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70 Appealing Bikini Line Tattoo Designs To Explore

Bikini line tattoos are becoming one of the hottest trending tattoos among the young girls. Those who have a perfectly shaped body prefer to go for a bikini line tattoo. Girls prefer this tattoo to add more beauty to their body and outlook.

Girls who love summer vacations and love to wear bikinis as well, it’s the perfect match for the bikini line tattoo. Usually people find a person more sexy and seductive who has a tattoo around their bikinis.

Bikinis are the sexiest part of the body, so girls want to add up more spice and try this alluring tattoo. It’s a really sensitive area so enough caution and mental preparation is needed for further procedure.

Don’t need to wait any longer, let’s jump onto the different unique designs of the bikini line and get a complete guideline before you get inked!

Some Of The Hot Bikini Line Tattoo Ideas You Can’t Imagine!

Bikini line tattoo 1

Girls often think of getting a tattoo on the bikini line but most of the time they get confused about what to get and get scared because of the sensitive area. Sometimes they choose designs which look odd and appropriate and a wrong decision could also lead to the client.

Who doesn’t want an attractive look? Every girl desires to have one. Bikini line tattoo adds up your sexiness to a whole new different level and also it helps you to boost up your confidence.

No need to worry, I will guide you throughout the journey on how you can get a cute tattoo without any hesitation. Collective amount of unique seductive tattoo ideas is presented here with accurate instructions, so read the article till the end to get all the necessary information regarding bikini line tattoo.

Bikini Line Rose Tattoo

Bikini line rose tattoo

A girl’s never ending favorite design will be a rose. Wherever the body is, they would prefer a rose if they get confused. This design is perfect for bikini line position to make it more meaningful and boundless beauty.

You can put it anywhere near your bikini line area but a small one would be nice to look just like the above picture. Small details can make it more perfect and appealing. Along with the meaning, this design is a perfect match for bikini line Tattoo. Any girl would love to have a rose tattoo on her bikini line.

Tiny Bikini Line Tattoo

Bikini line tiny tattoo

No every part of your body is suitable for big tattoos, just like that the bikini area is a perfect match for tiny cute tattoos. In the picture we see a tiny symbol flash just at the bikini line which is looking absolutely adorable and undoubtedly sexy.

Simple touch of the needle with precise details can make a tattoo engaging and enchanting. Both colorful and monochrome would suit according to the skin color and minimal tattoos are always cute to see. Young girls specially try this, so if you are looking for your first tattoo you could surely use the tiny bikini line tattoo.

Bikini Line Script Tattoo

Bikini line script tattoo

Script tattoos are much easier to understand and the meaning of the tattoo is direct. It’s becoming popular each day and different types of fonts make it more attractive. A script tattoo is easy to get and artists can make it just the way you want.

Bikini line script tattoos must be short and should be perfectly positioned or else it will lose its beauty. In the bikini line the quote can not be linear so it has to be inked in an angular manner. Color can be used according to script depth and clients’ wishes.

No doubt that, if you are thinking of a bikini line tattoo, you can choose a seductive quote to make your looks hotter.

Bikini Line Strawberry Tattoo

Bikini line strawberry tattoo

Strawberry tattoos are pretty extraordinary and the meaning of this tattoo is growth, fertility and good health. So, a bikini line is the perfect match if someone is considering a strawberry tattoo. A tiny strawberry looks absolutely cute as shown in the picture. It doesn’t need to be complicated, rather a small one is much more convenient.

Being a red colored fruit, of course the girls want the raw color along the bikini line to put much vibrant to the tattoo. A small sized strawberry bikini line tattoo is perfect for visuals and it is a lot less painful and uncomplicated to other designs.

Bikini Line Snake Tattoo

Bikini line snake tattoo

A snake tattoo has quite different meanings according to one’s own desire. It actually holds the meaning of transformation, healing and rebirth. A bikini line snake tattoo as we can see in the picture holds a deep and dreadful beautiness and it really suits this particular area.

One’s darkest desires also represents within a snake tattoo and it looks incredibly sexy if it’s done with tiny details with much verdant. As a painful area, one must avoid larger scale tattoos and should focus on small details. Snake bikini line tattoos in black and white look much classy and striking.

Bikini Line Butterfly Tattoo

Bikini line butterfly tattoo

Butterfly designed tattoos will be a never ending favorite subject for any tattoo enthusiast. Specially used by females, this tattoo could be regarded as the most selected tattoo designs ever. As we can see it looks gorgeous and beautifully fits around the bikini line.

Butterflies are the prime symbol of feminism and love. So mostly liked by young girls, they put butterflies almost everywhere around their body, but a bikini line is extraordinary in a sense of hotness. Any type of color will suit in that area but comparatively smaller size tattoos are a perfect match for butterfly bikini line tattoos,.

