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64 Timeless Clock and Rose Tattoo Ideas To Try Out Today!

The older we get, the more we appreciate the nature of tattoos. Even though they were frowned upon and underappreciated back when it was first discovered, it became a beautiful way for people to express themselves as time went on. People often think that it’s just a modification without any backstory whatsoever, but they often fail to think past the visuals of it.

Tattoos enable us to have something that we’re short of in this world: Freedom. Unlike most of the scenarios, we get to make our own renditions of an artwork when we get ourselves tattooed.

We get to introduce various portions of ourselves to the world, starting from our emotions to our memories. Some could be for looking back to an unforgettable accomplishment, while the rest could be for paying tribute to loved ones.

The best part of tattoos, however, is the fact that they don’t come with a list of requirements. It’s for anyone and everyone. There are no restrictions to getting them, either. You can get them done on any part of your body. The painful procedure of getting a tattoo, which is probably one of the notable drawbacks, gets canceled out due to the sentimental value behind it.

Some contain a deeper meaning, but a lot of them contain the most contemporary visual aesthetics. The Clock and Rose Tattoo, however, carries both traits mentioned in the previous statement.

Clock Tattoos

A clock tattoo in general carries a deep meaning. It is usually used to express the importance of time and death. A clock tattoo is also for encouraging people to live their lives to the fullest. Specific clock tattoos may also be drawn to pay tribute to deceased loved ones.

Rose Tattoos

Rose tattoos have been a fan favorite since its invention. Most people are often mesmerized at their consistency and their beauty. It’s like a breath of fresh air in the tattoo industry, usually expressed with a series of colors. It also has the ability to blend in with any kind of design and is a great tattoo option for those that are getting a tattoo for the first time.

The colorway for a rose tattoo is probably the most crucial part of the tattoo, as each color usually carries a different meaning.

The original color is always in demand, and truth be told, we’re all for it. It symbolizes love and romance, which is wonderful and extremely positive.

Furthermore, if the rose is yellow, it symbolizes joy and happiness. People often use yellow tattoos to highlight their joyous side to other people.

Moreover, a pink rose symbolizes gratitude and positivity.

On the other hand, a white rose symbolizes purity and innocence. Finally, even though a black rose tattoo seems elegant and sophisticated, it symbolizes grief and death.

What is The Meaning Behind Clock and Rose Tattoos?

A clock tattoo with a rose is mainly crafted onto the body to express the love one has for their significant other. The rose is represented as a symbol of love. It is paired up with a clock to express a phrase similar to “Always and Forever”.

 64 Amazing Clock and Rose Tattoo Designs For 2024

They say that the sky’s the limit, and similarly, there is no limit to how clock tattoos can be drawn and what they can be paired up with. With each day comes a new variation of clock tattoos. Here are 12 different variations of the clock and rose tattoo that you should definitely check out today!

Clock and Rose Tattoo on Forearm

Getting your forearm tattooed is a very brave move. The forearm is perhaps the most visible place of one’s body. It is also one of the more delicate parts in the tattoo world. Getting a tattoo in that area will allow you to remind yourself why you got the tattoo in the first place, which will perhaps help you with remaining focused and being consistent at something specific that you want to achieve.

If you get a clock and rose tattoo, perhaps it will enable you to miss the person more and really allow you to appreciate the vulnerable side that you have. Showing emotions and expressing are not signs of weakness. It’s a very positive habit that everyone should be encouraged to do.

To sum it all up, if you’re getting it done to show the appreciation you have for someone, add some colors to really show the love and increase the physical appeal of it. Improvise and have fun when designing it. Take multiple photos for reference so that it’s easier for you to bring your vision to life.

Dove Clock and Rose Tattoo

A clock and rose tattoo with a dove is no different than a traditional rose tattoo. In the tattoo industry, doves symbolize love and affection, and similar to a rose tattoo, a dove is rather elegant when it’s painted on the body. This tattoo would be suitable to get on the forearm, thigh, or any other body part to look visually attractive. This can also be represented through a sleeve tattoo. Doing so will also allow you to add every little detail to the clock and rose.

