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255 Anime Tattoos Definitely Worth Boasting About In 2023

The world of anime is just as humongous as its fanbase. Every year, almost 2 million people join the anime community. Apart from having enticing plots and aesthetically pleasing characters, another thing that makes anime so sought after is its ability to bring back childhood memories. Each artwork, animation, and even plotlines reminds every fanatic of their adolescent years. It is indeed one of the best possible ways to release dopamine in today’s day and age.

One more trait that makes anime so special is the community it has. The fanbase is extremely cooperative and even vocal about their love for the genre. Enthusiasts typically invest in every merch possible of their favourite anime, but many take the love they have to another level by obtaining tattoos.

Similar to the nature of anime and their plots, anime tattoos tend to look extremely pleasant when placed anywhere. Whether a huge artwork is obtained on the back, or a fine line tattoo is placed near the wrist, an anime tattoo always brings back feelings of nostalgia with compelling visuals.

Moving on, if you’ve always been a part of the anime community, and are finally ready to get your first anime tattoo, you’ve stumbled upon just the right kind of article! On top of revealing all the placement options and the designs that an anime fan can obtain, we will reveal to you just how it all started and just why it’s so sought after to this day. Make sure to stay tuned until the end to have all your queries answered!

The Ever Growing Popularity Of Anime Tattoos

Anime tattoo 1

In terms of popularity, anime is without a doubt a frontrunner. Starting in the summer of 1945, anime always stood out because of how inspiring each plotline was. Every anime also had a bunch of different animations, characters, and visuals.

While the genre received loads of favourable reviews and garnered an admirable amount of viewers and followers from 1945 to 1969, the genre rose to prominence and became the It factor in 1970, shortly when it entered the United States of America.

As of 2023, it is said that around 100 million households watch anime on a regular basis. While Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and even FullMetal Alchemist often steal the show for spectators, other options like Demon Slayer, Tokyo Ghoul, and Attack On Titan also cater to the taste of those in the anime community.

Sentimental Anime Tattoos That Will Bring Back Repressed Memories

When push comes to shove, there are endless designs that one can pick from when they’re followers of anime. One can incorporate designs that are as minimalistic as icons into an artwork, or can even bring back memories from the vault through the means of an enormous tattoo.

Additionally, regardless of the artwork that is picked, any anime design is often full of colours, which is one of the many reasons why tattoo enthusiasts love the existence of this genre.

Furthermore, whether you already have an artwork in mind that you’d like to bring to life or are rather indecisive about the design you’d like to incorporate into your own anime tattoo, we believe that the list below, that consists of all our favourite anime tattoo variations, will surely be of help if skimmed through properly.

Anime Sleeve Tattoo

Anime sleeve tattoo

If the design you have in mind is relatively sizable, getting a sleeve tattoo will be a good way to go about it. Since the area generally consists of loads of space, you can always add colours as well as incorporate multiple elements into your artwork.

You can get a series of portrait tattoos, icon tattoos, and can even recreate a segment from your favourite anime as a sleeve tattoo.

Furthermore, since the forearm is known for being resilient, this option is also an extremely convenient way of obtaining a humongous tattoo, especially if you’re a novice.

Small Anime Tattoo

Small anime tattoo

If loud tattoos aren’t your thing and you’re also working around an incredibly packed schedule, resorting to a small tattoo will probably be your safest bet!

The best feature of this option is its versatility. There are loads of patterns that can be trimmed, cropped, and doubled down into compact designs and showcased as a small tattoo.

Additionally, since the design itself isn’t massive, for a more convenient tattooing session, you can even create a drawing that consists of a colourless theme.

Anime Eye Tattoo

Anime eye tattoo

The eyes of anime characters are as unique as the characters. Each pair is of a different shape, and also tends to contain peculiar colour schemes.

For instance, if you’re into Naruto, you can get one or even quite a few sharingan tattoos. Additionally, if you like Attack On Titan, you can obtain the crystal clear graphic that most characters on the show contain.

On the other hand, if you’re quite the minimalist, then this option will surely take a chunk off your plate. Many people that follow minimalism often find comfort in the visuals of plain, and colourless sketches of eye tattoos.

Cool Anime Tattoo

Cool anime tattoo

Anime tattoos are often prominent for boosting feelings of nostalgia and bringing back moments from the vault. However, people often disregard just how cool and unique each pattern is most of the time.

