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38 Trending Gothic Tattoo Ideas With Sublime Designs!

Darker, enigmatic, and sometimes horrific concepts are common in the common and popular style known as gothic. Exquisite patterns, features and quality, and a variety of symbols that represent the gothic style are frequently seen on such tattoos. It has gained attention for the ink motif even if gothic tattoos are still not commonly seen.

Both men and women are capable of sporting gothic tattoos. Black ink and other shadows are often frequently used to create Gothic tattoo designs. Gothic tattoos frequently use strong lines and shadowing methods for a striking, slightly elevated appearance.

We will talk about Gothic tattoos with its meanings and their tattoo ideas in this essay. Also, we’ll talk about the significance of Gothic tattoos, and you’ll get to see a range of various Gothic styles and designs. Finally, we wish you luck in finding motivation and suggestions for your personal tattoo design.

Gothic Tattoo Meaning

Gothic Tattoo Meaning


The 18th Century gave rise to a body of work known as “gothic,” which was defined by its use of dark, enigmatic, and sometimes gruesome concepts. In modern civilization, a counterculture that is connected to the gothic style, encompassing music, dress, and tattoos, is sometimes referred to as “gothic.”

According to the particular style and significance employed, gothic tattoos can symbolize a variety of things.There are some particular patterns and forms that are incorporated into gothic tattoos. Old English is typically used for the letters on gothic tattoos, which are typically performed in black ink. Gothic songs, movies, and televisions are occasionally linked to the tattoo. A number of various symbols are frequently connected to Gothic tattoos.

Horror, deterioration, and the horrific are some prominent motifs in gothic tattoos, as are motifs of revolt and queerness. Skeletons, crossbones, and other violence symbols may also be present in these tattoos in addition to additional mysterious or mystical iconography. In conclusion, the interpretation of a gothic ink will vary depending on the bearer and the tattoo’s particular design.

Trending New Designs For Gothic Tattoo!

In the perspective of today, anything gothic supports darkness or killing. So this is presumably why black is used in the majority of gothic tattoo ideas. Black is a symbol for the evil, dark part of the cosmos. It’s fascinating to take into account that gothic tattoos are really popular right now. They exude an atmosphere unlike any other.

As the whole tattoo design is thematic and the Gothic ideas have many variations, it is difficult to find your personal favorite design. As the meaning is clear till now, it will be easy for you to choose a motif to start with your ideas and finally design. So here are the top notch and most trending designs of Gothic tattoos, I specially researched this particular Gothic tattoo and tried to present you the best possible!

Gothic Font Tattoo

Gothic Font Tattoo


Between 1200 and 1500, the font style known as Gothic was quite common. The phrase was first employed by the Italians to describe the “brutal” Calligraphic fonts. As the days go by, the amount of fonts are increasing in the modern world and people are discovering more calligraphy words and many other ancient fonts.

You can see the Gothic font tattoo on the biceps in the image above, this is the original font of the Gothic version, this particular font is really popular for its dark appearance. The shades are quite darker and the letters are bold.

Usually, only Black Ink is used in terms of Gothic Font tattoo, but you may use colors keeping the font design same. As the letters are in blocks, the design is quite bold so it is better to place the tattoo somewhere bigger on the spot.

Gothic Cross Tattoo

Gothic cross tattoo


One common tattooed sign in the Gothic style is the Gothic cross tattoos. And mainly  the Celtic cross ranks among the most well-liked designs for gothic tattoos. Individuals that acquire this tattoo either have a strong commitment to Christianity, a deep admiration for Celtic culture, or both. This tattoo represents the model’s belief in the supreme being.

The tattoo mainly contains a cross, but the speciality of Gothic Cross is the pattern is different from an usual cross shaped design. Have a closer look in the photo here, you can see a cross on her thigh, but the design is in Gothic form.

So you may design your cross according to your own style, just maintain the pattern of Gothic. The shades are black and darker usually as this is one of the main features of a gothic tattoo.

Gothic Spider Tattoo

Gothic spider tattoo


The classic spider or spider web tattoo might represent a challenge the person has faced and overcame in their life. In a navy setting, seamen could ink this image to express their desire to return back to the house, with the cobweb signifying their prolonged waiting.

