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86 Remarkable Luna Moth Tattoos That Are On The Buzz Right Now!

If you’re familiar with tattoos, then you’re probably wary of how impactful creatures of nature are when incorporated into a tattoo. If you’re quite fond of butterfly tattoos, moth tattoos, or even any kind of flower tattoos, a remarkable emblem that deserves recognition in your book is that of a luna moth.

Luna moth tattoos have their own niche fanbase. Most that tend to wear them are often enlightened by how elegant and vibrant they are in terms of appearance. On top of its enticing frame, a luna moth tattoo is also celebrated widely in the tattoo community due to the positive symbolism it contains.

Getting a luna moth could be a peculiar urge to deal with in the short run, but could be a monumental investment to look forward to in the long run. If the thought of getting a luna moth tattoo fascinates you, make sure to check out the rest of the article to learn all about them and find out the number of staggering designs that you too can introduce to your tattoo arsenal!

The Symbolism of Luna Moth Tattoos

Luna Moth tattoo 1

Since luna moths grace us with their presence on the daily, the chances of stumbling upon one of them are significantly high. On another note, if you’ve already seen a luna moth before, and were moved by the presence of it, perhaps the meaning that the symbol holds shouldn’t come as a surprise to you.

Just like their visual aspects, luna moths are associated with components that are considered to be favourable and beneficial to us human beings. Most believe that they’re associated with new beginnings and change. The presence of a luna moth can also convey numerous hints associated with spiritual growth.

Due to the context behind its meaning, a luna moth tattoo could be an excellent match for those that are beginning a new chapter and reaching new milestones. It could also be the ideal friend in need for those that are dealing with dark phases and hardship.

Since it enhances spiritual growth, getting a luna moth tattoo should definitely hit the spot if you’re seeking an ink that will bring you closer to yourself, allow you to find contentment in life, and rejuvenate the bond that you have with your religion and your Creator.

Cheerful Luna Moth Tattoo Ideas To Try Out This Year

If the visuals of a luna moth moved you and the powerful meaning it holds made you shed a tear, you’re not alone on that matter. A luna moth is truly a graceful creature. It has the metaphorical value that brings in tons of happiness and a physical appearance that has what it takes to brighten up (quite literally) anyone’s day!

Additionally, now that you’ve acquired more knowledge about its backstory, it is finally time to check out all the amazing options that you can consider before obtaining your own luna moth tattoo!

From vibrant patterns with multiple elements to classic designs that keep it light, listed below are all the noteworthy luna moth tattoo designs that could definitely be all that you’ve been searching for!

Luna Moth Sleeve Tattoo

Luna Moth sleeve tattoo

A majority of tattoos that I’ve worked on throughout my life failed to live up to its potential due to how strange it looked with other emblems. Luckily, a luna moth tattoo wasn’t one of them.

While the creature is compact, it can definitely be transformed into a sleeve tattoo with ease. On top of having loads of vibrant colours and a soft palette, this pattern is mainly renowned for ageing like fine wine.

While the visuals are extraordinary, a drawback of this variant is the time-consuming nature of it. For a professional like myself, it typically takes 3 2-hour sessions. However, if it’s done by an amateur, it might take double the initial amount.

Luna Moth Sternum Tattoo

Luna moth sternum tattoo

Another marvellous way to showcase the beauty of a luna moth tattoo lies on the surface of one’s sternum. The artwork typically represents a fine-line tattoo, and is usually paired with floral patterns along the sides with light borders to give the main highlight a subtle boost.

Since the sternum contains a bony structure, make sure your tattoo artist is using a single needle, as the pain level of the sternum is off the charts! Using a 1 RL, also known as a fine liner needle, won’t just make it easier for the tattoo artist to draw the stencil but also make the procedure less brutal for you.

Luna Moth Arm Tattoo

Luna Moth arm tattoo

If dark borders and rich, vibrant colours cater to your preferences, a luna moth arm tattoo is all you need!

In terms of appearance, it has a little bit of everything. It comprises a range of shades, both neutral and high-spirited, that are incorporated into the image of the luna moth.

The artwork doesn’t end there, however, as it also contains two portrait tattoos, that not only add more elements to the overall design, but are also pretty effective at filling the gaps around the image of the luna moth.

Luna Moth Back Tattoo

Luna Moth back tattoo

Since luna moths are simple creatures, many find enjoyment in showcasing the unique creature through complex tattoo designs. If you happen to be one of them, placing it on the back is a stipulation that you have to go forward with.

In addition to having tons of space for implementing a complex design, you will get plenty of room to add more elements to the tattoo if you choose this variant. It could also be a good option to take into account if you’re a beginner, as the luna moth back tattoo is very resilient against the blows of any kind of tattooing machine.

This tattoo holds a special place in my heart because of how emotionally moving it is. In addition to having the presence of a luna moth, it also has the symbol of a moon; which brings to light the common aspects that the insect has to the natural satellite of the Earth.

Luna Moth Thigh Tattoo

Luna Moth thigh tattoo

Many people often select the thigh as their tattoo placement because of how wide the canvas is and how flat the surface is. The luna moth tattoo is one of them.

Those that often resort to this variant often wear them as a black and grey tattoo, which I believe is an excellent approach to go forward with. On top of giving the image a rich finish, the black and grey colour scheme excellently highlights the intricate features behind the structure of a luna moth.

