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122 Most Desired Above The Knee Tattoos To Look Into Today!

Getting a tattoo is perhaps one of the best forms of self-expression. A tattoo not only enables a person to enhance distinct portions of their physical appearance, but also allows them to feel more comfortable in their own skin.

While most tattoos cater to those that are more interested in exploring their rebellious habits, on the other end of the spectrum lies a series of tattoos that are as delicate as the skin itself. One of them is called above the knee tattoos, a design that is taking the town by storm.

Mainly expressed through the means of meaningful quotes and micro tattoos, our main agenda today will cover the basics as well as crucial features of above the knee tattoos. We will not only include a coverage of the symbolism of  above the knee tattoos, but also mention creative ways in which one can showcase and make the most of their own above the knee tattoo.

We will also include a list of designs that you may definitely look into if your next tattoo will be right above the knees. Till then, we hope you join in and stick around until the end!

A Brief History On Above The Knee Tattoos – What Does It Really Symbolize?

Although the process of getting these tattoos involves a lot of pain, the outcome not only allows the person to wear an incredibly attractive tattoo, but might also result in the betterment of their mental health.

A knee tattoo symbolizes growth, freedom, and healing. It is mainly achieved by those that are either seeking guidance, or have come out of a place of struggle. The size of most tattoos above the knee is no different than that of micro tattoos, which can be an excellent incentive for minimalists.

Furthermore, due to how sensitive the area is, most people tend to settle for tattoos without color to minimize the amount of pain involved.

Apart from the initial meaning that above the knee tattoos possess, some people resort to this design to express the love they have for either a significant other, or even themselves.

Trendy Above The Knee Tattoo Ideas To Enhance Your Appearance

Now that you have acquired an adequate amount of knowledge on what above the knee tattoos represent, it’s finally time to skim through the effortless designs!

Mentioned below are some of the trendiest and most creative above the knee tattoo ideas we have found on the web that you too should take a look at. From spiritual tattoos to tattoos of the revolutionary Star War franchise, here are some of our favorite above the knee tattoos that can surely change one’s outlook on life.

Above The Knee Script Tattoo

Above knee script tattoo

Letters look best when they’re placed above the knee. While random alphabets will make the design more prominent, picking a script that you relate to will not only make the appearance better, but also give it sentimental value.

Furthemore, when getting this tattoo, keep the font as compact as possible. Not only will the procedure be lenient, but the tattoo artist will also have an easier time when printing the script.


Butterfly above knee tattoo

A butterfly tattoo should be the way to go when placing tattoos above the knee. It is extremely pleasant to look at and symbolizes beauty in the rarest form. The tattoo itself will look amazing if it’s slightly larger than micro tattoos, but a motif tattoo will make the area as well as the wearer stand out amongst the crowd.

Above Knee Bologna Tattoo

Above knee bologna tattoo

Random tattoos also look very much in place when it is placed above the knee. The bologna tattoo doesn’t exactly symbolize anything other than the love one might have towards the taste of bologna. Such tattoos definitely won’t drastically amp up one’s life, but will definitely allow them to showcase how laid back they are about life.

Above Knee Tattoo Words

Above knee tattoo words

Ever wanted to get a tattoo of words that you resonate with but never knew where to place it? Worry no more!

While it does look absolutely dashing on the upper half of the human body, a quote tattoo looks elegant when placed above the knee. Each letter not only looks compact, but also looks louder than usual when placed above the knee.

Moreover, when picking a design for this tattoo, make sure to pick a quote that you can reveal certain aspects of your personality with. Add frames alongside each end to add to the aesthetic appeal.

Celtic Tattoo

Above knee celtic tattoo

A design that represents strength, celtic tattoos can be great for those that are coping with hardship and overcoming adversity. With the visuals it has, not only will the celtic tattoo be hard to not notice, but will also look great on an area as delicate as the kneecap.

Additionally, when creating this tattoo, introduce a vibrant color scheme to it. Not only will it look nicer, but the tattoo will also look lively as opposed to a celtic tattoo with a classic color scheme.