Though Hand tattoos are painful to bear, here the Spider is perfectly placed as this type of designs are suitable for a spot like this. Also in the dark world, spiders represent as a dark satire also as a symbol, so many gothic fans use the spider tattoo with a dark tone.

As a Gothic Spider tattoo, the tone and shades are of course darker, but you can add some related tones like deep red or violet type of color to bring more Gothic vibe in the tattoos.

Gothic Butterfly Tattoo

Gothic butterfly tattoo


The butterfly is a well-known metaphor for trust, change, and liberty and is a model of stunning beauty. The butterfly has previously also been intimately associated with feminine beauty and emotional intimacy, which explains the prominence of butterfly tattoo ideas.

Though a Black Butterfly symbolizes the opposite meaning that is discussed above, generally Gothic Butterfly tattoos come in black also in the design here, you can see a skull in the wings of the butterfly which completely resembles the Gothic style.

You can have your own version of Gothic Butterfly tattoos, also you can take ideas from our other Butterfly Tattoo articles.

Gothic Sleeve Tattoo

Gothic sleeve tattoo


Sleeve tattoos are always the best option for a large design or if you want to present a whole scenario. This makes a particularly wonderful choice for trying to keep expenses down on a sleeve whereas most Gothic tattoos usually employ black and gray shades.

Just use the shadow method to discreetly bring additional pictures to focus if you don’t really care about long hours in the chair. Instead, if you are interested in incorporating flawless skin, consider using a smokey technique to simulate a tattoo emerging from the sky.

A Gothic tattoo sleeve can maintain something creepy close at hand regardless of the imagery you choose. As in the design here, you can see a lot of Gothic subjects which are perfectly placed on the Sleeve.

Gothic Raven Tattoo

Gothic raven tattoo


The raven represents knowledge and insight. This tattoo may stand for both the person’s positive and negative traits. In some parts of the world, it also symbolizes death or omen of bad fortune. So clearly the concept synchronized well with the Gothic themes.

A Raven or a Crow is a popular symbol for a Gothic tattoo. You can add more subjects related to the symbolic meanings, but as a Crow or Raven itself is Black color, so the design always comes in a black shade.

In the image above, you can see the black Raven with a gothic design Window and the estimated time for this tattoo was 4 hours. So now you can assume the amount of time depends on a design like this.

Gothic Rose Tattoo

Gothic rose tattoo


The roses have stood for splendor and affection for many years. In order to express their affection and reverence for this ageless emblem, individuals have also been obtaining rose tattoos for nearly as many years.

Speciality of a Gothic Rose tattoo is perfectly seen in the picture here, you can see the color here is a deep violet, but if you have a closer look, you can see spider webs around the rose, which holds the texture of the Gothic vibe. So this is how you can turn any Roses to Gothic patterns.

Gothic Dagger Tattoo

Gothic dagger tattoo 1


Gothic dagger tattoo 2


A dagger tattoo might well stand for both the good characteristics we possess as well as any hardships we may face in life, the greatest of which being end. A dagger is a sign of defense, courage, and compromise in addition to being a depiction of treachery, sorrow, and threat.

Gothic dagger tattoo is actually a classic design, and it could be of various designs, you can put webs or any hands of witches or something which has a scary vibe, and put a dagger there, then you could have your Gothic dagger tattoo.

Gothic Lettering Tattoo

Gothic lettering tattoo


We discussed the Gothic fonts earlier on, here this is almost the same thing, here lettering means, writing a sentence or a word with the help of a Gothic font. Any type of letter with a Gothic font actually represents the Gothic Lettering tattoo.

Here you can see in the image, “insanity’’ is written but the font is quite different and for more gothic vibes, there is a pair of eyes from which blood is spilling. These sort of tattoos are the perfect example for a Gothic lettering tattoo.

 Gothic Architecture Tattoo

Gothic architecture tattoo


Although gothic is a diverse structural genre, its spiritual aim is what unites it. The bulk of Gothic structures that have endured were constructed for God’s glorification. Most of the Gothic Architectures are found in the medieval period, as the design was first introduced at that time.

