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131 Unique Centipede Tattoos With Incredible Visuals

While they tend to feel weird on one’s skin and look somewhat intimidating in real life, the patterns as well as the physical characteristics of insects and other creatures  seem rather pleasant when displayed as tattoos. Over the years, the popularity for those particular tattoos have increased quite a bit. People believe that their distinct physical appearance makes them eligible to be pulled off as any kind of tattoo, from fine line to sleeve tattoos.

One variation in particular, known as the centipede tattoo, has been the frontrunner for quite some time now. In fact, to this day, the impact of it still manages to leave fans in awe. Apart from having freakishly noticeable antennas, another feature that makes centipedes stand out amongst the pool of options are the multiple pairs of legs they contain.

Furthermore, if you too are seeking a way to join the centipede fan club but are struggling to visualize the groundwork for your ideal tattoo, join us on this journey as we make an attempt to break down everything one needs to know before getting a centipede tattoo. In addition to revealing a series of designs, this article will also consist of what centipede tattoos tend to symbolize. We hope you enjoy the materials that will be covered in this write-up and stick around until the end.

The Various Meanings of Centipede Tattoos

Centipede Tattoo 1

Similar to the enormous amount of species that a centipede has, the meaning centipede tattoos convey are enormous and can also be open to interpretation. While most centipede tattoos represent feelings of power, many centipede tattoos are also used as a symbol of protection, spiritual growth, and in some cases, guidance.

In short, a centipede tattoo might suit you if you’re either seeking character development or dealing with hardship. The tattoo can also work wonders for self-discovery and be of immense assistance if you’re looking to achieve serenity.

Astonishing Centipede Tattoo Design That Will Make Your Day!

Now that you have a clearer grip of what centipede tattoos tend to convey, it’s time to take a look at all the designs you’ll be able to wear as a centipede tattoo. From tattoos that cater to minimalists to tattoos that will only freshen up the memories of anime fanatics, here are some of our favorite centipede tattoos that you should definitely take into consideration!

Japanese Centipede Tattoo

Japanese Centipede Tattoo

Mangas have been incorporating centipedes into their work ever since it came into existence. While the incorporation of a centipede is a very common find, the structure and the artwork it is presented with never fails to amaze critics as well as tattoo fanatics. The contrast of the colors stand out delicately, and the saturation of the graphic is often unparalleled.

Additionally, this tattoo can be placed everywhere as the size is adjustable. It can also be worn with and without the involvement of colors, which could be a bonus for minimalists that have a knack for art.

Traditional Centipede Tattoo

Traditional Centipede Tattoo

Playing it safe can be an understandable goal for some. To ensure that, we have introduced this entry, which involves nothing but a traditional design for the centipede tattoo. It looks rather animated compared to a few on this list, but is extremely vibrant compared to most.

The high-spirited color combination of this artwork can match the taste of those that prioritize the appearance of the tattoo as opposed to the symbolism. If the color scheme seems too neutral, one may also exchange it for a combination that offers more energy.

Tokyo Ghoul Centipede Tattoo

Centipede Tattoo Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is a Japanese horror manga which is based in a world where every human being has the ability to turn into a ghoul. On the show, the main character often uses his abilities to turn into a centipede, which could explain the popularity that this variant has.

In addition to the previous claim, the artwork involved in this option is clear, colorless, and gives off a vibe that plenty cannot provide. Although most install it on the forearm, one can even place it on the upper leg for a pain-free procedure.

Lil Peep Centipede Tattoo

Lil Peep Centipede Tattoo

Late Swedish-American rapper Lil Peep wasn’t just a household name for his music, but was also known for the peculiar tattoos he had all over his body. One tattoo in particular that involves an image of a centipede surely had the edge over the rest of the installations.

When asked in an interview, Lil Peep said how he mainly got this tattoo to battle against his fear for centipedes and get used to having them around at his house.

Human Centipede Tattoo

Human Centipede Tattoo

This variation isn’t renowned for the groundwork or the blueprint, but for what it pays homage to. In 2009, a Dutch film, titled “The Human Centipede” took the world by storm. Apart from the intense script it contained, the traumatic visuals really made the movie somewhat memorable.

The movie became so popular at one point that people started getting tattoos to keep the legacy of the unforgettable movie alive. The artwork matches the theme of the movie, and is also extremely flexible, so make sure to place it on a body part that caters to your preferences.

Kaneki Centipede Tattoo

Kaneki Centipede Tattoo

In the anime Tokyo Ghoul, Kaneki, the main protagonist, has the ability to transform into a centipede. Not only does the appearance of the ghoul look enticing on the show, but it also meets certain requirements that a good tattoo often contains.

When installing this centipede tattoo, make sure to choose an area that is wide and resilient. Doing so will make the artwork more pleasant to look at as well as make it easier for each segment to stand out without overlapping the features of one another.

Hello Kitty Centipede Tattoo

Hello Kitty Centipede Tattoo

Unlike most of the entries on this list, this variant of the centipede tattoo definitely has a milder impression as well as groundwork. A tattoo that mainly caters to enthusiasts of Hello Kitty, the soft aesthetics that this option contains is one of the many reasons why it could be suitable to install. One can either keep it plain and simple like the photo used for reference, or can also incorporate a range of vibrant colors to highlight the image of Hello Kitty. 

Centipede Arm Tattoo

Centipede Arm Tattoo

Due to the endless amount of legs that the average centipede contains, getting it on one’s arm might just be the ideal spot for placing a centipede tattoo. The legs as well as the antennas that a centipede has will definitely look great in the image and can even bring out even the most intricate portions that the figure contains when placed on the arm. Although the tattoo might take a couple of lengthy sessions to finish, the final results will definitely be delightful.

