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82 Intriguing Moth Tattoo Ideas with Fascinating Meaning

Moth tattoos have long held a tradition of bearing various omens of luck and bearing myriads of symbolism in various cultures throughout the course of history.

These tattoos carry with them a vast repertoire of meaningful symbols that highly reflect on their wearer’s personalities, ranging from tedious transformations to omens of luck, both good and bad.

Regardless of symbolism and type of imagery, the moth tattoo looks captivatingly stunning no matter which surface of the body it gets its wings tattooed on.

The Riveting Meaning Behind Moth Tattoos

Meaning behind moth tattoo


Moth tattoos, just like the insects that they have taken inspiration from, bear the trend of carrying the rich symbolism and vast meaning that contain as much significance to its wearer as it looks stunning as a tattoo style of its own.

From a bringer of change to a symbol of fortune, moths are much like butterfly tattoos in terms of imagery but when it comes to symbolism, their meanings shine brighter in the night.

An Omen of Change

Behind the respective wing spread of every moth tattoo is a story of metamorphosis, change and rebirth.

Much like the butterfly tattoo, the moth tattoo is also heavily symbolic of the wearer going through tough hurdles of life that changes them into the person capable of reaching their fullest potential.

Creature of The Night

Moths are strictly nocturnal creatures which makes them the perfect kind of tattoo to associate with people who have a close bond with the night.

This association moths have with darkness makes them the ideal choice for tattoos that do not rely much on colorwork. They look much better in black.

Moth tattoos are perfect for people who want to reflect their nocturnal, dark and brooding personalities onto their tattoos with the least coloring possible.

Moth Tattoos: The Harbingers of Luck!

Moth Tattoos The Harbingers of Luck

Depending on the culture and species, a moth can represent good and bad luck. A luna moth is indicative of bad luck while the rosy maple moth is a bringer of good fortunes.

The superstitious nature surrounding the moth’s nighttime habits make them an ideal candidate to be associated with dark and occult imagery. But just like how most trends and tales change over time, so did the moth’s imagery in the tattoo world. Nowadays it carries a more positive-leaning meaning.

As the moth tattoo happens to be highly symbolic of transformation, this blends in pretty well with the imagery of the moth once seen as a sign of negative omen into one that radiates trendy vibes.

Moth Tattoos Designs That Would Leave You Awestruck!

Getting the moth symbol tattooed will always bring about a form of good transformation in your life, regardless of detail and size. A moth tattoo can also be displayed using a variety of designs because the pattern is so aesthetically flexible.

Here are all of our favorite moth tattoos designs. Ranging from those that are best preferred with minimal details, to incorporating the most amount of delicate artistry on every moth wing possible.

Death Moth Tattoo

Death Moth Tattoo 1


Death Moth Tattoo 2


Death Moth Tattoo 3


The death moth tattoo is a visually striking style of body art that is quite revered and renowned in the tattoo world for the imagery of the skull located on top of the death moth’s exoskeleton. The death moth tattoo is mostly symbolic of mortality, making them the ideal moth of fascination among tattoo enthusiasts the world over.

Some individuals get the death moth tattoo as a constant reminder that good fortunes await them on the horizon while others get it as a reminder that life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest because death is only around the corner.

The death moth tattoo could serve as symbolism for both a warning for the future and a bad omen, to something that alludes to a possibly prosperous life opportunity.

Luna Moth Tattoo

Luna Moth Tattoo 1


Luna Moth Tattoo 2


Luna Moth Tattoo 3


The luna moth is considered an unlucky omen in Mexican folklore, especially if one were to unfortunately enter your home. In some regions of Mexico, it is believed that if a luna moth enters the home of a sick person, it is a sign that they will pass away.

Although these beliefs aren’t as widespread as they once were, they show that the luna moth and its sinister connotations are still significant in a variety of cultures and societies.

You can decide to get a luna moth tattoo because it is also representative of fruitful metamorphosis and is appropriate for people who are going through substantial changes in their lives, especially positive ones.

Traditional Moth Tattoo

Traditional Moth Tattoo 1


Traditional Moth Tattoo 2


Traditional Moth Tattoo 3


Traditional Moth Tattoo 4


The traditional moth tattoo makes the best out of a very interpretable style and brings out its most gorgeous features with the simple use of vivid colorwork. It pays tribute to tattoo art and coloring styles of the bygone eras, a method that will never go out of vogue.