There are many fans around who are particularly fans of gothic structure and also follow God’s manner differently, usually people like them go for the Gothic Architecture tattoo. This tattoo is very difficult in terms of design, so it is better to consult with an experienced Tattoo artist before you go for this tattoo design.

 Gothic Angel Tattoo

Gothic angel tattoo 1


Gothic angel tattoo 2


Angels frequently stand for joy, affection, wisdom, and guardianship, however it can also convey a more depressing connotation. Consider the black angel, who may be thought of as the antithesis of the lighthearted angel. Usually this type of design is preferred more by girls rather than boys.

Gothic Angel tattoo has a special feature, it does not look like the innocent faced angel vibe, rather it has dark tones than the regular designs. The angel looks more sad or depressed in case of a Gothic Angel tattoo.

Gothic Castle Tattoo

Gothic castle tattoo


When you hear about history or listen to a story of a medieval period, automatically the scenes of castles are in front of your eyes. The structures of these castles are quite different, mainly known as Gothic structures due to their unique designs.

Though it sounds really interesting, when you search for Castle tattoos, you will surely be surprised with the design. The design is really complicated as the Castles have pinpoint details for which the Gothic vibe is sensed in these Castles. Comparatively you need larger space like sleeve, forearms, shoulder or the back side of the body to represent a full Gothic Castle tattoo.

Victorian Gothic Tattoo

Victorian gothic tattoo


Basically during the Victorian period, the Gothic terms were first introduced. The Gothic design was then mostly seen in the building structure like, Cathedral, Churches, School and other important building structures. Usually the Gothic patterns destroyed the Roman designs eventually.

In the image, you can see a lady from the Victorian period, but she is holding her own head with an umbrella. This concept of style of design is the Gothic tattoo. So you can actually take any topic or subject from the Victorian period, and add some Gothic features for a Victorian Gothic tattoo.

Gothic Fairy Tattoo

Gothic fairy tattoo


A female fairy with Gothic features is mainly known as the Gothic Fairy tattoo. Just as the gothic fairy is only a female fairy with a gothic character, the tattoo signifies the fact that you’re a strong individual with a secret wild side. A Gothic fairy tattoo is a gloomy interpretation of this whimsical and bright motif and might signify a separation from childhood.

This design is mainly loved by the ladies, and those who love a gothic lifestyle, they prefer to go for a design like this. An innocent girl holding a skull, though it sounds weird, but these are mainly the features of a Gothic Fairy tattoo.

Gothic Bat Tattoo

Gothic bat tattoo


Depending on how it is drawn, a tattoo of a bat may represent a variety of subjects. Bat tattoos are frequently interpreted as signs of fortune, longevity, and contentment. It may additionally be viewed as representations of terror and gloom. In the case of a Gothic design, it represents fear, despair etc.

Bat itself is a subject of Gothic themes, the upside down of a Boat looks really scary and perfectly matches the Gothic theme also with its dark black shades. You can add any type of dark colors to your Gothic Bat tattoo.

Gothic Flower Tattoo

Gothic flower tattoo


Flowers are actually the symbol of love, beauty and innocence, but in terms of a Gothic flower, it becomes the opposite of what it actually meant. Gothic are mainly presumed as evil or bad so the combination of a flower with Gothic attributes is really depressing.

The image shows a flower with Gothic texture, usually these shades are used for a genuine gothic theme. So you can actually use any of your favorite flowers and use the Gothic features for a perfect Gothic flower tattoo.

 Gothic Cat Tattoo

Gothic cat tattoo


Cats Stand for Persistence and also the Cats are thought to have nine life spans for a specific purpose. That’s because cats are symbolic of resiliency, and many individuals opt to have cat tattoos, especially on their paws, as a sign of good fortune and living beyond dying.

The Gothic tattoo here in the image is really a scary one with horns on its head. It is actually a devil cat, which is obviously the best example of a Gothic Cat tattoo. In my opinion, you can use any dark tones in this design, just maintain the gothic attributes like this, the design will automatically be perfect.

