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108 Unusual Dice Tattoos That Will Make You Wow!

Destiny is something we cannot escape. The cliché “Man is the architect of his own fate” is equally true. It is therefore obvious that there are two ideas and two groups of individuals who believe in destiny, while others just do not. A select few individuals also enjoy taking chances in life and playing the odds like a dice throw!

There are ups and downs, lucky or bad happenings that leave you speechless, and then what we call our luck or destiny shows up. Nothing in life goes exactly as we had anticipated. Through tattoos, people prefer to recall these moments or seek a memento of them. This is when our Dice tattoo comes.

Dice tattoo or dice concepts are familiar in the tattoo industry for a long period of time. Dice tattoo is full of history and interesting meanings. I will catch up with these topics in the later part and also you will get exclusive designs and mind blowing ideas throughout the article.

So if you are thinking of getting a Dice tattoo, and before that if you want to check the meaning history, design, ideas, and every other interesting facts on Dice tattoo, then stop wasting time and let’s explore all the interesting facts on Dice tattoo!

Astounding History With Notable Meanings Of Dice Tattoo!

Dice tattoo 1

Humanity has been gambling for millennia, and the development of dice came about following the introduction of several gambling games. To correctly trace the history of dice use, one must go back at least 2000–2500 years. As a result, dice games are the subject of numerous tales and phenomena.

Dice have a relatively restricted number of symbolic connotations; instead, their significance and application are fairly clear-cut. Dice are just a cube of numbers, with the greatest number being 6 and the lowest being 1. A Dice is mainly made of wood, bone, stone , metal etc. Since dice are mostly employed in gambling activities, the majority of tattoo lovers get dice tattoos that are related to gambling.

Mainly a dice tattoo symbolizes a person who is a risk taker and likes to gamble with his life or certain events. Not every character or personality has the capability to fit the perfect match for dice designed tattoos. Those who rely on luck and love to take chances with life or someone who is solely engaged with gambling love to have a Dice tattoo.

If you are thinking of a nice gambling tattoo like a Dice tattoo, then you can go through this article. As the interesting history and meaning is shared earlier, so all you need is a captivating idea and sublime design. All the necessary information is wrapped up in the following article.

Exquisite Dice Tattoo Ideas for Bold Personalities!

A daredevil personality usually goes for a Dice tattoo. A person with extraordinary characteristics is a perfect fit for a Dice design. But due to its extreme use people sometimes find it hard to get the perfect match for themselves.

This article is decorated for the ease of the client who is looking for exclusive ideas and designs. I personally have many experiences regarding a Dice tattoo, so I have shown many of my ideas here and surely it will help a lot of you to get to choose your perfect one. I know how it feels to get the exact design you are hoping for.

So let’s dive into the numerous ideas of  a Dice tattoo and later on we will see some exclusive designs as well!

Pair A Dice Tattoo

Pair a dice tattoo

Usually Dice are a pair. Specifically pointing both the Dice with the same numbers usually known as pair a Dice. The Pair a Dice tattoo is very popular in the Dice tattoo designs. Many of the admirers want to pair a dice tattoo with unique designs.

Concept is simple but there could be various kinds of designs like the one shown in the picture above. Here instead of numbers, there are heart shaped symbols just the alternative of the Dice dots. So you can try this kind of uncommon change in your Pair a Dice tattoo.

Roll The Dice Tattoo

Roll the dice tattoo

“Roll the Dice” is a popular idiom and many use this idiom as tattoos. And to be more specific, people also add designs of Dice along with the idioms as you can see in the picture, to make the phrase more meaningful.

Usually this design is accepted as script tattoo but with the touch of Dice it becomes simply different from other ideas. Small and simple design is preferable for this particular tattoo. Black and White tone looks much better with the Roll the Dice tattoo.

Traditional Dice Tattoo

Traditional dice tattoo

Traditional based tattoos are noteworthy in the tattoo industry. Everyone wants to mix their favorite design with something traditional. Traditional dice tattoos are one of the best examples for this. With extra ordinary history and bold meaning, the traditional touch makes it more prominent and astonishing.