The array of colors on offer is the traditional moth tattoo’s finest attribute. The structure of the moth also enables a seamless blending of the light and vividly colored tones. The highlighted crimson undertone really lightens the overall weight of the artwork alongside its sentimental value.

The versatility of the traditional moth tattoo could also mean it could be neatly inked onto any surface of the body, the choice of creativity and placement is totally up to the wearer!

Moth Skull Tattoo

Moth Skull Tattoo 1


Moth Skull Tattoo 2

Moth Skull Tattoo 3


The moth serves as a go-to tattoo to symbolize dark energies and mortality. And the only way to elevate the aesthetic vibes of this already mysterious tattoo would be to incorporate the imagery of the skull with the moth.

The range for creative freedom in the moth skull tattoo is near boundless. With everything from the death moth species, to the depiction of the skull and the wings of the moth, interlinked together.

This style looks hauntingly cool in both color and fully monochrome. The moth skull tattoo is preferred on a larger and longer surface of the body so the ideal spot for this tattoo to visually pop out the most, would be the forearm and sleeve.

Simple Moth Tattoo

Simple Moth Tattoo


The simple moth tattoo is a style that, although relying on minimalism, has the potential to stand out as a distinct tattoo archetype on its own. It is also highly versatile and malleable.

This style has very little going on in the way of heavy detailing and intricate moth artwork, but if one places the tattoo in a perfectly compact and visible spot on the body, they can still get the much sought after results.

It consists of a simplistic moth sketch that has been meticulously worked on with the few aesthetic options left at the artist’s disposal.

If one wants this humble tattoo to stand out despite its simplicity and size, further shading could also be added to give the simple moth some extraordinary visual depth.

Harry Styles Moth Tattoo

Harry Styles Moth Tattoo


It’s very likely that the tattoo Harry Styles proudly sports is of a moth shaped to resemble a butterfly. It may also be a symbolism of both the imagery of the butterfly and the moth.

The tattoo, which mostly looks to be a reference to the death’s head hawk moth, is considered by Harry Styles himself to be highly significant and crucial in its imagery. As the tattoo represents the birth of fresh new beginnings and transition.

As the moth is highly symbolic of transformation into new beginnings, it also draws comparison to his iconic status as a boy band member transitioning into a successful solo artist.

Black Moth Tattoo

Black Moth Tattoo 1

Black Moth Tattoo 2


The black moth tattoo is a design style that is best suited for the wearer when it is draped in absolute darkness. The black moth tattoo aesthetically achieves its visual objectives with no coloring. It focuses only on the application and shading of black.

The range for artistic creativity and freedom is also vast when it comes to the black moth tattoo despite having no coloring options.

The design choices for this style however, could range from the prettiest looking rosy maple moth to the most intimidating looking death moth, tattooed into its full aesthetic potential through the graceful use of shading techniques and application of black.

Rosy Maple Moth Tattoo

Rosy Maple Moth Tattoo 1


Rosy Maple Moth Tattoo 2


A much welcome break from the sinister undertones that moth tattoos usually embody, the rosy maple moth tattoo is one dedicated to the cutest moth species on the earth.

Ideal as a small tattoo with two to three tones of color needed to make the adorable moth spread its wings visually, the rosy maple moth tattoo is best suited as a small forearm and neck tattoo. It is usually preferred as a brightly colored tattoo on the most visible surfaces on the body.

A stark contrast to the omens of bad luck prevalent in most moth tattoo imagery, the bright colors of this beautifully adorable moth signifies the forthcoming of good luck and prosperous fortunes for the wearer.

Geometric Moth Tattoo

Geometric Moth Tattoo 1


Geometric Moth Tattoo 2


Geometric Moth Tattoo 3


The geometric moth tattoo fuses the maximalist and intricately detailed art style of the moth tattoo with the creatively eloquent use of fine lines and precise dot work associated with geometry tattoos.

This style is mostly indicative of the wearer’s state of spirituality and personal well being.

The moth represents transformation and rebirth, while the geometric linework associated with the imagery of the moth represents the wearer’s state of balance with the world, and their inner strength of will.

