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220 Bat Tattoos to rejuvenate feelings of Optimism

The appearance of an animal can always work in one’s favor when it’s incorporated into a tattoo. Apart from their exceptional visuals and unique features, each animal tends to carry a different meaning and symbolism, which often comes in as a bonus to tattoo enthusiasts.

Over the years, while the popularity of horse tattoos surely led the way, it had to take on multiple other contenders every now and then to secure its position as the most popular animal tattoo. One of the opponents which still comes as an intimidating challenger is the bat tattoo.

Bat tattoos are sought after partially due to their flexibility, but mostly because of the compelling meaning they often comprise. In this article, in addition to revealing the multiple variants through which a bat tattoo can be showcased, we will take a closer insight into the meaning bat tattoos carry and the demographic they cater to. We hope you find the following segments useful enough to take notes from and learn about bat tattoos, especially if you’re planning to get one soon.

Revealing the meaning and symbolism of bat tattoos

Bat tattoo 1

While many see bat tattoos as a sign of fear, contrary to popular belief, bat tattoos are rather beneficial for spiritual growth and are more positive than people perceive them to be.

When all is said and done, bat tattoos symbolize reincarnation, which is often used in a figurative manner to help the wearer when they turn over a new leaf. It works as a source of positivity while also acting as a source of guidance at all times.

Bats also act as messengers and can be used to shed light on one’s innermost desires. They also convey signs of strength and wisdom, which can aid the wearer in every aspect of life.

Additionally, bats also help with healing. Whether one’s recovering from childhood trauma or unresolved feelings of frustration, a bat tattoo can surely be a reliable sidekick to lean on day and night.

Bat Tattoo Ideas For Increasing Enjoyment in 2023

A feature that makes a bat tattoo rise above its competition is the flexibility and freedom it offers to the wearer. From small to large, from visually presentable to minimalistic, here are all the enticing options of bat tattoos that will surely present anyone with a positive outcome.  

Traditional Bat Tattoo

Traditional bat tattoo

A common requirement for many could be a tattoo that has staggering visuals, and if that seems to be the case for you as well, then a traditional bat tattoo will be sufficient.

Appearance-wise, it has everything that a desirable tattoo contains. The bloodshot color for instance, definitely allows the other vibrant colors to look appealing. Through the assistance of the vibrant colors and the red shadow, the neutral color scheme of the bat looks crystal clear.

Additionally, due to this option’s flexibility, the placement can be based on one’s preferences. However, for best results, we’d like to recommend packed areas such as the neck and the wrist.

Small Bat Tattoo

Small bat tattoo

A small bat tattoo can also be a good pick for you if you like designs that highlight the beauty of minimalism. It comes with a small procedure for installation, usually contains monochromatic images, and tends to look sublime when placed in delicate areas.

Additionally, due to the basic groundwork this entry comes with, a small bat tattoo is also a good way for people to start their tattoo journey. Since the symbolism is pretty lenient, the tattoo is always open to readjustments and can be transformed into something more meaningful in the long run.

Bat Wings Tattoo

Bat wings tattoo

Bat wings are also incorporated in a tattoo on a regular basis, and the reason behind it could be the different message the design tends to convey.

Just like most wing tattoos, the wings of a bat represent freedom. It is often used as a symbol of celebrating new beginnings, particularly for overcoming hardship and days of struggle.

The design implemented for this option is also a beneficial feature of this tattoo. Although the outcome mostly consists of flowers and a vibrant color scheme, those with a knack for neutral colors can also turn the illustration into a monochromatic image.

Fruit Bat Tattoo

Fruit bat tattoo

To separate yourself from other bat enthusiasts, think outside the box and get a fruit bat tattoo. While the symbolism is hardly any different than that of a normal bat, a fruit bat is a bit more girth than its counterpart.

When obtained as a tattoo, apart from incorporating the visuals of a fruit bat, one can also incorporate a list of fruits into the tattoo to make it easier for spectators to comprehend.

Simple Bat Tattoo

Simple bat tattoo

A bat tattoo can also be showcased as a simple sketch tattoo to meet the cravings of those that are looking for a subtle option.

The figure is plain and tends to mesh with the faded effect incorporated by a pencil. The structure is also pretty small in terms of size, making spots like the area behind the ear and the ankle the perfect contenders for placing this design.

