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An Explicit Breakdown of Christian Nodal’s Tattoos

Gaining fame for his musical talents at 19, Christian Nodal is one of the most influential Mexican musicians in the world today. When he’s not gaining recognition for his art and the individual accolades that he has received over the years, Christian Nodal is an inspiration for tattoo fanatics for the series of artwork that he has on his body.

Over the years, the 3 time Latin Grammy winner has really given in to the art of getting tattoos and has installed some of the finest tattoos we’ve ever come across. So, today, in honor of Christian Nodal’s creativity, join us as we make an attempt to cover all the tattoos of the Regional Mexican sensation.

Face Tattoos

Judging by the photos placed above (below), you can clearly tell how fascinated the star is about expressing his inner self through the art of tattoos. Prior to getting face tattoos, Christian Nodal revealed that he always had an admirable amount of love for tattoos, but wasn’t allowed to get them. However, with each year, the fondness just kept increasing, so much so that the musician decided to install tattoos on the most visible part of his body; his face.

The left side of his face comprises tattoos that express certain aspects of his spiritual health. Consisting of flowers and subtle words, we believe that the artist resorted to getting these tattoos not only due to the sublime visuals, but also because almost all of them symbolize integrity, honesty, and pleasantness.

On the contrary, the right side of Christian Nodal’s face consists of the principles he abides by. For instance, the rose tattoo represents the importance he has for the art of love, The “X” tattoo under his eye represents how much he prioritizes sobriety, and the bag of cash is probably there to express how much he prioritizes money.

Hand Tattoos

Identical to the previous entry, Chirstian Nodal was not necessarily keen on getting hand tattoos because of how big of a public figure he was in Mexico. Since most of his peers barely had any body modifications, it took the singer quite some time to come out of his shell. However, once he did, everything else was light years away!

According to the artist himself, the tattoos on each knuckle represents the way he would like to lead his life till eternity. The one on the right has a series of tattoos, including a moon tattoo, an eye tattoo, a rose tattoo, and a cross tattoo. While most of them represent the beauty of life itself, Christian Nodal feels as if the whole lot provides him with security and protects him from ill will.

Similar to the right hand, the left hand also consists of a series of finger tattoos that symbolizes positivity and his roots. The horseshoe and sun are for good fortune, while the cactus represents an aspect of his hometown. The artist also has a skull tattoo, which was solely obtained for its visuals.

In addition to the previous tattoos, Christian Nodal also has a series of tattoos on each hand. While the most prominent one on the right hand is of an eagle that represents the need to be safe, there are also other designs that are of palm trees, crosses, and even a green heart tattoo that the singer proudly showcases to the public.

Sleeve Tattoos

Perhaps the most thoughtful tattoos that Christian Nodal has are the sleeve tattoos. From designs that symbolize the importance of growth to tattoos that encourage him to have no fear, Christain always speaks highly of his sleeve tattoos. He also has the tattoo of a barbed wire on each wrist, which symbolizes guidance and provides him with protection when needed.

In addition to the barbed wire, the musician also has a rose tattoo and a compass tattoo on his upper sleeve, both of which stand for guidance and unconditional love.

Chest Tattoo/ Compass Tattoo

Christian Nodal chest tattoo

Judging by the previous entries, by now, we can all tell Christian Nodal has a knack towards tattoos that enable him to form a deeper connection with his spirituality, just like the compass tattoo on his chest. While a compass tattoo symbolizes protection and guidance, Nodal believes that his chest tattoo serves him with an unconditional amount of wisdom as well as protects him during difficult times. At the center of the compass is a rose tattoo, which he hopes works as a reminder to partake in self-care on a regular basis.

Tragus Tattoos

One of the tattoos that caused quite the buzz was the tragus tattoo that Christian Nodal had which contained the nickname he had for his then fiance, Belinda, in hopes of expressing the love and admiration that he had for her. While we are gutted at how things ended and aren’t quite sure whether it still exists, the kind of tattoo that Christian Nodal got for his significant other is no short of sweet and precious.

Apart from the tragus tattoo on his right ear, Nodal also has a tragus tattoo of an arrow on his left ear, which he believes allows him to be composed during times of hardship.

Leg Tattoo

As opposed to the upper half of his physique that features a list of tattoos, the amount of artwork on his bottom half is rather low. The musician only has two tattoos on his right leg, and has none on his left leg. One of the tattoos is of a flower, which, according to him, allows him to embrace the beauty of life.

The other one is of a character, which was created to help him reminisce about childhood memories.

Neck Tattoo

Comprising an artwork of a sun on one side and a deer on the other, the purpose of both of them is to provide Christian Nodal with guidance and enhance spirituality. While achieving fame is something that Christain has always wanted in his life, he hopes the tattoos on his neck prevent him from getting lost in the fame and going astray.

Throat Tattoo/ “I Got Carried Away” Tattoo

Christian Nodal throat tattoo

While the area itself remains one of the most delicate places for a tattoo, Christian Nodal’s throat tattoo is a double entendre, which means that it carries two meanings. The phrase tattoo of “I got carried away” only came into existence to celebrate Chrisitan Nodal’s first critically acclaimed album “Me Deje Llevar ” which translates to “I Got Carried Away”. Not only did the album earn a nomination at the Latin Grammy for Best Ranchero Album, but it also helped the Mexican prodigy with sealing his first ever individual accolade (Best Regional Mexican Song).

Apart from the incentive of selling more albums through the tattoo, Christian believes that his throat tattoo reminds him to be more humble and allows him to live in the moment.

Pigeon Tattoo

Pigeon tattoo

Placed right in between the collarbone and the neck, Christian believes that the pigeon tattoo is yet another representation of fortune and prosperity. It also pairs well with the throat tattoo of his, and has visuals that are appealing enough to change one’s appearance for the better.

Scorpion Tattoo

Scorpion tattoo

Placed right across the tattoo mentioned in the previous entry, the scorpion tattoo that Christian Nodal has not only contains intimidating visuals, but also carries a meaning that is just as powerful. While most scorpion tattoos symbolize the theories of male sexuality, the Latin Grammy winner believes that his artwork also gives him the power to control the outcome and encourages him to practice self-loyalty, which is a form of self-care that is rarely ever practiced.


Overall, we hope this write-up not only allows you to acquire more knowledge on Christian Nodal’s personality, but also gives you an insight into just how amazingly expressive and thoughtful he was when creating the groundwork of the tattoos he wears to this day.

Furthemore, just like Nodal, we hope you too find tattoos and designs with which you’ll be able to achieve comfortability in your own skin, and express distinct aspects of your ethics and morals to the world.  

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