Atlas Moth Tattoo

Atlas Moth Tattoo 1


Atlas Moth Tattoo 2


The Atlas moth derives its name from the Greek titan of the same name. Who used to bear the weight of the whole world and the heavens on his shoulders.

This association with the iconic titan of Greek mythology makes the Atlas moth tattoo a symbol of strength, vigor, physical prowess and endurance.

The versatile and artistically malleable nature of the Atlas moth tattoo makes it the ideal symbolism-heavy moth tattoo to be inked onto any surface of the body with utmost ease, and looks gorgeous in both monochrome and color!

Moth Chest Tattoo

Moth Chest Tattoo 1


Moth Chest Tattoo 2


The moth chest tattoo makes the best use of such a large and smooth canvas on the body with a limitless option for creative freedom and artistic depth.

It could also be a test of mettle for the wearer as the lengthy and highly detailed requirements for the moth chest tattoo requires both patience and a high level of pain tolerance.

The chest being a smooth and uniform canvas means the moth tattoo would not contort in its shape and could be very comfortable on the artist’s end when it comes to applying the tattoo. Additionally, the moth’s wings could be adorned with as much graphical detail as possible due to the sheer scope of creativity the chest area offers the artist.

Gypsy Moth Tattoo

Gypsy Moth Tattoo


The gypsy moth tattoo is named after the small and delicate species of furry and adorable moths that also happen to be extremely voracious eaters.

They are also known for the migratory nature of their caterpillars that travel from tree leaves to shady areas on its trunk on a daily basis. The tattoo looks splendidly gorgeous when completed with the least amount of colors and contrasted with the highest level of shading and details.

The gypsy moth tattoo, just like the animal it symbolizes, is mostly a very small sized tattoo. Which means it could be ideal for any surface on the body, particularly the more visible areas like the forearm, wrist and neck.

Small Moth Tattoo

Small Moth Tattoo 1

Small Moth Tattoo 2


Some amazing things really do come in small packages and that statement is no different when it comes to the awesomeness of a small moth tattoo.

The size of the moth does not bear any significance but rather its subtlety despite such a small size for the tattoo. It relies heavily on the utilization of style and craftiness over size and substance.

The versatile nature of the small moth tattoo means that the placement for this tattoo requires maximum visibility, making them the preferred moth tattoo choice for the forearm, neck and wrist. Besides the usual format of black and white designs, the small moth tattoo looks visually stunning in the form of bright and vivid colors too!

Moth Butterfly Tattoo

Moth Butterfly Tattoo 1


Moth Butterfly Tattoo 2


When it comes to tattoos that depict transformation, the butterfly and moth are the two symbols that primarily come to mind.

Merging these two creatures of transformation creates the perfect juxtaposition of light and darkness represented by the butterfly and moth tattoo, among several other deep and meaningful symbolisms.

The free-form nature of fusion between the butterfly and the moth, besides the non-linear freedom this tattoo style provides both the wearer and the artist, makes this type of tattoo aesthetically suitable for any canvas size and surface of the body, in both monochrome and color.

Cecropia Moth Tattoo

Cecropia Moth Tattoo 1


Cecropia Moth Tattoo 2


The great size and striking visual look of the Cecropia moth makes it a powerful emblematic animal. Capable of guiding and protecting those who forge a connection with it.

Representing the wearer’s transformation and change into bigger, brighter and prosperous beginnings, the Cecropia moth tattoo is also symbolic of grandiosity and strength as it is one of the largest moths in the world.

The colorful appearance and large size of the Cecropia moth makes it the exemplary design style for tattoo enthusiasts who want their body art displayed out loud in an impressive exhibition of size and colors.

Moth and Moon Tattoo

Moth and Moon Tattoo 1


Moth and Moon Tattoo 2


Moth and Moon Tattoo 3


Moths are drawn to the moon because it provides them with a source of light. The moth and moon tattoo also represents spiritual rebirth and the unraveling of new fortunes.

The moon and the moth is a combined sign of spiritual transformation, heightened consciousness, and the pursuit of truth since the moth tends to gravitate towards the only source of cosmic light it gets in the darkness of the night.

The moth and moon tattoo is also a reflection of the wearer seeking and providing spiritual guidance and enlightenment. Signifying that on certain nights, they are the seeker of light (the moth), while on other nights they are the provider of it (the moon).