Gothic Girl Tattoo

Gothic girl tattoo


The Gothic pattern is well liked by many cultures around the world. Not only the boys, but the girls are also fond of the Gothic theme. The dark style includes black nail polish, black lipstick, in a word the whole appearance comes in dark shades.

The tattoo here is quite complicated and the Gothic girl is crying blood out of her eyes and also there are cathedrals which is a pure symbol for a gothic tattoo.

Gothic Dragon Tattoo

Gothic dragon tattoo


Dragon tattoos are famous from the beginning of the tattoo industry. The design is so exquisite you can not avoid it. The mix of a Dragon tattoo with the Gothic theme is the new trend and the people are going crazy over it.

If you want an example you can have here in the tattoo above of a Gothic Dragon tattoo. If you want more designs on Dragon tattoo then check our other articles for more options.

Gothic Gargoyle Tattoo

Gothic gargoyle tattoo


Gargoyle mainly symbolizes the win over the devil. Basically it was first designed in the French structures during the middle age. Gargoyle is a hybrid fantasy animal which is actually derived from Greek mythology. The head of the animal is lion shaped and the body is goat shaped where the tail looks like a snake’s one.

Though the design here is a mixed theme of Halloween and Gothic Gargoyle tattoo. As the design is mixed, you can use any sort of color which suits best for the design.

 Gothic Traditional Tattoo

Gothic traditional tattoo


The look of a traditional tattoo is always different when you take a first look. Generally there are flowers in the Traditional tattoo designs. The design is colorful and full of different patterns. In the picture you can see a ghost with a simple gesture towards a flower and the whole theme is based on Gothic Traditional tattoo.

Gothic Leg Tattoo

Gothic leg tattoo


Placement wise Gothic Leg tattoo is a popular spot as there is enough space and you can think of large designs here. Mainly those who like to wear shorts or want to show their beautiful legs, they usually go for the Gothic Leg tattoo. Tattoo here in the image is a huge skull with Gothic shapes which gives a frightening vibe.

Gothic Moth Tattoo

Gothic moth tattoo


Moths actually symbolize healing from the past. Those who have issues from the past and almost want to have a taste for death, they actually like the Gothic Moth tattoo. The design is quite dark and you can have your own design in the body of the Moth. You can check our article on Death Moth Tattoos for more alluring designs.

Gothic Mermaid Tattoo

Gothic mermaid tattoo


A mermaid tattoo has deep symbolism, standing for strength, majesty, enchantment, boldness, and a bond with the universe. You can put a mermaid with dark shades then with a slight change in the mood it can be turned into a Gothic Mermaid tattoo.

As the tattoo demands a large design so it is better to use a spot which has a considerable amount of space like the Gothic Mermaid tattoo in the image done in the legs, similarly it can be done in shoulders, backside, chest etc.

Gothic Neck Tattoo

Gothic neck tattoo


Neck is considered as one of the most painful areas of the body for a tattoo. Usually gothic designs are full of details and the dark shades are used heavily for the pure gothic gestures. So such a detailed tattoo on the neck is quite painful but if you are determined and have an idea about this, then you can surely go out for the Gothic neck tattoo as well.

Tribal Gothic Tattoo

Tribal gothic tattoo


These patterns were formerly a means of expressing a group’s tribal background or ethnicity. They have a multitude of cultural importance and moreover look wonderful. Tribal tattoos are quite common, no matter where they are applied. In the image here, the tribal pattern is slightly different with the Gothic shades if you have a closer look at the tattoo.

Gothic Number Tattoo

Gothic number tattoo


This tattoo is easy and simple, all you need to do is choose the right number for you and put some gothic fonts there you go with the perfect Gothic Number tattoos. As the fonts are a bit complicated to understand, but if you want to keep the gothic concept, then this is the only way. The numbers look totally different with the Gothic fonts.

 Gothic Owl Tattoo

Gothic owl tattoo


Several characteristics, like intelligence, mysticism, and wizardry, can be represented by an owl tattoo. Owls are frequently connected to eternal life and regarded as divine advisors in Native American traditions. For me this is an extremely complicated tattoo as the Owl itself is a difficult design and when you add gothic attributes it becomes more tough to put the perfect Gothic Owl tattoo.

