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101 Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas With Sublime Levels of Energy!

If you’re a fan of the superhit anime Attack on Titan, also known as AOT, then the idea of obtaining an AOT tattoo has definitely crossed your mind at least twice. However, if you always backed out of it because no one gave you a sign or provided you with words of encouragement, then take this article as the most relevant cue.

The dark fantasy anime isn’t just iconic for the script it has had throughout the show, but also because of its visuals; which could be incorporated into the heart of a tattoo in an excellent manner. Each segment comprises a jarring color scheme, and each character contains aesthetics that can be remarkably replicated and displayed as a tattoo.

Moving on, if you’re solely dismissing your need to obtain an Attack on Titan tattoo cause going forward with it will go against your principles, perhaps you should just skim through this article. However, if you’ve been sitting on this idea of yours because you were repeatedly lazy about coming up with a design, we’ve got you covered. Make sure to proceed to be provided with the amazing designs that you can incorporate into an Attack on Titan tattoo!

Attack on Titan Tattoo Designs For Every AOT Fanatic!

Attack on titan tattoo 1

Attack on Titan is prominent for their animation. Each artwork and illustration that has been created for the anime so far has been no short of compelling, and can even be introduced into the blueprint of a tattoo in an effortless way.

Obtaining a tattoo, unlike the plot of the show, should be easy due to the limitless amount of options available. Since the options are also malleable and cooperative to change, they can be placed on any part of one’s body.

Without further ado, if you haven’t come up with a design yet, here are all the options that will allow you to break free from the creator’s block you’re currently having to fathom!

Attack on Titan Sleeve Tattoo

Attack on titan sleeve tattoo

When obtaining an Attack on Titan tattoo, you should either go one of the two ways available. For instance, if you’re seeking a minimalistic option to meet your taste, you can obtain a design that contains a sketch. However, if you want an enormous artwork that will also give you the option to add to the blueprint whenever you want to, obtain a sleeve tattoo.

This option is meant for larger designs, which is great for those that are edgy. It also has plenty of room for modifications, which should definitely fascinate you if you’re hoping to make use of your creativity.

Additionally, the artwork often contains crystal clear visuals which can be enhanced with a range of high-spirited colors. It can also be the perfect option to take into consideration if you’re hoping to wear an image with rich neutral colors.

Attack on Titan Small Tattoo

Attack on titan small tattoo

You don’t always need an image that is as large as a titan to showcase the love you have for Attack on Titan to the world. In fact, sometimes, a small artwork that contains bits and pieces of the anime is very well sufficient.

When it comes to the design, the options are somewhat endless. You can obtain emblem tattoos, script tattoos, and even compact portrait tattoos if you want to incorporate an option with colors and details.

Furthermore, make sure to obtain the artwork of this tattoo on areas that are either lengthy and narrow, or relatively compact. While the image could be difficult to create in a compact area, once created, it will look better than most variants that this tattoo offers.

Wings of Freedom Attack On Titan Tattoo

Wings of freedom attack on titan tattoo

If you’ve heard the title before, perhaps you can move onto the next paragraph of this portion. If not, Wings of Freedom is a video game based on Attack on Titan that was released in 2016.

On top of having a suspenseful plot and ridiculously memorable gameplay, the game also comprises exceptional graphics, all of which can be showcased brilliantly in the image of a tattoo if required.

The most popular artwork of this game is the blue and white wing logo. It looks extremely neat, has a soft color palette that is surrounded with solid and straight borders around the primary logo of the wings.

Attack on Titan Eren Tattoo

Attack on titan Eren tattoo

A portrait tattoo, especially if it’s of Eren Yeger, should definitely be considered before creating an Attack on Titan tattoo. His remarkable physique, unique facial features, and iconic man bun wasn’t just created to be watched, but was also meant to be incorporated into the blueprint of a tattoo.

Although this variant could seem exciting to obtain in theory, it could be very difficult as well as time consuming to create and serve as a tattoo in real life due to how complex some components are. Therefore, make sure to clear up your schedule days before you choose to visit a tattoo artist to prevent unfortunate scenarios.