Cute Bat Tattoo

Cute bat tattoo

If you’re seeking an option that will increase your appeal, then a cute bat tattoo should surely be taken into consideration.

Consisting of a soft color palette with pastel borders, a cute bat tattoo often underplays the deep symbolism that a bat carries by highlighting the positives. It is a great option to embrace your feminine energy as well as a compelling match for those that are known for being laidback.

Bat Tattoo on Neck

Bat tattoo on neck

The image of a bat can also be incorporated in the visuals of a neck tattoo. In addition to looking crystal clear, the final outcome will comprise a design that will highlight the most complex areas of a bat.

The sketch used for this option is also massive in size as opposed to that of the other entries, which can be beneficial for those with an experimental attitude.

Vampire Bat Tattoo

Vampire bat tattoo

A bat tattoo often stands out when the tattoo prioritizes the visuals. A prime example of it is this variant that features an animated bat in a vampire costume.

The bright red and charcoal black color combination of the suit can really fascinate the minds of many. The pastel pink tone of the bowtie can be just as delightful to look at from afar.

Moreover, the cartoon-like bat can also be a favorable installment if you don’t want the symbolism to portray something too meaningful and are just introducing a bat tattoo to your arsenal for the humorous graphic.

Hanging Bat Tattoo

Hanging bat tattoo

A safe option to consider before getting a bat tattoo could be this entry, which contains a monochromatic palette with an extraordinary pattern.

Even though spots like the wrist as well as the bicep could bring optimal results to the table, the design of this option can be introduced anywhere without an issue.

Furthermore, if you seem to like the image but aren’t keen about the basic combination of colors used for this variant, you’re more than welcome to replace it with a striking series of colors.

Bat Skeleton Tattoo

Bat skeleton tattoo

Getting a hollow figure of a bat could also favor an avid tattoo enthusiast in many ways. The complex structure of the animal when fused with a colorless theme can bring in lucid visuals.

The graphic can also be cropped if it’s too sizable and transformed into an image that is more manageable for placement. While areas like the collarbone can do this option some justice, wider areas like the back can also bring to the table a desirable outcome.

Flying Bat Tattoo

Flying bat tattoo

The freedom that bats tend to symbolize can also be displayed through the means of a flying bat tattoo.

Mostly ideal for areas that are as private as the spot under the rib, a flying bat tattoo often comes with a color scheme that looks sophisticated and elegant. The wings of the bat can be used as a metaphor of entering a new chapter, but can also be implemented to highlight the joy of reaching a new milestone.

Bat Face Tattoo

Bat face tattoo

A portrait tattoo, also known as a bat face tattoo, is the right option for you if your main aim is to obtain an image with presentability and color. While terrifying to some, this bat face tattoo could fascinate those that appreciate the tiniest details incorporated into an image.

In addition to the marvelous wings, another selling point of this variation are the whiskers and the jet black and white color scheme used for the eyes.

Realistic Bat Tattoo

Realistic bat tattoo

A three dimensional figure can woo the eyes of many, especially if it’s a bat tattoo! Prominent features like the eyes, the large wings, as well as the silhouette of a bat can be showcased perfectly through the means of a realistic bat tattoo.

Moreover, since this variant will contain an image with maximized details, one might have to clear up their schedule and attend almost four sessions to recreate the illustration perfectly.

Gothic Bat Tattoo

Gothic bat tattoo

To change the demeanor of a bat tattoo tremendously, one can surely take into account every aspect of a gothic bat tattoo.

Involving an artwork with neutral colors and a faded effect, a gothic bat tattoo isn’t just an entry that will fascinate those that admire intimidating designs, but could also be a logical option for minimalists as well.

Since this too is rather flexible in contrast to most variants, the placement of this option is subjective.

Bat and Moon Tattoo

Bat and Moon tattoo

The symbolism of a moon is eerily similar to that of a bat. It tends to symbolize growth and change, both of which can be found in the meaning of a bat. This similarity amongst the two can be further celebrated through the means of a tattoo.

On top of an enhanced sentimental value, a bat and moon tattoo has an artwork to behold. The moon is usually placed in the background to allow the skeleton of the bat to shine, but can also be placed adjacent to the bat to make each component stand out effortlessly.