Truth be told, every single artwork that was created for any anime meets the visual requirements that a good tattoo needs to have. Anime tattoos have tons of colour, shapes, and the attention to detail that most types of tattoos often fail to contain.

Anime neck tattoo

Anime neck tattoo

For an option with a slightly lenient procedure and subtle artwork, a neck anime tattoo could be sufficient.

Typically involving a simple sketch, this option comprises a pattern that is compact as well as colourless more often than not. The icon, figure or motif is often showcased through the means of shading techniques to keep the final impression sophisticated and visually presentable.

Simple Anime Tattoo

Simple anime tattoo

Since anime is always action packed and high-spirited, keeping it light will not just decrease the intensity of those features, but can also make you stand out in a room full of people.

Often obtaining plain figures or images, a simple anime tattoo is a great option for those that aren’t really bothered about the visuals. The options are often close to endless, and are also extremely convenient to recreate, which could be a bonus for those that want to tattoo themselves.

Bleach Anime Tattoo

Bleach anime tattoo

Bleach is by far one of the most popular animes the world has to offer right now. However, it’s not just Ichigo Kurosai’s personality that carries the show, but the artwork as well.

The 15 seasons that the anime created before concluding the show weren’t just full of highs and lows, but also consisted of segments that had compelling artwork. The animations of the segment, while magnificent, can also be of great help if you create the visuals through the means of a tattoo.

Anime Panel Tattoo

Anime panel tattoo

As mentioned earlier, going forward with an anime tattoo is extremely easy when you take into account how versatile it is and the amount of amazing options one can wear, just like this one.

An anime panel involves a series of events on a manga page. Those that often resort to this option typically choose it for the sentimental value it contains, in addition to the wonderful visuals it has.

Additionally, the design this entry comprises is usually showcased with the colours black and white, which makes this variant very sophisticated as opposed to the rest of the available picks.

Anime Arm Tattoo

Anime arm tattoo

Considering the space it attains, an arm tattoo can also cater to the tastes of many before getting an anime tattoo. The area, on top of containing tons of width, is also very easy to draw on. Complex designs can be drawn without a worry, and can even be combined with an equally competitive colour palette.

For best results, one should either pick an image that is colour-oriented, or can even recreate the portrait of your favourite character amongst the anime world.

Anime Dragon Tattoo

Anime dragon tattoo

Since anime was invented in Japan, this entry, which involves the brilliant appearance of a dragon, deserves tons of credit, and loads of appreciation.

Dragon tattoos symbolise wisdom, fearlessness, and passion. The symbol not only goes well with those that are trying to grow as individuals, but can also be a good source of encouragement for those that are trying to make progress in life.

Another benefit of this tattoo lies behind its design. A dragon tattoo always looks extremely pleasant regardless of its size. Whether it’s showcased with a basic sketch or created with the green and yellow colour combination that Shenron has, a dragon tattoo will always benefit you as well as surprise those around you.

Cute Anime Tattoo

Cute anime tattoo

If you’re looking for an option that is small, silly, and contains positive energy, this entry will fit like a glove.

The size of this tattoo is best displayed when small. The artwork often contains soft pastel colours around and on every part, which can be great for you if you have a knack for designs with brightness.

Nana Anime Tattoo

Nana anime tattoo

For those unaware, Nana is a manga about a rock band named The Black Stones. The two main protagonists are Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu, two women in their 20s that are trying to figure out the meaning of life.

In addition to the refreshing plot this anime has, Nana Osaki’s aesthetics as well as her lotus tattoo also steals the show most of the time, and will definitely look even better as a tattoo.

Anime leg sleeve tattoo

Anime leg sleeve tattoo

Since anime tattoos are almost always full of multicolor patterns, you can also benefit from a leg tattoo. Spacious and lengthy by nature, placing a tattoo on the leg will really help you break free from your creator’s block and come up with a design that isn’t just meaningful, but also extremely vibrant.

Additionally, since legs have an exceptional amount of width, make sure to do a crossover of your favourite anime characters to obtain desirable results.

Anime Back Tattoo

Anime back tattoo

If obtaining a monumental tattoo is your priority, then do make sure to take this option into consideration. A back tattoo, while not always visible, caters to those that want to make the most of the love they have for anime.

Furthermore, since the back itself is made up of multiple layers, it could also be ideal for you if you’re sensitive to pain. Due to the firm shape that it comprises, drawing on the back will also be extremely easy for the tattoo artist.

