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100 Blossoming Bad Bunny Tattoos To Wear in 2024!

Puerto Rican musician and artist Bad Bunny is notably recognized for his skills on the mic and for being the first Non-English artist on Spotify’s most streamed artist of the year list. However, although his successful run as a musician has yet to come to an end, it seems as though the artist is getting more than he signed up for.

Over the years, in addition to having a massive influence and achieving an enormous amount of success in the music industry, Bad Bunny is also a popular figure in the tattoo industry. Most of his followers and fans often support the career of Bad Bunny by listening to his music, investing in his merch, following him on social media, and so on. However, many of his fans show admiration by incorporating the artwork of Bad Bunny into a tattoo.

Moving on, if you happen to be a fan of his work and a regular member of his fan club, elevate yourself onto the next level by getting a Bad Bunny tattoo! If you’re not sure about the multiple designs that are available for recreation, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, besides unveiling all the marvellous blueprints that you can take into consideration before getting your own Bad Bunny tattoo, we will also be solving some of the popular questions regarding Bad Bunny tattoos that are currently on the web. Stay with us to be provided with the ultimate guide to getting Bad Bunny tattoos.

Praiseworthy Bad Bunny Tattoo Designs For Die-hard Bad Bunny Fans!

When all is said and done, picking a bad bunny tattoo with an enticing groundwork should be extremely easy. Since each variant is so versatile and adaptable to change, it’s safe to say that Bad Bunny tattoos are eligible for anyone and everyone.

Nonetheless, without further ado, whether you’re a minimalist novice or an old head, here are all the scrumptious designs you must look into before obtaining your own Bad Bunny tattoo!

Bad Bunny Forearm Tattoo

Bad Bunny Forearm Tattoo

A Bad Bunny tattoo is always a good idea when showcased as a forearm tattoo. Since the spot is typically lengthy yet lean, even the most colourful diagram of Bad Bunny will look comfortable, decent and sizable when worn on the forearm.

Furthermore, due to the space it attains, you can even give your artistic abilities a run for their money by incorporating additional designs into the blueprint. The design can comprise an abstract image in the background for highlighting the main tattoo, but can also be an emblem tattoo that has the same energy as the main tattoo.

YHLQMDLG Bad Bunny Tattoo

YHLQMDLG Bad Bunny Tattoo

This entry on our list isn’t just a fan favourite amongst Bad Bunny tattoos, but also is the reason behind the artist’s success.

Although the album received loads of praise and was met with a positive reception, the phrase itself is the most compelling aspect about this variant.

The term “YHLQMDLG” stands for “I do what I want” when translated into the English language. Although the meaning of it seems rather tacky appearance-wise, the energy of it can motivate the wearers to be more assertive in life and be more comfortable in their own skin.

Furthermore, if you found contentment in the groundwork of this design, we’ve got some great news for you! The “YHLQMDLG” tattoo has multiple variations with exceptional quality. All you have to do is click on this link to unlock a whole new world of tattoos! 

Bad Bunny Wrist Tattoo

Bad Bunny Wrist Tattoo

Similar to a forearm tattoo, a Bad Bunny tattoo looks presentable when worn as a wrist tattoo. While the area offers limited space in contrast to most candidates, the artwork printed on the body part can be an emblem tattoo, and can even be as detailed and as exquisite as a portrait tattoo.

On another note, if you do go forward with a portrait tattoo, keep in mind that the procedure will be lengthier than usual. To avoid the chances of receiving botched results, make sure to clear up your schedule days before paying the artist a visit.

Bad Bunny Cat Tattoo

Bad Bunny Cat Tattoo

After the artist collaborated with fellow musician Doja Cat, fans celebrated that feat by incorporating bad bunny cat tattoos.

Visually, this design is probably the farthest thing possible from a Bad Bunny tattoo. It contains a portrait of a jazzed up cat with jewelries, a pair of shades, and a septum piercing.

While the graphic might seem confusing to many, the image has the same features that Bad Bunny has, and comprises the body modifications of the rapper that are morphed into a cat tattoo. 

Small Bad Bunny Tattoo

Small Bad Bunny Tattoo

If you’re seeking a variant with longevity and subtlety, a small tattoo will surely fit like a glove!

Typically placed as a chest tattoo, a small Bad Bunny tattoo is often a great option for those that are minimalists, but can also be a great candidate for those that are vulnerable to pain.

The design options are usually endless for this variant, however, most tend to side with small portrait tattoos of bad bunny, mainly due to his hairstyle as well as his body modifications.

