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59 Allusive 13 Tattoo Designs To Test Your Luck

The number 13 has always been seen as a source of speculation and misconceptions. The number has a rich history with different interpretations from different cultures. It is often seen in many cultures as an unlucky number. But in other cultures, it is also seen as a lucky number.

The number also has some religious implications. The number also can be used for any personal meaning or a day of importance. It is also seen as a way to express the rebellious nature of one.

This tattoo has gained a lot of attention as a controversial design choice. But at the end of the day, the 13 tattoo is a very good way to express yourself. So walk with us through this list of some amazing 13 tattoo designs to choose one for yourself.

Meaning Of 13 Tattoo

Meaning of 13 Tattoo


The number 13 can be connected with a lot of meanings depending on the culture and your perception of the tattoo. It may be connected with a religious, cultural, or even personal meaning depending on the situation.

For example, the number can mean bad fortune or danger in some cultures. In Christianity, the number is associated with Judas’ betrayal of Jesus Christ. Again, thanks to the references in pop culture, Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day. And for some 13 is also seen as associated with death.

In other cultures, the number 13 is believed to bring good fortune and a new beginning. In Buddhism, the 13th day of the month is considered a holy and special day for spiritual awakening and meditation.

The tattoo can even represent divinity.  In Hinduism, the god Vishnu has 13 hands with different symbolic meanings.

For tattoo enthusiasts, however, this tattoo can represent rebellion, or going against the tide of social norms. So those who get a 13 tattoo, may also use this tattoo to show their rebellious nature.

13 Tattoo Ideas To Unpack The Superstitions

As a tattoo with a big cultural history, the 13 tattoo has a lot of different designs that you can adopt. Keeping with the different meanings and associations with different religions, the designs can also incorporate other elements.

The tattoo can also hold a personal meaning for you. So the tattoo can be symbolic, or entirely personal. So the 13 tattoos might reflect that personal or symbolic meaning too. It all depends on the tattoo wearer and their personal preference. You can also get the tattoo for its aesthetic purposes.

So, here are some 13 tattoo designs that can be used to express all these different meanings.

Lucky 13 Tattoo

Lucky 13 Tattoo 1


Lucky 13 Tattoo 2


Lucky 13 Tattoo 3


Lucky 13 Tattoo 4


This tattoo is done with 13 tattoo- as a bringer of good fortune meaning in mind. This tattoo thus represents the tattoo following the number 13 new beginnings. It is a popular design among people who believe in the positive implications of the number 13.

This tattoo is also done to go against the typically accepted meaning that 13 is a bad number. So this tattoo promotes a sort of counterculture or resistance to social norms and traditionally accepted ideas of good or bad.

This tattoo often incorporates elements to show that the number 13 is, in fact, lucky. One of the most popular designs for this tattoo would be the number 13 written with the text “lucky”. You can incorporate other designs that are believed to bring good luck.  You can incorporate elements like a four-leaf clover, dreamcatcher, ladybug, horseshoe, etc.

You can also get the tattoo anywhere on the body. The tattoo can be done with minimal fonts and simple designs on the wrists. But as this tattoo wants to show a counterculture and resistance to social norms, the tattoo is best done on the visible parts of the body. So, we’d suggest you get the tattoo on the forearm or on the shoulder with a big and colorful design.

13 Tattoo on Neck

13 Tattoo on Neck


If you are looking for a neck tattoo to show your rebellious nature and your stance opposing social norms, then the 13 tattoo can be a very good option. As the neck is a very visible place on the body, this is a very bold placement for the 13 tattoo. But to show the intent behind the tattoo, this is the perfect placement.

But before getting a neck tattoo, you have to mind the pain level of this placement. The 13 tattoo on the neck can be painful if you are looking for a really grand design. So we’d suggest this tattoo for only the veterans in the tattoo community.

13 Tattoo on Hand

13 Tattoo on Hand


Going with the counterculture theme, the hand is also a bold placement for the 13 tattoo. The tattoo is a very visible place on the body. You can get the tattoo on the entire hand, or just on one or multiple fingers.

This tattoo often features only the number 13. But if you are looking for a bit of customization, you can add some elements with the number 13.  But, remember to consider the personal and professional implications of the hand tattoo. We’d also suggest getting this tattoo for those who have done a tattoo before.

13 Tattoo Behind the Ear

13 Tattoo Behind the Ear 1


13 Tattoo Behind the Ear 2


If you are looking for a 13 tattoo that is minimal and can be easily hidden, you cannot go wrong with the behind-the-ear option. This tattoo is simple and often done with only the outline of the number 13. This tattoo can also be done as a single-needle tattoo.

