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86 Appealing Belly Button Tattoo Ideas For This Year!

A tattoo is not always used for your self-satisfaction. Sometimes a tattoo becomes needed or it helps someone cover or recover someone. Tattoos that not only look good but also help someone in some other way, such a type of tattoo is a Belly Button tattoo.

A belly button tattoo is one of the favorite designs for a girl. A young girl or even someone with many children, any woman of age loves to go for this particular design. Due to its considerable amount of space, any type of design can be used in the belly area.

So, if you are thinking of a Belly Button tattoo, then without any doubt, you are in the correct place for a complete guideline. You can find the meaning of the belly button tattoo here and besides, you can get amazing new ideas with exclusive designs till the end of the article.

Exploring Belly Button Tattoos With Different Meanings

Belly button tattoo 1

The position of the Belly Button tattoo is clear with the name itself. So with the wide range of areas, any kind of tattoo can be fitted in. As this tattoo is extraordinarily popular among women, so they usually use specially designed tattoos for this particular placement.

Actually, the Belly Button tattoo is not a design itself, it is actually the name of the placement, which is in the belly, abdomen, or around your whole stomach. The design actually depends on you and the meaning obviously depends on the design. Girls choose these particular areas for covering up their scars or most of the time to enhance their beauty.

So to know the meaning of some particular designs, I have collected some unique ideas with different designs only for you. So let’s check out the exclusive ideas with many more designs.

Uncommon Belly Button Tattoo Ideas To Explore!

For a Belly Button tattoo, as the placement is fixed, so the most important thing that remains is the idea. As everyone looks for exclusive unique designs only for themselves. Here you can get some different ideas, and designs to get a new one for you.

Keep exploring the ideas and you will get an awesome amount of designs till the end of the article. So don’t miss your favorite tattoo and check out all the ideas and designs!!

Cat Belly Button Tattoo

Cat belly button tattoo

The Belly Button can be used for the best use or anyone can use it for mocking or simply comedy. You can use the belly button according to your own needs. Cat Belly Button is one of the most demanding tattoo designs and not only girls but boys who love cats also go for the Cat Belly Button design.

You can use the button as per your wish, if you would like to put a positive design, you can use it like your own just like the picture above. The cat is looking upside down and here the belly button is not a prime subject. So the use actually depends on the design of the client.

Cat Belly Button tattoos can be colorful or monochrome according to the client’s wish. The shape of the stomach or the belly button also depends on this. A cat is not an easy design, so if you are looking for a cat design then choose wisely as it covers a large amount of space in the stomach.

Belly Button Tattoos To Cover Scar

Belly button tattoos to cover scar

If you ask me about the use or beauty of a Belly Button tattoo, as an artist, I would tell you that this is the best ever option to cover your scar. As we know we all enter this beautiful world from the womb of our mother, so the belly or stomach is the most precious place for a child. But the belly area sometimes has scars or tummy tuck scars which made many of the mothers anxious.

Besides, those who are fat, and working to reduce fat, sometimes suffer from stretch marks. So girls who love tattoos, usually go for the Belly Button tattoo to cover up the scars. The design of the tattoo depends on the size or category of the scar.

As per the image, you can see a flower, and it is actually a cover-up for the scar if you can observe closely, there are also stretched marks beneath the belly button. So you can cover up as your own wish and add color according to your demand. A belly button tattoo to cover scars is a beautiful tattoo and girls should consider it for those who have scars.

Sun Belly Button Tattoo

Sun belly button tattoo

Sun Belly Button-designed tattoos are the most trending and popular among all other designs of Belly Buttons tattoos. Usually, the design perfectly fits as the sun is designed around the belly button and the rays give a realistic design.

As per the picture, you can see how perfectly the sun fits in the belly button area. The most unique thing about a Sun belly button tattoo is that it can be used by any gender and you can use color according to your wish.

 Funny Belly Button Tattoo

Funny belly button tattoo

The funny Belly Button is the new trend and people of all ages and gender are going for this design. Those who have a very funny sense of humor and a love for tattoos, usually choose the belly button area for comical or funny designed tattoos as you can see in the picture.

You can use the belly button for any comical purpose and make it into a whole funny design. Colorful inks and no particular theme is actually needed for this particular tattoo.

Under Belly Button Tattoo

Under belly button tattoo

Under Belly Button tattoos are mostly used by young girls or those who have recovered from childbirth operations. Not everyone has the same shape or size of under belly. Those who have a considerable amount of space and are tattoo lovers, go for this tattoo.

This design is very appealing and seducing to watch and different types of design can be done according to the shape. You can use color or monochrome ink as per your wish.

Cute Belly Button Tattoo

cute belly button tattoo

Small and Cute tattoos are the girl’s favorite ones. For a little one, you don’t need much of a space, so someone always uses it where it is visible always. Beside most of the girls using tattoos to increase their outlook of beauty, such a tattoo design is the Cute Belly Button tattoo.