Bad Bunny Chest Tattoo

Bad Bunny Chest Tattoo

The iconic symbol of Bad Bunny looks tremendous when placed anywhere. Despite having compelling visuals, most people prefer obtaining the pattern as a chest tattoo.

Unlike most placement options, the chest is durable, spacious, and contains a favourable canvas to paint on. The area is a match made in heaven for you if you’re hoping to make use of your creative thinking abilities as it is anything but compact.

Additionally, since the layers around the chest are tough and rugged, this variant comprises a lenient procedure, which can be a great incentive if you’re looking for a relatively painless aftermath.

Bad Bunny Donnie Darko Tattoo

Bad Bunny Donnie Darko Tattoo

Since the symbol of Bad Bunny is often a common find amongst every variant, if you want something with a different demeanour but with the same symbolism, incorporate a different kind of bunny into your Bad Bunny tattoo.

Although bunny characters like Bugs Bunny and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit could be potential candidates, the Easter Bunny from Donnie Darko could perhaps bring to the table ideal results, mainly due to its monochromatic colour combination.

Bad Bunny Arm Tattoo

Bad Bunny Arm Tattoo

Carving one of Bad Bunny’s most famous quotes could be an excellent addition to add more meaning to a pre-existing Bad Bunny portrait tattoo. Even though spots like the back can be utilised to display this variant, an arm tattoo can perhaps pull the artwork off in the best manner possible.

When it comes to the design, think of outline tattoos. While they are more simple, they tend to look cleaner and less congested in contrast to colour tattoos.  Due to the basic groundwork that it contains, the procedure of this variant is full of relaxation and free of stress.

Bad Bunny Anime Tattoo

Bad Bunny Anime Tattoo

If you’re not the biggest fan of Bad Bunny but are aware of the metaphorical value of the variant, incorporate a design that contains a twist. Make it a clever pun tattoo by obtaining an image of Lola or Bugs Bunny.

To amp up the artwork, drape each component with colours that are soft, presentable, and high-spirited. To further add to its visuals, you can even add the accessories that the rapper wears on the regular.

When it comes to placement, the size of the forearm is a perfect match. It contains an exceptional amount of narrowness and a massive amount of length, both of which are perfect for portrait tattoos.

Additionally, if you are into anime tattoos, reward yourself by skimming through this issue. Even though it barely has anything to do with Bad Bunny, the article comprises a list of Anime tattoos that one should definitely feast their eyes with!

Bad Bunny Couple Tattoo

Bad Bunny Couple Tattoo

If you and your partner happen to be massive fans of Bad Bunny, give back to the artist as well as to one another by obtaining matching tattoos!

While the placement option is obviously subjective for this variant, the design could be of a script tattoo with multiple symbols. For instance, if you’re seeking to spice things up a bit and looking for an option that offers delicacy, consider obtaining a script tattoo of the song “Callaita” by Bad Bunny! 

Bad Bunny Leg Tattoo

Bad Bunny Leg Tattoo

If you’re getting a Bad Bunny tattoo and craving the artwork to have exceptional details, obtain any and every portrait of Bad Bunny as a leg tattoo.

In addition to being able to endure large amounts of pain, the leg contains a massive amount of room that could be utilised when creating the design for this variant.

The portrait tattoo can either be displayed as an outline tattoo with a black and grey colour palette, but can even be visually-oriented and contain shades that often look rich and appealing like cherry red, and jet black. To take things even further, you can even install an image with a duotone colour scheme, especially if you’re craving the attention of Bad Bunny fanatics all over the world.

Bad Bunny Neck Tattoo

Bad Bunny Neck Tattoo

If you’d like to wear a design that is limited in size but has tons of appeal to it, consider the option of getting a Bad Bunny neck tattoo.

Although the procedure might cause loads of discomfort due to the area’s sensitivity to pain, any artwork will look both creative and commendable when placed on the surface of the neck.

Additionally, if you’d like to give your tattoo a minor boost, pair the tattoo up with a quote tattoo. Doing so will not just enhance its final outlook, but also drastically increase the sentimental value that it contains with each passing day.

Bad Bunny Rib Tattoo

Bad Bunny Rib Tattoo

If the love you have for Bad Bunny is unconditional and limitless, keep it reserved and private by installing a rib tattoo. Although this variant is extremely painful as opposed to the rest of the entries, the surface of the rib can be utilised to display images with complicated features.

Additionally, on top of being eligible and compatible with portrait tattoos, rib tattoos can also be used to carve symbol tattoos, as well as script tattoos for maximum results.

