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153 Insanely Cool Demon Slayer Tattoos to Check Out In 2024

Anime tattoos are one of the best tattoo trends to have ever existed. As a fan, it’s so satisfying to witness the trend catching on so fast. Demon Slayer or Kimetsu no Yaiba is the brainchild of Koyoharu Gotouge.

The manga was launched in 2016 and adapted for an anime television series in 2019. Since its inception, Demon Slayer characters have been iconized by manga fans all over the world.

And the tattoos inspired by these characters and their signature weapons and powers have been a central theme of anime tattoo designs.

Today, I bring to you a collection of fan art inspired Demon Slayer tattoos that will make you want to book an appointment with your tattoo artist right away, no kidding!

A Collection of 153 Ridiculously Awesome Demon Slayer Tattoos

Demon Slayer (‘Kimetsu no Yaiba) holds an irreplaceable place in my heart. It’s a part of my childhood memory, it reminds me of the simpler times.

Fans who wish to get a cool demon slayer tattoo either do it because of the unmistakable visual appeal or because they want to pay homage to a character they stan and connect to.

Let’s admit it, we all have thought of tattooing our favorite anime superhero, at some point. And if you think it’s finally time to make that lifelong dream come true, check out this curated list of 18 cool Demon Slayer tattoos for inspiration –

Tanjiro Tattoo

Tanjiro is the main protagonist of Demon Slayer who is known for having a wide array of exceptional powers. If he is your favorite character from the popular manga series and you don’t mind getting a full-sleeve avant-garde tattoo, Tanjiro tattoo is surely something you might consider.

It’s a large-scale tattoo that requires hours of meticulous detailing and coloring. The widest areas of the body such as the back, bicep, and forearm are the commonly chosen placement for this elaborate artwork.

If you seek more visibility, perhaps the top of your hand could be a nice canvas to flaunt this stellar Demon Slayer tattoo.

Inosuke Tattoo

Inosuke is a badass and so is this tattoo inspired by the character. Inosuke is capable of beating some of the strongest demons on the show.

To him, slaying demons is a mere sport and he is always up for a challenge. Imprint this iconic character from the iconic anime series on your skin with this bold and kickass Inosuke tattoo.

These tattoos can be designed using a variety of inking techniques, pigments, and sizes on any part of the body, although forearm and biceps seem to be the most popular choice of placement among enthusiasts.

Demon Slayer Sword Tattoo

The swords you see in these tattoos are called the Nichirin swords. Anyone who follows the series is well-familiar with the significance of this special blade used by the Demon Slayer Corps.

Unlike most Demon Slayer-inspired body art designs, the Demon Slayer sword tattoo can be scaled down without having to lose out on any important detail.

It’s the perfect choice for minimalist tattoo lovers who don’t want to commit to a full-sleeve tattoo right away but want to try something experimental, nonetheless.

If you want to, however, try a show-stopper large tattoo, consider adding complementing elements like orange flames or the image of a demon slayer holding the sword.

Or, perhaps, step out of the Demon Slayer zone and explore other mainstream tattoo motifs like flowers and butterflies to pair up with the sword for a striking visual effect.

Demon Slayer Mask Tattoo

Kitsune and sabito masks carry a high sentimental value to many Demon Slayer fans and consequently, they are a frequent subject of anime-inspired tattoos. Demon Slayer masks add a sleek and stylish edge to these extravagant tattoo designs.

These can be customized with plain black or vivid color combinations to bring out the desired effect. The masks are often integrated with tribal and floral motifs for extra spunk.

Small Demon Slayer Tattoo

These super adorable demon slayer tattoos are the ultimate go-to tattoo designs for the anime lovers who wish to keep things minimally attractive. A lot of details can be packed into these small tattoos, depending on your brief and the skill level of your tattoo artist.

These designs can fit just about anywhere on your body. If you want a sexy hidden tattoo that will be visible only when you want it to, you can consider getting a small demon slayer tattoo on your ankles or thigh.

Rengoku Tattoo

Kyojuro Rengoku is considered to be one of the most powerful and skilled swordsmen in the Demon Slayer Corps. Fans adore him for his loyalty to his duty and friends, kindness, and down-to-earth nature.

If this character stood out the most to you and you’re thinking of paying a tribute through a tattoo, here are some crazy cool designs for inspiration.

The yellow and orange flame-like hair and sword are undoubtedly the highlights of the tattoo. If you seek something more elaborate, ask your tattoo artist to focus on detailing the armour.

Shinobu Tattoo

Shinobu Kochu is more than just a comic relief in the series. She is known for her unique ways to kill the demons. The character has flaws and sometimes they impact her decisions which makes her very relatable to the fans.

The butterfly Hashira, with the signature purple eyes, hair and armour, has been one of the most frequently inked Demon Slayer tattoo characters of all time.

Those who are not big on colors can also go the minimalist route and ink the whole design in black to create a striking contrast.