Gothic Unicorn Tattoo

Gothic unicorn tattoo


Gothic Unicorn tattoo design is mainly a black horse with a horn and the look is deadly. A perfect example is given in the picture. Perfect placements for a Gothic Unicorn tattoo can be in the Arms, forearms, legs, thighs, shoulders. These places are chosen usually for big designs like our Unicorn tattoo. Difficult is to put the Gothic pattern in the designs which consist of black ink and dark ink shades.

Gothic Vampire Tattoo

Gothic vampire tattoo


The vampire may be the Gothic novel’s most significant and pervasive cultural effect. The name “vampire,” which has Slavic origins, refers to a supernatural entity with a malicious character who seeks sustenance and harms living things by draining their blood. Vampire is the perfect subject for a gothic design as meaningfully and also with the look of the Vampire.

Gothic Heart Tattoo

Gothic heart tattoo


If you are thinking of a Gothic Heart tattoo, you have an ocean of examples in the design. The tattoo here is a combination of tribal patterns with a Heart in Gothic concepts. So you can actually combine such designs with a change of subject and put it with a Heart shaped design meaningfully. Though hearts came with different colors in other tattoo designs, for Gothic characteristics the black Ink is a must.

Gothic Moon Tattoo

Gothic moon tattoo 1


Gothic moon tattoo 2


Crescent moons  specifically signify maternity and reproduction, however multiple distinct groups contend the emblem. It can also represent development, originality, and expression. The tattoo here is an example of a crescent moon but you can see in the curve it is showing a human skull which is the characteristic of a Gothic design.

Gothic Skull Tattoo

Gothic skull tattoo


For several people, a Gothic skull tattoo might represent a joyous life whereas other individuals believe it represents death, the hereafter, and conflict. Particularly for a gothic skull tattoo, it symbolizes death in special. Those who are fond of the skull, they can surely go for this tattoo but you have to put the design in dark shades most preferably in Black Inks.

 Gothic Tree Tattoo

Gothic tree tattoo


Usually in a Gothic tree tattoo, the trees are more likely dead or living for thousands of years. There are many magical trees in the fantasy world of many stories, movies from which people get attached and they go for the Gothic tree tattoo. As the gothic symbols are different so when you apply this on the tree, it becomes clearer of the design. In this design also you have to use the Black shades for best possible result.

Check Out The Gothic Tattoo With Expert’s Touch

It feels far better when you get to see your desired tattoo how it is done. If you are considering a full forearm gothic tattoo, then check out the video which I shared from one of my friends, who is an expert in Gothic designs.


There still remain some questions regarding gothic designs which are reviewed and come to mind frequently. Here are some of the important answers of some frequently asked questions.

Q: When were the Gothic designs first used?

Ans: In the middle age, there was a boom in the renaissance, since then the important buildings and structures like the church, cathedral, castles were built on Gothic designs. Since then the Gothic began to flourish.

Q: Are Gothic Tattoos Dark tattoos?

Ans: As the Dark tattoo mainly represents the tattoos which are only done by black inks. Also the main theme of Gothic tattoos are also done by black shades so yes Gothic tattoos are considered to be Dark tattoos.

Q: What is the meaning of a Gothic tattoo?

Ans: Generally there are no symbolic exact meanings of a gothic tattoo. It is actually a style or pattern, which follows some characteristics so any subject can be turned into a Gothic style tattoo with its specific shades.


Similar to how black is regarded as the primary hue for gothic, the attractiveness of Gothic tattoo ideas is that they’re never going to truly become outdated in style. Contrarily, Gothic tattoos look and feel like a classic, well-fitting outfit. They constitute a window onto the old and a sign of what is to venture.

Gothic tattoos have been popular for a long time and people nowadays look for mixing designs so the demand is never ending. Though it is difficult to choose your desired tattoo, hopefully you have found your design as almost all the parts are covered for a Gothic tattoo.

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