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66 ”Fear None” Tattoo Ideas For The Brave and The Courageous

Life is never as easy as it seems. While working hard to achieve gradual success seems like the ideal option to achieve fearlessness, confidence, and enough courage to tackle every obstacle in life, there are loads of sources that one may get assistance and a boost of motivation from to ensure long-term success. One of them can be achieved through the means of getting the “Fear None” tattoo.

Over the past two decades, most tattoos that have been achieving indestructible success are either exceptional in terms of visuals, or are extremely minimal. Despite meeting neither of the requirements, one of the tattoos that have been just as popular since its discovery is the “Fear None” tattoo.

Ideally designed for those that are seeking a source to develop a resilient mentality and enhance their bravery, today’s article will not just contain various images of artwork that one can recreate, but also carry out an in-depth analysis of the “Fear None” tattoo’s discovery, meaning, and more!

In fact, by the time you’re done with this write-up, no other website nor brochure will be able to add to the knowledge you’ll have regarding this sublime tattoo design that also happens to carry a deep meaning. Make sure to remain in your seats until the end to receive evidence of our previous claim.

The insightful meaning of “Fear None” Tattoos

Fear None Tattoo 4

Similar to the phrase itself, the “Fear None” tattoo has been around due to the emotional impact it had on the lives of the representees. Once achieved, most wearers not only receive a source for enhancing their spiritual growth, but also have the willpower to overcome every adversity in their lives.

Another reason behind its popularity is solely due to the infamous quote of John Wooden, former basketball player and coach of UCLA, which goes like: “Respect the game. Fear none.”

While many thought his initial intention was to encourage his players to win, Wooden denied that rumor and said that it was invented as a means of letting his players know about how every problem comes with a solution. His theory definitely played a pivotal role behind his success and the 7 year undefeated streak that he had with UCLA Bruins; a feat that hasn’t yet been recreated.

Timeless “Fear None” Tattoos That Will Give You The Upperhand in Life

Now that you have a better insight about what the tattoo tends to symbolize, placed below is a list of designs and various options you can definitely look into if you’re still indecisive about the kind of tattoo you’d like to incorporate into your arsenal.

From tattoos that are highly detailed and enormous in size, to tattoos that are small with subtle visuals, here are all the tattoo ideas you can recreate to unlock a whole new world of bravery.

Fear None Hand Tattoo

Fear none tattoo on hand

If you’re an individual whose confidence is already off the roof, reward yourself with a hand tattoo. The visuals are extremely presentable and flattering due to the high-spirited nature of hot pink and the monotone essence of black.

The size of this tattoo is also not too big nor too small, making it a great contender for those that are seeking a variant that is completely balanced.

Fear None Forearm Tattoo

Fear none tattoo forearm

If you liked the visuals of the previous entry but aren’t the biggest fan of the amount of pain it involves, you may definitely exchange it with this alternative option. While the visuals as well as the color scheme are the same as of the hand tattoo, obtaining this tattoo won’t be as painful.

Since the forearm is relatively less sensitive and more resilient than most areas, one can’t go wrong by choosing the designs and lenient procedure this design offers.

Above the Knee “Fear None” Tattoo

Above knee fear none tattoo

If you want a compact tattoo and are seeking areas that will give you an image that carries sophistication, and elegance with a dash of delicacy, you’ll be the ultimate winner if you choose to place the artwork on the area above your knee.

Doing so will not just give you an ink containing a clear image, but will also give you the option to keep it away from the public eye whenever you feel the need to. All you have to do to unravel that feature is wear bottoms that are lengthy enough to cover your knees.

Fear None Gorilla Tattoo

Gorilla fear none tattoo

As the tattoo of a gorilla is a symbol for strength and power, if you’re seeking an option that has great visuals with a powerful meaning, pairing the pattern of the animal up with the quote will probably be one of the best decisions to make.

The whole artwork certainly has an appeal that is pleasant yet terrifying at the same time, which could be a compulsory requirement for those that live an edgy life, but also make time to admire the design of each tattoo.

Jason’s “Fear None” Tattoo

Jason mask fear none tattoo

For those that are unaware, Jason Vorhees is the main antagonist in the Friday the 13th franchise. While the willpower of the character did deteriorate in every other movie on the Friday the 13th series, the character was so resilient and fearless in the first few installments that people were rather frightened around that time. Some people even commented how his lack of fear allowed him to become a fan favorite amongst all the notorious villains in Hollywood history.

