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Tokyo Ghoul Tattoo: 74 Tattoo Concepts That You Shouldn’t Miss Out On!

If you’re into the genre of dark anime with enticing yet physically uncomfortable storylines, then you should definitely be wary of Tokyo Ghoul; a manga turned anime that hit the screens in mid-2014!

While Tokyo Ghoul definitely had a pre-existing following due to the 9 volumes it had within the manga series, it reached new milestones when the manga was transformed into an anime. Additionally, due to the brilliant visuals that were incorporated into the artwork of both the manga and anime by illustrator and writer, Sui Ishida, the show also had a brief stint in the world of tattoos, which only increased over time.

In this day and age, Tokyo Ghoul isn’t just recognized for the suspenseful plotlines that it used for its manga series and anime, but also glorified as Tokyo Ghoul tattoos due to all the illustrations that one can ink onto their skin without any hesitation. And if you’re intrigued about all the designs that the Tokyo Ghoul tattoo has come up with so far, be sure to stick around until the end to discover a new world!

Dominant Tokyo Ghoul Tattoo Ideas That Will Enlighten The Minds Of Otakus

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 1

While the symbolism of Tokyo Ghoul tattoos is as hollow as a drum, the reason behind its success in the world of tattoos lies within its remarkable visuals. Since it is a manga turned anime afterall, the sheer brilliance of Tokyo Ghoul tattoos have been showcased in various ways, using a variety of black and white tattoos as well as jarring colour tattoos.

Furthermore, despite being a fresh face in the world of art, Tokyo Ghoul tattoos will definitely remain the talk of the town for years to come for all the exceptional designs that the genre has curated so far. And if you’re eager to get a glimpse at all of them, remember to scroll onto the following list of entries!

Uta Tokyo Ghoul Tattoo

Uta tokyo ghoul tattoo

One of the most popular variants of Tokyo Ghoul tattoos is any artwork that is related to Uta, which can range from portrait tattoos to emblem tattoos. After the main characters Ken and Touka, Uta is hands down the most renowned character in the anime and manga series of Tokyo Ghoul. While his characteristics and laid back personality the schtick that adds to his appeal, Uta also comprises tons of body modification, an edgy haircut, and has goth-like characteristics that can perfectly be demonstrated using a tattoo!

Juuzou Tokyo Ghoul Tattoo

Juuzou Tokyo Ghoul tattoo

Another recurring character on Tokyo Ghoul who has quite the following in the world of tattoos is Juuzou. While his personality can’t be as fluidly presented through the help of a tattoo, the character of Juuzou has multiple mannerisms that can be found in those that refer to themselves as e-boys and e-girls. His signature baby pink shirt, cyan suspenders, and choppy emo-fringe may be easy to admire behind a screen, but can also be replicated onto a stencil and incorporated into a Tokyo Ghoul tattoo.

Tokyo Ghoul Flower Tattoo

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo flower

Since most tattoos related to Tokyo Ghoul already consist of unparalleled artistic visuals, you can either keep most designs as they are, or enhance the visuals by bringing neutral elements like floral patterns, also known as flower tattoos.

This Tokyo ghoul flower tattoo could take a while to mirror at any tattoo parlour, but can be a great look to try out if you’re seeking something that isn’t monotonous. While you can definitely replace the portrait tattoo with something that caters to your preferences, you can also change the flower tattoo you use if you’d like something that is more jarring. And if you’re open to taking suggestions, consider skimming through our article on December birth flower tattoos!

Spider Lily Tokyo Ghoul Tattoo

Spider Lily Tokyo Ghoul tattoo

If you’ve been following our website for quite some time now, you must be wary of the influence spider lily tattoos have over the culture of tattoos.

In short, a spider lily is known for symbolising death and reincarnation. Due to the powerful message it sends, a spider lily is extremely popular in Japanese folklore. The meaning of it was also displayed exceptionally in Tokyo Ghoul, which is when this spider lily Tokyo ghoul tattoo came into existence.