Colorful tones are favorable in case of the Traditional Dice tattoo as the meaning and objective becomes clearer and of course an acute touch is needed with expert advice to make the tattoo more meaningful and gorgeous.

Dice and Cards Tattoo

Dice and cards tattoo

The best combination for Dice design are the Card tattoos. Completely matches the gambling theme and these two make a perfect combination for the Dice and Card tattoos.

Though the designs are a bit complicated and appealing, it takes much longer to finish these types of tattoos. Colorful tones add much more ambience to the tattoo and expert advice is always needed for such designs. Large space is suitable for a fruitful Dice and Cards tattoo.

Lucky Dice Tattoo

Lucky dice tattoo

Among the many concepts Lucky Dice tattoo is the most demanding and people of all genres try this tattoo to resemble their lucky numbers. We all have a special number in our lives which are special to us and carries much meaning. So people want to carry this in their body for luck or good fortune.

You can see our 777 Tattoo design article for more ideas.  Besides, the tattoo on the picture was done by me in the forearms and I used varieties of color to make it more meaningful  and comparatively bigger designed suits much for Lucky Dice tattoo.

Dice Tattoo On Hand

Dice tattoo on hand

Hand tattoos are always the first choice for a tattoo freak. Dice tattoo on hands looks stunning and exquisite. Though it’s a painful area, people still go for it.

As per the picture, it’s a full design on hands and it is quite complicated so I would suggest you to go for a smaller design particular for this area. Light shades are fine for hands and it’s better to use black and white ink for a Dice tattoo on hands.

Flaming Dice Tattoo

Flaming dice tattoo

Younger people are more fascinated with the Flaming Dice tattoo. It looks glittering and using color it becomes more radiant and the design looks stunning.

My personal favorite is the Flaming Dice tattoo and the design you are seeing in the picture is done by me. I have used simple techniques on this particular tattoo keeping the theme straightforward. Smaller tattoos look fine for this design and especially in the wrist, hands, behind the ear, necks are suitable for a fine Flaming Dice tattoo.

Dice Sword Tattoo

Dice sword tattoo

You can add any design with the Dice tattoo keeping the meaning and concept. But a Dice Sword tattoo is a much elegant tattoo design. Though the design is complicated, with  the perfect tattoo artist it became easier and meaningful.

Dice Sword tattoo is not selected by all. People with an uncommon history with fate, destiny and death, usually go for this particular tattoo. For clearer view a larger space is required and if you want to keep the weight just dont use any color the design itself will talk.

Dice Tattoo On Neck

Dice neck tattoo

Another notable painful place for tattoos is the Neck. Artists normally clear out all the necessary steps before they go for a neck tattoo. But these tattoos are extraordinary to watch and visible all the time.

You can see a flaming dice tattoo on the neck in the above picture. As mentioned earlier,  necks are suitable for a flaming dice type design. Neck tattoos are generally smaller in size and people normally use simple designs to make it easy and look smart. Dice tattoo on the neck is a good design you can definitely try.

 Three Dice Tattoo

Three dice tattoo

Sometimes people try to do something out of the box. They always want unique and variations. Such an example is our Three Dice tattoo. As we know dice are counted in pairs so to add up something new, people use another dice to their design as an example is shown in the picture.

Three Dice are used sometimes for uniqueness and people try to keep it simple and smaller in the arms, hands, wrists, forearms and sometimes in their fingers.

Martini Dice Tattoo

Martini dice tattoo

Martini is a special liquor drink and people who regularly gamble, usually their favorite drink is the Martini. So many gamblers, even liquor lovers try these exceptionally designed tattoos to show their class and personality.

Though the concept of the design is simple, the design is not that much. So bigger space is needed like arms, shoulders, chest to keep the design more clearer. Expert is an obvious need for this kind of design and make sure your artist knows all kinds of shades to keep the design realistic.

