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125 Black Panther Tattoos To Boost Feelings Of Safety

On top of being one of the most powerful animals in the world, a black panther is also just as elegant. The jet black coat it attains, which is existent due to its extremely high melanin levels, is perhaps the best feature of a black panther, apart from its eyes.

Amongst most tattoos in this world, a black panther tattoo is easily placed in the top 10. The visuals and versatility it offers in addition to its enticing symbolism surely play a huge role behind its success in the tattoo industry.

Due to its cooperative nature, getting a black panther tattoo is also a very convenient move to go forward with. Whether it’s a large portrait tattoo or even a small motif tattoo, the sketch of a black panther never fails to mesmerize the eyes of many.

Moving on, if you’ve been wanting to get a black panther tattoo for the longest time now, then this write-up will perhaps work in your favor. In addition to unwrapping all the designs that can be incorporated into a black panther tattoo, this article will also contain a segment that will highlight the meaning and all the ideas a black panther tattoo represents.

Meaning and Symbolism of Black Panther Tattoos

Black panther tattoo 1

When all is said and done, a black panther’s symbolism has two prominent sides.

On one side, a black panther tattoo stands for power, courage, guardianship, and freedom. When incorporated into a tattoo, the wearer can feel a positive change in their aura, mindset, and also tend to see the artwork as a source of encouragement to do better in life.

Since black panthers are also known for being born leaders, those that typically install this tattoo often find comfort in that personality trait of theirs. That approach also seems to work wonders when one is looking to explore their creativity, as one of the many features a black panther is prominent for is its wise and creative mindset.

The other side could cater to those that prioritize visuals, as it mainly highlights its beauty. Indeed, when the figurative meaning of a black panther is set aside, the physical aspects of the black panther tend to rise above the rest. The light colored eyes, the black coat, the long and sharp whiskers are some of the many features of a black panther that are easy on the eyes. 

Black Panther Tattoo Variations That Are Currently On The Trend

Now that you have gained more knowledge about its symbolism, coming up with a design that you resonate with should be easy, but can also be just as difficult if you’re indecisive and going with the flow. Worry not, however. Listed below are some of the best designs of the black panther that we believe deserve more recognition and credit!

Traditional Black Panther Tattoo

Traditional black panther tattoo

A traditional tattoo will never do you wrong if you go forward with it, especially when it’s of a black panther. The visuals in addition to the structure are unparalleled in contrast to most entries on this list, which explains why it is often considered to be the front runner.

The tattoo is also cooperative with other symbols and always welcomes new designs with open arms. Additionally, the size doesn’t come with a handbook, which means this variant can be placed anywhere, at any time.

For best results, one should definitely pair the design up with a series of colors. The image can consist of neutral shades, colorful shades, or even a hybrid of the previously mentioned options.

Black Panther Tattoo Marvel

Black panther tattoo marvel

As mentioned earlier, Marvel movie “Black Panther” is also a major reason behind the tattoos success. In fact, the movie broke so many records, and the script as well as the performance displayed by the cast were so influential, that it didn’t just win hearts, but also inspired the souls of many.

While many showed appreciation for the franchise by purchasing accessories made by the film’s franchise, loads preferred getting a portrait tattoo of the Black Panther.

The artwork usually consists of the mask and T’Challa, the protagonist, is covered in, partially due to the structure it contains. However, a majority of the fans often resort to this option to pay homage to Chadwick Boseman, who portrayed Black Panther in the film.

Realistic Black Panther Tattoo

Realistic black panther tattoo

A highly graphic image of a black panther can also be created by any artist with ease. Since it has intimidating black and yellow eyes, a dark fur, as well as uniquely shaped spots throughout its body, a realistic artwork will surely leave a mark at high-profile events, as well as casual gatherings.

Since the artwork contains loads of components, the arm is often the perfect match for this variant. It can cope with the damages, and display every detail of a black panther in a crystal clear manner.

Black Panther Necklace Tattoo

Black panther necklace tattoo

The franchise of black panther also amped up the symbolism and took the existing popularity of black panthers as well as their tattoos on another level.

In the movie, this necklace is worn by protagonist T’Challa, who was also the king of Wakanda at times. In addition to being used as a symbol of leadership, the necklace was also associated with power, guidance, as well as protection. In the movie, it has the ability to transform into a suit, typically to provide the wearer with tons of protection.

The design of this necklace also looks just as fascinating when worn as a tattoo. One can collaborate the design with a sketch if they’re seeking a subtle artwork, but can also change the theme by adding a range of soft colors.

