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113 Must-Have Death Moth Tattoos That Will Change Your Life

Due to all the rush it has and the obstacles it makes us go through, we often forget that life too comes with a deadline. In other words, we don’t live forever, as we too are mortals at the end of the day.

Despite being aware of that fact, us human beings often take life itself for granted, which could arise because of multiple reasons. However, that’s when we need another subtle yet impactful reminder, and that is when the influence as well as the existence of the death moth and its tattoos come in.

Known for being a helping hand to most, death moth tattoos have been extremely sought after in recent times for its figurative meaning. It is also renowned as well as appreciated in the tattoo world for its distinct yet intimidating exoskeleton.

Furthermore, if you’re already aware of its striking appearance, and would like to incorporate that into a tattoo, this article is definitely your cup of tea. In addition to disclosing all the designs one can wear through the assistance of a death moth, we will be revealing why there’s more to a death moth than meets the eye. Make sure to buckle up and stick around till the end to reveal all the queries you have regarding death moth tattoos!

The Crucial Meaning of Death Moth Tattoos

Death moth tattoo 1

Striking in terms of appearance, people often turn a blind eye to the symbolism and meaning a death moth usually possesses, which is much more valuable, but also a bit of an eye-opener!

Also known as “Memento Mori,” a death moth’s purpose is to remind us of our mortality; in other words, about death. While it does sound terrifying at first, many have said how a death moth’s purpose usually allows us human beings to stop dwelling on the past and prevents us from looking back with anger. Doing so often results in a positive change, i.e, enables one to make better decisions, change up their lifestyle and so on.

A death moth also allows a person to heal from the past. Those carrying emotional baggage normally feel much better and are usually able to kick start their road to recovery when in the company of a death moth tattoo.

Additionally, due to its active nature and the physical appearance, a death moth is seen as a quite feminine creature, which could explain why some designs we’ll cover are more catered to those that are looking to embrace their femininity.

Taking into account the initial symbolism, many people tend to cope with it in one of two ways.

A majority of the portion believes in its spiritual wisdom. A death moth usually teaches the wearer as well as those around them about the actual value that life has. This, in turn, might result in spiritual growth, which may or may not allow an individual to live their lives to the fullest.

The other end of the spectrum, on the other hand, uses the symbolism of a death moth to learn more about what genuinely matters in the end. For instance, they realize the importance of loyalty over royalty, and love over lust.

Eloquent Death Moth Tattoos To Get Your Life Back On Track

Getting a death moth tattoo is certainly a win-win situation for anyone. It meets the visual requirements that good tattoos need, and provides an enormous amount of moral support to any wearer; a trait that many tattoos haven’t yet been able to accomplish.

Furthermore, due to how cooperative a death moth tattoo is, obtaining it is extremely simple. Whether it is incorporated into a small tattoo or an artwork that doesn’t lack size, tattooing the symbol of a death moth will always change your life for the better.

Since the pattern is so malleable, a death moth can also be showcased through the means of various designs. From tattoos that cater to minimalists to tattoos that are open to  interpretation, here are all our favorite death moth tattoos that you will surely benefit from!

Death Head Moth Tattoo

Death head moth tattoo

A death’s head hawk moth, commonly dubbed as the death head moth, is the most powerful creature amongst the moth universe. It is significantly larger than most species, and is often seen as an omen of death; a trait that most moths are unfamiliar with.

Additionally, due to its massive frame, a death head moth isn’t just the leader of all moths, but is also the most popular variant of death moth tattoos.

The skull-esque pattern on its thorax is the most prominent feature of this hawk moth and tends to look just as intimidating on one’s skin.

While many resort to an artwork with the classic combination of black and gray, many people often incorporate the actual black and yellow color scheme that this moth contains.

Another unique feature of this variant is how flexible and cooperative it is to change. It can be showcased as a motif tattoo, a fine line tattoo, and even a color tattoo. Regardless of where it is positioned, this moth tattoo never looks out of place, which explains its never ending success amongst the tattoo industry. 

Geometric Death Moth Tattoo

Geometric death moth tattoo

If your main priority is to obtain an artwork that will never fade, perhaps a geometric death tattoo will be sufficient.

This variant contains the illustration of a death moth with a skull on each side, which could be a euphemism for life and death. The compartment on top has a symbol of the moon, which usually is associated with growth and change. All the elements are closed in with the use of multiple flat lined borders, which are solely existent to amp up the simplicity and presentability of the design.

Additionally, since the artwork this option consists of is considerably large, obtaining it on compact areas would be a no go. Instead, try placing it on the forearm or other spacious yet narrow areas such as the inner bicep to create the illustration flawlessly.

Simple Death Moth Tattoo

Simple death moth tattoo

Minimalists can also join the death moth community by incorporating this design into their tattoo.

It consists of nothing but a sketch of a death moth, which is carved in with a fine needle. The faded effect is added to the design to make the visuals three dimensional, and the overall artwork a bit more presentable.