13 Cat Tattoo

13 Cat Tattoo


If you are a cat parent or just want to get a 13 lucky tattoo, then you can get the 13 cat tattoo. This tattoo often features a cat with the number 13 and the words lucky. You can get the tattoo on the forearm, shoulder, or even on the neck.

13 Dice Tattoo

13 Dice Tattoo


This tattoo can be used to show both the lucky and unlucky implications of the 13 tattoo design. The tattoo features two die with the number 1 and 3 to represent 13. This tattoo can also be placed anywhere on the body depending on the size of the tattoo.

Minimalist 13 Tattoo

Minimalist 13 Tattoo


The 13 tattoo can be a great option for a minimalist tattoo. The tattoo is simple and understated with the 13 written in a simple font. You can even choose to get the text 13 in a single needle or fine-line tattoo style. This tattoo looks best on the wrist, ankle, or behind the ear.

13 Face Tattoo

13 Face Tattoo


This is yet another bold tattoo design featuring the number 13 on the face. You can get the tattoo in a minimal style or a bold font face. But make sure to only get the tattoo after considering the professional and personal implications of a face tattoo.

13 Playboy Bunny Tattoo

13 Playboy Bunny Tattoo


A 13-playboy tattoo is a great option if you want to show your naughty side. This tattoo features a Playboy bunny with the number 13 written under or above it. This tattoo can be placed on the forearm, or the shoulder for easy visibility.

13 Wrist Tattoo

13 Wrist Tattoo 1


13 Wrist Tattoo 2


This is another minimalist tattoo with little details added to it. The tattoo features a simple and small number 13 written on the wrist. This design can be easily hidden under a wristwatch or a shirt. This can be done with a single needle or a fine-line needle tool.

13 Skull Tattoo

13 Skull Tattoo


If you want a dark and broody tattoo design, the 13 skull tattoo is a great option. This tattoo features a skull with the number 13 written on the skull. This can have the symbolic meaning that the number 13 is connected to death.

13 Mushroom Tattoo

13 Mushroom Tattoo


The mushroom tattoo and the 13 tattoos look great to establish a theme of spookiness. This design features a mushroom with the number 13 written on the stem. The design can be placed on the forearm, shoulder, legs, or on the thigh.

13 Spider Web Tattoo

13 Spider Web Tattoo


If you are looking for a unique spider web tattoo, you can add the 13 tattoo to it to do a gothic-style tattoo. The tattoo features the number 13 written inside a spiderweb to create a spooky feeling. This tattoo looks best on the forearm.

Traditional 13 Tattoo

Traditional 13 Tattoo


This tattoo features the number 13 in the traditional American tattoo style. The tattoo is done with some muted colors with a bold black outline. This tattoo can be accompanied by other elements in the traditional style.

13 Finger Tattoo

13 Finger Tattoo


Similar to the hand tattoo, the 13-finger tattoo features the number 13 on the finger. Although you can add some good details on the fingers, we’d suggest you keep things minimal with a single-needle tattoo to avoid much pain.

How To Get a Splendid 13 Tattoo

The video shows the process of getting a 13 tattoo on the legs. To start the process, the tattoo artist cleans out the workspace with some sanitizer and prints the stencil on the legs. Then the artist moves on to trace the design with a fine-line needle. Finally, the artist completes the details and highlights with a broader-sized needle before cleaning out the finished tattoo.

If you are looking to get a simple 13 tattoo on the legs, then this video shows you the exact steps, instructions, and the process of getting the tattoo. But if you are looking for a 13 tattoo in general, then this is a good representation of that too.


You might still have some questions after going through our list of 13 tattoos. So, here are some frequently asked questions so that you can look at the answers at a glance.

Q: Is 13 tattoos really unlucky?

Answer: Although the number 13 has been associated with bad luck and is said to bring misfortune, there is no proof that the 13 tattoo is unlucky. So, you can go for the tattoo if you want.

Q: How much does a 13 tattoo cost?

Answer: The cost of the tattoo depends on the location, complexity, and design of your tattoo. The price also depends on the reputation and expertise of your tattoo artist. But on average, the 13 tattoos can cost anything from $100 to a couple thousand dollars.


Whether you want to show good luck or bad fortune through your 13 tattoos, the tattoo has a rich history. You can get the tattoo to show the different meanings or even for the historical implications.

If you are looking to get a 13 tattoo for yourself, there are a lot of options out there. From simple to complex designs, from only the number 13 to sophisticated designs with symbols and letters, this tattoo can be done in a variety of styles.

But it all boils down to your preference and interpretation of the meaning of the tattoo. So make sure you get a tattoo that is uniquely yours and that you can connect to.

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