Black Panther Chest Tattoo

Black panther chest tattoo

The area of one’s chest can also be utilized to create a lucid artwork of a black panther. Since the area is thick skinned and contains an ample amount of space, larger designs can often be incorporated into a tattoo without any inconvenience.

Due to the uneven silhouettes, any pattern, regardless of how simple it is, can look great when placed on the chest. The image can also be displayed with more flair by introducing dark borders as well as an enticing color palette.

Black Panther Head Tattoo

Black panther head tattoo

Also known as a portrait tattoo, a head tattoo of a black panther can often be sufficient if you’re seeking an option with sublime features.

The portrait often contains intricate details and also comes with a softer color palette to highlight the best components of a black panther. The color palette also allows the face shape of a black panther to look more apparent, which can be a positive for those that are suckers for complex illustrations.

The selling point of this variant is its flexibility. It tends to pair well with compact areas and looks perfectly at home when placed on a sizable surface.

Black Panther Thigh Tattoo

Black panther thigh tattoo

When you take into account just how elegant a black panther is in terms of appearance, you can’t help but feel that most placement options can’t successfully pull off a decent image of the gracious creature. However, the thigh area begs to differ.

Comprising tons of space, length, and girth, the thigh can display any and every image of a black panther. Whether the design features a monochromatic image, consists of unusual silhouettes, or even contains various other complicated components, you can always place your trust in the potential and the structure of your thigh, especially when getting a black panther tattoo.

Black Panther Back Tattoo

Black panther back tattoo

To display a memorable tattoo that successfully highlights the power and symbolism of a black panther, you may want to consider the placement option of this variant.

Since the back contains a surface that is enormous in size, any black panther tattoo, regardless of the dimensions, will look at home when printed on the back. If needed, one can also introduce more designs and pair it up with the lucid visuals of a black panther for desirable results.

Black Panther Cover Up Tattoo

Black panther cover up tattoo

The sketch of a black panther can also come in handy to those that have previously gotten tattoos that they are now embarrassed about.

The jet black coat of the animal can be used to erase even the poorest looking tattoo. The best design one can incorporate into a black panther cover up tattoo is a portrait of the animal itself.

The distinct features won’t just eliminate any print of the previously obtained tattoo, but will also be compelling enough to make you the center of attention when it is revealed to the public eye.

Black Panther Sleeve Tattoo

Black panther sleeve tattoo

A variant that many benefit from when making their pick amongst all the options of black panther tattoos is this entry, which involves a sleeve tattoo.

Users often find comfort in the placement as it is always open to readjustments, looks exceptional in terms of appearance, and can be used to uncover a meaningful design.

In addition to how much room the sleeve gives to the wearer to explore their creativity, another benefit that it brings to the table is its lenient procedure. Due to the amount of thick tissues that it contains, the sleeve is often left feeling unfazed after the design is recreated.

Black Panther Eye Tattoo

Black panther eyes tattoo

A striking feature of a black panther is the pair of eyes it has. The black and yellow color scheme looks extremely pleasant in real life, and has the potential to become a great tattoo when incorporated into a design.

When it comes to placement, the area of the triceps is a great candidate. It has loads of width and length to display an eye tattoo, and is generally more adaptable to change.

Additionally, when it comes to the artwork itself, most prefer a stencil tattoo, as the design looks sophisticated and more importantly, subtle when exposed. However, one can replace the aura by installing a design with bright colors, especially if they want the design to carry a laid back impression.

Black Panther Neck Tattoo

Black panther neck tattoo

Due to how meaningful the symbolism is, placing a black panther on the dimensions of the neck can also bring you successful results.

The artwork typically involves a figure of a black panther which is often dipped in a shade of gray, but can also be changed into a portrait tattoo or be paired up with a series of micro tattoos.

Due to the narrow circumference and sensitivity of the area, this tattoo can usually involve an uncomfortable procedure that involves pain and trauma. However, when you take into consideration the final outcome, the pain definitely seems worth it.

Small Black Panther Tattoo

Small black panther tattoo

If your mind contains an image that is as compact but as color-oriented as this entry, do yourself a favor and place it around the upper thigh.

The monochromatic image won’t just highlight all the distinct features of a black panther, but will also look heavenly in the eyes of another. Even though it only comprises one color, users can easily change that and replace it with an array of colors if they feel the need to.

Furthermore, since the area of placement is enormous, creating a detailed artwork shouldn’t be an issue for the tattoo artist. It can even be beneficial to those that are sensitive to pain, since the area around the thigh recuperates quickly.

Black Panther Hand Tattoo

Black panther hand tattoo

A black panther tattoo can also be displayed to the world as a hand tattoo. In addition to being known for its wide yet compact structure, this variant is mostly picked up by those that are bold and proud.