Anime Shoulder Tattoo

Anime shoulder tattoo

Delicate areas can also be used to highlight anime tattoos in a pleasant way. While areas like the neck, and the area behind the ear can bring to the table favourable impressions, the placement option with the most approving reviews is the shoulder.

Since it’s rather narrow and tightly packed in terms of appearance, a tattoo when placed on the shoulder lacks size. However, any figure or pattern can look exceptionally at home, and even carry a pleasant aura when obtained on the shoulder, especially on the upper back.

Anime Forearm Tattoo

Anime forearm tattoo

The circumference of the forearm can also be used to pull off an anime tattoo with great results. It can be used to create colour tattoos, fine line tattoos, and can even be utilised to install an image that carries the same energy as Japanese artwork.

When it comes to appearance, the design typically looks in place. However, to avoid the chances of having a botched procedure, choosing to recreate a pattern that isn’t too enormous in terms of width will surely come in handy.

Japanese Anime Tattoo

Japanese anime tattoo

Out of all the entries amongst this list, this option, which involves the incorporation of Japanese artwork, is perhaps the best tattoo design available.

Firstly, regardless of how big or small the graphic may be, the illustration always attains a neat pattern with solid colours. Vibrant colours like red often take the spotlight, but neutral colours like black typically look just as captivating.

Another advantage of this option is the varieties of designs it offers. From landscape tattoos, to kawaii style tattoos, any design can be incorporated into this tattoo for achieving maximum benefits.

Anime Girl Tattoo

Anime girl tattoo

Since the world of anime has a series of female protagonists, getting an anime girl tattoo could cater to the preferences of many. The tattoo can either be a sketch of their favourite character or a portrait tattoo with complex tones and multi dimensional details.

Furthermore, you can even install a monochromatic tone to the image for a more sophisticated outcome with sharper definition. To amp up the visuals by a tad bit, you may also add a series of relatable tattoos around the anime girl tattoo.

Fairy tail Anime Tattoo

Fairy tail anime tattoo

Fairy tail is an anime about a group of wizards. It is about Lucy, who is set to become a wizard through the help of Fairy Tail, an association that specialises in grooming and preparing wizards.

The plot of the anime contains the perfect amount of humour and drama, but the highlight of the show is the amount of characters with aesthetically pleasing builds. The aesthetics of the characters look great behind a screen, but can also look marvellous if incorporated into a tattoo.

Apart from having a unique frame and physical appearance, each character also has vibrant colored hair, which is the feature that stands out more often than not when installed as a tattoo.

Anime Knife Tattoo

Anime knife tattoo

For obtaining a tattoo with an extraordinary layout, you can even look into the visuals of an anime knife tattoo. While the borders are shaped just like the weapon itself and doesn’t have any room for adjustment, what goes inside the knife in the image is completely up to your preferences.

For instance, you can incorporate abstract art into the knife tattoo if you want the overall artwork to be open to interpretation, but can even add a portrait tattoo of iconic anime characters to give it a more unique feel.

Anime Hand Tattoo

Anime hand tattoo

The dimensions of the hand can also be utilised to place a presentable and positively impactful anime tattoo. All one needs to do is pick a variant that contains a soft colour palette, sharp edges, and neat borders to get access to desirable results.

Furthermore, a hand tattoo can also be of neutral colours if one is seeking dull tones with precise components. While the go to options are usually sketches of characters, one can even install script tattoos to unlock a whole new world.

On another note, due to the various veins that the hand contains, using a needle onto the hand can be brutal. Therefore, make sure to prepare yourself beforehand before your tattooing session, especially if you don’t have a plan B.

Anime Outline Tattoo

Anime outline tattoo

A colourless piece of art can go a long way when obtained as an anime tattoo. Those resorting to this option can pick from a variety of illustrations. While many side with figure tattoos of certain characters, many can even settle for a portrait tattoo for giving their design the intricate details it needs to stand out.

Watercolor Anime Tattoo

Watercolor anime tattoo

A watercolour tattoo can also be a great way to highlight and showcase bright colour schemes from anime. The fade-out effect it has can also give each tattoo visuals that could be relatively more monotone and sharp.

Additionally, this variant also ages wonderfully. After completion, it tends to stay consistent in terms of appearance for a relatively lengthy period of time. All one has to do is apply sunscreen and moisturiser to the area every now and then to keep the appearance as healthy as possible.