As this option contains an illustration that lacks size, one can achieve desirable results as long as they place it in a vulnerable and a tightly packed location.

Furthermore, while the blueprint is basic, one can easily give the tattoo a subtle boost by introducing a high-spirited blend of colors.

Traditional Death Moth Tattoo

Traditional death moth tattoo

Taking a complex approach is extremely common when creating a death moth tattoo. However, there are multiple variants, like the traditional death moth tattoo, which focuses on nothing but the blueprint.

The best feature of this tattoo is the wave of colors it has. The neutral shades and the high-spirited tones really mesh together due to the structure of the death moth. The undertone of red really gives the whole artwork as well as the sentimental value a lighter feel.

Another prominent characteristic of this variant is its ability to the circumference of any area. In simpler words, the placement of this option doesn’t come with a handbook and solely depends on what the wearer goes with. 

Death Hawk Moth Tattoo

Death hawk moth tattoo

To raise awareness of the dark meaning that death moths carry, a death hawk moth can be an option one can take into consideration.

The artwork contains various intricate details that are often absent on the groundwork of most designs. For instance, the wings contain more frame, and the thorax comprises a series of shades to give a realistic feel.

Moreover, for best results, one should always place the design above the inner bicep or other areas which contain tons of girth, such as the forearm and the thigh.

Death Moth Neck Tattoo

Death moth neck tattoo

When placed sideways, the pattern of a death moth tends to look incredible, especially when worn as a neck tattoo. The compelling artwork is usually paired up with a vibrant color scheme, which typically caters to the taste of those that have a knack for soft color combinations and adore color tattoos.

In addition to the enticing color scheme and unique frame, the placement of this tattoo is a selling point of this design. Since the neck usually symbolizes feelings of wisdom, the symbol of a death moth is a perfect fit for the occasion.

Death Moth Sternum Tattoo

Death moth sternum tattoo

Despite being painful, a good spot for recreating an image of a death moth for females is the sternum. Due to its tapered structure, the image of a death moth isn’t too sizable, but attractive nonetheless.

The color combination incorporated into this tattoo is usually subjective. Even though most prefer a pattern that is drenched in neutral tones, that feature isn’t fixed, and can be changed as much as the user wants to.

Additionally, since this area is more on the sensitive side, one should always take precautionary steps to make the procedure as stress-free as possible. One of the many easier ways to cope with the pain is often achieved by consuming pain medication minutes before the session commences.

Death Moth Chest Tattoo

Death moth chest tattoo

The complex formation of a death moth can be showcased marvelously on the chest. Due to the width that one’s chest contains on the regular, the artwork can be as enormous as the user wants it to be.

As the area of placement is enormous, this option usually caters to those with an open mind and also works wonders for those that are seeking a way to explore their creative thinking abilities.

Additionally, since the silhouettes of one’s chest isn’t as complicated, the artist too will have an exceptional amount of time as well as an effortless time when creating a symbol of a death moth.

Small Death Moth Tattoo

Small death moth tattoo

If your main incentive is to grow as an individual and let go of your past regrets, any tattoo of a death moth would work. Even if it’s small and extremely compact in size.

In fact, this variation won’t just give you a small tattoo, but also a design that is sophisticated, and subtle. Although it is typically dripped in black and gray, you can change the colors based on your preferences.

Additionally, when the area of placement is the main concern, know that this design can fit anywhere. Areas that are delicate such as the area behind the ear, and the collarbone are go-to options for this variant due to their narrow nature.

Realistic Death Moth Tattoo

Realistic death moth tattoo

Having a tattoo artist that specializes in realism, a prominent form of art, can definitely be a plus when creating a moth tattoo; especially when this option is the main subject.

The size and structure created in this variant is as accurate as that of an actual death moth. Just like most entries on this list, the shades used for this variant is black. However, there’s also an undertone of gray which usually stands out when the artwork is placed on the right spot.

In addition to the visuals, the design of this is extremely adaptable and can be placed anywhere and everywhere without an issue.

Death Moth Hand Tattoo

Death moth hand tattoo

For pulling off a design with a simple yet elegant structure, placing a symbol of a death moth on the hand is normally sufficient. Any effect and pattern looks at home when placed in the center, and looks desirable when mixed with a palette of black and gray.

Furthemore, due to the structure of the hand, you may even add to the design by bringing in micro tattoos, or can even amp it up by increasing the size of the blueprint. If needed, you can also introduce a color palette, especially if you’re seeking to change the aura.

Death Moth Skull Tattoo

Death moth skull tattoo

When we said that a death moth tattoo can blend in with anything, we meant it! It pairs well with colors, adjusts well with the capacity of any area, and can even be displayed using a skull tattoo.

The best feature of this tattoo is the color scheme. The shadows tend to stand out due to the color scheme, and the facial features also look extremely realistic. The tattoo also consists of a geometric pattern, which enhances the presentability of the overall design.