Bat Outline Tattoo

Bat outline tattoo

A stencil tattoo, also known as a bat outline tattoo, is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to showcase the beauty behind a bat’s structure. The clear image often looks sublime regardless of the area selected for placement, and can definitely make the wearer the star of the show.

Japanese Bat Tattoo

Japanese bat tattoo

Because of the cultural influence and the unique paint job that makes up japanese artwork, a Japanese bat tattoo could be more than enough for a fanatic to make changes to their lifestyle. The image tends to consist of flowers in addition to a bat, which could often be perceived as a sign of positivity.

The color tone can also be a good incentive to take into account for this tattoo as it features an array of soft colors that isn’t too dull nor loud enough to be intelligible.

Bat Cat Tattoo

Bat cat tattoo

Thinking outside the box and creating an artwork which has the physical aspects of a bat as well as that of a cat could also be a good way of displaying your love for bat tattoos. The wings of a bat when combined with a cat can bring to the table an image that will look soothing, and pleasant color coordination.

Furthermore, due to the meaning that a cat symbolizes, which portrays resilience, obtaining this tattoo can allow an individual to feel more courageous and empowered when overcoming adversity.

Bat Sleeve Tattoo

Bat Sleeve Tattoo

If you want a bat tattoo that will always be an open palette and can be readjusted gradually, you may as well take into account the features of this option.

A sleeve tattoo can be desirable for one of two reasons. Firstly, since it is remarkably spacious, one can stretch the design out as much as possible without being worried about a botched outcome.

Secondly, since the area around the sleeve consists of various muscle tissues, obtaining a bat tattoo won’t require a person to go through an excruciating amount of pain; a feature that can bring smiles to the faces of first timers.

Watercolor Bat Tattoo

Watercolor bat tattoo

Make use of your creative thinking to the fullest by obtaining a watercolor bat tattoo! Comprising a soft color palette, this entry seems to be the fan favorite on most occasions due the compatibility of the vibrant colors used in the background and the neutral color scheme of the bat.

Additionally, this option is a good choice for you if you want a source of encouragement at all times. Placing it on exposed spots such as the wrist won’t just remind you to be in touch with your feelings of optimism, but can also make you the recipient of a positive reception.

Bat Tattoo On Hand

Bat tattoo on hand

If you aren’t ashamed to show the world about the things you believe in and showcase the admiration you have for the symbolism a bat carries, incorporate a tattoo on your hand. The area is extremely spacious which can be advantageous if you’re seeking a tattoo with clear visuals.

While the artwork will take some time to mirror and might also bring to the table a considerable amount of pain, placing a tattoo on the hand will surely pay off in the long run when the paint job refuses to fade.

More Staggering Bat Tattoos With Favorable Visuals!

While we’re confident in the potential of the list that was provided in the previous segment, we somehow feel that the versatility of bat tattoos deserve more recognition and appreciation. Therefore, to take things to the next level, here’s another list of bat tattoos that will surely allow you to break through your tendency of being indecisive!