Attack on Titan Levi Tattoo

Attack on titan Levi tattoo

Another prominent character in the anime is Levi Ackerman. While he’s a heartthrob on the show, he’s also a popular figure amongst the tattoo world due to his distinct physical features. His slender build in addition to his iconic curtain hairstyle looks extremely appropriate for the character, and can definitely be the selling point of this tattoo.

On another note, when obtaining this tattoo, refrain from placing it in wider locations. Instead, place them in areas that are narrow and slender, just like the character himself. Doing so will bring to the table a design with an alluring color combination which will surely please the eyes of another.

Attack on Titan Back Tattoo

Attack on titan back tattoo

Creating your favorite scenario could be a great idea if you’re getting an Attack on Titan tattoo, but not many areas would be fit enough and wide enough to help you with obtaining that goal. However, the back isn’t one of them.

In addition to having plenty of space, one’s back is often resilient due to the amount of fat it comprises, offering a painless procedure to anyone and everyone. Additionally, if an enormous image is installed, the back will showcase it rather nicely, and the image will contain plenty of intricate details that probably won’t look as apparent on the surface of other areas.

Attack on Titan Mikasa Tattoo

Attack on titan Mikasa tattoo

If you’re trying to stand out with a portrait tattoo, but don’t want something that is a common find in the Attack on Titan community, stand out by getting a tattoo of Mikasa, one of the underrated characters in the anime.

Even though it caters to those that are looking to showcase certain aspects of their feminine energy, the option is suitable for anyone and everyone due to the remarkable groundwork it has. The tattoo is also extremely flexible, which means that it can be obtained as a chest tattoo, and match the energy of a shoulder tattoo as well.

Attack on Titan Butterfly Tattoo

Attack on titan butterfly tattoo

A butterfly tattoo could seem like a random entry on this list, but you shouldn’t fail to understand the metaphor since you’ve watched the show already. However, if you haven’t, make sure to keep reading.

A butterfly was never included in any episode throughout the anime. However, in the final season, the opening theme comprises a crushed butterfly in one of the segments. While it looks like another creature that was ruined in the midst of chaos, it is used as a metaphor for Eren’s friends that sacrificed their lives trying to stop the Colossal Titan.

The design features a sketch of a butterfly which is in collaboration with the Colossal Titan. Although it doesn’t look as enchanting as most variants, it is a great tattoo that definitely carries a heavy symbolism.

Attack on Titan Traditional Tattoo

Attack on titan traditional tattoo

To really unlock all the feelings of nostalgia, perhaps a traditional Attack on Titan tattoo would be necessary.

Since it contains dark borders and typically comprises a striking color scheme, it will most definitely satisfy you regardless of whether you’re a minimalist or into maximalism. The painting can be of a portrait, but can even consist of a large emblem that is frequently present in the anime.

This option, while having multiple design options, could not be the perfect match for most areas available for placement, as the blueprint is often relatively sizable. Therefore, make sure to place it on larger areas, especially if you want the image to look nicely put.

Attack on Titan Thigh Tattoo

Attack on titan thigh tattoo

Since Attack on Titan comprises characters as well as segments that are relatively detailed and massive in size, you can even create the image of your favorite character or replicate your favorite scene from the show as a thigh tattoo.

Since it contains plenty of room, the artwork will not just be able to adjust to the dimensions of the area, but also be created with neat components. Since it is also a resilient area and contains relatively insensitive nerve endings, obtaining an Attack on Titan thigh tattoo could be a great match for beginners seeking a painless procedure.

Attack on Titan Dagger Tattoo

Attack on titan dagger tattoo

Since it is an anime at the end of the day, certain tools like daggers could be a great equipment to take into account if you’re getting an AOT tattoo. The image can be of a dagger itself, but can also comprise an image within the dimensions of the weapon.

Additionally, if you go forward with the first option, you can mix it with bright colors for enhancing the final impression of the image. On the other hand, if you’d like to engrave another image into the dagger, consider introducing the hues and energy of a portrait tattoo.