Due to its spacious surface, finding empty areas could be a common issue that might bug you. However, you can easily eliminate that concern by adding filler tattoos of flowers, quotes, and insects.

Luna Moth Hand Tattoo

Luna Moth hand tattoo

If you want your artwork to be visible, there’s no better place to rely on than the hand. The luna moth hand tattoo can showcase all kinds of tattoos with ease. Although a coloured version is very much a win-win scenario to act on, most wearers that obtain this variant often drape it with black and grey.

On top of looking elegant, this option also contains a very achievable procedure, which explains the dominance it holds over the other options. As long as you place the stencil correctly, the tattoo will have a sensational outcome. All the artist has to do afterward is use a magnum shader to create the jet black hue.

Luna Moth Forearm Tattoo

Luna Moth forearm tattoo

A good placement with an excellent design can really result in an unforgettable tattoo. If not, then explain this luna moth forearm tattoo!

This forearm tattoo is not only appreciated for its pain-friendly procedure, but also stands out amongst the pool of options that one can pull off using a luna moth tattoo due to its colour palette, and its distinct components. The moon-like patterns are very apparent in this variant. While many disagree with the classic tone that it is made of, I believe the pattern of the graphic goes hand in hand with the hues of black and grey.

More Luna Moth Tattoo Designs That Are Truly One In A Million

A little known fact about the luna moth tattoo is its flexibility. It adapts well when paired with creatures like butterflies, but also welcomes abstract designs and peculiar emblems with open arms.

For that reason alone, the ways in which one can pull off a luna moth tattoo are endless. To prove that fact, here’s another list that comprises more designs that you can learn from if you’re planning to get a luna moth tattoo!

Luna Moth tattoo 2

Luna Moth tattoo 3

Luna Moth tattoo 4

Luna Moth tattoo 5

Luna Moth tattoo 6

Luna Moth tattoo 7

Luna Moth tattoo 8

Luna Moth tattoo 9

Luna Moth tattoo 10

Luna Moth tattoo 11

Luna Moth tattoo 12

Luna Moth tattoo 13

Luna Moth tattoo 14

Luna Moth tattoo 15

Luna Moth tattoo 16

Luna Moth tattoo 17

Luna Moth tattoo 18

Luna Moth tattoo 19

Luna Moth tattoo 20

Luna Moth tattoo 21

Luna Moth tattoo 22

Luna Moth tattoo 23

Luna Moth tattoo 24

Luna Moth tattoo 25

Luna Moth tattoo 26

Luna Moth tattoo 27

Luna Moth tattoo 28

Luna Moth tattoo 29

Luna Moth tattoo 30

Luna Moth tattoo 31

Luna Moth tattoo 32

Luna Moth tattoo 33

Luna Moth tattoo 34

Luna Moth tattoo 35

Luna Moth tattoo 36

Luna Moth tattoo 37

Luna Moth tattoo 38

Luna Moth tattoo 39

Luna Moth tattoo 40

Luna Moth tattoo 41

Luna Moth tattoo 42

Luna Moth tattoo 43

Luna Moth tattoo 45

Luna Moth tattoo 44

Luna Moth tattoo 46

Luna Moth tattoo 47

Luna Moth tattoo 48

Luna Moth tattoo 49

Luna Moth tattoo 50

Luna Moth tattoo 51

Luna Moth tattoo 52

Luna Moth tattoo 53

Luna Moth tattoo 54

Luna Moth tattoo 55

Luna Moth tattoo 56

Luna Moth tattoo 57

Luna Moth tattoo 58

Luna Moth tattoo 59

Luna Moth tattoo 60

Luna Moth tattoo 61

Luna Moth tattoo 62

Luna Moth tattoo 63

Luna Moth tattoo 64

Luna Moth tattoo 65

Luna Moth tattoo 66

Luna Moth tattoo 67

Luna Moth tattoo 68

Luna Moth tattoo 69

Luna Moth tattoo 70

Luna Moth tattoo 71

Luna Moth tattoo 72

Luna Moth tattoo 73

Luna Moth tattoo 74

Luna Moth tattoo 75

Luna Moth tattoo 76

Luna Moth tattoo 77

Luna Moth tattoo 78

Luna Moth tattoo 79

Eager to see what the final results will look like? Check out the video below to find out: 

Q: What is the best area of placement for a luna moth tattoo?

When getting a luna moth tattoo, you can either go one of two ways.

A: If this tattoo is your first ever tattoo, keeping it as easy and as harmless as possible should be your main priority, and if that is the case, the best placement for it are smaller areas such as the ankle, wrist, and upper shoulder.

On the other hand, if you want to meet your craving by getting a tattoo with endless details, use the chest area as an open canvas and explore your creative mind to the fullest!

Q: Why is a luna moth so unique?

A: A luna moth is unique for its compact frame, but is mostly special because of the moon-like spots it has at the top of each wing.

Final Verdict

A luna moth is truly something to behold in real life, but is also a prominent symbol in the tattoo world. The light green hue that it comes in looks easy on the eyes and looks just as amazing when showcased as tattoos.

If you’ve been wanting to change for the better for quite some time now, you can very well rely on a luna moth tattoo to provide you with guidance. Taking into account its visuals, you may also combine it or pair it with flower tattoos as well as make them a sidekick to your own butterfly tattoo!

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