Centipede Face Tattoo

Centipede Face Tattoo

Even though the popularity of face tattoos is still relatively insignificant as opposed to the other entries on this list, the image of a centipede is surely eligible enough to look glamorous on one’s face. The facial features will not just look prominent, but also look more defined when paired up with a centipede tattoo. Additionally, the staggering appearance of the tattoo will also come in handy when making conversation.

Centipede Spine Tattoo

Centipede Spine Tattoo

If you want a centipede tattoo that will be relatively easier for the tattoo artist to install, get the artwork on your spine. The frame of a centipede matches the structure of the spine, which could be an advantage if you want the tattoo to look as realistic as possible. While the process of it might definitely involve loads of pain and might even take weeks to heal once the installation is done, getting a centipede tattoo on the spine will surely be an iconic move to make.

Centipede Hand Tattoo

Centipede Hand Tattoo

When placed on the hand, a centipede tattoo can be presented in a clearer manner. The appearance of it doesn’t seem too exaggerated nor too plain. Instead, the visuals are rather minimalistic with a touch of elegance.

When it comes to size, one can definitely improvise and either get a small sized figure or get a much larger one to make the artwork more apparent from afar.

Centipede Skull Tattoo

Centipede Skull Tattoo

If you want a design that will terrify you as well as anyone that will come across the tattoo, combine the figure of a centipede with a skull. Keep the image monochromatic so that each feature can stand out in its own way. Install it on a body part that is exposed so that you can boast about it on the regular. An ideal place for this tattoo is surely the forearm, which is resilient and spacious at the same time.

More Centipede Tattoos For Inspiration and Guidance

If you’re almost done with figuring out what you want your tattoo to look like, but aren’t quite there yet, here’s another list of centipede tattoos that might get the job done!

Centipede Tattoo 2

Centipede Tattoo 3

Centipede Tattoo 4

Centipede Tattoo 5

Centipede Tattoo 6

Centipede Tattoo 7

Centipede Tattoo 8

Centipede Tattoo 9

Centipede Tattoo 10

Centipede Tattoo 11

Centipede Tattoo 12

Centipede Tattoo 13

Centipede Tattoo 14

Centipede Tattoo 15

Centipede Tattoo 16

Centipede Tattoo 17

Centipede Tattoo 18

Centipede Tattoo 19

Centipede Tattoo 20

Centipede Tattoo 21

Centipede Tattoo 22

Centipede Tattoo 23

Centipede Tattoo 24

Centipede Tattoo 25

Centipede Tattoo 26

Centipede Tattoo 27

Centipede Tattoo 28

Centipede Tattoo 29

Centipede Tattoo 30

Centipede Tattoo 31

Centipede Tattoo 32

Centipede Tattoo 33

Centipede Tattoo 34

Centipede Tattoo 35

Centipede Tattoo 36

Centipede Tattoo 37

Centipede Tattoo 38

Centipede Tattoo 39

Centipede Tattoo 40

Centipede Tattoo 41

Centipede Tattoo 42

Centipede Tattoo 43

Centipede Tattoo 44

Centipede Tattoo 45

Centipede Tattoo 46

Centipede Tattoo 47

Centipede Tattoo 48

Centipede Tattoo 49

Centipede Tattoo 50

Centipede Tattoo 51

Centipede Tattoo 52

Centipede Tattoo 53

Centipede Tattoo 54

Centipede Tattoo 55

Centipede Tattoo 56

Centipede Tattoo 57

Centipede Tattoo 58

Centipede Tattoo 59

Centipede Tattoo 60

Centipede Tattoo 61

Centipede Tattoo 62

Centipede Tattoo 63

Centipede Tattoo 64

Centipede Tattoo 65

Centipede Tattoo 66

Centipede Tattoo 67

Centipede Tattoo 68

Centipede Tattoo 69

Centipede Tattoo 70

Centipede Tattoo 71

Centipede Tattoo 72

Centipede Tattoo 73

Centipede Tattoo 74

Centipede Tattoo 75

Centipede Tattoo 76

Centipede Tattoo 77

Centipede Tattoo 78

Centipede Tattoo 79

Centipede Tattoo 80

Centipede Tattoo 81

Centipede Tattoo 82

Centipede Tattoo 83

Centipede Tattoo 84

Centipede Tattoo 85

Centipede Tattoo 86

Centipede Tattoo 87

Centipede Tattoo 88

Centipede Tattoo 89

Centipede Tattoo 90

Centipede Tattoo 91

Centipede Tattoo 92

Centipede Tattoo 93

Centipede Tattoo 94

Centipede Tattoo 95

Centipede Tattoo 96

Centipede Tattoo 97

Centipede Tattoo 98

Centipede Tattoo 99

Centipede Tattoo 100

Centipede Tattoo 101

Centipede Tattoo 102

Centipede Tattoo 103

Centipede Tattoo 104

Centipede Tattoo 105

Centipede Tattoo 106

Centipede Tattoo 107

Centipede Tattoo 108

Centipede Tattoo 109

Centipede Tattoo 110

Centipede Tattoo 111

Centipede Tattoo 112

Centipede Tattoo 113

Centipede Tattoo 114

Centipede Tattoo 115

Centipede Tattoo 116

Centipede Tattoo 117

Final Thoughts

All in all, we hope the previous materials allow you to be more decisive about the visuals you’re seeking in your tattoo and find inspiration to finalize the decision. Keep in mind that delicate places such as the area above the knee and the neck are meant for subtle tattoos with very little detail. On the other hand, enormous tattoos should only be placed on spacious areas of the body, such as the chest, and the back.

Additionally, make sure to keep your schedule as leisurely as possible to ensure the best results. Have a chat with your tattoo artist about the design and the artwork to prevent unfortunate scenarios.

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