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84 Unquestionably Rhythmic Butterfly Hand Tattoos To Get This Year!

When all is said and done, a butterfly tattoo is without a doubt one of the best insects to incorporate into a tattoo. The distinct features in addition to the soft and presentable color palette it contains look marvelous when adapted into an artwork.

Over the past few decades, while butterfly tattoos have surely been a staple amongst the community and have been showcased in various ways, one variant in particular, commonly dubbed as the butterfly hand tattoo, was the frontrunner amongst them all.

While people often sided with this tattoo due to resonating with what it stood for, the option for placement also played a key role behind its never ending success.

Additionally, if you too are seeking a way to join the bandwagon, but are unsure of the visuals that you’d like your tattoo to have, you have come across the right article! This write-up is the ultimate guide to butterfly hand tattoos, which can be helpful to tattoo enthusiasts, but will save the lives of those that are planning to get their own version of the butterfly hand tattoo soon.

Butterfly Hand Tattoos and The Meaning They Symbolize

Butterfly hand tattoo 1

Just like the pleasant aesthetics of a butterfly, a butterfly hand tattoo tends to symbolize feelings of positivity. The primary objective of a butterfly hand tattoo could be to allow one to feel comfortable in their own skin while also acting as a symbol of peace and serenity.

A butterfly hand tattoo is also associated with femininity, which could explain why it is a fan favorite, especially amongst those seeking to embrace their feminine energy.

A butterfly hand tattoo is also a symbol for growth and freedom. Those that are experiencing change can always resort to getting a butterfly hand tattoo to rejuvenate their morales and if they require that one push to focus more on the positives than dwell about the negatives.

Taking into account its positive nature, a butterfly hand tattoo can also act as a sign of good luck. Those that are kick starting a new chapter in life can surely benefit from the positive and soothing energy a butterfly often carries.

Aesthetically Pleasing Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas For 2023

A butterfly hand tattoo isn’t just made for those that are rebellious or unafraid to incorporate the act of self-expression into their artwork, but can also be great for first timers, minimalists, and even for those that seek a tattoo option with commendable colors.

So, without further ado, here’s a list of our favorite butterfly hand tattoos that one can mimic to perfection with the assistance of tattoo artists!

Small Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Small butterfly hand tattoo

Taking into account the diversity of its symbolism, a butterfly can be incorporated in a tattoo as a small hand tattoo. The procedure is often painless as the creation of the symbol is made with a leniently shaped needle.

Despite being compact in size, a small butterfly tattoo can easily bring justice to the beauty of its symbolism. It can also be placed anywhere on the hand for remarkable visuals.

Additionally, while most small butterfly tattoos are obtained in the form of fine line tattoos that focus on bringing out every intricate detail, one may also exchange that option with a design that comprises vibrant colors using the shades of blue, red, and even pink on certain occasions.

Red Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Red butterfly hand tattoo

Although red is often seen as a symbol of love, it also works as a symbol of courage in certain scenarios, making it compatible with a tattoo of a butterfly.

In addition to carrying the same energy as a butterfly, any shade of red tends to look marvelous when placed on the hand. The final illustration looks sophisticated, nicely groomed, and perfectly pairs well with the dimensions of the hand.

Blue Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Blue butterfly hand tattoo

If you want your butterfly tattoo to provide you with serenity and peace during difficult moments or when you’re feeling overwhelmed, combine it with various shades of blue to have a high-spirited sketch with a heavy meaning.

A benefit of this option is that there is simply no limit to how many butterflies one can add. Since each artwork is often small in size, one can add a series of butterflies throughout the surface of the hand for favorable results.

Butterfly Stencil Hand Tattoo

Butterfly hand tattoo stencil

A stencil tattoo can also help people with obtaining an exuberant butterfly hand tattoo. Due to the basic procedure this option contains, a butterfly stencil tattoo can also relieve the sensitive nerves located on one’s hand.

Visually, a stencil butterfly doesn’t attain much. The shape is carved onto the skin using a thin needle, and the artwork is usually showcased with a faded effect. Borders are added around the figure to increase the saturation of the classic color of black and gray, which can fascinate those that are minimalists.

Butterfly Skull Hand Tattoo

Butterfly skull hand tattoo

The exoskeleton of a butterfly consists of three things; the head, the thorax, and the wings. This fact might come as a fascinating pointer if you’re learning more about anatomy, but can also work well if you’re seeking a butterfly tattoo with extraordinary visuals.

Just like the previous entry on this list, this butterfly hand tattoo, commonly dubbed as a butterfly skull tattoo, can be the perfect match for those that need the support of the spiritual meaning of butterflies, but aren’t too worried about what the symbol will look like.

The colorscheme of black and gray tends to stand out in this entry. Each frame tends to be bolder, and each shade is often dark and dull to make the artwork visible from afar.

