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81 Awe-Inspiring Santa Muerte Tattoo Ideas to Achieve Self-Discipline

Amongst the various types of people in this world lies a spectrum that is solely devoted to their religion. Among them lies a cult that is unconditionally devoted to Nuestra Senora De La Santa, also known as Santa Muerta. A goddess that symbolizes death, the Santa Muerte is worshiped by people across the southern portion of North America, mostly by the people based in Mexico.

While the appearance of it might make a bystander or a spectator feel nothing but uneasy, the reason why this cult has gained a massive following is due to the Santa Muerte’s association with healing, protection, and the afterlife.

Followers of the cult find hope when investing their faith in Santa Muerte and usually look forward to a positive future and life after death.

Apart from the massive amount of followers it has in the renowned areas of Mexico, the goddess is also known for having a huge influence in the darker regions of the country. Criminal organizations that partake in drug trafficking usually worship Santa Muerte in hopes of ensuring safety and achieving illegitimate wealth.

This is one of the reasons why most Santa Muerte designs are blacklisted in the tattoo world. People tend to believe that most members of the cult ask for protection due to the heinous crimes they commit in life, making the Santa Muerte the most misinterpreted symbol in the tattoo industry today.

81 La Santa Muerte Tattoo Designs To Ensure Spiritual Growth

When the influence it had in shaping the black market isn’t added to the mix, La Santa Muerte is definitely seen as a goddess that boosts self-esteem, growth, and symbolizes something which is ridiculously wholesome and reeks of positivity at the same time.

In terms of visuals, Santa Muerte contains a skeletal figure of a female in a robe that is usually full of vibrant colors. She usually carries multiple objects with her, but none of the objects amount to anything nor add to what the tattoo symbolizes.
Moving on, here are some of our favorite tattoo designs and variations of Santa Muerte that people can incorporate to their body in order to achieve their inner awakening and ensure spiritual progress.

Santa Muerte Tattoo Sleeve

Sleeve tattoos are used as a means of expression for most wearers, but can also be used to represent one’s faith, making the artwork of Santa Muerte the perfect fit.

While many people prefer keeping their faith and beliefs private and to themselves, there’s another spectrum of people who don’t shy away from the spotlight. This design, however, is eligible for both.

Since the sleeve is often exposed, one can surely get a sleeve tattoo as a means of expressing themselves to the society they live in and show their gratitude towards their religious beliefs through a Santa Muerte tattoos

On the other hand, since the sleeve can always be covered, people who prefer keeping their tattoos reserved can also get this variation. To make things less obvious, the wearers can even add other tattoos to the initial Santa Muerte tattoo in hopes of giving the artwork a meaning which requires a deeper level of understanding.

Small Santa Muerte Tattoo

Small tattoos aren’t just great for minimalists, but also a great means for announcing one’s faith to the people in the society. The tattoos are usually just as meaningful as larger tattoos, mainly since it requires the wearer to be more straightforward, making this variation one of the more effective options on this list.

When getting this tattoo, people should prioritize narrower parts of the body such as the wrist and the back of the ear, as the smaller it is, the better it will look. They can also choose body parts that are usually more resilient than most, like the outer shoulder, for a meaningful tattoo with a painless procedure.

Traditional Santa Muerte Tattoo

This design features the implementation of the original design Santa Muerte had before artists and followers around the world discovered and illustrated various renditions of the goddess. Unlike the colorful demonstrations that float around the web these days, the original design contained the colors black and white, mainly since the artwork personifies death.

This option prioritizes visuals as opposed to the inner meaning of the artwork and is a great prospect for those that have a knack towards timeless tattoos with minimalistic reactions.

Mexican Santa Muerte Tattoos

Apart from the massive amount of devoted followers Santa Muerte has garnered in Mexico, the powerful goddess is also popular amongst illegitimate organizations such as drug cartels. Those involved in such criminal organizations look up to Santa Muerte in hopes of securing more wealth and obtaining protection against their rivals and foes.

For this reason, Santa Muerte has been a rather controversial figure to look up to in recent years. While the popularity of it is still increasing significantly, people can’t help but see Santa Muerte as nothing but a cult that enables violence and crime, making it one of the most misunderstood artworks in the tattoo industry.

Santa Muerte Tattoo Forearm

This is a great option to convey the love one has towards Santa Muerte. It shows that they’re not afraid of making their feelings known, and take a lot of pride in their religious beliefs, which can easily be a sign of self-growth and development.

Forearm tattoos also tend the strengthen the faith of those that wear them, and can even result in multiple conversations at social events due to how exposed they are at all times.

Santa Muerte Back Tattoo

Catered to those that prefer keeping their tattoos confidential, a back tattoo is an excellent choice for showcasing Santa Muerte and expressing how influential she is to the wearer. The area is spacious and suitable enough for tattoos of all shapes and sizes, even though larger tattoos are usually more favorable as opposed to the latter.

When getting this tattoo, one may also collaborate and merge with other designs to enhance the meaning of the overall artwork. For instance, people can definitely merge back tattoos with a fine line tattoo of inspirational quotes, especially if they find the phrase relatable.