Anime Wrist Tattoo

Anime wrist tattoo

A narrow design of an anime character can also be placed around the wrist for an effective outcome. The tattoo itself can also be of a logo, especially if you’re looking for something with a simple procedure.

Additionally, a wrist tattoo often ages rather admirably. Since the area is often covered with fabric, a colored tattoo on the wrist is less likely to decline in terms of appearance over time.

Anime Thigh Tattoo

Anime thigh tattoo

Those that resonate with the nature of sleeve tattoos can also look into this option that consists of an anime tattoo on the thigh. Similar to sleeve tattoos, this option also comprises plenty of space, which means that it’s got loads of room for creativity.

On top of being spacious, the thigh is made of tons of fat layers, which can work wonders against the tattoo machine when creating an illustration. The thick layer is often extremely resilient, which can be a great selling point for those seeking painless procedures.

Geometric Anime Tattoo

Geometric anime tattoo

Considering the overall aesthetics that anime has, collaborating a sketch with neat lines around, across, and on each side of the design can typically be a safe and easy way to showcase an anime tattoo.

The lines can be chunky for highlighting each aspect of the artwork, however, it can also be drawn in a thin manner to increase the subtlety of the tattoo. Doing the latter will also give you an image with a soft impression.

Anime Foot Tattoo

Anime foot tattoo

If your main aim is to get an ink with delicacy, getting a foot tattoo won’t be as bad as it seems. Sure, it will be painful at first and until the artwork is finished, but any illustration, as long as it’s small and has neat borders, will look exceptional when placed on the foot.

Additionally, if the aftermath is quite unpleasant and your foot seems sore, make sure to apply a cold compress to the area of the tattoo until the pain subsides.

More Anime Tattoo Designs That Have Dominant Outlines!

Since using one list of options will only make us feel inefficient, here’s another series of anime tattoo variations that you should definitely skim through before finalising your existing blueprint!