On top of having a bright colour palette, this Tokyo ghoul tattoo can be a great candidate to look into if you’re going through a transformation of your own, especially if the growth is more spiritual than physical.

Tokyo Ghoul Sleeve Tattoo

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo sleeve

Another variant that can settle wonderfully in the eyes of maximalists is this entry right here, which involves a Tokyo ghoul sleeve tattoo.

A sleeve tattoo has always been popular for the freedom it gives tattoo enthusiasts when expressing certain aspects about their emotions, memories, loved ones, and more. Additionally, since every character in Tokyo Ghoul carries tons of emotional baggage and mostly grows out of adversity, the energy of the anime matches the aura of sleeve tattoos rather remarkably. All you have to do is pick the right characters, colours, and clear up your schedule to deal with the time-consuming nature of sleeve tattoos with ease.

Tokyo Ghoul Hand Tattoo

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo hand

Since art is rooted in human experience, tons of memorable pieces might include years and years of painful feelings. Similarly, while the nerve endings on your hand might really sting if a needle is used on the surface of it for a certain amount of hours, you can definitely obtain one of the best tattoo variants of Tokyo Ghoul if you showcase it as a hand tattoo.

Placing a tattoo on the hand can be extremely helpful if you want a pattern that is full of colours, and contains an elaborated structure. While the upkeep will definitely be a tough aspect to cope with, a Tokyo ghoul hand tattoo will definitely age like wine in the long run.

Tokyo Ghoul Small Tattoo

Tokyo Ghoul small tattoo

Tokyo ghoul is definitely glorified for having some of the best elaborated illustrations in anime history, but you don’t always have to pay homage to it by mimicking pieces that are packed with action, and have a loud energy.

In fact, if you’re a minimalist who finds comfort in stress-free and painless tattooing procedures, you should definitely look into small tattoos that can be demonstrated using the script and characters of Tokyo ghoul. In most cases, you can also add a range of neutral small tattoos, mainly to amplify the layout of the main component.

More Tokyo Ghoul Tattoos To Look Into Before Finalising Your Pick!

If the above-mentioned entries did fascinate you enough to go forward with your decision of obtaining your own version of the Tokyo Ghoul tattoo, it seems as though we’ve done our job effectively. However, if you felt that the amount of options were moderately-low, don’t forget to stay tuned for this segment, as it contains yet another list of Tokyo Ghoul tattoos that you can mimic or take notes from before concluding the decision-making process!

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 2

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 3

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 4

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 5

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 6

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 8

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 7

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 10

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 9

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 11

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 12

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 13

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 14

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 15

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 16

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 17

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 18

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 20

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 19

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 21

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 22

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 23

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 25

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 24

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 27

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 26

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 28

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 29

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 31

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 30

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 33

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 32

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 35

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 34

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 37

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 36

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 39

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 38

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 40

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 41

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 43

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 42

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 44

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 45

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 46

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 47

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 49

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 48

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 51

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 50

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 52

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 53

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 54

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 55

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 57

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 56

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 58

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 59

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 60

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 61

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 63

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 62

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 64

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 65

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 66

Tokyo Ghoul tattoo 67

Can’t visualise what your Tokyo Ghoul tattoo will look like? Take help from the following clip to resolve that issue: 


Regardless of how old you become, taking a trip down memory lane should definitely be a mandatory activity to partake in, especially if remaining sound is a priority in your life. While you can easily reminisce about your past life with the help of your thoughts, another accessible way to always remind yourself of the good times can be achieved by obtaining a tattoo of your favourite anime. And if Tokyo Ghoul is what hovers your mind when thinking of the previous suggestion, don’t forget to skim through this write-up once again to be wary of all the sublime designs that have been created in the form of Tokyo Ghoul tattoos.

In addition to the high-spirited energy that each option carries, Tokyo Ghoul tattoos are glorified for their flexibility, as all the options can be placed on any body part as long as the dimensions are compromised. They are also known for being extremely compatible with the hues of other tattoos; but stand out the most when paired with other anime tattoos.

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