Attack on Titan Forearm Tattoo

Attack on titan forearm tattoo

If the design you’d like to implement is relatively large, consider placing the sketch on the forearm if you’d like to pull it off in an easy and effective manner.

Since the forearm contains length, it can be a great spot for rocking portrait tattoos. Furthermore, since it’s exceptionally spacious and wide as well, you can even turn it into a chain tattoo and transform it into a sleeve tattoo in the long run.

More Attack On Titan Tattoos With Remarkable Illustrations

If you haven’t had enough, here are a couple more alluring Attack on Titan tattoos that you should definitely reward yourself with!

Attack on titan tattoo 2

Attack on titan tattoo 3

Attack on titan tattoo 4

Attack on titan tattoo 6

Attack on titan tattoo 5

Attack on titan tattoo 7

Attack on titan tattoo 8

Attack on titan tattoo 10

Attack on titan tattoo 11

Attack on titan tattoo 12

Attack on titan tattoo 13

Attack on titan tattoo 14

Attack on titan tattoo 16

Attack on titan tattoo 15

Attack on titan tattoo 17

Attack on titan tattoo 19

Attack on titan tattoo 18

Attack on titan tattoo 20

Attack on titan tattoo 21

Attack on titan tattoo 22

Attack on titan tattoo 23

Attack on titan tattoo 24

Attack on titan tattoo 25

Attack on titan tattoo 26

Attack on titan tattoo 27

Attack on titan tattoo 29

Attack on titan tattoo 28

Attack on titan tattoo 30

Attack on titan tattoo 31

Attack on titan tattoo 32

Attack on titan tattoo 33

Attack on titan tattoo 34

Attack on titan tattoo 35

Attack on titan tattoo 36

Attack on titan tattoo 37

Attack on titan tattoo 38

Attack on titan tattoo 39

Attack on titan tattoo 40

Attack on titan tattoo 41

Attack on titan tattoo 42

Attack on titan tattoo 43

Attack on titan tattoo 44

Attack on titan tattoo 45

Attack on titan tattoo 46

Attack on titan tattoo 47

Attack on titan tattoo 48

Attack on titan tattoo 49

Attack on titan tattoo 50

Attack on titan tattoo 51

Attack on titan tattoo 52

Attack on titan tattoo 53

Attack on titan tattoo 54

Attack on titan tattoo 56

Attack on titan tattoo 55

Attack on titan tattoo 57

Attack on titan tattoo 59

Attack on titan tattoo 58

Attack on titan tattoo 61

Attack on titan tattoo 60

Attack on titan tattoo 62

Attack on titan tattoo 63

Attack on titan tattoo 65

Attack on titan tattoo 64

Attack on titan tattoo 66

Attack on titan tattoo 68

Attack on titan tattoo 67

Attack on titan tattoo 69

Attack on titan tattoo 71

Attack on titan tattoo 70

Attack on titan tattoo 72

Attack on titan tattoo 74

Attack on titan tattoo 73

Attack on titan tattoo 76

Attack on titan tattoo 75

Attack on titan tattoo 77

Attack on titan tattoo 78

Attack on titan tattoo 79

Attack on titan tattoo 80

Attack on titan tattoo 81

Attack on titan tattoo 83

Attack on titan tattoo 82

Attack on titan tattoo 84

Attack on titan tattoo 85

Attack on titan tattoo 86

Attack on titan tattoo 87

Attack on titan tattoo 88

Attack on titan tattoo 89

Bottom Line

As stated earlier, there are loads of sections throughout Attack on Titan that can be replicated, mimicked, and successfully demonstrated as a tattoo. All you have to do is pick your favorite character, emblem, and engrave a design that unlocks the feelings of nostalgia that is often generated thanks to Attack on Titan.

Additionally, if the visuals of the artwork is something that concerns you, make sure to place your trust in the hands of an artist before you pay a visit to a tattoo artist. Doing so will prevent you from being the recipient of a botched design, and make you the wearer of a memorable tattoo!

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