Bat tattoo 3

Bat tattoo 2

Bat tattoo 4

Bat tattoo 5

Bat tattoo 6

Bat tattoo 7

Bat tattoo 8

Bat tattoo 9

Bat tattoo 10

Bat tattoo 11

Bat tattoo 12

Bat tattoo 13

Bat tattoo 14

Bat tattoo 15

Bat tattoo 17

Bat tattoo 18

Bat tattoo 19

Bat tattoo 21

Bat tattoo 20

Bat tattoo 22

Bat tattoo 23

Bat tattoo 24

Bat tattoo 25

Bat tattoo 27

Bat tattoo 26

Bat tattoo 29

Bat tattoo 30

Bat tattoo 31

Bat tattoo 32

Bat tattoo 33

Bat tattoo 34

Bat tattoo 35

Bat tattoo 36

Bat tattoo 38

Bat tattoo 39

Bat tattoo 40

Bat tattoo 41

Bat tattoo 42

Bat tattoo 43

Bat tattoo 44

Bat tattoo 45

Bat tattoo 46

Bat tattoo 47

Bat tattoo 48

Bat tattoo 49

Bat tattoo 50

Bat tattoo 51

Bat tattoo 52

Bat tattoo 53

Bat tattoo 54

Bat tattoo 55

Bat tattoo 56

Bat tattoo 57

Bat tattoo 59

Bat tattoo 60

Bat tattoo 61

Bat tattoo 62

Bat tattoo 63

Bat tattoo 64

Bat tattoo 65

Bat tattoo 66

Bat tattoo 67

Bat tattoo 68

Bat tattoo 70

Bat tattoo 69

Bat tattoo 71

Bat tattoo 73

Bat tattoo 72

Bat tattoo 75

Bat tattoo 74

Bat tattoo 76

Bat tattoo 78

Bat tattoo 77

Bat tattoo 79

Bat tattoo 81

Bat tattoo 80

Bat tattoo 82

Bat tattoo 84

Bat tattoo 83

Bat tattoo 85

Bat tattoo 87

Bat tattoo 86

Bat tattoo 89

Bat tattoo 88

Bat tattoo 90

Bat tattoo 92

Bat tattoo 91

Bat tattoo 94

Bat tattoo 93

Bat tattoo 95

Bat tattoo 97

Bat tattoo 96

Bat tattoo 99

Bat tattoo 98

Bat tattoo 100

Bat tattoo 101

Bat tattoo 103

Bat tattoo 104

Bat tattoo 105

Bat tattoo 106

Bat tattoo 107

Bat tattoo 108

Bat tattoo 109

Bat tattoo 111

Bat tattoo 110

Bat tattoo 112

Bat tattoo 114

Bat tattoo 113

Bat tattoo 115

Bat tattoo 116

Bat tattoo 117

Bat tattoo 118

Bat tattoo 119

Bat tattoo 120

Bat tattoo 121

Bat tattoo 122

Bat tattoo 123

Bat tattoo 124

Bat tattoo 125

Bat tattoo 126

Bat tattoo 127

Bat tattoo 128

Bat tattoo 129

Bat tattoo 130

Bat tattoo 131

Bat tattoo 133

Bat tattoo 132

Bat tattoo 134

Bat tattoo 136

Bat tattoo 135

Bat tattoo 137

Bat tattoo 138

Bat tattoo 139

Bat tattoo 140

Bat tattoo 141

Bat tattoo 142

Bat tattoo 144

Bat tattoo 143

Bat tattoo 145

Bat tattoo 147

Bat tattoo 146

Bat tattoo 148

Bat tattoo 149

Bat tattoo 150

Bat tattoo 151

Bat tattoo 153

Bat tattoo 152

Bat tattoo 154

Bat tattoo 156

Bat tattoo 155

Bat tattoo 158

Bat tattoo 157

Bat tattoo 159

Bat tattoo 160

Bat tattoo 161

Bat tattoo 162

Bat tattoo 163

Bat tattoo 164

Bat tattoo 165

Bat tattoo 166

Bat tattoo 167

Bat tattoo 168

Bat tattoo 169

Bat tattoo 170

Bat tattoo 171

Bat tattoo 172

Bat tattoo 173

Bat tattoo 174

Bat tattoo 176

Bat tattoo 175

Bat tattoo 177

Bat tattoo 179

Bat tattoo 178

Bat tattoo 180

Bat tattoo 181

Bat tattoo 182

Bat tattoo 183

Bat tattoo 184

Bat tattoo 185

Bat tattoo 186

Bat tattoo 187

Bat tattoo 188

Bat tattoo 189

Bat tattoo 191

Bat tattoo 190

Bat tattoo 192

Bat tattoo 193

Bat tattoo 194

Bat tattoo 195

Bat tattoo 196

Bat tattoo 197

Bat tattoo 198

Bat tattoo 199

Bat tattoo 200

Bat tattoo 201

Bat tattoo 202

Bat tattoo 203

Bottom Line

All things considered, even though a bat tattoo is mainly meant for those that are seeking a source of encouragement before giving themselves a fresh start, the visuals fused with the symbolism it holds make them eligible for anyone and everyone.

Furthermore, for achieving long term satisfaction, make sure to pick a variant that speaks to you in a spiritual way and reminds you of your personality. Indeed, regardless of how big or small, a tattoo’s main aim is to make a person more comfortable in their own skin.

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