When it comes to placement, the tattoo looks best when placed on surfaces that are wide but also lengthy. A go to example of the previous statement is the forearm.

Death Moth Color Tattoo

Death Moth Color Tattoo

Taking into consideration the meaning that it portrays, most options of death moth tattoos consist of either neutral color schemes or a monochromatic image. However, this variant is the odd one out, and in a good way, too!

Containing bright shades of color and a slight faded effect, this death moth color tattoo is for those that are on a journey to become better. It can even cater to those that are seeking a visually-oriented option and can be placed almost anywhere due to its manageable size.

Death Moth Back Tattoo

Death moth back tattoo

The symbolism of a death moth can accurately be represented through the means of a tattoo when placed on the back. Since it contains a ton of space, an enormous artwork with an accurate visual representation of a death moth’s symbolism and influence can be placed without any inconvenience.

In addition to its spaciousness, the back is also resilient. While it may be tough for the artist to recreate the pattern and might be a bit time consuming, the trauma that occurs from the needle is often significant.

Death Moth Above Knee Tattoo

Death moth above knee tattoo

A death moth tattoo can also be placed slightly above the knee for amazing results.

The exoskeleton of the insect fits in perfectly with the capacity of the knee. The graphic also looks astounding and is usually inked with a fine line needle.

One can even add script tattoos alongside the artwork of the death moth to give the artwork a slight boost as well as amp up the meaning substantially. Placing the nickname that the death moth tattoo has will also be suitable in most cases.

Despite having an upper hand over the other options in terms of features, the procedure of this tattoo is brutal and might hurt a lot due to its bony structure.

More Death Moth Tattoos That Can’t Be Ignored!

Finding a tattoo that speaks to you on a personal level might be a bit difficult. Luckily, however, the list of designs one can recreate when it comes to a death moth tattoo is endless! So, without further ado, here are some more death moth tattoos that you can either take assistance from or carve into your skin!

Death moth tattoo 2

Death moth tattoo 3

Death moth tattoo 4

Death moth tattoo 6

Death moth tattoo 5

Death moth tattoo 8

Death moth tattoo 7

Death moth tattoo 9

Death moth tattoo 10

Death moth tattoo 11

Death moth tattoo 12

Death moth tattoo 14

Death moth tattoo 13

Death moth tattoo 16

Death moth tattoo 15

Death moth tattoo 17

Death moth tattoo 19

Death moth tattoo 18

Death moth tattoo 20

Death moth tattoo 22

Death moth tattoo 21

Death moth tattoo 24

Death moth tattoo 23

Death moth tattoo 25

Death moth tattoo 26

Death moth tattoo 27

Death moth tattoo 29

Death moth tattoo 28

Death moth tattoo 31

Death moth tattoo 30

Death moth tattoo 32

Death moth tattoo 33

Death moth tattoo 34

Death moth tattoo 35

Death moth tattoo 36

Death moth tattoo 37

Death moth tattoo 38

Death moth tattoo 39

Death moth tattoo 40

Death moth tattoo 41

Death moth tattoo 43

Death moth tattoo 42

Death moth tattoo 44

Death moth tattoo 45

Death moth tattoo 46

Death moth tattoo 48

Death moth tattoo 47

Death moth tattoo 49

Death moth tattoo 50

Death moth tattoo 51

Death moth tattoo 52

Death moth tattoo 54

Death moth tattoo 53

Death moth tattoo 55

Death moth tattoo 56

Death moth tattoo 57

Death moth tattoo 58

Death moth tattoo 59

Death moth tattoo 60

Death moth tattoo 61

Death moth tattoo 63

Death moth tattoo 62

Death moth tattoo 64

Death moth tattoo 65

Death moth tattoo 66

Death moth tattoo 67

Death moth tattoo 68

Death moth tattoo 69

Death moth tattoo 70

Death moth tattoo 71

Death moth tattoo 72

Death moth tattoo 73

Death moth tattoo 74

Death moth tattoo 76

Death moth tattoo 75

Death moth tattoo 77

Death moth tattoo 78

Death moth tattoo 79

Death moth tattoo 80

Death moth tattoo 82

Death moth tattoo 81

Death moth tattoo 83

Death moth tattoo 84

Death moth tattoo 85

Death moth tattoo 87

Death moth tattoo 86

Death moth tattoo 88

Death moth tattoo 90

Death moth tattoo 89

Death moth tattoo 91

Death moth tattoo 92

Death moth tattoo 93

Death moth tattoo 94

Death moth tattoo 96

Death moth tattoo 95

Death moth tattoo 98

Death moth tattoo 97


We hope this article enables you to bring your imaginations to life and allows you to find a design that you resonate with.

Being stuck between a rock and a hard place is a common occurrence, and just like our existence in life, that phase is temporary. Make sure to reach out for help and let your loved ones know when you can. Avail the services of a death moth tattoo to unlock a sidekick, motivator, and initiator of moral support until then.

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