Just around the belly button, you can use any kind of tattoo which looks simple and cute for example you can see in the image. You can use your innovative sense to put up your own design.

Butterfly Belly Button Tattoo

Butterfly belly button tattoo

Butterfly tattoos are the most used and all time trending tattoo for a lady. A girl who’s thinking about getting her first tattoo, usually goes for the butterfly tattoo. The Butterfly Belly Button symbolizes beauty, feminine and the belly button place can be perfectly adjusted by the design.

Butterfly belly button tattoos could be bigger or smaller in shape depending on the size of the belly button and the stomach. Colors could be added for more vibrantness because it is a painful area, bigger design should be avoided for the amateurs at least.

 Cow Belly Button Tattoo

Cow belly button tattoo

Cow is the symbol mother and it can be used as many symbolic forms. Cow milk is as essential as mother’s milk. Many assume human infants as cow calves and the role of the mother is almost like a mother cow. So many who are attached to their child and parenthood usually go for this design.

You can use color or black and white according to your wish. Due to its broader space, many types of design can be experimented in the Cow Belly Button tattoos. Use your belly button wisely in case of this particular design.

Flower Belly Button Tattoo

Flower belly button tattoo

Belly button is one of the perfect places for a flower design. You can keep the middle of the flower in the belly button and put petals around it, this could be a wonderful piece of art as you can see in the picture.

Due to close belly button range, this tattoo is painful so as much less shades are used, are good for the client. Flower Belly Button tattoos must be colorful for the original vibe and the perfect color would look really nice in this tattoo.

Tribal Belly Button Tattoo

Tribal belly button tattoo

Tribal tattoo designs have quite freedom in the patterns and the Tribal Belly button tattoo is really easy to get. Any gender can use this type of design and can make their own types of patterns. If you follow any particular tribe you can follow as per your wish.

Colorful or monochrome depends on the client but as you have the freedom to choose your own. So you could suggest a good tattoo artist for your best help.

More Belly Button Tattoo Ideas

Ideas are never ending, if you try you can find new ideas on anything at any moment at any day. As you are looking for a Belly Button tattoo, so far you have got an idea of the limit range. If you are still not convinced, no need to worry, check out the extra new different ideas, which will surely blow your mind and will help you to select your favorite one.

Belly button tattoo 3

Belly button tattoo 2

Belly button tattoo 4

Belly button tattoo 5

Belly button tattoo 6

Belly button tattoo 7

Belly button tattoo 8

Belly button tattoo 9

Belly button tattoo 10

Belly button tattoo 11

Belly button tattoo 12

Belly button tattoo 13

Belly button tattoo 14

Belly button tattoo 15

Belly button tattoo 16

Belly button tattoo 17

Belly button tattoo 18

Belly button tattoo 19

Belly button tattoo 20

Belly button tattoo 21

Belly button tattoo 22

Belly button tattoo 23

Belly button tattoo 24

Belly button tattoo 26

Belly button tattoo 25

Belly button tattoo 28

Belly button tattoo 27

Belly button tattoo 29

Belly button tattoo 30

Belly button tattoo 31

Belly button tattoo 32

Belly button tattoo 33

Belly button tattoo 34

Belly button tattoo 35

Belly button tattoo 36

Belly button tattoo 37

Belly button tattoo 38

Belly button tattoo 39

Belly button tattoo 40

Belly button tattoo 41

Belly button tattoo 42

Belly button tattoo 43

Belly button tattoo 44

Belly button tattoo 45

Belly button tattoo 46

Belly button tattoo 47

Belly button tattoo 48

Belly button tattoo 49

Belly button tattoo 50

Belly button tattoo 51

Belly button tattoo 52

Belly button tattoo 53

Belly button tattoo 54

Belly button tattoo 55

Belly button tattoo 56

Belly button tattoo 57

Belly button tattoo 58

Belly button tattoo 59

Belly button tattoo 60

Belly button tattoo 61

Belly button tattoo 62

Belly button tattoo 63

Belly button tattoo 64

Belly button tattoo 65

Belly button tattoo 66

Belly button tattoo 67

Belly button tattoo 68

Belly button tattoo 69

Belly button tattoo 70

Belly button tattoo 71

Belly button tattoo 72

Belly button tattoo 73

Belly button tattoo 74

Belly button tattoo 75

In the video you will get raw footage and a closer view on the Tribal Belly button tattoos I was just talking about. You can check out the full video of how a belly button tattoo is done and what are the necessary steps to be taken.


Belly Button tattoos are aesthetic and are a widely used tattoo specially by the womens. Here you have seen the different meanings of the many different types of design. This tattoo is extraordinary and not every person out there has the courage or knows the depth of the Belly Button tattoo.

In this guide, I have managed all the necessary things for a Belly button tattoo. Hopefully you have enjoyed the article and get benefitted. Thank you so much for staying with the article. You can check out our website for varieties of tattoos.

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