Additionally, since the artwork itself often comes in the shade of black and gray, a black panther hand tattoo is also on the carts of those that have a knack for the classic color palette and those that are fond of minimalism.

Even though it does attain a neutral color scheme, the visuals of this tattoo can also be adjusted as much as the wearer pleases, so don’t worry about the appearance too much before coming to a decision.

Black Panther Arm Tattoo

Black panther arm tattoo

An arm tattoo could also do the aesthetics of a black panther some justice. Since it carries tons of space, even a portrait tattoo can be added to the area and enhanced with complex details.

On top of being spacious, the surface of one’s hand, preferably around the biceps, can withstand the hits of a tattooing needle. This means that even the most complex artwork can be installed without bringing to the table a painful procedure, which could be beneficial for you if you’re prone to pain.

More Aesthetic Black Panther Tattoo Designs To Get This Year

A black panther is known for its beauty, as are the tattoos that one can pull off with the assistance of a black panther. To prove that fact, here’s another list of black panther tattoos that contain majestic illustrations.

Black panther tattoo 2

Black panther tattoo 3

Black panther tattoo 4

Black panther tattoo 5

Black panther tattoo 6

Black panther tattoo 7

Black panther tattoo 8

Black panther tattoo 10

Black panther tattoo 9

Black panther tattoo 11

Black panther tattoo 13

Black panther tattoo 12

Black panther tattoo 14

Black panther tattoo 15

Black panther tattoo 16

Black panther tattoo 17

Black panther tattoo 19

Black panther tattoo 18

Black panther tattoo 20

Black panther tattoo 21

Black panther tattoo 22

Black panther tattoo 24

Black panther tattoo 23

Black panther tattoo 26

Black panther tattoo 27

Black panther tattoo 29

Black panther tattoo 28

Black panther tattoo 30

Black panther tattoo 31

Black panther tattoo 32

Black panther tattoo 33

Black panther tattoo 34

Black panther tattoo 35

Black panther tattoo 36

Black panther tattoo 37

Black panther tattoo 38

Black panther tattoo 39

Black panther tattoo 41

Black panther tattoo 40

Black panther tattoo 42

Black panther tattoo 43

Black panther tattoo 44

Black panther tattoo 45

Black panther tattoo 46

Black panther tattoo 47

Black panther tattoo 48

Black panther tattoo 49

Black panther tattoo 50

Black panther tattoo 51

Black panther tattoo 52

Black panther tattoo 53

Black panther tattoo 54

Black panther tattoo 55

Black panther tattoo 56

Black panther tattoo 57

Black panther tattoo 58

Black panther tattoo 59

Black panther tattoo 60

Black panther tattoo 61

Black panther tattoo 62

Black panther tattoo 63

Black panther tattoo 64

Black panther tattoo 65

Black panther tattoo 66

Black panther tattoo 67

Black panther tattoo 68

Black panther tattoo 69

Black panther tattoo 70

Black panther tattoo 71

Black panther tattoo 72

Black panther tattoo 73

Black panther tattoo 74

Black panther tattoo 75

Black panther tattoo 76

Black panther tattoo 77

Black panther tattoo 78

Black panther tattoo 79

Black panther tattoo 80

Black panther tattoo 81

Black panther tattoo 82

Black panther tattoo 83

Black panther tattoo 84

Black panther tattoo 85

Black panther tattoo 86

Black panther tattoo 87

Black panther tattoo 88

Black panther tattoo 89

Black panther tattoo 90

Black panther tattoo 92

Black panther tattoo 91

Black panther tattoo 93

Black panther tattoo 94

Black panther tattoo 95

Black panther tattoo 96

Black panther tattoo 97

Black panther tattoo 99

Black panther tattoo 98

Black panther tattoo 100

Black panther tattoo 102

Black panther tattoo 101

Black panther tattoo 103

Black panther tattoo 104

Black panther tattoo 105

Black panther tattoo 106

Black panther tattoo 107

Black panther tattoo 108

Black panther tattoo 109

Black panther tattoo 110

Black panther tattoo 111


A black panther tattoo is as generous as a black panther itself. It can be worn in various ways, is extremely cooperative with the visuals of other tattoos, and offers a series of features that most tattoos can only dream of having.

Additionally, when getting a black panther tattoo, building a series of expectations will generally come in handy. For instance, before leaving for the tattoo parlor, you can always make things easier for yourself by figuring out whether you want to focus on the aesthetics of a black panther, or bring the symbolism that it carries to light.

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