Nezuko Tattoo

Nezuko is the main female protagonist in Kimetsu no Yaiba and is a deuteragonists. Even though she was turned into a demon, she fought demons alongside other demon slayers.

Nezuko is the symbol of contradiction in the demon slayer universe. She is stanned by fans for her extraordinary ability to fight her inner demon (quite literally) and be able to retain some of her human qualities. Demon Slayer Nezuko tattoos are bold and extravagant.

The choice of pigments would depend on which side of her personality you want to highlight in the design. These tattoos are extremely detail-oriented and therefore, could take several hours to perfect. Wide areas like back, bicep, forearm or legs offer the perfect canvas for such large artworks.

Demon Slayer Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos are popular because of the easy viewability they offer when you wear a half-sleeve outfit. If you want to keep it hidden from your boss or strict parents, all you have to do is wear full-sleeve clothing.

Demon Slayer sleeve tattoo subjects are often a liaison of multiple characters, their swords, or masks, or the illustration of a fight scene. Sometimes only black ink is used to highlight the ominous nature of the demons.

Akaza Tattoo

Akaza, formerly Hakuji, was another human in the Demon Slayer universe who turned into a demon. Akaza is the member of the Upper moon and is one of the strongest characters in the manga series.

The antagonist is a major fan favorite and therefore, is frequently tattooed by many Demon Slayer shippers. Full sleeve Akaza tattoos use a wide assortment of inking techniques to project the menacing nature of the demon.

Zenitsu Tattoo

The thunder-breathing swordsman from the Demon Slayer universe loses his shit completely when faced with the demons. According to many fans, his constant self-doubt and whining in the face of adversity makes him more human than most characters in the series.

Despite his glaring flaws, Zenitsu never gives up, even though every inch of his being wants to. Zenitsu tattoos can be worn by anyone who relates to him spiritually (that would include me too).

Whether you illustrate the character as a comically crying, whining guy or a thunder-breathing swordsman is up to you.

Demon Slayer Water Dragon Tattoo

The tenth form of water breathing is Tanjiro’s most powerful and iconic water move. The strength and intensity of this move is virtually infinite. Water dragon symbol signifies the extraordinary strength of the demon slayer.

And the illustration in different shades of blue looks pretty amazing. The dragon is often fused with other popular demon slayer themes to bolster visual effect.

Demon Slayer Eyes Tattoo

The eyes of popular demon slayers have been a popular tattoo theme for fans who want to capture the essence of these characters without committing to large-scale realistic tattoos.

Eyes are one of the most difficult parts of the body to nail. It demands a serious attention to detail. When executed to perfection, the tattoo creates a distinctive visual appeal.

Tomioka Tattoo

The young, tall, and handsome man with dark blue eyes is a major supporting character in the manga series. The 4th most popular Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps always has a stoic expression on his face.

He has repeatedly shown compassion for some demons, like Tanjiro, by agreeing to set them free if they stop killing humans. Tomioka tattoos are complex and hyper-detailed.

It uses a host of coloring techniques and are mostly inked in the form of a full-sleeve tattoo. However, you can give your personal touch to the design by compressing the size to a small-medium bicep or thigh tattoo as well.

Demon Slayer Back Tattoo

Demon slayer back tattoo 2

Back is unarguably one of the sexiest parts of the body for a tattoo. It has ample space for a large-scale, elaborate demon slayer tattoo that combines multiple characters, their distinct powers, emotions, and other elements relevant to the story.

Wearing an anime tattoo this flamboyant is a big commitment. But if you are a mad tattoo aficionado who doesn’t mind sitting straight and steadily for a good few hours while a needle constantly pokes your skin, then I’m sure commitment isn’t something you are afraid of.

Demon Slayer Finger Tattoo

Demon slayer finger tattoo

This one is for the minimalist tattoo lovers. Finger tattoos can look edgy and ravishing when done right. Demon slayer finger tattoos can encapsulate the essence of your favorite character in a small but intricately detailed design.

Finger tattoos don’t come without pain, mind you, due to the lack of enough muscle and fat in the area. So, go for it only if you don’t mind the pain.

Demon Slayer Traditional Tattoo

These tattoos are a large-scale illustration of the warding masks given to the trainee swordsmen in the Demon Slayer universe. The masks are charged with a powerful spell to repel the demons.

It is this very talismanic nature of the masks that make it such a craze among anime tattoo enthusiasts.

Demon Slayer Symbol Tattoo

Demon slayer symbol tattoo

The demon slayer symbol of Metsu (Japanese for extermination) is mostly tattooed on the top of the hand or wrist. It’s a symbol of strength and courage in the face of extreme adversity.

The universality of the demon slayer symbol makes it appealing to even those who have never read manga or watched an anime in their whole life.

In Conclusion

So that was our painstakingly curated list of some of the most iconic demon slayer tattoo illustrations of all time. Demon slayer tattoos are all about the extravagance and intricate details.

If you have been wondering how it’d be like to wear a phenomenal piece of art inspired by your favorite anime, about time you stop wondering and get your dream fulfilled.

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