Spooky/Ghost Tattoo

Ghost above knee tattoo

If you’ve watched movies like Scream, you probably have seen this design before. While the visuals of this tattoo does garner most of the attention, another unsung trait of this variation is the versatility it contains. It looks clean when paired up with multiple micro tattoos as well as tattoos with dialogues.

Mandala Tattoo

Above knee mandala tattoo

A mandala tattoo has unique patterns that pair well with the area available right above the kneecap. It also symbolizes perfection, balance, and eternity, which blends in perfectly with the meaning of above the knee tattoos.

Moreover, for best results, you can print letters in between the frames of the pattern of a mandala tattoo, preferably of a person whose existence you cherish. Doing so will allow you to not only appreciate the appearance, but also the impact that the tattoo will have from then on.

Above The Knee Date Tattoo

Above knee date tattoo

Numerical values look presentable when they’re on body parts that are narrow, which could be one of the reasons why they fit like a glove with the area above the knee. Whether it’s a whopping 6 figure number or a low maintenance 2 figure number, a tattoo as sophisticated as a date tattoo will not only allow the wearer to boast about the artwork, but also bring to the table a lenient procedure.

Illuminati Tattoo

Eye of Providence above knee tattoo

Also known as the eye of providence, this design symbolizes divine providence i.e, the intervention of God. Apart from its catchy visuals, this tattoo can be excellent for those that are seeking to enhance their spirituality and increase their faith. While implementing the design in an area as sensitive as the knee will be challenging and difficult, the outcome will surely consist of an insightful tattoo with remarkable groundwork.

Fear God Tattoo

Above knee fear god tattoo

One of the many reasons why tattoos are beneficial is because of its ability to bring us close to our religious beliefs. This tattoo isn’t just desirable for the artwork, but for the purpose it serves. It exists to remind people to stay humble and grateful throughout the end of time, which can definitely help those seeking self improvement.

Traditional Tattoo

Above knee traditional tattoo

One of the more colorful entries on this list, a traditional tattoo above the knee can symbolize various things. It is for the creative minds, mainly since they can add designs of anything and everything as long as they are able to find the complete artwork relatable.

For best results, aim for a high-spirited artwork when coming up with the design. You may add multiple micro tattoos of patterns that are easy on the eyes, or take a more minimalistic approach by installing tattoos of quotes.

Star Wars Tattoo

Star wars above knee tattoo

Those that have watched Star Wars don’t really need an introduction about Darth Vader. However, for those wondering, Darth Vader is the antagonist of the renowned franchise Star Wars. When his evil demeanor isn’t testing the patience of spectators, his build and costume steals the show.

The jet black attire mixed with the Japanese Samurai shaped helmet is not only worthy of cosplaying, but also looks sublime when showcased as a tattoo. The dimensions it contains makes it more than appropriate to be a memorable above the knee tattoo.

When getting the tattoo, you can either get a design as similar as the image placed above, or can even add a lightsaber for making it more relatable and apparent.

Bee Tattoo

Above knee bee tattoo

Bee tattoos symbolize loyalty. Apart from their enticing meaning, they look very bubbly when placed above the knee. The color scheme of black and yellow really stands out but also carries a specific amount of fascination that very few designs can match.

Roman Numerals Tattoo

Roman numerals above knee tattoo

Roman numeral tattoos have always been great due to each letter’s uniqueness. When placed above the knee, they look extremely sophisticated and minimalistic. The shape of each digit also tends to stand out due to how narrow the area is.

Shark Tattoo

Shark above knee tattoo

A shark tattoo represents courage and strength. Those that are recovering from serious injuries can definitely look into this variation, as placing it above the knee will not only make the area more desirable, but can also motivate the wearer to work past the struggles and overcome adversity.


All in all, we hope this article not only allows you to come to a decision when picking the design, but also provides you with useful info on how you can achieve the best version of your desired above the knee tattoo. Remember to pick a design that isn’t just flashy, but also comes with a painless procedure. Sign up for multiple sessions if the pain seems unbearable. Also, make sure to take a companion with yourself for moral support!

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