Fear None Side Face Tattoo

Forehead fear none tattoo

One can also pull off the designs on a “Fear None” tattoo by placing it on the side of their face. Apart from offering a design with sophistication, this face tattoo will also make the distinct facial features of the wearer more prominent and noticeable.

Additionally, while it does cater to everyone, this option will pair well with those that are seeking a method for making an ultimate statement about their disobedient lifestyle.

Fear None Throat Tattoo

Throat fear none tattoo

While this entry might be painful to achieve, the throat is an extremely delicate body part and is a great option for placing this tattoo. The exposure the area gets is often higher than that of most body parts, and with the exceptional appearance that the design contains, this tattoo will definitely work wonders for the wearer’s social life.

Fear None Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve fear none tattoo

A sleeve tattoo can also be generated with the pattern of a “Fear None” tattoo. To bring that variation to life, however, introducing more tattoos to the initial design might be compulsory. Just make sure to consider the sentimental value the original artwork holds before you choose the supporting tattoo designs to complete this option so that your desires are met with a satisfying outcome.

Fear None Lion Tattoo

Lion fear none tattoo

A lion tends to symbolize feelings of bravery and courage, which is exactly what the “fear none” tattoo represents. Together, not only do they amp up the intensity of the meaning, but also offer the wearer an illustration with an exceptional amount of fascination.

Fear None Skull Tattoo

Skull fear none tattoo

It shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore. A skull tattoo never looks out of place. NEVER! Alongside the intimidating nature of its blueprint, the quote tattoo also matches the energy of the visuals that a skull carries.

Additionally, since this variation is more flexible than a majority of the designs on this list, one should definitely opt for this entry if they’re unsure about the placement. However, whatever you do, make sure to keep the image monochromatic for obtaining the best outcome.  

More Ordinary Fear None Tattoos With Extraordinary Aesthetics!

If you liked the designs mentioned in the previous segment but haven’t quite found what you were initially envisioning, take this list into consideration and give it a chance. We’re sure the variants mentioned on the list below will meet your needs!

Fear None Tattoo 1

Fear None Tattoo 2

Fear None Tattoo 3

Fear None Tattoo 5

Fear None Tattoo 6

Fear None Tattoo 8

Fear None Tattoo 7

Fear None Tattoo 10

Fear None Tattoo 9

Fear None Tattoo 11

Fear None Tattoo 12

Fear None Tattoo 13

Fear None Tattoo 14

Fear None Tattoo 15

Fear None Tattoo 16

Fear None Tattoo 17

Fear None Tattoo 18

Fear None Tattoo 19

Fear None Tattoo 20

Fear None Tattoo 21

Fear None Tattoo 22

Fear None Tattoo 23

Fear None Tattoo 24

Fear None Tattoo 25

Fear None Tattoo 26

Fear None Tattoo 27

Fear None Tattoo 56

Fear None Tattoo 54

Fear None Tattoo 55

Fear None Tattoo 53

Fear None Tattoo 52

Fear None Tattoo 50

Fear None Tattoo 51

Fear None Tattoo 48

Fear None Tattoo 49

Fear None Tattoo 47

Fear None Tattoo 46

Fear None Tattoo 44

Fear None Tattoo 45

Fear None Tattoo 43

Fear None Tattoo 41

Fear None Tattoo 42

Fear None Tattoo 39

Fear None Tattoo 40

Fear None Tattoo 37

Fear None Tattoo 38

Fear None Tattoo 35

Fear None Tattoo 36

Fear None Tattoo 33

Fear None Tattoo 34

Fear None Tattoo 31

Fear None Tattoo 32

Fear None Tattoo 29

Fear None Tattoo 30

Fear None Tattoo 28

Final Verdict

All in all, sometimes, it’s better to let fear take the lead. While being conservative offers a safer outcome at times, being fearless and headstrong during scenarios are just as impactful more often than not. Whether you’re an athlete waiting to make their name, or someone who’s just eager to create an impact on the community, the lives of your loved ones, or desperate to make a change for personal development, don’t let anyone or anything hamper your path to success. Remember to imagine your goals, and put the hours in. Don’t let the fear of failure or any obstacle bring you down. Learn from it to achieve never ending fulfillment.

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