Matching Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Butterfly hand tattoo matching

If you recently found your soulmate and want to celebrate that milestone through the means of a tattoo, matching butterfly tattoos are all you need.

Representing feelings of positivity, courage, and love, this variant will not just strengthen the bond that you share with your partner, but will also work as a blessing in disguise and a helping hand during rocky times.

Furthermore, when it comes to the artwork, this variant is unparalleled. In addition to the figure of a butterfly, a symbol of a heart is usually placed right underneath the insect to portray the feeling of love.

Purple Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Purple butterfly hand tattoo

The color purple is often associated with feelings of royalty, power, and ambition. It also brings to the table a calmer presence, which makes it the perfect match to the energy that butterflies often portray.

When achieved as a hand tattoo, the color of purple looks enticing yet soft, like the symbolism it carries. Each component of the butterfly looks equally stunning and highly detailed when positioned in the center of one’s hand.

Traditional Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Traditional butterfly hand tattoo

Since a butterfly can be incorporated into a hand tattoo through the implementation of various designs that are equally appealing, being in a state of confusion or feeling indecisive is normal. While taking your time will surely allow you to explore your creative thinking and come up with a remarkable design, you can also get access to a much easier and less time consuming scenario by settling for this variant, which consists of a traditional butterfly tattoo.

Usually drawn with bold lines with an addition of bright colors, this tattoo isn’t just a convenient design to settle for, but has everything that a good tattoo needs to have. The color palette might seem a bit too energetic at times, but we believe that it fits like a glove with the energy of a butterfly.

Spider Web Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Spider web butterfly hand tattoo

Being incarcerated is usually an unforgettable experience and can even leave multiple scars and
a heavy emotional baggage. While spider web tattoos are often associated with prison and incarceration, pairing it up with a butterfly tattoo can be suitable for those that have just been released in recent times.

On top of feeling free, the sketch of a spider web goes hand in hand with that of a butterfly. It can be placed right below the figure of the insect, or can even increase by double and be placed adjacent to each side of the butterfly if one’s primary aim is to get desirable results.

Butterfly Wing Hand Tattoo

Butterfly wings hand tattoo

Figuring yourself out and finding your purpose in life may be extremely difficult, but often result in various beneficial results. Even though celebrating it with loved ones is the go-to coping mechanism when being the recipient of good news, one can even keep things private and get a wing tattoo, preferably a butterfly wing tattoo.

Narrow in size, the butterfly wing tattoo is a must-have variant for those that believe in quantity over quality. It tends to look best when placed underneath each thumb in a parallel manner, but is also open to changes in placement.

Furthermore, unlike most entries on this list, the butterfly wing tattoo on hand is extremely flexible to changes in color, so don’t hesitate if you want to change the theme of the artwork completely.

Half Butterfly, Half Flower Hand Tattoo

Half butterfly half flower tattoo on hand

An option that caters to females, this half butterfly teamed up with the visuals of a flower also carries a meaning that is just as valuable.

More often than not, a half butterfly, half flower tattoo represents youth. However, it is also associated with calmness, peace, and serenity. Those that incorporate this variant tend to find comfort in the artwork involved in the groundwork. They believe that it consoles them, encourages them, and is a reliable source of reassurance when things go south.

Furthermore, a compelling feature of this tattoo is the design itself. When the natural beauty of a butterfly meets the striking aspects of a flower, it doesn’t come as a surprise when the final outcome comprises a drawing that looks soft, pleasant, and delicate.

Space-esque Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Space feelings butterfly hand tattoo

Being into astrophysics can also work wonders when getting a butterfly tattoo. Look at this option for example!

Containing the visuals of the various objects that make up the solar system, when combined with the artwork of a butterfly, the whole tattoo not only looks unparalleled in terms of appearance, but is also just as heavy in a metaphorical way.

Additionally, due to the multiple components this tattoo comprises, it would be ideal for one to clear up their schedule to give the artist as much time as possible. Doing so will bring in maximum results with zero to no room for a botched procedure.

Blessed Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Blessed butterfly hand tattoo

A powerful way to display a butterfly tattoo is to showcase it through the means of a one-word tattoo. Despite the entry having the word “blessed”, this trait is changeable. In fact, for attaining the best results, one should definitely pick a word which they resonate with.

For instance, if you want to reveal a portion of your personality to the spectators, you are more than welcome to do so. Let them know you’re loyal by incorporating the word or a synonym of it.

Moreover, for a deeper meaning, you can also introduce idioms in addition to your butterfly tattoo. Amongst the many idioms available, make sure to do yourself justice by cherry picking a variant that allows you to express yourself to the fullest.

On another note, since the design of this is enormous in contrast to most options, you can easily mimic the look entirely, or trim the size of each figure by a minimal amount to achieve an artwork that looks crystal clear.