Anime tattoo 2

Anime tattoo 4

Anime tattoo 3

Anime tattoo 5

Anime tattoo 6

Anime tattoo 7

Anime tattoo 8

Anime tattoo 9

Anime tattoo 10

Anime tattoo 12

Anime tattoo 11

Anime tattoo 13

Anime tattoo 14

Anime tattoo 15

Anime tattoo 16

Anime tattoo 17

Anime tattoo 18

Anime tattoo 19

Anime tattoo 20

Anime tattoo 21

Anime tattoo 22

Anime tattoo 23

Anime tattoo 24

Anime tattoo 25

Anime tattoo 26

Anime tattoo 27

Anime tattoo 28

Anime tattoo 29

Anime tattoo 30

Anime tattoo 31

Anime tattoo 32

Anime tattoo 33

Anime tattoo 34

Anime tattoo 35

Anime tattoo 36

Anime tattoo 37

Anime tattoo 38

Anime tattoo 39

Anime tattoo 40

Anime tattoo 41

Anime tattoo 42

Anime tattoo 43

Anime tattoo 44

Anime tattoo 45

Anime tattoo 46

Anime tattoo 47

Anime tattoo 48

Anime tattoo 49

Anime tattoo 50

Anime tattoo 51

Anime tattoo 52

Anime tattoo 53

Anime tattoo 54

Anime tattoo 55

Anime tattoo 56

Anime tattoo 57

Anime tattoo 58

Anime tattoo 59

Anime tattoo 60

Anime tattoo 61

Anime tattoo 62

Anime tattoo 63

Anime tattoo 64

Anime tattoo 65

Anime tattoo 66

Anime tattoo 67

Anime tattoo 68

Anime tattoo 69

Anime tattoo 70

Anime tattoo 71

Anime tattoo 72

Anime tattoo 73

Anime tattoo 74

Anime tattoo 75

Anime tattoo 76

Anime tattoo 77

Anime tattoo 78

Anime tattoo 79

Anime tattoo 80

Anime tattoo 81

Anime tattoo 82

Anime tattoo 83

Anime tattoo 84

Anime tattoo 85

Anime tattoo 86

Anime tattoo 87

Anime tattoo 88

Anime tattoo 89

Anime tattoo 90

Anime tattoo 91

Anime tattoo 92

Anime tattoo 93

Anime tattoo 94

Anime tattoo 95

Anime tattoo 96

Anime tattoo 97

Anime tattoo 98

Anime tattoo 99

Anime tattoo 100

Anime tattoo 101

Anime tattoo 102

Anime tattoo 103

Anime tattoo 104

Anime tattoo 105

Anime tattoo 106

Anime tattoo 107

Anime tattoo 108

Anime tattoo 109

Anime tattoo 111

Anime tattoo 110

Anime tattoo 112

Anime tattoo 113

Anime tattoo 114

Anime tattoo 115

Anime tattoo 116

Anime tattoo 117

Anime tattoo 118

Anime tattoo 119

Anime tattoo 120

Anime tattoo 121

Anime tattoo 122

Anime tattoo 123

Anime tattoo 124

Anime tattoo 125

Anime tattoo 126

Anime tattoo 127

Anime tattoo 128

Anime tattoo 129

Anime tattoo 130

Anime tattoo 131

Anime tattoo 132

Anime tattoo 133

Anime tattoo 134

Anime tattoo 135

Anime tattoo 136

Anime tattoo 137

Anime tattoo 138

Anime tattoo 139

Anime tattoo 140

Anime tattoo 141

Anime tattoo 142

Anime tattoo 143

Anime tattoo 144

Anime tattoo 145

Anime tattoo 146

Anime tattoo 147

Anime tattoo 148

Anime tattoo 149

Anime tattoo 150

Anime tattoo 151

Anime tattoo 152

Anime tattoo 153

Anime tattoo 154

Anime tattoo 155

Anime tattoo 156

Anime tattoo 157

Anime tattoo 158

Anime tattoo 159

Anime tattoo 160

Anime tattoo 161

Anime tattoo 162

Anime tattoo 163

Anime tattoo 164

Anime tattoo 165

Anime tattoo 166

Anime tattoo 167

Anime tattoo 168

Anime tattoo 169

Anime tattoo 170

Anime tattoo 171

Anime tattoo 172

Anime tattoo 173

Anime tattoo 174

Anime tattoo 175

Anime tattoo 176

Anime tattoo 177

Anime tattoo 178

Anime tattoo 179

Anime tattoo 180

Anime tattoo 181

Anime tattoo 182

Anime tattoo 183

Anime tattoo 184

Anime tattoo 185

Anime tattoo 186

Anime tattoo 187

Anime tattoo 188

Anime tattoo 189

Anime tattoo 190

Anime tattoo 191

Anime tattoo 192

Anime tattoo 193

Anime tattoo 194

Anime tattoo 195

Anime tattoo 196

Anime tattoo 197

Anime tattoo 198

Anime tattoo 199

Anime tattoo 200

Anime tattoo 201

Anime tattoo 202

Anime tattoo 203

Anime tattoo 204

Anime tattoo 205

Anime tattoo 206

Anime tattoo 207

Anime tattoo 208

Anime tattoo 209

Anime tattoo 210

Anime tattoo 211

Anime tattoo 212

Anime tattoo 213

Anime tattoo 214

Anime tattoo 215

Anime tattoo 216

Anime tattoo 217

Anime tattoo 218

Anime tattoo 219

Anime tattoo 220

Anime tattoo 221

Anime tattoo 222

Anime tattoo 223

Anime tattoo 225

Anime tattoo 224

Anime tattoo 226

Anime tattoo 228

Anime tattoo 227

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions regarding anime tattoos that we have found on the web and successfully answered! Make sure to read through them to have a better understanding of anime tattoos.

Question: What style of tattoo is anime? 

Answer: Anime tattoos mostly consist of artwork that is based on Japanese illustrations. The best feature of these tattoos is surely how exaggerated each component is. From using vibrant colour schemes to having staggering visuals, anime tattoos never fail to make their mark on someone’s physique.

Question: What do anime tattoos mean?

Answer: Anime tattoos are often associated with feelings of nostalgia, but are also incorporated by Japanese people to rejuvenate the love they have for not just the genre, but for their nation as well.

Final Verdict

There are loads of anime tattoo designs available that involve exceptional designs and will surely allow you to take a trip down memory lane with a stretched out smile. All you have to do is pick an entry that either contains your favourite anime characters or your favourite anime moment.

Additionally, while an enormous tattoo will surely make you the centre of attention and sweep the spectators off their feet, we believe the best way to display an anime tattoo is by incorporating a design that contains intricate details but is also just as subtle. You can also go for a scenario that contains a series of small framed tattoos all over your body, especially if you’re seeking a way to amp up your appearance.

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