Catrina Santa Muerte Tattoo

In short, Catrina is the feminine version of Catrin. The artwork symbolizes women of good taste and remarkable awareness. It indicates that Catrin is a woman that is wise beyond her years and prioritizes wisdom over materialistic things. Her main approach to life can be expressed in the best way possible through the phrase “after the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box”. This is a subtle way of reminding everyone that one’s possession rarely plays a role in the afterlife as we’re all as powerful as one another on the inside.

Furthermore, the Catrina Santa Muerte tattoo is extremely versatile and can even coop up and adjust to areas of the body part that are narrow. Whether it is expressed as a chain of tattoos or just a small fine line tattoo, this design will never fail to stand out in a room full of individuals.

Santa Muerte Hand Tattoo

While this tattoo idea is rather difficult to recreate and involves a painful procedure, a hand tattoo of the Santa Muerte will definitely allow the wearer to exhibit their perspective on life itself as well as everything they believe in.

It will also bring to the table a mental state of calmness and serenity, which will definitely help the wearer to grow as an individual and allow them to see everything in a more positive manner.

Santa Muerte Skull Tattoo

Perhaps the most intimidating part about Santa Muerte is its structure. It contains a skeletal figure in a robe with different equipment, where the skull is left exposed without the support of any accessory. While it does look terrifying in real life, when drawn on the body, a Santa Muerte tattoo solely stands out due to the skull.

A skull tattoo looks rather intimidating, which can work wonders for one’s self-esteem and even allow them to create more impactful impressions at gatherings. It is truly a classic design that has constantly been around for ages solely due to how fascinating it looks.

Santa Muerte Tattoo Chest

Santa muerte tattoo chest

If people get a Santa Muerte tattoo, they should be allowed to express themselves to the fullest, which is where chest tattoos come in. Since a person’s chest contains a lot of width in general, they can definitely take into consideration an enormous tattoo without stressing themselves out.

Furthermore, chest tattoos are for those that are loud and proud about their morals and ethics. It can also be of great help during unfavorable and dark times, reminding the wearer about their purpose in life.

Santa Muerte Thigh Tattoo

Santa muerte thigh tattoo

Thigh tattoos are for creating memories, but can also be a metaphor on one’s spiritual journey. Placing a Santa Muerte designed artwork can mean loads of things. It can express how one is growing through the guidance of Santa Muerte, which often results in positivity.

Design wise, thigh tattoos are probably the best option to resort to. The thigh contains an ample amount of space, which can allow the wearer to add to the initial Santa Muerte tattoo design and make the whole artwork more meaningful.

Santa Muerte Neck Tattoo

Santa muerte neck tattoo

The design of the Santa Muerte can perhaps be executed and represented in an excellent way if it’s placed onto one’s neck. Since the initial outlook of the Santa Muerte consists of the neutral color scheme of black and white, it will perfectly fit in with the dimensions of the area available on the neck.

It can also be a great design to incorporate for the ones that have just started following the teachings of the Santa Muerte, as neck tattoos often represent new chapters in life and indicate a fresh start.

Santa Muerte Leg Tattoo

Santa muerte leg tattoo

Leg tattoos tend to strengthen one’s faith by reminding themselves of the path they have chosen to follow in life. It can help people with rediscovering their faith during times of hardship and can even bring to the table an ample amount of hope.

Apart from how healthy Santa Muerte leg tattoos are for one’s mind, due to the amount of space available on one’s leg, the wearer will have the option of settling for a small specific tattoo, as well as resorting to an enormous tattoo with a variety of other tattoos to intensify the meaning Santa Muerte tattoos usually contain.

Tribal Santa Muerte Tattoo

Santa muerte tribal tattoo

What tribal tattoos symbolize isn’t too different from Santa Muerte tattoos. They are both symbols of protection, power, and in some cases, strength, which explains why this design is so popular amongst followers of Santa Muerte. When wearing this artwork on their bodies, people believe that they face an enhanced amount of protection and a series of fortunate events right after.

In addition to achieving mental peace and a newfound amount of optimism, this tattoo also looks very appealing on the eyes. It can be achieved in any part of the body without looking out of place. It can also be a great addition as a continuation of a pre-existing tattoo, significantly amping up the meaning of the whole tattoo as a result.

Santa Muerte Owl Tattoo

Santa muerte owl tattoo

An owl tattoo and a Santa Muerte tattoo go hand in hand. Owls symbolize wisdom, prosperity, and mystery, while the latter offers protection and healing, both of which result in spiritual growth and inner peace.

When it comes to visuals, this tattoo is perfect for those that believe in tattoos that are full of metaphors, as well as those that have a knack towards creatures that are as majestic and as mysterious as owls.

For best results, this tattoo should be achieved on body parts that are either extremely lengthy or wide, so that the wearer can create a chain of tattoos if they feel the need to.

Final Verdict

Although Santa Muerte has had her fair share of criticism in recent years, it doesn’t take away the credit Santa Muerte deserves for encouraging people to live their life with hope and prosperity.

Regardless of whether you believe in the power of Santa Muerte, getting the artwork designed on your body would be an excellent choice.

Furthermore, visually, it is extremely intimidating and can definitely make one seem more daring than they actually are, which can work wonders at social gatherings. What it symbolizes also makes it eligible for merging with other tattoo designs with similar positive meanings, which truly makes this artwork underrated and underappreciated.

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