Heart Clock and Rose Tattoo

A heart is usually inked on one’s skin as a symbol of love. Pairing it up with a clock and rose tattoo might symbolize love that is endless, or something along the same lines. This is a beautiful way of showing how grateful you are for someone’s existence. People can also add a specific time to look back to for a more heartfelt appearance. Although it can be inked anywhere, perhaps a more visible body part would allow you to embrace it and the rest of the world to see it better.

Skull Clock Tattoo with Roses

Some may question the physical appearance of it, but this tattoo has a deeper meaning. This is for the ones that have lost a loved one, and the ones who don’t know how to express themselves regarding the loss. A skull might represent the person that has passed away, while the clock might represent the exact time and date of their passing. The roses usually represent love and gratitude towards the person.

If you’re still wondering where you should get this artwork tattooed on, we’d recommend you to use one of your sleeves. We believe that it will show the utmost appreciation and admiration towards the deceased and will allow the artist to create it perfectly. It will also allow you to add more to the tattoo due to the amount of space that is usually available on each sleeve.

Compass Clock and Rose Tattoo

A compass clock usually adds a lot to a clock and rose tattoo. A compass is used to represent growth and guidance, and is an excellent choice for those that appreciate wisdom and are into philosophy. It shows that, no matter what you do in life, you’ll always learn something out of every outcome.

Moreover, perhaps a compass clock and rose tattoo can permanently be a part of your body if you believe in the power of love and understand the value of time. Indeed, it is believed that life becomes more worthy when you appreciate those that play a crucial part in your life and when you realize how short life truly is.

You may get it done on your forearm or your chest, and can even get it on your thigh if you want the tattoo to be large in size.

The Classic Rose and Clock Tattoo

A traditional clock and rose tattoo is a wonderful way for a person to express their feelings for their favorite people. It shows that no matter what, through thick and thin, they will always be around and forever cherish the memories that have been created.

Moreover, this is probably the best looking tattoo on the list. It looks simple, yet meaningful. The color of the rose can be dark red and the clock can be golden brown. The subtlety of the design really brings out the best version of the colors.

For a smaller tattoo, you may get it on your bicep or your forearm. Installing the design on your bicep might be ideal if you’re a private person and would like to keep the memories to yourself. However, if you want to let people in and allow them to really understand your journey, you should get it tattooed on a larger place where it’d fit perfectly and look immensely presentable, like one of your sleeves.

Money Rose and Clock Tattoo

A money rose and clock tattoo seems rather simple and one dimensional, but in reality, it can be used to convey multiple messages.

A money rose tattoo may be ideal for you if you appreciate the simpler things in life: love, passion, and money. It can be used to express how money indeed plays a pivotal factor when being happy in life, and how life is even more worthy of living when intimacy is paired up with money.

Also, it can be used to express how either love or money brings actual happiness to people in life, not both at the same time. It really depends on the perspective of the individual.

All in all, this tattoo might be really helpful if you really want to express your perspective on life. The tattoo will also spark up some memorable conversations, as the visuals of it will actually make other people wonder whether their perspective is any different from the client, creating a debate as a result.

Clock and Rose Tattoo on Thigh

A clock and rose tattoo can effortlessly be presented on the thigh. The body part itself is enormous enough for an extremely detailed tattoo and strong enough to cope with the pain of the process.

For example, if you remember going on long walks with the person whom you’re paying homage to, getting a clock and rose tattoo on your thigh will make the tattoo more meaningful. You can also add one of their favorite quotes to it to enhance the genuineness behind it.

A clock and rose tattoo might also help you with having vivid flashbacks of multiple memories, which will definitely have a positive effect on your mental health if the loved one you’re honoring has passed away.