Spider Web Dice Tattoo

Spider web dice tattoo

Spider web tattoos are becoming popular each day and it has been trending for a few years now. As spider webs mean positive growth and Dice carries the symbol of luck, so their combination is quite meaningful and interesting.

Though the design is not that much simple, together the meaning it holds is heavy. So to keep the design fruitful you need to be very careful about design and you can also try the tattoo shown in the picture which is an absolute fine example of Spider Web Dice tattoos.

Japanese Dice Tattoo

Japanese dice tattoo

Japanese fonts or Japanese designed tattoos are very much popular and the most used design in the whole world. Many of the tattoo maniacs use their names in japanese words or express their feelings in japanese traditional designed tattoos. This type of wonder is the Japanese Dice tattoo.

Japanese Dice tattoos are very interesting and I love this design very much. Colorful inks bring significant beauty to the tattoo and it needs a bigger space to show the design properly. You can check many Japanese words or phrases related to the Dice and you can make wonderful Japanese Dice tattoo.

More Dice Tattoo Designs You Are Looking For!

If you still haven’t found your desired tattoos , there are many more designs I personally collected for you so that you don’t miss any of the designs. Hopefully you will get your favorite Dice tattoo by the end of the article using the ideas I have shared above.

Dice tattoo 2

Dice tattoo 3

Dice tattoo 5

Dice tattoo 4

Dice tattoo 7

Dice tattoo 6

Dice tattoo 9

Dice tattoo 8

Dice tattoo 10

Dice tattoo 11

Dice tattoo 13

Dice tattoo 12

Dice tattoo 14

Dice tattoo 15

Dice tattoo 16

Dice tattoo 17

Dice tattoo 18

Dice tattoo 19

Dice tattoo 20

Dice tattoo 21

Dice tattoo 22

Dice tattoo 23

Dice tattoo 24

Dice tattoo 25

Dice tattoo 26

Dice tattoo 27

Dice tattoo 28

Dice tattoo 29

Dice tattoo 30

Dice tattoo 31

Dice tattoo 32

Dice tattoo 33

Dice tattoo 34

Dice tattoo 35

Dice tattoo 36

Dice tattoo 37

Dice tattoo 38

Dice tattoo 39

Dice tattoo 40

Dice tattoo 41

Dice tattoo 42

Dice tattoo 43

Dice tattoo 44

Dice tattoo 45

Dice tattoo 46

Dice tattoo 47

Dice tattoo 48

Dice tattoo 49

Dice tattoo 50

Dice tattoo 51

Dice tattoo 52

Dice tattoo 53

Dice tattoo 54

Dice tattoo 55

Dice tattoo 56

Dice tattoo 57

Dice tattoo 58

Dice tattoo 59

Dice tattoo 60

Dice tattoo 61

Dice tattoo 62

Dice tattoo 63

Dice tattoo 64

Dice tattoo 65

Dice tattoo 66

Dice tattoo 67

Dice tattoo 68

Dice tattoo 69

Dice tattoo 70

Dice tattoo 71

Dice tattoo 72

Dice tattoo 73

Dice tattoo 74

Dice tattoo 75

Dice tattoo 76

Dice tattoo 77

Dice tattoo 78

Dice tattoo 79

Dice tattoo 80

Dice tattoo 81

Dice tattoo 82

Dice tattoo 83

Dice tattoo 84

Dice tattoo 85

Dice tattoo 86

Dice tattoo 87

Dice tattoo 88

Dice tattoo 89

Dice tattoo 90

Dice tattoo 91

Dice tattoo 92

Dice tattoo 93

Dice tattoo 94

Dice tattoo 95

To learn and know more about Dice tattoos and how it is done, you can check the video I shared above for a more clearer view!


Dice tattoo is a classy tattoo design and not destined for everyone. So being a special tattoo it needs special treatment. So think thrice before you go for a nice looking Dice tattoo.

I think all the necessary parts of Dice tattoo are covered in this article and still if you are not satisfied you can try our other articles regarding gambling to get more new ideas. If you have gone through the article precisely I believe you find your idea for a wonderful Dice tattoo design.

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