Bikini Line Scorpion Tattoo

Bikini line scorpion tattoo

Scorpion holds a strong message as it symbolizes strength, prosperity and control abilities. This design looks divine on the bikini line area and it surely increases your charm.

Bikini line scorpion tattoos are complicated measuring the position but a perfect one is out of this world. An expert artist is needed for fine advice and precise designing. Black and white would be a perfect combination for this tattoo according to my opinion. This tattoo is my personal favorite as I find this more intriguing and seductive.

Bikini line Dinosaur Tattoo

Bikini line dinosaur tattoo

Animal tattoos are quite popular and used by many tattoo lovers around the world. Though dinosaurs sound pretty gigantic, a tiny cute one looks very much mesmerizing and adorable as you can see on the picture above considering the bikini line area.

Bikini line dinosaur tattoos look more appropriate in smaller signs and not all variants of dinosaur actually suit in the bikini line. Any color can be used and a fine artist is needed to place the tattoo properly and for safety measures.

Bikini Line Flame Tattoo

Bikini line flame tattoo

Every girl wants her to be appealing and sexy. Some of the symbols directly exhibit your hotness just like a flame tattoo. A tiny flame design on the bikini line looks incredibly hot and looks more perfect with the perfect touch.

I find this really ravishing and a girl with a bikini with her flame tattoos is just a hot served spice. A flame symbolizes a ton of meanings and you surely have the freedom to use your flame with your own meaning.

Colorful designed flames look much smashing in the bikini line area and they are one of the simplest designs ever. Easy to get, easy to place, I would recommend a novice to try this tattoo if it’s their first tattoo.

Above we have shown all the possible designs to find it easier for you. Now, many of you first timers think how it will be done in such an area, is it safe, ist bearable, all these tiny details have been shown in the video below. So, you can check the video and get all your answers!

More Bikini Line Tattoo With Exquisite Designs

As the bikini line area is quite a sensitive and painful area for inking, so one must think closely before she chooses the right design. Above we showed the trendiest and most used designs but all we want is exception.

To try exceptional designs and to get plenty of options, we have gathered as much design as possible to make it easy for you to find the exclusive bikini line tattoo designs only for you. You will surely find your favorite one of you to go through the designs till the end!

Bikini line tattoo 2

Bikini line tattoo 3

Bikini line tattoo 4

Bikini line tattoo 5

Bikini line tattoo 6

Bikini line tattoo 7

Bikini line tattoo 8

Bikini line tattoo 9

Bikini line tattoo 10

Bikini line tattoo 11

Bikini line tattoo 13

Bikini line tattoo 12

Bikini line tattoo 14

Bikini line tattoo 15

Bikini line tattoo 16

Bikini line tattoo 17

Bikini line tattoo 18

Bikini line tattoo 19

Bikini line tattoo 20

Bikini line tattoo 21

Bikini line tattoo 22

Bikini line tattoo 23

Bikini line tattoo 24

Bikini line tattoo 25

Bikini line tattoo 26

Bikini line tattoo 27

Bikini line tattoo 28

Bikini line tattoo 29

Bikini line tattoo 31

Bikini line tattoo 30

Bikini line tattoo 32

Bikini line tattoo 34

Bikini line tattoo 33

Bikini line tattoo 35

Bikini line tattoo 36

Bikini line tattoo 37

Bikini line tattoo 38

Bikini line tattoo 40

Bikini line tattoo 39

Bikini line tattoo 41

Bikini line tattoo 42

Bikini line tattoo 43

Bikini line tattoo 44

Bikini line tattoo 45

Bikini line tattoo 46

Bikini line tattoo 48

Bikini line tattoo 47

Bikini line tattoo 49

Bikini line tattoo 50

Bikini line tattoo 51

Bikini line tattoo 52

Bikini line tattoo 53

Bikini line tattoo 54

Bikini line tattoo 55

Bikini line tattoo 56

Bikini line tattoo 57

Bikini line tattoo 58

Bikini line tattoo 59

Bikini line tattoo 61

Bikini line tattoo 60


Beauty is our endeavor and we can do anything to pursue it. Tattoos are the beauty enhancer of our body. It not only helps you to beautify your body, but also holds the personality symbol that carries you through your life.

Bikini line tattoos are trending in the modern world, but one should carefully take the note that a tattoo in this area is not for under 18 years old. Being a private part and sensitive area, you should consult with an expert tattoo artist before you go for it.

As a tattoo artist, I know what tattoo lovers really want, so through the article, I touched on all the important points to go for a bikini line tattoo. Hope it helps you for your investigation and the answers you were looking for!

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