Butterfly Outline Hand Tattoo

Butterfly outline hand tattoo

For a sophisticated option with multiple benefits, you might as well settle for a butterfly outline hand tattoo. Featuring just the outlines of the shape that a butterfly contains, the best part about this variant is the vintage feel it contains.

Furthermore, since the artwork contains tons of complex details, leaving it colorless would probably not just be ideal for a favorable outcome, but also bring to the table a painless procedure.

Additionally, this option is versatile. Loads of other tattoo designs of animals, insects, and even flowers can be paired with this tattoo without taking away the main tattoo’s spotlight.

3D Butterfly Hand Tattoo

3D butterfly hand tattoo

If you want your artwork to have a realistic feel, then you should definitely consider the attributes of this three dimensional hand tattoo.

In addition to realistic visuals, this variant also has a wonderful color scheme. The high-spirited energy of hot pink tends to fit in exceptionally with that of the monotonous neutral shade of jet black.

The bronze undertone also plays a crucial role behind the groundwork of this tattoo. It is the perfect match with the primary and secondary color scheme of black and pink, and also seals the three dimensional characteristic of this variant.

Semicolon Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Semicolon butterfly hand tattoo

Since a butterfly acts as a source of courage on most occasions, it often tends to help those battling mental health issues. It does so by providing the wearer with ample reassurance, unconditional support, and relentless strength during times of hardship.

The semicolon might seem rather out of place, but is the perfect design to incorporate into this tattoo. Basic in terms of appearance, a semicolon is used as a sidekick when battling mental illnesses and feelings of self-harm.

In addition to the symbolism of the two components, this tattoo is very flexible to change. One can showcase this tattoo with a separate graphic of a butterfly and a semicolon. However, fusing both designs together can also be a good way of displaying this hand tattoo.

More Butterfly Hand Tattoos That Will Drastically Change Your Appearance!

There is no doubt that the segment above contains a list of butterfly hand tattoos that have everything that a good tattoo should have. However, that is not all that one can recreate! In fact, here are some more staggering designs that one can incorporate into a butterfly hand tattoo!

Butterfly hand tattoo 2

Butterfly hand tattoo 3

Butterfly hand tattoo 5

Butterfly hand tattoo 4

Butterfly hand tattoo 6

Butterfly hand tattoo 7

Butterfly hand tattoo 8

Butterfly hand tattoo 10

Butterfly hand tattoo 9

Butterfly hand tattoo 11

Butterfly hand tattoo 12

Butterfly hand tattoo 13

Butterfly hand tattoo 14

Butterfly hand tattoo 15

Butterfly hand tattoo 16

Butterfly hand tattoo 17

Butterfly hand tattoo 18

Butterfly hand tattoo 19

Butterfly hand tattoo 20

Butterfly hand tattoo 22

Butterfly hand tattoo 21

Butterfly hand tattoo 24

Butterfly hand tattoo 23

Butterfly hand tattoo 25

Butterfly hand tattoo 27

Butterfly hand tattoo 26

Butterfly hand tattoo 28

Butterfly hand tattoo 29

Butterfly hand tattoo 30

Butterfly hand tattoo 31

Butterfly hand tattoo 33

Butterfly hand tattoo 32

Butterfly hand tattoo 34

Butterfly hand tattoo 35

Butterfly hand tattoo 36

Butterfly hand tattoo 37

Butterfly hand tattoo 38

Butterfly hand tattoo 39

Butterfly hand tattoo 40

Butterfly hand tattoo 41

Butterfly hand tattoo 43

Butterfly hand tattoo 42

Butterfly hand tattoo 44

Butterfly hand tattoo 46

Butterfly hand tattoo 45

Butterfly hand tattoo 47

Butterfly hand tattoo 49

Butterfly hand tattoo 48

Butterfly hand tattoo 50

Butterfly hand tattoo 51

Butterfly hand tattoo 52

Butterfly hand tattoo 53

Butterfly hand tattoo 54

Butterfly hand tattoo 55

Butterfly hand tattoo 57

Butterfly hand tattoo 56

Butterfly hand tattoo 58

Butterfly hand tattoo 59

Butterfly hand tattoo 60

Butterfly hand tattoo 61

Butterfly hand tattoo 62

Butterfly hand tattoo 63

Butterfly hand tattoo 65

Butterfly hand tattoo 64

Butterfly hand tattoo 66

Butterfly hand tattoo 67

Butterfly hand tattoo 68

Final Verdict

We hope you are relieved of all the queries you have regarding butterfly hand tattoos through the help of this article. While the placement option remains the same in all the entries involved, it’s the series of designs that one can introduce into the artwork that makes a butterfly hand tattoo so special.

Furthermore, if you’ve found inspiration in many of the variants placed in the two former segments, but can’t bring your imagination to life, seek assistance from your tattoo artist or a friend who can work wonders with a pencil.

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