Ellie Moth Tattoo

Ellie Moth Tattoo


Anybody who is familiar with the legendary video game and television series The Last of Us, is already aware of the iconic moth tattoo emblem that Ellie sports. The Ellie moth tattoo could be a direct reference to the Fireflies faction in the story, besides other interpretations behind its meaning.

The moth tattoo usually piqued the creator’s initial interest because of the insect’s resemblance to a firefly, the organization in the story bearing the same name.

However, the Ellie moth tattoo also represents death and Ellie’s obsessive compulsion with her unquenchable thirst for revenge, and being drawn to the kind of light that would ultimately prove to be fatal for her.

Gothic Moth Tattoo

Gothic Moth Tattoo


This style of tattoo wears its symbolism on its wings. It looks hauntingly spectacular as a detailed yet simple form of design archetype with its wings taking the form of two skulls, making for a visually striking yet spooky amalgamation of different tattoo art styles.

The gothic moth tattoo usually blends in well with the imagery of darkness, night and bad omens that certain moths are associated with by default.

Colorful Moth Tattoo

Colorful Moth Tattoo


The colorful moth tattoo is best suited for a long form of canvas on the body such as the forearm, chest, leg and sleeve.

It makes the best use of the moth’s wings and its graphically detailed exoskeleton to provide the most amount of coloring as visually possible.

The colorful moth tattoo doesn’t have to specifically derive inspiration from a particular species of moth either. It could literally depict a moth in the vivid colors of a butterfly too.

Black Witch Moth Tattoo

Black Witch Moth Tattoo


The moth is a very compatible insect to pair with dark and gothic imagery.

Similar to the moth tattoo’s lunar and gothic iterations, the black witch moth tattoo is ideal for the spooky tattoo enthusiast who wants a flair of Halloween to radiate from the darkness of their moth tattoo’s beauty for eternity.

Polyphemus Moth Tattoo

Polyphemus Moth Tattoo

The Polyphemus moth is named after one of the world’s largest and most beautiful silk moths. And much like the Atlas moth, the Polyphemus moth also derives its name from a massive Greek mythological entity.

The tattoo carries all the grand and opulent meaning associated with the imagery of a moth so regal and massive in its display of beauty.

There are practically no negative and sinister connotations attached to the Polyphemus moth in terms of symbolism, its spectacular beauty is simply to be appreciated.

Hummingbird Moth Tattoo

Hummingbird Moth Tattoo


The elegant and almost whimsical ballerina-like look of the hummingbird moth urges the seeker of its beauty to find delight in nature and make it a part of our everyday lives.

The hummingbird moth tattoo is seen as an agent of change in our lives and a bringer of good fate. It is also very optimistic and light hearted in its use of symbolism, matching the adorable imagery and calming vibes of the hummingbird moth.

Comet Moth Tattoo

Comet Moth Tattoo


The comet moth is very distinctive due to its long tail that gives it the appearance of a comet when the moth is seen flying from a distance, making them the ideal choice to be converted into tattoo form due to sheer appearance alone. The comet moth tattoo can also symbolize hope and an incoming symbol of luck and metamorphosis.

Emperor Moth Tattoo

Emperor Moth Tattoo 1


Emperor Moth Tattoo 2


The emperor moth tattoo shows the onlooker who the real king of the moth tattoo genre is! It also symbolizes transformation in its truest form, as the emperor moth goes through a full and complete metamorphosis from caterpillar to a beautiful moth of regal appearance.

Whether the artist eschews the use of colors altogether or decides to go full creative by incorporating all the colors of nature, the results would always be the same. The emperor moth tattoo has that king’s touch to it!

Realistic Moth Tattoo

Realistic Moth Tattoo


The realistic moth tattoo achieves its visual objective by resembling an actual moth as closely as possible. This is done through the use of the artist’s educated hands and their keen attention to precise detail.

The use of shadows, and different forms of shading would also give off the three-dimensional and realistic look of the moth that makes it look like it’s about to take flight off the wearer’s skin.

Such a visually appealing style of tattoo is best preferred on large canvases such as the thigh, sleeve and forearm.

Hawk Moth Tattoo

Hawk Moth Tattoo

The hawk moth tattoo is a symbol of resilience and strength. And much like the animal this insect is named after, it is known for its ability to survive high altitude flights during the harshest of climates and the darkest of nights.