Clock and Rose Tattoo with a Butterfly

A butterfly tattoo symbolizes feelings of hope and faith, and collaborating it with a clock and rose tattoo might give the artwork an even more wholesome meaning. It might perfectly bring the phrase “there is nothing more constant in life than change” to life.

A clock and rose tattoo with the addition of a butterfly might help encourage those that feel as if their lives are all over the place. It might help them realize that everything happens for a reason and things will change for the better in due time, which will definitely have a positive effect mentally.

On the other hand, a clock and rose tattoo can be teamed up with a butterfly tattoo for a loved one. It will beautifully help with expressing how much you adore them and would like to grow with them as a couple, which will definitely increase the respect and admiration for both parties involved.

Clock and Rose Tattoo on the Chest

Getting a chest tattoo is very attention grabbing, which will be great if you’re looking to be more sociable. In a way, you’ll be wearing your heart on your chest, which will allow people to appreciate your transparency and enable you to accept yourself for who you are.

Moreover, to blend a clock and rose tattoo with your emotions and give it their own identity, getting the artwork inked on your chest will definitely be the best option. You can add any and every minor detail without having to worry about space. Remember to do your pushups if you want the tattoo to look just as visually appealing as the reason behind it. Even though getting it done might be time consuming and unpleasant, the result will be worth every second of it.

Clock and Rose Sleeve Tattoo

Perhaps another area that enables you to be more creative with your artwork, getting a clock and rose tattoo on your sleeve is certainly an idea we’d like to recommend. It will not only look fascinating, but will also give you a huge backstory that you can share with other people. When creating the groundwork, make sure to sit with a tattooist or an artist, so that the creation of the design matches your mental description. Add some unique colors to give it a modern touch.

After the whole process is finished, make the most of the tattoo. Welcome it to the world with open arms. Show it off, and work on a compelling story for it!

Eye Clock and Rose Tattoo

Eyes bring life to tattoos. They either represent one’s religious beliefs or express that there is someone who is always watching over you and providing you with the guidance and protection that you require in this life. The rose might add to the love that is put in when the guidance is provided, and the clock can be used in various ways, but is usually related to life and death.

This rendition can be implemented on any part of the body. If you want the tattoo to receive some recognition, you can choose to get it on your arms, legs, and neck, even. However, if you want to keep it to yourself and aren’t really keen on disclosing it to everyone, get it on areas that are usually covered, for instance, the chest and the back.


Tattoos only look easy on the eye, but the whole process of getting one done is excruciatingly time consuming and requires a lot of effort. To make things easier, we have answered some questions regarding clock and rose tattoos that are often asked about below.

How long does it take to get a clock and rose tattoo?

The amount of time depends on the body part that is used for the tattoo. A small clock and rose tattoo might take a shorter amount of time if the layout of the design is rather simple. A larger tattoo, however, can take about 2-3 sessions of 10 hours to finish, especially if minor details are added to the tattoo.

Why are clock and rose tattoos so popular?

The answer to this question is the meaning behind a clock and rose tattoo. They usually symbolize love that is unconditional and timeless, and can be received for numerous occasions. People usually express the appreciation that they have for their loved ones through a clock and rose tattoo. The clock symbolizes the amount of time, while the rose represents adoration. People also use the clock and rose to give the world a preview of what they believe in and stand for.

What’s the meaning behind compass clock tattoos?

Even though clock tattoos are used to express the value of life and death, compass clock tattoos stand for hope, faith, and confidence. It is an excellent choice for those that are in need of guidance and need reassurance on how things always change for the better if you trust the process.

Final Verdict

We hope this article helps you with creating your own design and assists you with figuring out the best body part to use when getting a tattoo. Remember to provide the tattoo artist with a brief so that they can comply correctly and the best possible outcome is achieved for the tattoo.

Additionally, for more inspiration, you can give the articles on our website a read! They will definitely be of help if you’re open to adding more designs to your physique.

All in all, remember that your body is a temple, and that you’re the sole owner of it. If you want to incorporate permanently inked designs, make sure you’re content with them and they bring out the best version of yourself.

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