component, and the concentrated colour scheme of dark red around the eyes. However, another benefit that you can look forward to is the pain-free procedure this variant tends to contain. On average, this design is obtained on the forearm, which is known for being one of the least painful tattoo areas.

Kakashi Arm Tattoo

Kakashi arm tattoo

Taking into account the fact that he’s technically an anime tattoo, there could very well be multiple reasons why you might want to opt for a variation that isn’t just a reflection of how much you admire the character, but also a pattern with visuals that are easy on the eyes. And if that seems to be your case as well, we hope this Kakashi arm tattoo is of some assistance.

An arm tattoo is beneficial for all sorts of things. In addition to being relatively painless in contrast to other regions of the body, and being a convenient location for artists to draw on, an arm tattoo could very well be the ideal choice if you want a crystal clear outcome.

Kakashi Small Tattoo

Kakashi small tattoo

You don’t always have to allow people to keep tabs on your life. Likewise, if you feel that a loud tattoo just isn’t your cup of tea, you can always look into alternatives that contain a compact build, and aren’t as noticeable from afar.

When it comes to the artwork, the world is your oyster. Positive results should come your way if you find contentment in a small portrait tattoo. To enhance the gravity of the results, you can always experiment with soft pastel colors. However, you can also turn the variant into a type of black and white tattoo if you’re more into sophisticated tattoos.

Obito Kakashi Tattoo

Obito Kakashi tattoo

Naruto is an anime with multiple plotholes and countless memorable moments. And while the bond between Naruto and Sasuke is the biggest thing to keep an eye out on when watching the show, the unbreakable bond of Obito and Kakashi is another great aspect to indulge into when watching Naruto.

Obito and Kakashi aren’t blood brothers, but they do help each other grow for the positive throughout the series. And when Obito dies in the anime, Kakashi makes it his mission to live life to the fullest for Obito, despite being visually impaired.

Kakashi Sharingan Tattoo

Sharingan Kakashi tattoo

Kakashi’s most promising asset is definitely the sharingan he possesses. On most occasions, his sharingan allows him to analyse his opponent and also predict the upcoming moves that they might use, making it easier for Kakashi to obtain a positive outcome. And although the ability can hardly ever be brought into existence through the use of a needle, the visuals of Kakashi’s Mangekyu Sharingan can definitely be created without an issue and placed anywhere on one’s body.

More Kakashi Tattoo Designs To Take Notes From!

The ways in which you can incorporate a Kakashi tattoo into your body are endless at times. And although you may find your ideal pick through the help of the entries mentioned above, many of you might remain clueless for multiple reasons. However, if your primary reason behind the slow progress is due to the limited number of options in the former portion, relieve that issue with the help of this bit, which contains another series of remarkable ideas for Kakashi tattoos!

Kakashi tattoo 2

Kakashi tattoo 3

Kakashi tattoo 4

Kakashi tattoo 5

Kakashi tattoo 7

Kakashi tattoo 6

Kakashi tattoo 9

Kakashi tattoo 8

Kakashi tattoo 11

Kakashi tattoo 10

Kakashi tattoo 13

Kakashi tattoo 12

Kakashi tattoo 14

Kakashi tattoo 15

Kakashi tattoo 17

Kakashi tattoo 16

Kakashi tattoo 18

Kakashi tattoo 19

Kakashi tattoo 21

Kakashi tattoo 20

Kakashi tattoo 23

Kakashi tattoo 22

Kakashi tattoo 25

Kakashi tattoo 24

Kakashi tattoo 26

Kakashi tattoo 27

Kakashi tattoo 29

Kakashi tattoo 28

Kakashi tattoo 31

Kakashi tattoo 30

Kakashi tattoo 33

Kakashi tattoo 32

Kakashi tattoo 35

Kakashi tattoo 34

Kakashi tattoo 36

Kakashi tattoo 37

Kakashi tattoo 39

Kakashi tattoo 38

Kakashi tattoo 41

Kakashi tattoo 40

Kakashi tattoo 43

Kakashi tattoo 42

Kakashi tattoo 45

Kakashi tattoo 44

Kakashi tattoo 46

Kakashi tattoo 47

Kakashi tattoo 48

Kakashi tattoo 49

Kakashi tattoo 51

Kakashi tattoo 50

Kakashi tattoo 53

Kakashi tattoo 52

Kakashi tattoo 55

Kakashi tattoo 54

Kakashi tattoo 57

Kakashi tattoo 56

Kakashi tattoo 58

Kakashi tattoo 60

Kakashi tattoo 59

Kakashi tattoo 62

Kakashi tattoo 61

Kakashi tattoo 63

Kakashi tattoo 64

Kakashi tattoo 66

Kakashi tattoo 65

Kakashi tattoo 68

Kakashi tattoo 67

Kakashi tattoo 70

Kakashi tattoo 69

Bonus Material Alert! Click on the link below to find out what your Kakashi tattoo might look like:

Final Verdict

Overall, we hope this article’s materials provide guidance if you’re a Kakashi stan whose next mission is to get a Kakashi tattoo. While looking into all the entries mentioned above can be sufficient if you’re searching for a blueprint or design that is exceptional on the eyes and the mind, the placement area should be viewed as an open book. In other words, make sure to take notes from our material for the designs. However, don’t forget to rely on your preferences for the placement area, especially if your skin is susceptible to damage.

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