This tattoo looks ideal done in fully black, on a medium to large sized canvas such as the forearm and thigh.

Sternum Moth Tattoo

Sternum Moth Tattoo 1


Sternum Moth Tattoo 2


The sternum moth tattoo is a painfully excruciating tattoo that demands as much attention to personal pain tolerance as much as it focuses on the tattoo’s underlying meaning of beauty and sexuality.

Considered a deeply personal and tantalizing style of tattoo, the sternum moth tattoo is symbolic of innate change from within as a result of painful hardship and immense struggle, very much evident by the process of the tattoo itself, as it is very painful to begin with.

Acherontia Moth Tattoo

Acherontia Moth Tattoo


The Acherontia moth tattoo is also named after a moth that derived its inspiration from Greek myths. Symbolic of the passage that leads into the underworld, the acherontia moth tattoo depicts the moth as a sort of messenger for the afterlife. The acherontia moth tattoo also serves as a symbol of profound change.

Moth Outline Tattoo

Moth Outline Tattoo


The moth outline tattoo is minimalist, color free and budget friendly. It is also very quick to complete. If your moth outline tattoo also happens to be small in size, then a session at the tattoo studio would take the same time it takes for you to finish your evening snack!

Moth and Dagger Tattoo

Moth and Dagger Tattoo


The imagery of the moth and dagger can be used as symbols to represent vitality and mortality. This tattoo is best placed on the forearm and the sleeve, in order to communicate the idea that time is the greatest healer of all wounds, but with each stab wound, comes change and consequences.

Moth Forearm Tattoo

Moth Forearm Tattoo


The forearm is one of the least painful and visually impressive areas to get a tattoo done that would always be visible to the eyes of the wearer and onlookers alike.

The forearm moth tattoo is a great example of using a comfortably large canvas on the body and putting it to good use regardless of color, abstraction and amount of realism used. The forearm moth tattoo can depict any species of moth in magnificent detail in both monochrome and color.

Unraveling The Moth Tattoo’s Sublime Wings Using Visual Cues

While the preceding sections of this article will help you select a type of moth tattoo that complements your ideal tastes and aesthetic choices, defining goals that you can clearly set and achieve is critical if you want your moth tattoo to truly fly off and flutter its wings in style. And if you’re in dire need of visual assistance, try watching the video below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a moth tattoo is already a delightful aesthetic endeavor. And you’re rightful to be thoroughly excited about getting one! These tattoos gleam with meaning, beauty and symbolism behind the detail of every little moth wing.

However, certain doubts and dilemmas still might linger due to the sheer vastness of choices when it comes to getting that perfect moth tattoo.

So worry not, here’s a little questionnaire to supplement your already high level of confidence prior to your subsequent visit to the ink studio.

Q: Are moth tattoos symbolic of death only?

Answer: Luna and Death moths are the most common moths used in tattoo imagery. They are mostly associated with death and mortality. Contrary to popular belief, plenty of moth species exist that carry with them positive and joyful meaning. The rosy maple moth is one of them.

Q: Are moth tattoos feminine?

Answer: Moth and butterfly tattoos are more associated with femine tattoo archetypes. But recently it has risen in popularity among male tattoo enthusiasts. Ever since all black moth tattoos and skull imagery in general took off in tattoo trends, masculine looking moth tattoos rose equally in fame.

Q: Do moth tattoos bring any sort of luck?

Answer: Once again the symbols of luck that moth tattoos carry are dependent on the species of moth that exist. If one is to wear a death moth tattoo or a luna moth tattoo, then the general consensus is that the tattoo is an omen of bad luck. If the wearer is sporting an emperor moth tattoo or a rosy maple moth tattoo, then the tattoos symbolize love, prosperity, opulence and good luck.

Closing Remarks

Moths have a pretty interesting relationship with various mythologies and cultures. Besides transformation, they mostly have been depicted as symbols of death, mortality and bad luck.

But recent depictions have taken the moth tattoo far beyond the realms of its macabre bubble, and into the aesthetically trendy world of gracefully alluring body art.

Aesthetic-wise, the moth tattoo has something for everyone. From the deeply meaningful tattoo bearer, to the dark and brooding tattoo enthusiast, to the ones who prefer absolute style over substance.

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