Bad Bunny Finger Tattoo

Bad Bunny Finger Tattoo

Displaying affection for another is extremely easy in the world of tattoos, especially if you happen to be a fan of Bad Bunny. All you have to do is obtain a Bad Bunny finger tattoo.

To make the most out of this variant, think of symbols and emblems that you feel resonate with the characteristics of Bad Bunny. You can also make a hybrid of symbols that the artist uses on the regular for a dramatic outcome.

Due to the limited amount of space available, the number of symbols shouldn’t exceed 3. Exceeding the limit won’t necessarily harm your fingers, but will definitely hamper the final impression of the tattoo, as it will look too congested.

Bad Bunny Thigh Tattoo

Bad Bunny Thigh Tattoo

If a sizable figure occurs to you when you envision your version of a Bad Bunny tattoo, place your trust in the potential of one of your thighs. Since it is the largest muscle in the human body, any artwork, regardless of how complex it may be, can be incorporated without a jiffy.

Additionally, since the thigh comprises loads of space, drawing an image with intricate details will be extremely easy for the artist to carry out, which can bring to the table desirable results.

More Bad Bunny Tattoos That Are Currently On The Trend

If you haven’t yet found a variant that comprises a groundwork that you resonate with, give it another shot! Here’s another list of Bad Bunny tattoos with exceptional visuals and exquisite taste!

Bad Bunny tattoo 1

Bad Bunny tattoo 2

Bad Bunny tattoo 3

Bad Bunny tattoo 4

Bad Bunny tattoo 5

Bad Bunny tattoo 6

Bad Bunny tattoo 7

Bad Bunny tattoo 8

Bad Bunny tattoo 9

Bad Bunny tattoo 10

Bad Bunny tattoo 11

Bad Bunny tattoo 12

Bad Bunny tattoo 13

Bad Bunny tattoo 14

Bad Bunny tattoo 15

Bad Bunny tattoo 16

Bad Bunny tattoo 17

Bad Bunny tattoo 18

Bad Bunny tattoo 19

Bad Bunny tattoo 20

Bad Bunny tattoo 21

Bad Bunny tattoo 22

Bad Bunny tattoo 24

Bad Bunny tattoo 23

Bad Bunny tattoo 25

Bad Bunny tattoo 27

Bad Bunny tattoo 26

Bad Bunny tattoo 28

Bad Bunny tattoo 29

Bad Bunny tattoo 31

Bad Bunny tattoo 30

Bad Bunny tattoo 32

Bad Bunny tattoo 33

Bad Bunny tattoo 34

Bad Bunny tattoo 35

Bad Bunny tattoo 36

Bad Bunny tattoo 37

Bad Bunny tattoo 38

Bad Bunny tattoo 39

Bad Bunny tattoo 40

Bad Bunny tattoo 41

Bad Bunny tattoo 42

Bad Bunny tattoo 43

Bad Bunny tattoo 44

Bad Bunny tattoo 45

Bad Bunny tattoo 46

Bad Bunny tattoo 47

Bad Bunny tattoo 48

Bad Bunny tattoo 49

Bad Bunny tattoo 50

Bad Bunny tattoo 51

Bad Bunny tattoo 52

Bad Bunny tattoo 53

Bad Bunny tattoo 54

Bad Bunny tattoo 55

Bad Bunny tattoo 56

Bad Bunny tattoo 57

Bad Bunny tattoo 58

Bad Bunny tattoo 59

Bad Bunny tattoo 60

Bad Bunny tattoo 61

Bad Bunny tattoo 62

Bad Bunny tattoo 63

Bad Bunny tattoo 64

Bad Bunny tattoo 65

Bad Bunny tattoo 66

Bad Bunny tattoo 67

Bad Bunny tattoo 68

Bad Bunny tattoo 69

Bad Bunny tattoo 70

Bad Bunny tattoo 71

Bad Bunny tattoo 72

Bad Bunny tattoo 73

Bad Bunny tattoo 74

Bad Bunny tattoo 76

Bad Bunny tattoo 75

Bad Bunny tattoo 77

Bad Bunny tattoo 78

Bad Bunny tattoo 79

Bad Bunny tattoo 80

Bad Bunny tattoo 81

Bad Bunny tattoo 82

Bad Bunny tattoo 83

Bad Bunny tattoo 84

Bad Bunny tattoo 85


That’s all for today, folks! Make sure to skin through the rest of the articles on our website if you found this issue on Bad Bunny tattoos extremely useful.

Moreover, before making your final decision, make sure the artwork you decide to side with makes you feel confident and allows you to keep the love you have for Bad Bunny’s music alive!

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